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  • Mumbai in Terror Again

    Date: 2008.11.27 | Category: mumbai in terror, nevil darukhanawala | Response: 1

    Mumbai yet again is under terrorist attack which started at 10:00 pm last night and there seems to be no recluse till this present moment…

    This post is a prayer for Mumbai still under terror, and for the rest of the World.

    With all the news on terror we have accustomed to reading in the headlines and watching on television, about bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, and innocent killings happening all around us, one tends to remember only the headlines and forgets’ that life has love, beauty and creativity to offer. But how are these life’s essentials to coexist in a world where power dominates and money motivates. It’s been written that history will repeat itself, but we also have come to understand that we have the power to learn from history and help change the future – our future.

    Today lets us all take a small step in re-writing history. Today let’s take a small pause and really re-examine our lives, to know who we are, and where we have headed – as individuals, as countries, as people living and sharing the same planet, and as humanity as a whole. Today let’s spread love and peace to all around us; a seed of life which I hope will spread like wild flowers, today in our beloved Mumbai, and tomorrow blossom and spread its fragrance across the rest of the world.

    While we may claim that one person cannot change the world and place responsibility on others or blame the institutions in power, at the end of the day it’s our world. No amount of rationalizing or blaming can preempt the moment of choice each of us brings to our situation here in Mumbai and on our Planet.

    We have fought enough wars in the past for freedom, for power, for religion, for many worthy causes and many innocent have been slain. In a war there are no winners, everyone loses, we know that now, and yet we continue on a path that can only lead to the destruction of a Planet we have come to call Home.

    It’s not just the terror we are facing on the outside, it’s the war waging within each and every one of us. We are living in the most difficult times.

    Is it the end of living and the beginning of survival? A new era is upon us, where we have no time to enjoy a sunset, to feel the cool breeze by the sea, to admire the beauty in trees and flowers, and to appreciate the gift of life.

    And yet we continue to live in the secure confines of our own precious little worlds where we struggle to make it through each day, hope for a better tomorrow, and satisfy ourselves in the meantime by tending to our petty desires. But is this what we are here for?

    So how does it all end? If you seek the end you must go back to the beginning where the answers to all your questions reside. There exists a world we perceive and experience on the outside and our senses are the doorway, but there also exists an inner world in which lies our capacity to love instead of hate, create instead of destroy, and rejoice instead of suffer. It’s this space each one must seek.

    In the end, there is a new beginning, and each new day offers us a new chance; a new seed can be planted, a seed of life and opportunity to make a difference in the world around us.

    To my beloved Mumbai…may she find Peace.

  • Seo Expert Secret: The Long Tail of Keywords

    Date: 2008.11.23 | Category: seo content services in india, seo expert in india, seo expert secrets | Response: 0

    What is the long tail of the keyword? It’s the longest version of the keyword phrase that you can target.

    Allow me to elaborate…

    Suppose we have to choose keywords for a company in India wanting to promote seo content services. The obvious choice for keywords that come to mind are seo content services, seo content services india and seo content services in india.

    Now what’s interesting is that seo content services, seo content services india and seo content services in india all have different rankings in search results, each having separate competition. As mentioned various times in my previous posts you should ONLY target one keyword per page. So would you need to create separate pages around each of these keywords? Imagine the nightmare for a seo copywriter having to write content around that.

    So which keyword would you select? After all you want to target users who type any of the above keywords and you are smart enough not to insanely create similar or duplicate content pages to target those keywords.

    The best option is to target the longest variation of the keyword phrase. By targeting the longest variation of the keyword you ensure the keyword phrase includes all the individual words seo, content, services, in, and india that you want to target.

    What about the keyword phrase affordable seo content services in india? Yes the chances are strong that there would be fewer users typing such a long keyword, but by using longer variations of the keyword phrase your page is now set up to handle various permutations and combinations the user may type, which otherwise would be lost within the keyword universe.

    Another example would be the keyword phrase seo experts in india. Now I could have also selected the keyword seo expert in india, but in this case I don’t stand a good chance to rank well for users typing the keyword seo experts in india. By using the longer version of the word expert (i.e. experts), I ensure that I target users searching for seo expert in india, seo expert, seo expert india, seo experts in india, seo experts, seo experts india.

    So the secret is out! By setting up your pages for the longest version of the keyword phrase will ensure that you get all the relevant words in your keyword phrase to work harder for you.

  • SEO Expert Secrets: Going Beyond Keywords

    Date: 2008.11.19 | Category: ask the seo expert, beyond keywords, seo content services, seo expert secrets, seo expert tips | Response: 0

    We all know that keyword and keyword phrases are the foundation of the search engine optimization process, but today we will journey into a world beyond the visible keyword universe.

    Well let’s face it, the search engines are getting better and better at figuring out relevant and the irrelevant pages, and the bad one are slowly getting weaned out. Search engines use complex algorithms and methods like LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to determine the relevancy and ranking of the page against the keyword typed by the user. Methods like LSI examine the content of the page as a whole, rather than trying to locate specific keywords placed strategically on the page (which has been prone to manipulation).

    This means that search engines do not require an exact match of your keyword phrase to find relevant pages. I am not saying that placing your keyword in the Meta tags, title, description, link text, heading tags and body content is not important for SEO, but rather that SEO experts will soon have to think beyond the standard keyword optimization of pages to achieve desired ranking results.

    What this means for your online business is that search engines will determine the relevancy of your page/keyword based on the content of the page as a whole using semantically close words, related words, similar phrases, and the relationships between the words to determine the relevancy and ranking for the page. At the end of the day, it’s anyone’s guess what the search engines will change or do next, but by following certain basic seo principles and good content practices you can safeguard yourself against.

    So it’s not just your keyword that’s important, it’s the right combination of all the words in your content that will matter eventually. Keep in mind the simple rule that the content of your page should have the right supporting context to support your keyphrase (s).

    While you don’t need to understand in depth the technologies and methodologies used by search engines, you do need to understand what impact they will have on your online business.

    So how does this affect your online business? It forces you to write more relevant and more compelling content. This is good for your business because you’ll have content that generates more traffic and conversions and it’s good for the search engines because it increases the quality of the content in their indexes.

    In your business is visibility in the search engines, targeted traffic and high rankings for your keywords important to you? Then you need to re-evaluate your seo content strategy and its impact on your search marketing goals.

  • SEO Expert Secrets: One Keyword per Page

    Date: 2008.11.18 | Category: seo expert, seo expert india, seo expert tips, seo keyword tips | Response: 0

    I have mentioned several times in my previous posts that it’s best to target one keyword phrase per page but there may be situations where you may need to place two keyword phrases on one page.

    There are many different opinions about this technique in the seo world, and many top ranked sites have a long list of keywords stuffed into the keyword tag on each page. There are many reasons why these sites with multiple keywords could be ranking high, like quality and number of links, link reputation and sometimes even age of the domain.

    But I ask you, if you were a search engine which would you prefer, a page with one keyword and the Meta tags and body content of the page focused around that keyword, or multiple keywords on a page with no focus.

    Assuming you are onboard with me on this (or just feel like reading further) let’s see how we can optimize two keywords on one page!

    An example:

    On a page offering seo content services, you may want to target the keyword phrase seo content services and seo friendly content services. It hardly makes sense to create another page focused around seo friendly content services, and yet we want our page to be set for the exact match, as well as the inexact match.

    To explain further, though our primary focus is to target users typing seo content services, we also don’t want to lose out on users typing in seo friendly content services. At the end of the day one never really knows what the user will type in exactly while searching for products and services you offer, but if a user types in seo friendly content services, and if your page is optimized for that exact keyword phrase, it would rank higher than a page that is optimized around seo content services only.

    SEO Expert Secret Tip

    If you had just one keyword phrase, you would have placed that keyword phrase in the Meta tags like title, description, heading tags, link text, image names (works for some engines) and in the body content of the page.

    In case of two keyword phrases for a page, we would have the Primary Keyword phrase, and the Secondary keyword phrase that needs to be placed strategically on one page.

    The Primary keyword phrase is used in the title, other Meta tags (except in the description tag) and in one well written sentence in the upper content on the page.

    The Secondary keyword phrase is used in the Meta tags (description tag only, and what work nicely into the writing), and in one well written sentence each in the content on the page. After that use the individual words in both the keyword phrases within the content for that page as they fall naturally and reads well.

    There, now you have the secret to working with two keywords in one page.

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    Keyword Placement Strategy

  • SEO Services for Happy Brands

    Date: 2008.11.14 | Category: ask the seo expert, happy seo, seo services mumbai | Response: 0

    SEO Services for Happy Brands

    The above seo diagram is the result of late night doodling on PowerPoint and though it was made with no specific plan in mind, I thought it would be interesting to look at this diagram once again and share it with you all.

    So let explore the seo services in step by step detail…and how each one affects your online business as a whole.

    Level 1 – Honey Pancakes for Breakfast

    Let’s start with keyword research and discovery. This is the foundation step for your online business. Keywords are what prospective customers will type in the search box to reach your website, products and services. Identifying the right keywords that your potential customers will use to reach your site, the competition for those keywords, and how often those keywords have been used in past searches is important for success.

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    The competition has heated up! Knowing what your competition is up to is crucial in the world of business, whether in the real world or online. Tracking the competition for your keywords and identifying their seo strategies will provide valuable inputs in creating your own long term seo strategy.

    Once you have identified the winning keywords, the next step is to optimize your web pages around those keywords. It’s important to focus each page around one keyword only and then placing those keywords strategically in the Meta tags like title, description, heading tags, link text and the body content of that page.
    Make sure the title and description for each page is captivating enough for potential customers to click through. The title is what the potential customers see on the search results page.
    In case you are using dynamic pages (database driven or CMS) on your website, you have two options. One is to optimize your database (this could be time consuming and costly), and the second is to work your way around and create a separate section called articles/ resources/blog posts/ How to etc with static pages (HTML) pages focused around the keywords you want to target.
    Users and search engines will love you if you offer unique, informative and resourceful content that’s updated regularly. Each page of your website is a doorway to your products and services, so planning the content around your keywords is strongly advised.
    Seo content is well written content that pleases the users and the search engines, is rich in keywords, and attempts to answer the query or need of the user who typed that particular keyword. Once your content is all optimized, you are all set to start building links.
    Search engines value websites that have many inbound links from credible and high page ranked websites. The reason is that if a credible and popular web site or a web community has linked to your website, the search engines feel you must be worthy of that link.
    Link building has gained lots of negativity with link farms and link exchange programs that ask for nothing but an exchange of links for the purpose of tricking the search engines and users. This was more prominent in the past, yet I often get reciprocal linking offers in my mailbox. It’s a waste of time so don’t even bother going there.
    The link building matrix is the ideal mix of websites and communities from where you want to get those links. You can use web directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarking and networking, video submission, PR announce, vertical search engine submissions, blog reviews etc to create the perfect link matrix for your website.
    Keep in mind quality of content, page rank and diversity of the sources of your links is important, and so is getting links from websites that are related to your content.
    Level 2 – Ahoy Mates, Full Steam Ahead
    You have identified winning keywords, optimized your web pages, edited your content to make it seo friendly, and have started building quality and diverse links to your website. If you have done this part correctly then your keywords should start getting ranked, but they are still not in the Page 1 of the search results which is your goal. So how does one push your rankings up the search ladder?
    Blogging is a great way to add fresh content, build a readership, and create quality links to your website. Some of my keywords placed in blog posts rank better than pages that I have optimized personally. You can start a business blog, or start a topic specific blog based on your important keywords.
    Once you are committed to posting regularly on the blog, it’s time to start promoting your blog to various blog directories, blog search engines, RSS feed syndicates etc.
    Now it’s time to syndicate your content for maximum visibility and back links. Article submissions are a great way to build credibility as an expert in your domain, build a readers base and get high quality links without the search engines treating that content as duplicate content.
    Launching as new product, or a great new service, it’s time to announce it to the world. Using specific PR submission sites will get you additional viewership, links and your news could always be picked up by some journalist.
    Think global. Go local. You obviously want to get business from all over the world, but who can ignore the local markets. In the same way though you may be targeting global keywords, don’t forget to focus on the local keywords as well. Submitting your site to local directories, Google Maps, Yahoo local etc will get you found on the local listings.
    Spread your wings with social bookmarking sites like stumble upon, delicious, dig, drop jack etc. Social bookmarking gives the users power to decide what they like, what news is important, and what’s not. But (as in Spiderman Movie) with great power comes great responsibility. You have the responsibility to create news that’s news worthy, and then you will get the links that’s ranking worthy.
    Level 3 – Supercharge your Rankings
    You have done well to have come so far. You have optimized your site, have become adept at building quality content and links, using blogs, article submissions, pr announce and social bookmarking to reach out, and have gotten connected to the local scene. Your keywords should be ranking well now, but you still want to increase the traffic coming to your website and blog.
    Create a page on Wikipedia, or participate in Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers and other such specialized communities where you can create value for the users while gaining high powered links and reaching new communities of users.
    Had enough of content creation and link building? It’s time to go visual by submitting videos to video content sites like YouTube. You can submit any kind of videos that would attract your target audience and link those videos back to your website and blog.
    Build a network by creating your space on social networking sites like Face Book, Twitter etc. As they say that friends go a long way in spreading word of mouth.
    Level 4 – Appease the Search Gods
    Other than well optimized pages, the search engine are looking at fresh content that’s informative, unique and resourceful and quality links from high page rank, credible, popular and related websites and web communities.
    If you have followed the advice so far, the search engine gods will be happy with you.
    Level 5 – Show them the Money
    If you have big bucks, Google Adwords and pay per click (PPC) campaigns are a great way to make an announcement. Why wait for traffic to be earned when you can buy it so to speak! But for those people, this is not the right article.
    Level 6 – Your online business
    If you have done your job well, you will have happy users who find a service/ product/ information they need, happy search engines and a very happy Brand (You).
    All this will make this SEO expert rather HAPPY!
  • Ask the Seo Expert

    Date: 2008.11.11 | Category: ask the seo expert, seo expert | Response: 9

    Do you have any questions about seo techniques or internet marketing strategies? and dont know who to ask.

    Well now you can ask me any questions related to seo techniques and tools, internet marketing, business blogging, keyword discovery, search engines, blog promotion and marketing, link building, seo for dynamic sites, article submissions, social bookmarking and networking, video submissions, directory submissions and more.

    It could be a specific problems you may be facing while optimizing your site, or need some advise on selecting a good seo expert, I will do my best to answer your queries fairly and to the best of my knowledge and experience.

    Kindly use the comment box to ask your questions (so its available to others and I dont have to answer the same questions again and again). Also there may be times I may not be able to answer some of your questions. To those people I would like to appologise in advance.

    Do read the other blog posts, it contains invaluable information coming from my direct experiences while working on SEO for various websites.

    Please note the advise will be given based on basic research done by me personally, so dont hold a gun to my head. Its just advise. For any detailed strategy or professional consultation you can contact me on my Mumbai mobile no (09041753525) or email me on

  • SEO Expert – The Success Path (Part 2)

    Date: 2008.11.10 | Category: seo expert, seo expert india, seo success path | Response: 0

    For those who have not read The Success Path Part 1 I suggest you do so now.

    The article is written for the mid and top management of the company and what they need to know about SEO and Internet marketing to take a better decision. What are the steps to success to long term profitability of your online business? What are the steps to search engine or SEO optimization?


    5. It all began with a keyword. Many clients feel they have identified the correct keywords for their business. After all who knows their TG better than them, they argue. On the internet the keyword is much more than a phrase a user would search for, it’s a gateway to traffic to your website. Some keywords are more competitive than others, and may take years to achieve, while some can be easily achieved as they face little competition and yet users are searching for that keyword. A SEO expert uses various tools to identify potential keywords that have a good chance of success.

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    6. Optimize your pages around the keywords. Once the keywords are in place, the next step is to optimize your web pages around those keywords. What that means is focusing the Meta tags, title, link text, heading tags and body content of that page around a specific keyword. Focus each page around ONE keyword only.

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    7. Keyword placement is very crucial to the ranking success of your keywords. Place your keyword in the page name, title, description, Meta and heading tags, link text and body content for that page. The title and description should ideally begin with your keyword, and the body content of the page should be keyword rich.

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    Keyword Placement Strategy

    8. Content is the King! Search engine love content that is unique, informative and resolves the query of the user who visits that page. Creating content keeps both the search engines and users happy is the main goal here. The first 25 words of the body content of that page should be keyword rich, and thereafter use the keyword across the page (use keyword after every 100 words). Make the content read as natural as possible.

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    9. Create content rich gateways to higher traffic. So you have 10 keywords you want to target but have just 6 pages on your website (and we spoke in the Point No 6 that ideally target one keyword per page), so where do you place the remaining 4 keywords. The solution is in creating gateway pages. Gateway pages are content rich and focused around a keyword that you are targeting traffic from. Ideally create a article section, FAQ’s or resources section on your website and keep adding specific pages written around keywords you want to target.

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    10. Frequency of updates. Fresh content can be added your website in the form of blog posts, article writing, FAQ’s section, user testimonials, how to guides, industry statistics etc. A website that constantly updates their information ranks well, as search engines know that the users will find something new each time they visit the website.

    11. The problems with dynamic content. Dealing with dynamic database (CMS) driven web pages can be difficult but well worth the effort. The problem with database driven sites is that they have just one page on which the data refreshes based on the query. So ideally you have just one page to optimize. Optimizing your database includes creating flat static pages from the database with page names around the keyword you want to target, and then optimize the Meta tags for the flat HTML pages. I will not go deep into the problems of database sites as it’s slightly technical and not for this post. One word of advice, hire a SEO expert who has worked with database sites before.

    12. A neat solution for SEO of dynamic sites. In some cases where it may be too tough (time consuming or expensive) to modify the database and source code, one can create a article / resources section or publish blog posts/ articles in HTML (static pages) and use these pages to pull in the traffic, and then direct the user to the database section.

    13. Create a custom 404 error page. A 404 error occurs when a user clicks on a link that’s not available on the website but still in the search engines index. The reason could be that you moved the page, renamed the page, or deleted the page, but the users still gets a bad impression of your online business. Search engines maintain logs of 404 errors, and could punish your website for the same. By creating a custom 404 error page, the user lands on a page that guides them to the relevant link or page. Neither the users, nor the search engines mind that!

    14. Blogging for business. Each blog post is an opportunity to reach out and connect with users. If you plan to start a blog for your business, the good news is that search engines rank blog content high, but the bad news is that if your blog is not promoted properly it will die a slow death. Blogs need to be promoted on blog search engines, blogging directories, and RSS feeds.

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    15. Syndicate your content. So you are creating new content that’s unique and informative, but unless you are syndicating your content you will not be able to create leverage. Leveraging your content means your content can be promoted across article submission sites, RSS feed aggregators, industry specific sites and social bookmarking sites without fearing the penalty of duplicate content.

    16. Write articles and become an expert. Writing articles is a great way to gaining recognition as an expert in your domain, get additional traffic and build quality links back to your content. Submit your articles to selected article submission sites that are relevant to your content, have a high page rank and popularity.

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    SEO Guide to Article Writing

    17. Get social and build a network! Promote your content on social networking sites like Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon to get maximum mileage for your content. If some users like what you are sharing with them they will promote you the good old fashioned way, by word of mouth. You cannot get/buy this kind of advertising. Other than access to the various social user communities and the potential business there, you can also get quality links back to your website.

    18. Get linked in! Creating a good link building campaign can take lots of time and effort. Search engines assume that if another website (especially ones that are popular), or a bunch of users (like in social bookmarking communities) deem a site or page to be important, it must be! Is the site linking to you a credible one? What is the link text they use to describe your website or web page? Are your inbound links coming from diverse user and web communities? Is your content relevant to those communities?

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    19. What is your link building Matrix? A good link matrix includes submissions to web directories, article sites, PR announce sites, discussion forums, blog commenting, blogger reviews, vertical engines, industry specific sites, deep linking blogs, social networking and bookmarking sites, video sites etc. Ensure each of the sites have a good page rank, are popular and relevant to your content. Maintain lists of all sites submitted to, the link, link text and the page rank of that website.

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    20. Try the local store. People searching for products and services in their vicinity usually search the local search listings. Having your site on Google Maps, Yahoo Local can be crucial to target the local business, even if you are a global player. If you are a local business then don’t forget to use the location as part of the keyword phrase.

    21. Fine tune those keywords. The secret to success in keyword ranking is to keep tweaking the keywords and Meta tags. See what’s working with the search engines and what’s not. The mindset of the users change with time and season, are your keywords changing to reflect that?

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    22. Keeping up with the competition. The competition is not going to sit still, so keep checking to see what the competition is up to. Have they identified any new keywords? Is the competition using any new seo strategies?

    23. Battle the recession. The best defense for the recession is a good offensive strategy to make most of the advertising dollars and spending them on more measurable and cost effective platforms like the web.

    24. Partner with a SEO expert that’s right for you!

  • SEO Expert – The Success Path (Part 1)

    Date: 2008.11.10 | Category: seo expert, seo success path | Response: 0

    Over the last few months I have noticed a noticeable shift in the kind of people who are enquiring about a seo expert or seo services. It’s a transition from IT managers and webmasters who were interested in the online business to the marketing heads and CEO’s of the company.

    As I come from a background of marketing, branding and journalism, I welcome this change. Let me clear one thing here – SEO and Internet marketing is not primarily a technical function but a marketing and business development function.

    While the change is positive, this shift has lead to a new set of questions and issues faced by these decision makers of the company on which is the right path to travel. In any journey the destination is not important; it’s the path you take to reach there.

    In SEO, it’s not about brilliant optimization skills, or small bursts of activity on your keywords, blog, articles and video submissions to gain top rankings and business almost magically, but building something with strong foundations, solid principles and creating immense value.

    Your online business is the passport to the future, and in these times of recession, it’s the perfect time to start implementing a long term SEO strategy. There are no shortcuts in life. It’s the same way if you want to grow your online business and come up with a winning SEO strategy that works for you, then its best that you understand the SEO elements that will influence and eventually drive your SEO strategy.

    The article is written for the mid and top management of the company and what they need to know about SEO and Internet marketing to take a better decision. What are the steps to success to long term profitability of your online business? What are the steps to search engine or SEO optimization?

    The Success Path:

    1. The first step is to evaluate your current situation. I am assuming you already have a website or are in the process of revamping your website. Either way, now is a good time to start making a long term SEO strategy for your online business.

    2. Looking within. The main areas to look into at this phase is the current website structure, page names, content quality, optimization level, keywords used (and why) and their rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN, other elements like website design, un-optimized database and poor website structure that could be affecting the rankings, current links (internal and external), and the top competitors for your keywords.

    3. The path ahead. Once you have a fair idea of the current realities of your website, the next step would be to figure out where you are headed and what path would be best to reach there. Building a road map for your online business is crucial if a website is to achieve success online.

    4. Streamline your roadmap. The roadmap identifies the milestones, the hurdles, the steps to be taken, tasks to be completed and the various other elements that need to be in place for ranking success. The main areas of focus in the roadmap are on the quality of content, frequency of updates, and quality of inbound links.

    In order to make this blog post more readable I am breaking up this post into 2 parts. To continue your journey click here…

  • Recap: My SEO Blog Archives

    Date: 2008.11.07 | Category: choosing a seo expert, seo articles india, seo training india | Response: 0

    Lets take a quick recap of the past few months of seo expert posts:

    SEO Series

    The Soul of the SEO Specilaist
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    SEO Content Series

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    SEO Link Building Series

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    Keyword Series

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    Blogger Series

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  • Fine Tuning SEO for Recession

    Date: 2008.11.04 | Category: seo expert, seo for recession | Response: 5

    Lately all I hear at dinner conversations and office coffee breaks are heated debates about the next big recession, the falling stock prices and the forthcoming unemployment doom. Some say it’s an opportunity, while others are being driven to suicide.

    One thing is certain – the recession is affecting the mind sets of the buyers and sellers alike with the expected drop in consumer purchasing power and companies cutting back on their advertising dollars. Consumers will get smarter when it comes to buying products and services often looking at various options before finalizing any sale, while sellers will have to plan new cost effective strategies to attract and retain consumers.

    Understanding the new mind set of the buyers and their changing buying patterns will become crucial for any business who wants to survive in the current competitive marketplace. The best defense for the recession is a good offensive strategy to make most of the advertising dollars and spending them on more measurable and cost effective platforms like the web.

    We will be soon be witnessing a sudden increase in the advertising dollars being spent on the web, and companies/ websites will be scurrying to find a SEO expert who will be able to maximize their efforts, time and money online.

    The consumers will turn more to the internet to do their research, compare products/ services, find best deals and often buy online, and the smart companies will ensure that their websites are fine tuned to be found at the top of the search results.

    There will primarily be two types of scenario arising in this situation – one of websites (well optimized) that need to be fine tuned for the recession, and second of websites and companies who are suddenly very interested in making their presence felt online.

    Let’s take a closer look at the two scenarios:

    1. I have an optimized website

    For those companies who were smart enough to treat their website as an important marketing arm for generating business would have already optimized their websites for the search engines. These companies would have identified winning keywords, created focused and unique content, and built quality links back to their website. If all went well, these companies would be ranking well in the search engines results for their keywords and attracting targeted customers to their website.

    A consumer searches the web using “keywords” to find information, services or products. What’s important to identify here is – would the changing mind sets of the consumer change the way the consumer seeks the information.

    For example a consumer who wants to buy a flat screen TV

    Keyword used before recession: buy flat screen tv

    Possible keywords used after recession: buy cheapest flat screen tv, special offers flat screen tv, exchange offers flat screen tv

    While the budget may not be the only influencing factor, and the after sales service, warranty and brand name will still play important roles in the final decision, the budget remains topmost factor on the mind of the consumer when he enters his search word.

    It’s not that consumers will stop buying, or quality and service will not be important, rather it’s a mindset where they will expect the same quality for better prices or atleast convince themselves that they are getting a better deal. In the example above the consumer still wants to buy the flat screen TV at the end of the day, but will search for better deals and exchange offers.

    The above is just one example and there are thousands of other possibilities where you may have to tweak those winning keywords to target the new consumer mindsets.

    2. I want to increase my online business and reduce my marketing costs

    With market conditions like the one we are currently in, with cost cutting and layoffs having become the new buzzwords, it’s crucial for companies to realign their online business for future survival. For companies that were not so serious about their online business before, this is a good time to start – every customer and every order will count in the future.

    Keeping in mind the low costs for optimizing a website, and the cost effectiveness with measurable results) in implementing a internet advertising campaign (as compared to the traditional media), can companies really afford not to look seriously into their online business? I think not!

    Your well optimized online business will ensure that you have a steady stream of targeted traffic, new enquires and new customers, even in the bad times. Consumers will never stop buying, they will only be smarter while buying, and companies that will be smart will be easily found.

    While many companies and individuals are busy preparing for the worst case scenario, some like me have little interest in the global economic meltdown which seems to be underway. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I have fool-proofed my business for the recession.