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  • I’m Afraid I am Hitler

    Date: 2008.11.03 | Category: adolf hitler, hitler movie, new hitler movie | Response: 0

    I recently was shown a special screening of a new movie called I’m Afraid I am Hitler which is due for release end of the year.

    A brief synopsis of the hitler movie:

    ‘I’m Afraid I am Hitler’ renders the heartfelt story of a man trapped in two worlds- a world he lives in, and a life he has made his world. Adien (Bernhard Forcher) has confined himself to his home for over a year. He avoids any contact with the outside world from the fear of being exposed. He guards a secret- a secret about his
    past- so horrifying- that, if disclosed, would set the entire world against him.

    Adien believes he is Hitler. He is living Hitler’s life,torturing himself for the cruel past. Trapped in an unending nightmare, he eventually looses complete touch with reality.

    Set in 1976, ‘I’m Afraid I am Hitler’ is a psychological drama that portrays the frightful journey of a lonely man, believing himself to be the most brutal leaders’ history has ever seen, and his longing for redemption.

    The movie promos and trailors will be available on