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  • Return of the Seo Expert

    Date: 2008.12.17 | Category: seo expert india, seo expert mumbai | Response: 0

    (Kinjal and me at the Sunset Jacuzzi Room in Koh Samui, Thailand)

    For those who have been wondering to where have I disappeared…

    I am in Thailand touring Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya and Bankgkok on my Honeymoon with lovely bride Kinjal and will be returning to Mumbai on 27 th December 2008.

    So if you have been missing my posts, here are my Top 5 recap:

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    Cheers and see you all soon!

  • Are you leveraging your content?

    Date: 2008.12.07 | Category: seo content services, seo expert | Response: 0

    I once wrote this great book that could have changed the history of the world as we know it today. Unfortunately it was never published so no one read it. Great works of literature and art would have been lost had it not been for someone appreciative who thought “hey everyone should be witness to this”. Well this may just be a pipe dream of a silly writer… but to be successful it’s crucial to get published and that your work is available across multiple locations and communities. The online world is no different. You can be spending hours and days writing and building great content but if it’s not published and promoted correctly across diverse web and user communities, no one would have read it. Don’t let it become your pipe dream! Imagine millions of pages of content shouting out to be visible. What can you do to stand out? Assuming you have done your SEO optimization and keyword analysis well, one is to build original, resourceful and informative content around those keywords, and two is to make that content accessible across multiple web and user communities. Not only will the search engines love you for it, other websites will send you requests to link back to your content, and users/readers will flock to see what new insights you have to offer. Search engines have two main criteria’s while ranking your page, the quality of your content and link backs to your content. If others (popular sites and user communities) deem your content valuable, and are ready to link back to your content, then search engines deem that content valuable. So good content focused around your keywords that is well syndicated and promoted will help you please the users and the search engines. So don’t be in a hurry to get your content published…have your content syndication and promotion strategy in place. So when is the best time to syndicate your content? How can you make each blog post count? Generally once I publish my content, either on blog post, or on my site, I immediately start submitting to article sites (top article sites generally take a few hours to few days to publish the content). Once I am done with article submissions, I use social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Furl, Stumble Upon, Blink List, Yahoo Bookmarks etc to promote my content to the user communities. I make sure I use interesting and catchy headlines to get their attention. I generally follow this cycle for each post or page of content I publish online. So make each page, each blog post, and each article count. Developing content can be handled in-house as at the end of the day you are the experts in your domain and understand your business best. In case in-house resources are not possible you can use the services of a good seo content services company or freelancer copywriters and article writers. Ensure that the person you hire is well versed with writing on various topics (if you can find someone with experience in writing about your domain, its good) and is familiar with SEO editorial guidelines. Quick Tips: 1. Post your content on article submission sites (it’s not treated as duplicate content) 2. Submit your content to social bookmarking sites to target user communities 3. Submit your content to RSS feeds 4. Build links to your content from diverse web and user communities So if you are building great content, and syndicating and promoting your content, then you will find many appreciative webiste owners who will think “hey everyone should be witness to this”. This, my friends is no pipe dream.

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  • Tag Newsworthy Events for Traffic

    Date: 2008.12.04 | Category: mumbai in terror, seo expert | Response: 0

    When I first wrote the article on Mumbai in Terror Again that was posted on 26 November 2008 (the fateful day when terrorists attacked and kept Mumbai under siege for more than 48 hours), I was very upset and wanted to speak up on my blog against the violence, terrorism and the loss of innocence.

    So I wrote a prayer of hope – to spread the fragrance of peace and love amongst those grieving, angry, and the very sad in Mumbai, and then across the World. The morning after the posting, I decided to share the prayer (and hope) with as many people as I could, so I got around to submitting the blog post on my favorite article sites, and social bookmarking communities.

    What happened next is very interesting.

    Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t wish to make little of the situation, or take advantage of what happened in Mumbai from a SEO’s perspective, but the idea behind this blog post is to share a real SEO experience.

    In the next few hours I saw a steady rise in the traffic that was coming to the blog post. On the article sites and social communities this post was getting more traffic and more click-backs to my profile and URL than any other previous posting I had made. Over the next two days there was a steady stream of traffic to my post and it’s still not stopped, making it my most successful post till date.

    So what just happened here? Why was I getting all this additional traffic?

    An event that’s newsworthy generates a lot of search engine traffic as people are already hungry for that information, and the media is probably already promoting it. By tweaking your keywords and by creating relevant content you could create a funnel of traffic to your website.

    Are there any events happening in your city that could be newsworthy? Is there a release of a very popular movie? Is there going to be an event that the media will give lots of coverage to? Is there a festival around the corner? Or a new rock band coming to the city?

    “Then by creating value and content for the users searching for information about those events could drive potential traffic and business your way”

    A word of caution here! Don’t tag events that don’t have some kind of synergy with the services or products you are offering. Don’t create pages of content which are not useful to the user. And don’t overdo it! Be selective and plan well so you get your keywords ranked high well in advance.