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  • Link in to LinkedIn

    Date: 2011.03.11 | Category: SEO Linkedin Strategies | Response: 0

    By Manaswini Verekar

    Let’s go over the basics. Facebook is principally a leading social networking site with over 500 million users, Twitter is primarily a micro-blogging website with an estimated 190 million users, and LinkedIn is chiefly a professional networking site with more than 90 million registered users as of 1st January 2011. Since all these aspects are more or less necessary in the lives of techno-savvy professionals, it is evident that a large number of people have a presence on all three websites. The website they use the most is subjective, however it is not so much a preference but a need to be active as all three sites perform rather different functions.

    LinkedIn has already become popular with companies and businesses for product or service marketing to make contacts and increase sales, and with Human Resources experts, recruiters, and employer branding specialists to find the right candidates from this professional network alike. Individual users on the site are waiting to be discovered and see it as a mode of controlling their professional identity online. The profiles describe their interests, activities, blogs, work, experience, accomplishments, professional presentations, network, etc that can give a recruiter a clear idea about the user. Since, it covers a spectrum of industries, it can be used to effectively fill positions for any business.

    For businesses and companies, the most favourable advantage of LinkedIn is that it provides a platform to develop the right connections and partnerships needed for growth and expansion. Posting information on products and services, uploading images that showcase the business in a right light, building a contact base, keeping up with progress of counterparts, and putting up sales presentations or informative materials about the company can go a long way in building a brand name on the site. This not only does the job of marketing the business, but also promotes the desired perception from consumers. Companies can use LinkenIn as a aggressive marketing tool by linking the company page URL to all other marketing collaterals, requesting satisfied clientele for testimonials, posting discounts and promotional activities on the company page, etc. This site increases the visibility of the business, provides opportunities for direct sales, and vitally generates traffic and support for Search Engine Optimization efforts undertaken by the company.

    As seen above, LinkenIn has a propensity of being more professional in both environment and content, it is fast becoming a professional site people can bank on for business as well as networking. Plus, there are effectual build-in tools that can help in building a powerful network, improve and promote personal or employer brand name, advertising, and gaining access to new developments in an array of professional fields.

  • The 140 Character Bug – Twitter Phenomena

    Date: 2011.03.04 | Category: expert seo, twitter | Response: 0

    By Manaswini Verekar

    The word ‘tweet’ is no longer associated with bird vocalization, it is by definition a post or status update on Twitter. This microblogging service phenomenon, has taken the world by storm. The fact that until some years ago the idea that something intelligent or worthy of mind-share could be written in a mere 140 characters was beyond anyone’s thought process. Having grown up with books or articles in newspapers and magazines had programmed us to look at the world of written words differently. Celebrities and CEOs of companies were beyond reach of direct communication for any common man. All that ended the day Twitter came into picture in 2006. Now, chances are that an Ashton Kutcher follower knows what aftershave he prefers to use. Some celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher have crossed the one million followers mark.

    It is safe to say that Twitter does not make the first impression that one hopes for, when newly logging onto any social networking site. Depending on the same logic as, of using a common text message that you send from your cell phone, the 140-character limit seems to get in the way. Yet, in a matter of days this site guarantees on becoming an exaggerated form of short-burst communication that is an essential part of your fast paced life. Well all this talk is on an individual level, but there is so much more that Twitter is doing. Not just small corporations but big brand names have already joined the bandwagon to help in finding them recruits, as an expediting tool, for advertising, for brand boost and promotions, to repair the perception of their brand, creating polls to know the market, building enterprise value, and make advances in their customer care services, increasing goodwill among the clientele.

    The major advantage that Twitter provides to brands is by getting real time feedback on issues. It also has a wide reach as the estimated 190 million users log in everyday, and it is free. Corporations can use all the facilities offered by the site at no cost, while knowing that the kind of power it gives them is priceless. Mega brands like JetBlue, Comcast, Dell, Starbucks, Ford, ATTNews, and Samsung are benefiting in a big way by using Twitter to their advantage. For example, JetBlue provides Twitter-based customer service. In fact the company even gives out the customer support employees’ names that are on duty at the time. Even expert SEO’s and Social Media gurus are recommending Twitter as part of the overall brand strategy online.

    With a combination of quick to read and write, public, and easily accessible messages, Twitter is no longer just a social networking site for microblogging, it is fast becoming a platform from which individuals as well as corporate brands can get quick answers, keep up with news from around the globe, find recruits/jobs, express opinions, and provide improvement ideas for a better future.