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  • Use of Semantic Web with SEO by SEO Experts

    Date: 2011.08.28 | Category: India seo experts, seo expert consultants | Response: 0

    Along with Search Engine Optimization, Semantic Web concept will organize and structure data in such a manner that search engines will come to know what we are looking for. In order to allow robots to have an easy access to the pages of web portal, SEO experts write clean and semantically correct HTML. The information architects display data in proper manner so that the users visiting the company site must have clear understanding of business. Companies hire SEO experts to apply SEO activities to their sites and get popular in an online market. With the help of on page and off page optimization, websites can rank well in search engines for popular keywords but the use of semantic web with SEO will be rewarding for the companies. For a new business there is lot of competition in an online world and it has become necessary for SEO expert consultants to have a good information architecture along with SEO activities.

    As the semantic web emerges today it has become important for experts to display RDF in every page and publish Ontology. Search engine optimization activities include meta tagging, URL analysis, link building, social bookmarking and more. SEO professionals make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach out more people in a competitive market. Apart from on page, off page and social media activities, a blog is developed for the company in an informative way and linked to the main website. Innovative strategies are applied and the way of marketing is changed by companies to get searched by people across the globe. Big firms get very less time to organize their web ports and thus hire strategic planning agency. If there are lot of authority sites linking to the website of the company, then the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing considers it a good website. The use of semantic web is basically a statistical approach for the web pages of the site and SEO experts can considers large number of words related to the business.

    The steps of semantic web includes building concepts, considering search engine elements, assigning page rank and getting into the mindset of people. It is the web of data through which the information on World Wide Web can be easily understood. Thus SEO experts use semantic web while applying SEO activities.

  • SEO for Small Businesses by SEO experts

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    By Seo Expert Team:-

    With respect to SEO strategy, small businesses of the companies take a thoughtful approach as there is lot of ongoing changes to search engine algorithms. Taking Google Panda update into consideration, small firms need SEO experts to perform proper SEO techniques to their websites. SEO is crucial and growing priority for startup companies across the world. If search engine optimization strategy is strong for business of website, the web pages become visible in Google, Yahoo and MSN. This results into users visiting the web portal which further increases the business.

    Before applying SEO activities SEO experts think about sitemap, HTML readability and folder structure of the website. In other words they ensure that the technical setup of the web portal is search engine friendly. Many web designers spend time on developing a flash site homepage for a company but search engines crawlers look out for text in the page. So it is better for small scale small scale industries to build web pages in the site with descriptions and links. SEO experts check out the keywords for the site to rank it at higher positions in search engines. It is important to know about the competitive terms while picking up top keywords for the site and is must to assume that competitors will try to keep their site ranked high in the search results. One should have three or four keywords at the top of the priority list while planning SEO for the business. The homepage of the site should consist of the words that are related to selected keywords and must be updated with new content. The post of web pages links by the experts in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter helps the customers to get involved in the discussions. The search engines tend to give importance to those sites which have maximum links to it and no back links.

    There are different kind of search such as academic, video, local and image which SEO expert may target for the business of a company. SEO will require changes to the source code and content of the site. SEO consist of on page optimization activites such as meta tagging, URL analysis as well as off page activities such as link building, social bookmarking and more. As SEO can be done at a very low cost, small scale companies always prefer hiring SEO experts to get business.

  • Success and Failure of Digital Marketing Depends on SEO

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    By SEO Expert India team –

    In order to reach customers across the globe, companies use all forms of digital advertising channels such as television, radio, internet, mobile, social media marketing and others. “Pull” and “Push” are the two forms of digital marketing and each of it has advantages and disadvantages.

    In Pull digital technologies, the users have specific link to view the content and can pull the content via web search. In Push method, the marketer has to use techniques such as Email, RSS and SMS to send the messages to the users. Digital platform supports the servicing and engagement of customers and includes elements such as mobile phones, sms, mms and banner ads. While developing digital strategy for the businesses, companies always consider search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing. The challenges in the businesses are identified
    with competitive and financial analysis.

    Good rankings on the search engine results and presence on the web can be achieved by SEO expert consultants. A person can ask queries through search engines to find important web pages and information on web. SEO is used as strategic competitive tool and changes the outlook of websites from being local to global. SEO enables web pages of a site to be on top of the reults in Google, Yahoo, Bing and create value for the business. Many firms today are reaching potential customers in a cost effective manner by applying search engine optimization activities to their web portals. Page rank of the site is important with respect to expansion in online market and it can be increased with on page and off page activities.

    Digital marketing manager will use direct emailing techniques, press releases, articles and social networks to make the site popular. But digital strategy is not considered a success without SEO. The businesses of the companies can achieve unique and maximum traffic from search engines in online market. Thus SEO is the crucial part of digital marketing process. The perfect SEO site of the business has sufficient link popularity, search friendly content, strong keywords research and other factors. If proper SEO technique is used for the website, then digital strategy is a success otherwise its a failure. To remain successful and competitive in fast pace digital marketing age, it has become necessary to develop SEO in a site.

  • Get your site observed across the world with SEO

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    By SEO Expert India Team- 

    Many companies and individuals have reaped rewards such as promotion and actual sales of goods by establishing online identities of their websites. Every business with a web portal need more traffic and thus they hire an expert to perform SEO activities. Search Engine Optimization services will help businesses to achieve higher rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing and increase their internet presence. As thousands of new sites are created daily, there is a high possibility that a single website will not be noticed by web users across the world. In order to rank websites for particular keywords or expressions, the spider of search engines crawl the web pages. If a web portal has high rankings in search engine land, then it will have more visibility. The techniques that are used for online marketing succeed on the basis of search engine optimization.

    Different skills and tactics are required for the optimization of a website and single change in the homepage or other pages can improve its ranking in search engines. One of the optimization techniques is to reduce the size of the images which will help visitors to immediately access the information in the site. Whenever the crawlers of search engines access the broken links in the website, it has negative impact on the rankings of its pages.
    On page optimization is a great value to every site and ensures that content on each and every web page is efficiently indexed by search engines.

    SEO experts use on page activities such as meta tagging, URL structuring and more. Off page optimization increases the visitors to web portal and also improve the rankings in search land. Optimization experts ensure the standardization of link theme with deep linking, social bookmarking and forum postings. The quality articles and press releases written with a link to the site bring in more traffic and have a positive impact on the rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO experts make sure that the site is SEO friendly by using advanced techniques for CSS and JavaScript files.

    With SEO activities, the site is observed across the world and thus it is must to have descriptive information which will help the site visitors to call the company. The white hat techniques in SEO are always used by experts to rank the web portal in search engines and create awareness for the business in Internet market.

  • We are looking to expand our SEO Team in Mumbai

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    We are a team of 15 professionals and consultants who specialize in the online digital marketing space – specifically SEO and Social Media. 

    We are looking to expand our team in Mumbai: 

    1. SEO Strategy Team 
    2. SEO Link Building Team
    3. Project Management Team 
    4. Customer Support Team 
    5. Business Analytic Team 
    6. Sub Editor & Copy Writer 
    7. SMM Team 

    All positions are full time.

    If you feel you can do the job, email me a little about yourself at 

    People with no prior SEO background can also apply.