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  • An Introduction to Online Reputation Management

    Date: 2011.09.23 | Category: online reputation management, seo expert | Response: 0

    By Seo Expert India Team:

    The first place that consumers look for information about your product / brand is online. It’s important for you to understand their online conduct, to attain top of the mind recall among your current and potential customers.

    Before the advent of the internet reputation was easy to control. The company gave out information about its activities to contemporary media like trade and other magazines, newspapers, outdoor media, radio and television, which in turn spread it to their audience. But today’s online world is more decentralized, more democratic and hence more participative – making it easier for consumers to voice their opinion. This open platform therefore makes it difficult for corporates to shape and control their perceptions in the consumer’s minds.
    So if there is nothing you can do to prevent people from voicing their opinion, even negative and adverse views – then why should you as a company care about online reputation management? It’s not in your control in the first place.

    Online, your reputation, be it individual or as a company has a large audience. Namely anyone who has internet access can bring up a list of results about you. As the number of online communication channels is going up and with devices having the power to interact with these channels more and more people are talking about every aspect of their lives online. As individuals they may appear insignificantly small but when taken together with their circle of friends, family and even customers – the numbers add up to make you sit up and take notice.

    Look upon this new age internet spurned online media and communication channels like Facebook and Twitter as an untapped opportunity to listen to customer feedback and what they need online. Design your products or services keeping in mind this feedback and enjoy the positive returns from such an endeavor.
    Interaction with an online audience is the reality of this new age business environment. The sooner you realize its potential and the threat of ignoring it, the better you will survive and thrive in the market place. After all no one can deny the first move advantage in the market place – be it the real world market or the virtual one.

  • Relevance of Sitemap in SEO by SEO Expert

    Date: 2011.09.19 | Category: India seo experts, sitemaps | Response: 0

    By Seo Expert India team: 

    The map of the site is determined by sitemap and it has lot of importance in digital space. With the help of sitemap one can easily determine the structure, sections and links of the site. The sitemap of the web portal is regularly updated by SEO experts in order to communicate with search engines in a proper manner. It helps Google, Yahoo and Bing to know the flow of web pages in the website. Along with on page and off page optimization it is important for the site to have an easier navigation as well as better visibility which will help the visitors to understand the business. The search engines are notified immediately by sitemap if any change is made on the site by the company. It is possible that the web portal may have broken links and cannot be reached in any way, then sitemap is considered to be a great help. According to SEO expert sitemap can be vital to the success of the new site with significant number of pages in an online market.

    The business of the company can be easily classified with the help of structure that categorizes pages of the web portal. While adding a new section to the site it is important to edit sitemap so that the pages are indexed faster. The process of having a sitemap is to generate, upload it and then notify Google about the new addition to the site. In order to create a sitemap the generation tool either needs to be installed or used online.

    Whenever the generator is installed or downloaded it has more control over the output. In search engine optimization, SEO experts analyze the website and try to bring business related keywords on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some companies do not allow SEO experts to add business related keywords in their web portal. In this case experts make use of sitemap where they can easily add most searchable words and help them to achieve their targets.

    Sitemap is crucial for the site with dynamic content, lot of flash or AJAX and has many archived pages that are not linked well. The use of sitemap in SEO is an essential factor as it is a graphical representation of website architecture and helps the crawlers to navigate links and collect information. Thus SEO experts always make use of sitemaps while applying SEO activities.

  • SEO Expert Explains Issues With Duplicate Content

    Date: 2011.09.11 | Category: seo duplicate content, seo experts india | Response: 0

    By Seo Expert India Team: 

    Search engine optimization helps the website to rank well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN for the keywords related to the business. Some SEO companies think that the addition of keywords again and again in the web pages will make the site visible on first page of search engines. Thus they duplicate the content on pages to achieve maximum number of keywords in an online market for the business of the company. But this does not happens as search engines filter out the duplicate content and the site owners suffer rankings and traffic losses. The text that appears on more than one uniform resource locator (URL) in the internet is duplicate content. If there are more than one identical content in the web portal, the search engines has to decide the original content link, and the web pages with duplicate content are rarely shown on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    There are four types of duplicate content such as identical pages, scraped content, product descriptions and articles distribution that are filtered out by search engines. The websites that are identical to another web portal on the world wide web are considered to be spam. The same content of many sites with different look and feel are filtered out by search engines. As the bloggers take content from the website and repack it to look different, the scraping applied to the blogs on the internet are becoming more of a problem for search engines. Many ecommerce websites in the market using the same description of the products is difficult for search engines to spot but still considered as duplicate content.

    SEO experts believe that search engines also filter out the content similar in articles submitted to directories by different companies. When a search engine robot crawls a page of a site, it stores the information in the database and checks relevancy of the page.

    In order to remove duplicate content one has to make internal links consistent and minimize similar content throughout the website. Duplicate content is the complex problem and SEO experts identify as well as get rid of it without damaging SEO efforts. For the company with business across the globe and multiple web portals in different languages, there is a great possibility of content to be duplicated. Thus SEO experts carry out content check while applying SEO activities to the portals.

  • SEO Expert explains the importance of Search Engine Spiders

    Date: 2011.09.03 | Category: india, mumbai, seo experts | Response: 0

    By Seo Expert India team: 

    According to SEO expert, search engine spider crawl and index web pages of a site which are stored in database. The rankings and relevancy of the collected pages are determined by various algorithms used by search engine spiders. As the index pages are more or less uniform while calculating rankings using algorithms, SEO experts apply proper SEO activities knowing the interest of spiders.

    While crawling a web page, the spider does not read Flash and JavaScript as the human does. Frames, Flash and JavaScript in a website are good for the users but are ignored by search engines. The major problem is that the keywords buried in the flash displays are not readable by the spiders. Having an image with text is nothing to a spider and unless an ALT attribute is specified for images in web portal it is difficult for spider to crawl these images. SEO experts do not use many keywords for an image as it will result into keyword stuffing. It is necessary to check the pages showing “403 forbidden” or “404 page not found” whenever the spider crawls the website. This will make other web pages to be easily indexed and improves efficiency of web portal. Initially keywords related to the business are selected for ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. After selection of keywords and manipulation, these are added in the content of each page which helps the crawler to identify the words that are needed to be ranked in search engines for the business.

    Meta keywords and meta description found in the code of web pages are important for search engine spider. SEO experts apply on page and off page optimization such as meta tagging, link building, URL structuring as well as social bookmarking to a web portal. If the quality links to the website increases then the crawler gives more preference to its web pages in Google, Yahoo and Bing. One of the things SEO experts must not forget is sitemap of website which helps the spider to know the web pages with uniform resource locators (URLs). Updating new content makes the crawler active and stay longer on the web pages. Google webmaster tools are used by the experts to identify the performance of the crawler on the web portal. Search engine spiders play a crucial role while ranking a site for selected keywords.