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  • Back Links are Important for SEO by SEO Expert

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    The back links are considered as the main building blocks for SEO. Back links are important for any business with a web portal without getting into trouble with search engines. Back links are known as inbound links and are directed towards the website. The number of quality inbound links give credit to any website and consider it as more relevant than other websites in their result pages for a search query. The popularity of web pages in a site depends on the number of inbound links to it. The relevance of a site to a keyword is calculated with the increasing count of quality links to it. If there are links connected to a site from other sites with similar content, then links are considered as relevant to the site. The incoming links to a site from other portals are considered less relevant if the content is unrelated. Consider a link from a site with information on property is linked to car rental site, and then this inbound link is not a relevant one.

    Search engine criteria of getting inbound links have become tougher for SEO experts and thus they apply deceptive or sneaky techniques. Some SEO experts use automatically generated pages to link a website and this can result into banning of a site. Other way to achieve quality back links is reciprocal linking. This can be done if a webmaster agrees to place its link on other webmaster site and vice versa. The web portal having links from sites which do not have many outbound links or do not practice black hat SEO techniques can achieve maximum visibility in online space. A company can have many websites on the same IP and thus SEO experts place same link on all the sites. According to search engines this is something fishy. There are many tools online that will help the company to track back links of its site. Whenever a keyword in the text relates to business and linked to a site, then the inbound link is a quality anchor text.

    The building of quality links to a web portal is important to search engine optimization and must be on priority for experts who apply SEO activities to sites. Search engines algorithms look for natural links to a site that are built slowly over time. SEO experts must also be careful while building inbound links for a website.

  • Use of Robots.txt by SEO Expert

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    By Seo Expert India team: 

    A web portal has many web pages with images, content, JavaScript and CSS files. The search engine spider crawls each and every page of the site and any duplicate content will impose penalty on the owner. Robots.txt file helps the crawler to decide the pages to be crawled or not. Consider two links having same content and if both the links are indexed by the crawler, then there is a possibility of receiving a penalty from search engines. Thus in this case robots file in the root directory of the site acts as a notification for the crawler to select any one link to index.

    SEO experts make use of robots.txt and save bandwidth by informing search engine spiders to exclude images, CSS and JavaScript files that are not required for crawling. Any web page cannot be indexed with the help of robots Meta tag which is not readable by Google, Yahoo and MSN. Thus robots text file is always used to inform search engines about the decisions required by the owner of the site or SEO experts.

    Robots.txt file allow search engines to prevent crawling the web pages and not the full site. If the web portal has sensitive data in any of its page, then robots text file will protect page from getting indexed and displayed on search engines. The location of the Robots.txt must be in root directory of the site and this will help search engines to find robots file. If the file is placed in other folder of the site then crawler will find difficulties in detecting it and index the whole site. The structure of robots file consists of user agents, files and directories. User agents are crawlers of search engines and disallow files as well as directories to get indexed. There is a serious problem if different user agent access to different directories and common mistakes such as typos, contradicting directories are made while creating a robots file for site. SEO experts check the syntax of Robots.txt using validation tools present online.

    In some sites, there are many files and directories that are required to be excluded from indexing. Thus SEO experts make use of online tools to create robots file which can be real pain if written manually. Robots.txt file help search engines spider to take decision on crawling of web pages in site and is considered crucial while applying SEO activities.

  • Hello world!

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