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  • SEO Expert Explains Bing Optimization

    Date: 2011.12.26 | Category: ask the seo expert | Response: 0

    SEO experts apply search engine optimization activities to a site and achieve results in Google, Yahoo and Bing. The keyword rankings of a site differ in each search engine due to difference in algorithms. Bing is launched by Microsoft and has drawn lot of interest from SEO community. Firms can advertise their websites through Bing Ad center. Many searchers use Bing to find information across the globe and thus it becomes important to know unique steps that are required to rank high in Bing. SEO experts try to test different queries, analyze results and come out with SEO tactics that works for Bing. Some companies are search engine specific and want their sites to rank well in Bing and not in Google or Yahoo.

    Sites must have clean code, unique architecture and sitemap to initiate the process of ranking in Bing. The back links considered to be the back bone of SEO are less relevant for Bing search engine. The top ten sites ranking in Bing for a keyword have less number of back links as compared to the sites ranking on first page of Google. It is inbound anchor text that is relevant for Bing optimization and not the quantity of links. Thus link spamming on a site by experts will be of less importance and not effective. On page activities such as Meta tagging, URLs analysis matter more with Bing. It is bad news for new portals or domains as Bing give preference to older sites with authoritative organizations. Only high page rank websites have more chances to get their listings on first page of Google while Bing gives chance to low page rank sites also. As compared to other search engines, Bing cannot index sites quickly and updating fresh content in the web pages will not help sites to explore more in an online market.

    Bing is flash friendly and SEO experts face lot of challenges while optimizing a flash site to rank it on Google. Whatever results displayed by Bing for any keyword is relevant and SEO experts are curious to know about its algorithm. The algorithm of Bing is precise, quite different and it becomes difficult for webmasters to optimize a site for Bing. SEO professionals can make use of Webmaster Center to monitor the performance of sites in Bing search results. Bing optimization is necessary for companies that are looking for unique visitors.

  • SEO Expert Discusses Google Unbanned Process

    Date: 2011.12.19 | Category: ask the seo expert, seo expert tips | Response: 0

    SEO experts of any company do not violate any SEO rule but then also there are chances of getting sites excluded from index of Google. Being a major search engine, Google keeps a watch on SEO best practices and remove misbehave sites from its index. On getting banned by Google, a company running a website is not allowed to rank its URLs on Google search engine and thus looses traffic. It becomes important for the business of the company to get unbanned from Google which is long and drawn out process. Google bans a site which has lot of keywords or its pages are linked to bad sites. In order to get ideas of practices that should be avoided SEO experts must read articles on over optimization. Also there are necessary steps need to follow in order to get Google reconsideration for getting banned.

    The site is banned by Google if its web pages do not show up in page indexing of Google. In order to include a banned web portal in Google index the company has to put a reconsideration request. While sending a request to Google one must be polite enough to receive a positive feedback. Also inform them about the site background and the proofs of the spam clicks on site which will indicate the seriousness of resolving problem to Google representatives. The company has to do in depth research so that Google firm must come to know the unbanned request. SEO expert in the company has to remove all spam, delete the links to bad sites and make the changes so that the site must meet the requirements for reconsideration. One can simply make use of Google webmaster tool to put a request. Always provide proof of the site changes made by experts and thank Google representatives for time and effort they are taking to solve the problem.

    The company has to be patient after requesting for reconsideration as it can take weeks for representatives to contact and answer the suggestions. It is important for experts to send follow up email periodically to Google in order to know about the situation. This will help company to be in good graces and get a good response from Google to fix situation. The unbanned process information helps any company to include its banned site in Google index and start making business.

  • SEO Expert Explains SEO Competitors Analysis

    Date: 2011.12.12 | Category: seo expert, Seo Expert Guide to Search Engine Optimization | Response: 0

    SEO performance of any company is poor if the competition in its market is really tough. In any market SEO expert working for a company has to always keep an eye on success and failure of competitors. There are some steps that can be followed to analyze SEO competition. It becomes easy for an expert to identify competitors of the company with an offline business. Then the portals of competitors are checked by SEO expert who further applies SEO activities to the site of company. Other method to analyze SEO market for a company is through keywords. Consider a firm expecting a business related keyword to rank on first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is true that person hired by the firm for SEO will look out for competitors online through the keyword.

    The design, quality of content and URLs of pages must be taken into consideration while analyzing websites of competitors. Due to this firm will receive lot of information about the professionalism in its SEO market space. A company can use Website Keyword Suggestion tool to check the keywords that will perform well for its site in search engines. No one can judge the base keywords by looking at title, headings, Meta tags, image tags and URLs of competitor web pages. So it becomes important for any company to make use of online available tools. As back links are the backbone of good SEO, checking of competitors back links using online tools is mandatory. Other factors needs to be checked during competitive analysis are indexed pages and page rank of sites.

    As Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn drives more traffic to any site the companies must also check social media presence of their competitors along with SEO. Social bookmarking platforms contribute a lot to search engine rankings and must be analyzed. Pay per click (PPC) drives quality traffic and boost organic rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google Adwords is the preferred choice for PPC that webmasters will use. Thus pay per click campaigns of competitors are analyzed by SEO expert before starting PPC campaign and SEO for a company. The competitive list of any business is long one and thus becomes impossible to track each of them. Thus it is important to note down the sites that pop high in search results using Google. SEO competitive analysis is must for any website.

  • Google Adwords Boost SEO by SEO Expert

    Date: 2011.12.06 | Category: ask the seo expert, google seo expert | Response: 0

    SEO Expert suggests company about Google Adwords to boost SEO of their business. Adwords can be used for SEO in many ways apart from getting paid traffic on web portal. The important part in starting PPC campaign for a site is to research keywords and competitors related to the business. It is difficult to predict the search terms used by the users in an online market and thus SEO experts always research for most competitive keywords in particular niche. In order to do keywords research Google has provided Adwords tool which provides information of each and every searched keyword in detail. Either one has to enter URL of the site or seed keywords to generate a list of suggested keywords using Google Adwords. For a new domain it is better to rank for less competitive keywords and these can be identified by calculating competition ratio of each keyword phrases.

    After selecting some keywords SEO experts start PPC campaign and SEO activities for the site. Whether the keywords convert and make business for the company needs to be verified by SEO experts. One cannot be sure that the selected keywords will work if not tested in practice. Consider that the company is targeting a highly competitive keyword for its domain name and invested for one year. Even if the site of the company has achieved ranking on first page of search engines for the keyword which has a very high bounce rate then web portal will not achieve expected results. Thus it becomes important for SEO experts to test the bounce rate of competitive keyword using Google Adwords before starting SEO.

    The other factor need to be analyzed while starting PPC campaign for a site is Click Thru Rate (CTR). The site will have lot of traffic for well ranked keyword on search engines and still be unable to monetize traffic due to low CTR. Any website can have a high CTR if its ad has adequate title and description and this can be helpful for organic SEO. Other use of Adwords for SEO is geo targeting where one can bid from different countries and can use Google Analytics to compare the conversions from countries. After comparisons SEO experts can make good conversions for the company by targeting selected countries. Google Adwords can give you valuable insights, save money, time and is really a valuable tool for SEO experts.