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  • Is SEO Dead or Alive After Google Panda and Penguin

    Date: 2012.08.21 | Category: internet marketing expert mumbai | Response: 0

    We are most concerned about the people (or things) we care for. For instance, our car, spouse (perhaps in that order too).
    As an SEO professional, I find it very heartening to see such all round concern for the future of the SEO company. Every time Google so much as sneezes (read makes an algorithm update), there is widespread concern that this is the end of SEO and yet surprisingly SEO bounces back only to be declared ‘dead or dying’ when the next updates are released.

    Is SEO Dead Post Google Panda and Penguin?
    Admittedly, Google Panda and Penguin have had a bigger impact on search rankings than some of the other algorithm changes by Google.
    And they have shaken a few of the firmly established rules of the SEO game. Panda is a more content focused update, while Penguin concentrates more on link spam. This Penguin analysis by Microsite Masters shows the various link building practices to avoid in SEO if you want to be Penguin compliant.
    The bottom line is that SEO game will continue to be played, albeit with changed rules and guidelines.
    So the obvious conclusion – SEO is not dead. It lives and like Darwin said in his seminal work, ‘The origin of Species’, it needs to adapt itself to survive in the changed circumstances.

    Changed SEO Rules in the Post Panda Penguin Era (Which means Now)
    Let us look at some areas where SEO strategies need to be different now as compared to before:
    1. Optimized Press Releases
    Keyword optimized press releases were an easy way to pick up thousands of back links, which would impact your website’s search ranking. But post Penguin, Google is very particular about the relevance and quality of the links and numbers don’t matter much. Also if you are putting same content across various media in the web, the issue of duplicate content comes alive, making you susceptible to the Panda penalty.
    So the take home is you need to have control over where your press releases actually end up and you also need different versions of the content for different media. Work with reputed PR directories like PR Web, Marketwire etc. Click here to learn some more about Penguin and Panda smart SEO press release tactics.

    2. Article Marketing
    Article marketing was a favorite SEO strategy as it could generate unlimited back links, made possible by high tech software programs that ‘shot’ out the articles to thousands of article directories at the push of a button. And the general thinking was that so long links are coming by, content does not matter. Not so any more. The quality of both content and links are paramount now.

    3. Quick Fix SEO
    The holy grail of SEO- link building was till now quite easy to achieve with link buying, link exchange programs and numerous other shady techniques. And considering that Google Penguin is very strict in terms of what is ‘acceptable linking’, quick fix SEO now quickly goes out of the window. Read the views of 13 link building experts on how Penguin has changed this important SEO tool. The point they are making is that link building as SEO still exists, only it has changed.

    The good news is that SEO has not been killed by Panda and Penguin. In a sense SEO is immortal. So long as search engines exist and people use them to search for things online, SEO is the only tool you have to get your website up there at the top. Long live SEO.

    This post was written by Yasir Khan, passionate SEO consultant who genuinely believes that SEO is stronger than Panda and Penguin and any other Google update. Yasir is the founder of Quantum SEO Labs and blogs regularly on SEO and online internet marketing.