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  • SEO Expert in India – Gain Popularity for your Webpage

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    SEO or Search engine optimization improves the exposure of a web page on the World Wide Web. The search results are displayed in a sequence where the website, which is more relevant, is displayed first. The paid links that show up before the organic results are known as Sponsored links. On displaying it first in the result, it gets greater number of visitors. SEO also supports different types of searches based on image, video, news, etc. As the use of SEO is increasing many SEO experts in India are available to offer their services.

    There are many companies offering this facility. These companies provide know-how in consultation, management and execution of SEO. Before starting to use SEO, one must understand all the strategies behind it. This is made easy by the experts who can help you with SEO and its implementation.

    Methods used by SEO

    There are three major methods used by SEO expert in India when dealing with search engine results.

    Web crawler is a program that goes through the World Wide Web in a systematic manner. Certain search engines function on a paid submission service where crawling would be set as per a fee or cost per click. While scanning a site, the crawlers of a particular website consider several factors about displaying the link of a particular website. There are cases when certain sites are not to be crawled. On the other hand, a specific web page can be given more prominence by cross-linking the pages of the identical websites. This gives more links to the prominent page, giving it more importance. This method is called Increasing prominence.

    SEO tools:

    SEO expert in India provides several SEO tools one can make use of Some of these tools are:

    The Open Site explorer provides an entree to unparalleled link data.

    Another tool is the keyword difficulty tool, which is used to study the present keyword landscape.

    SEOmoz toolbar is a toolbar, which provides a variety of information while browsing the internet.

    Using the above tool, SEOmoz, one can get access to all tools that are available with it. There are many exciting new Beta tools, which are made available to advance users. This helps in making SEO management easier and less time-consuming.

    An SEO expert in India would be able to help you find keywords that are searched by local consumers. These keywords can then be skillfully integrated into your website so that it appears on search engine result pages.

    There are many online stores, which provide SEO. One can also get a trial of SEO and understand it more. An SEO expert in India provides software for easy implementation of SEO. One can get a large number of SEO tools and resources. There are many tips and tricks available from where one can get better understanding about SEO.


  • Three Life-or-Death Future SEO Strategies after the Panda and Penguin Updates

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    Listed below are three future SEO Strategies that are applicable after Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Webmasters all over the world had to make a lot of changes in their search engine optimization strategies when this search giant implemented both of these new algorithms. Many websites that used to do great on SERPs literally dropped out of the ranks.


    It took a bit of time before webmasters were able to work things out according to these new search rules. However, there are others who are still struggling to get things back in order. Those who were able to get back up and join the race once again have shared new fundamental strategies that everyone should build upon. The following are the three of the most basic things that you can implement yourself.


    Quality Content


    The SEO world is on a point of evolution. Websites that are not able to evolve eventually die, which is pretty much what the natural world is about anyway. Webmasters used to be primarily concerned about page ranking. However, with the recent changes, the quality of the content now weighs just as heavily as the rank of one’s website.


    Your website’s content is one of the things that are directly under your control. It should be one of the things that can and should be worked out immediately. A lot of people focused too much on rank building techniques. Everyone knows that quality content is essential for any website but they still chose to ignore it.


    In effect, a lot of websites had a lot of duplicate content yet they were over optimized. Their websites ranked pretty well for a time until the recent updates put everything right as they should be. People searching for information nowadays will get more quality content that they can definitely use. Follow this trend and correct whatever is wrong with your site’s content and you’ll see things get better in the future.


    Controlled Optimization


    As stated earlier, many websites had pages that were over optimized. There were sites with good content and sites that had poor quality content that were simply over optimized. The current Google updates penalize sites heavily due to over optimization. Using exact match keywords for a page’s anchor texts used to work but now they are classified as over optimization. Review the current optimization rules and optimize your pages accordingly.


    Link Control


    People used to think that more sites linking to your pages equate to a lot better rankings in the search engines. Well, that used to work quite well for many. In fact, it was one of the things that were abused by webmasters as they implemented a variety of black hat optimization techniques. That will no longer work with today’s future SEO Strategies.


    Search engine optimization strategies nowadays greatly emphasize not only on the quantity of backlinks but also on the quality of these links. Google today judges the relevance each of page or site that links to yours. With the recent updates, visitor engagement and people sharing links to your site via social networking sites matters.


    This also means that you should ensure that visitors to your site should interact with the content. Make sure that they will leave a comment on your blog. Ensure that there is a way for them to share your pages in social networking sites.


    Remember that the Panda and Penguin Updates are aimed at web spam and not white hat search engine optimization. Future SEO strategies should build on the positive changes occurring in today’s evolving SEO world.

  • What is SEO for the Common People?

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    SEO or Search Engine Optimization rose to fame as quickly as the Internet became a must in every household. It is common for people to find an enterprising opportunity with every update in technology. That’s why it is no longer surprising that the Internet became a busy business district in just a short span of time.


    One of the strongest frameworks of e-commerce is SEO. It is the life and soul of every webpage, seeking to rank high in search pages. But what is SEO, especially to the common people who are not even aware they can take advantage on its potential benefits?


    SEO in Layman’s Term


    We all know what the Google page is. It is what we use to find just about anything we need. We enter a word or phrase on the search bar and millions of results will be brought back to our attention.


    With so many websites operating in the wired world, it is not at all surprising that you get millions of results for a single search keyword. Just like in anything, those that are shown in the early pages (1, 2, 3) will have better chances at getting clicked. The websites that are shown in the early results page will have a better chance at getting that user visit their site.


    That’s what SEO is about. SEO is a way that will help you achieve a rank at the early results page so you get a greater chance at getting clicked, which will then drive your traffic. Visitor volume is where you will draw your revenue from, no matter what kind of Internet business you are into. Whether you are selling goods and services or mediating for a fee, you will not be able to grab a chance at a client if your site has never been visited.


    How SEO Works


    Then again, driving up your site’s rank at the search engine results page is more than just making a drum roll. It is also about working hard to give your site that rightful chance. The key is in the “keywords”. You must use keywords or key phrases that mostly your potential audience would type at the search bar.


    However, this is not just about stuffing your website or web page articles with keywords. You also need to use keywords well enough because search engines “value” the value of your article and the web page in general.


    Aside from strengthening your content, there are also other techniques that will help you raise to SEO royalty.


    For one, it matters if you are a blogger and you consistently make comments on blogs that are relevant to your own content or website.


    For another, you should also keep in mind that images or your visual content also matters. So make sure that you pay attention to your website layout as much as you would to your website content.


    There, those insights should give you a clear perspective of what SEO is all about and how you can take advantage of it in making your Internet business flourish. After learning about the basics, it is up to you to learn more, especially about the technical aspects, including meta tags, XML sitemaps, and whatnot.


    What’s important for now is that you understand what SEO is about and how it can make or break the amount of revenue you can earn for your website.


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  • The Killer Role of Social Media Marketing in Today’s Jewelry Industry

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    Companies in the jewelry industry today have taken advantage of social media and the Internet to reach out to a worldwide audience. It actually takes more than just creating your business page in order to secure your company’s online presence. You may have the most attractive website in the world but it won’t make your sales increase if your customers don’t know that it exists.


    Why Use These Tools


    You can say that social media today has put a human and approachable face to many businesses. The business of making jewelry is an intimate and personal industry. Its products usually carry a good deal of expense for its customers. Nevertheless, the very same expensive products are well endeared to the clients who purchase them. Social networking sites today play the important role of being bridges between the companies and their clients.


    Official Social Media Pages


    Many groups and organizations have put up their official social networking pages other than their company’s official website. Some people consider these official pages as some sort of local headquarters in certain web properties. Of course they serve more than just establish a brand or company in the jewelry industry.


    Official pages allow companies to open another window to customers. It sort of lets the customers see more of the company other than the products that they advertise. Jewelry companies can also publish their current events and latest promos. More often than not, news about your company gets noticed a lot faster in social networking sites than anywhere else on the Internet.


    Fan Pages


    Fan pages talk about your company but do not carry its official sanction. They can be started by any of your employees or even one your loyal clientele. These fan pages are important avenues where customers can air out their opinions and interact with others (which should include official representatives from your company).


    A lot of these fan pages act as a forum where people can exchange both their ideas and their experiences. These pages allow you to gauge the market sentiment and should help you decide on your next product design, advertising campaign, or promos. These are avenues where you can see where customers are coming from and make better preparations for future strategies.


    Tweets and Micro Blogging


    Micro blogging allows you to share your company’s latest news and trends faster than your official site’s PR page or even a published press release. Official Twitter and micro blogging accounts of some companies these days play the role of court herald. You can make an official announcement and have the word spread to thousands of followers in just minutes. Best of all, this communication media is usually free.


    However, take note that such things can also backfire on you. Remember that whatever is posted in these micro blogging websites is usually considered as official in today’s standards. You can’t tweet things and expect no responsibility for whatever it is you say. Remember that whatever you post or tweet on the Internet is equivalent of saying it in person. The major disadvantage is that your customers can quote you verbatim.


    Pin Pictures


    Let’s face it; jewelry is always designed to look good. Well then, why not make it picture perfect? Jewelry companies should take fabulous pictures of their products and post or pin them. These pictures can act as an ad for your brand on their own. Players in the jewelry industry should take every opportunity to spread the word to their clients.


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  • Don’t Make Like a Ninja and be Undetected, Strut Your Stuff Online!

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    Today’s digital technology has just made the workplace more competitive. After all, working environments are no longer confined to the four walls of an office building. The rat race has been moved into the four corners of bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchen.


    Businesses suddenly feel that online is where they should be. Freelancers of every imaginable shape, size, talent and skill are advertising their “wares” online. Suddenly, cyberspace is starting to look small.


    The crowd is closing in on you and you’re starting to lose your online grip!


    Sashay Your Way to Online Prominence


    Successful start-up businesses and entrepreneurs become so these days with the help of the internet. Truth to tell, a lot of small businesses and freelancers get the bulk of their business by promoting themselves online.


    Here’s where you don’t want to be like a ninja and stealthily navigate your way online. You have to make as much noise as you can. How do you make noise online?


    The Good Noise and the Bad Noise


    There are several tools that you can use to make your presence felt online. Most of these are free so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an advertising or marketing budget.


    You can use these tools as many times as you want but here’s the rub: how do you use them in such a way that they will effectively communicate who you are and what you’re all about?


    You have to learn how to make good noise online.


    Basically, the bad noise comes from a negative image that you may be unwittingly portraying online.


    How do you do this?


    By not being careful about your comments in posts and forums, by uploading pictures of your in a compromising pose, by engaging in online bullying, and participating in questionable activities online.


    The worst thing you can do however is to promise to do a job or to deliver goods that customers already paid for and you renege on your promise.


    Okay, now that you know what not to do online, it’s time to focus on the things you can actually do that will help you make your mark on the internet.


    Creating a Strong Impact


    Sometimes, subtle things work like magic. You don’t always have to resort to extravagant displays to market your products or services. You also do not have to create a dedicated website for whatever you are selling if you don’t want to.


    Websites need to be maintained and if you don’t have the time to keep it updated, it could even contribute to your online demise.


    If people go to your website and see the same things over and over again – no updates, no news, nothing – pretty soon they might start to think that your business has gone kaput.


    Socialize online. This in itself is already a very powerful tool. It’s fun, it’s easy to use and it gets you connected to hundreds of your “friends” in an instant. As a matter of fact, advertising through social media platforms will hardly feel like work at all.


    To get your network talking about you, come up with thought-provoking posts or hold mini contests.


    The bottom line is to get your message across – that you’re selling something that no one else has online – or at least not with the same caliber as yours.


    Make your presence felt at least once per day and use at least two social media platforms. This way, if you can’t get access to one, you can still reach people through the other.


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