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  • 15 Ways to Increasing your presence online

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    It is true that there are many small business firms still don’t effectively boost themselves on line. They do not use their business website at the fullest and moreover, some of them are unfamiliar with the ways through which they can boost themselves and their business as well. Here we list out a few simple ways that could increase your online presence.

                  1.      Enter in Google Places

    Google searches give priority to local results. By getting your businesses listed in Google Places, the search engine could index your business and give the details in searches, thus your ranking is improved and increased traffic is provided to your website.

                  2.      Place articles in article directories

    This way will help you enhance your status as a though leader as well as disclose your brand to an immense audience. Those articles will be selected by other websites and bloggers and published with your website and by-line details. Furthermore, Google indexes these articles, which help for SEO and elevated traffic to your website.

                3.      Enter in right directories

    Online directories are known for elevating the listing and giving links to websites. So, get your business listed in an appropriate directory and get many hits a day and thereby, increased traffic to your website.

               4.      Use social media networks

    There are many social media networks such as Linkdln, Facebook and Twitter that helps business online to elevate online presence and get more traffic as well.

              5.      Write a Squidoo Lens

    Squidoo facilitates making a simple one-page website for the promotion of a new product, service or any special offer. This page will be seen by many online visitors beyond your normal area of influence and help to elevate rankings.

             6.      Blogging 

    Majority of website owners rarely update their websites and rather keep it static. This is often due to the complex technology used in website development making it difficult for the website owner to change anything. But, a website has to be attractive to its visitors and capable to make them do call, email or buy products over the site. You need to give regular updates on activities within your company, information on products or services, etc in order to keep visitors coming back again and again. Blogging is the best way to help with SEO, increased traffic and for keeping customers engaged.

             7.      Place Trust symbols

    It is essential to put details of personal or corporate membership of institutes or trade bodies and also the copies of achievements and honors on your website. This is to enhance the trust between you and your potential customers.

             8.      Increased your reviews

    Our business to customer environment has a buying method of referral shopping. Good reviews and referrals have great impact over the shopping decision of an ordinary person. Therefore, you have to secure testimonials, reviews and case studies that will help your potential customers with their purchasing decisions.

            9.      Calls to action

    Most websites state a narrative story about the firm and its products but fail to take the customer on the next phase of the purchasing process. Encourage them to move further such as contacting you over phone or by email. You can get them downloading free information about your company in exchange for customers’ email address.

            10.  Narrate the benefits

    Are you successful in explaining customers how your products or services benefit them? Customers don’t want to walk through many web pages to know how you make products, what machines you have, etc. They simply want to know how your products will help them save time and money. So give them what they want and this will help you get more visitors and turn them into customers.

            11.  Title Tags

    Title tags are firmly enclosed in the coding for each website page. Instead of using just company name in the title tags, you have to use keywords and phrases so that you can increase page ranking.

            12.  Google

    Google offers many free tools to help website owners increase their web presence. Some of the popular tools include Google Analytics, Alerts, Google+, Google Maps, and much more. All these tools help a website increase its online presence as well as boost traffic.

            13.  Meta Tag Description

    This method is a part of search engine listing, appearing under the main title. You should use this method to describe the major benefits you offer to the customers. When Google fail to find a Meta tag description, it generally choose the first one or two lines of the website home page. But, this does not do justice with the company.

            14.  Email Marketing

    Collect email address of site visitors in exchange for newsletters, white papers and other important data of your company. Creating a good database of potential customers will help you send them information on new products, services, special offers and unique deals. The whole goal of this method is to keep in touch with potential customers and make them regular clients of your business.

           15.  Google AdWords

    This is a paid tool helping you increase your website ranking as well as targeting potential customers who are interested in your products or services. Your ad will appear on the suitable search results page on the basis of the bid you make for the search keyword phrases. This is to get maximum number of hits for your bid as well as increased web presence.

    These methods are as simple as that. Boosting your online presence is as easy as following all 15 ways above. If you follow all of these things, then your website don’t lack online presence. Having an increased web presence is obviously essential to the success of any business. We know the value and importance of search engine optimization and social media, but a very few people know the ways and tips that help to succeed. Some make successful campaigns and others fail. No matter what is your industry or business field, you have to do all these above tips and ways to enhance your web presence.


    Author bio: Charlie Brown has been working as an SEO consultant for 8 years at Ranking By SEO India. He has provided hosting solutions to many leading online websites. He also publishes SEO related tips on his blog like top SEO Company India, best SEO services and many more.

  • Google Reader: An Untimely Obituary

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    What once seemed like one of the more promising services that search giant Google ever offered has had an unexpected recent reversal. Google announced recently that they were planning to end all support for their popular Google Reader platform before the end of 2013. Google Reader was a content aggregator provided by the company that allowed users to subscribe to various Web feeds. Over time the service expanded to allow sharing features, mobile access on devices like the iPhone and iPad, offline access and even integration into the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. It appears that Google Reader’s user base was a small but vocal corner of the Internet, however, as the plug has been pulled and the service will soon go the way of other past Google “failures” like Google Wave.

    In the Beginning

    Google Reader was originally launched in 2005 and was instantly popular. The combination of being a free news aggregator in a world of paid services coupled with being produced by one of the most powerful tech companies on the planet saw Google Reader quickly rise to become the premiere RSS reader available.

    The basic feature set of the earliest iteration of Google Reader was very simple. Instead of visiting multiple websites several times a day, readers could subscribe to a site’s RSS feed. Google Reader would allow users to then visit a single page and see content from a variety of different sources as they were being published. Essentially, Google Reader was a free and efficient way to distill the Internet down into a type of basic virtual newspaper where every story was something relevant to your own interests. If you wanted to view new updates on, for example, you don’t have to continually refresh the page to check for new information. You can simply subscribe to the site’s RSS feed and wait for new posts to automatically appear in Google Reader.

    The Evolution

    In just a few short years after its initial launch Google Reader was being used by tens of millions of people a day. Additional features made the service even more valuable. The earliest versions of Google Reader required a constant connection to the Internet, for example. Offline access was soon introduced and allowed anyone to save full news stories while online to read at a later time when an Internet connection might not be present.

    Additionally, Google introduced sharing features into the Reader hierarchy that allowed it to become even more than just a news aggregator. In addition to its ability to show you only the types of stories that you are actually interested in, Google Reader made sharing a story with anyone you want as easy as clicking a few buttons.

    Pulling Support

    Somewhat unexpectedly, Google announced in March of 2013 that they would stop supporting the Reader service later in the year. The company maintained that while Google Reader had a very loyal following, that following had been declining in recent years. Additionally, the company indicated that it wanted to shift its focus to working on fewer products over time.

    The Replacements

    Many other RSS news aggregators have stepped in to pick up the now-fleeing Google Reader user base. Instapaper, for example, is an RSS reader with a heavy emphasis on mobile and tablet devices. Freedly is another popular RSS reader that has seen a massive uptick in new users since the Google Reader announcement.

    If you’re a Google Reader user, you only have until July of 2013 to migrate all of your data to another service. Failure to do so will result in that data being lost forever, so don’t delay and move your day as soon as possible.

    James Garcia is a rural farmer who depends on modern Internet technology. In his free time, he blogs about the latest technology news on various websites.

  • Hire An SEO Expert Australia & Experience The Difference

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    Search Engine Optimization, over time, has turned out to be an effective medium of escalating traffic to one’s website.  This helps one increase one’s revenue and that is the ultimate goal of all marketing efforts.  If you are in Australia, you can avail the help of an SEO expert Australia.

    The reason why it is suggested to work with experts in the field is because they come with experience and know everything that has been transpiring in the industry.

    Following are a few things worth knowing about SEO:

    • The Main Changes in SEO

    Over time, SEO changed into a large industry filled by companies, individuals and many others who are skilled. Selecting the appropriate service supplier for your web site requirements might be a great task for you. But, when you are using the right Search engine optimization knowledge, making the decision would become much simpler.

    Examine for results

    • How to inquire for best SEO expert

    While you will go with the method of choosing the right professional, try to avoid asking his/her qualifications and abilities. Although these types of inquiries are important, you should only know that s/he boasts of a result oriented approach to work. Look at what the expert has done in the past and you would be on your way.

    • The abilities

    The truth is that an SEO expert Australia should have the ability to identify the requirements and previous issues of the web site before initiating the SEO process. Eventually, he or she should think about distinct methods to make the web site land to the first resulted web page of any search engine. Different kinds of businesses possess different requirements for their web sites. Customization, hence, is a valuable feature to look for.

    Know what’s going on

    • Things while person hires SEO expert

    Hiring SEO expert Australia for your web site needs does not mean that he or she has the entire authority to go with methods without requesting your viewpoint. Educating yourself of what is actually happening in the industry and generating results will assist you in analyzing the performance of your expert better.

    It is really a fact that some search engine optimization service companies use dishonest ways to create traffic to some website as well as bring the company to the very best rank of Search engines. Search engines like Google do not entertain this particular practice. Search engines, as a whole, penalize web sites which are not doing SEO by ethical ways. Therefore, it is essential that you ensure that only ethical means are being utilized by your SEO expert to help you reach the top.  This wouldn’t be possible by mere conversation; but, it is necessary that you get into a contract with your SEO expert and get this term included in the same.  This would relieve you of any worry of unethical practices being used for the same.

    This Post has been written by Kamal Khetan and also he is listed in Forbes. To know more click here.