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  • Have Better Success On eBay: Three Ad Writing Tips For Sellers

    Date: 2013.09.30 | Category: technology | Response: 0

    Selling on eBay might seem like the easiest thing in the world to do.  You take pictures of the things that you want to sell, pick out the right categories for them, and wait for someone to come by and take them off your hands.  For some items this strategy works, but only because there is so little competition that buyers do not have many choices.  If you are in a more competitive space, then there are things that you can do to make your ad stand out and get your items sold more quickly.  This advice works whether you are selling a few items to clean out your home or if you are running a business that sells directly to customers.

    Keep It Short

    One of the side effects of the rise of internet news is that people no longer have the patience to read through a long article to find the information that they need.  That extends beyond just articles to other areas as well.  When you write a long ad on eBay, you should expect that your potential customer is only going to read the first paragraph and maybe the last one.  Everything in between is probably not going to be read, and its inclusion in your ad is just a waste of time and space.

    Keep It Organized

    Along with keeping your ad short, you need to keep it organized.  This means that you should have the information that customers need the most in places where it is the easiest for them to find it.  If you are a company selling on eBay, the name of the company should be near the top of the post, so the customer associates the product with your company right away.  When you sell things that need to have specifications or features explained, the best way to do that is with a list.  Customers like small bites of information, and a list lets them see what they need to know without having to mine the entire post for the data.  This will create consumer goodwill and can help you make the sale.

    Keep It Visually Appealing

    Online first impressions are everything, and the first thing that your customers will notice is how your ad looks.  They want several pictures of the items they intend to buy, and they like it when the ad has some variation in color or font.  That breaks the monotony of the text and helps to keep the customer’s mind stimulated.  You will run the risk of making the ad too flashy, so try to make the ad subdued so that it is not overwhelming.  With the right combination of visual data, the ad will stand out from other ads and you will be able to make greater and greater sales.

    It can be easy to sell things on eBay, but only if you have an ad that attracts people to your products.  When you post ads that no one reads, you are only wasting your time and energy, and you are losing out on a lot of potential business.  The best thing that you can do is spend extra time creating the ad so that you make a good first impression on potential customers and get the most from your experience selling on eBay.

    I am Nicole Stevens and I run an eBay store.  For a long time I was an amateur eBay seller, and then I found the eBay template maker at  With them I was able to create better and more appealing ads for my products, and soon I was able to focus on being an eBay seller full time.  I wrote this article to talk about some of the pitfalls of making bad eBay ads and the things that need to be avoided.

  • 5 Differences between Internet Marketing and “Traditional” Marketing

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    The secret to effective Internet marketing is simple. It’s even rooted to traditional marketing principles that have been used for decades. It is all about knowing your audience, targeting them, and making sure that your branding or corporate identity shines through, such that your website serves as the central hub and an extension of your advertising campaign. Online marketing is essentially yet another new medium no different from television marketing, print ad marketing, banner marketing, poster and flyer marketing, and so forth. As with any advertising and promotion medium, you need to adjust and familiarize yourself with the norms and quirks of dealing with online promotional tactics specifically.

    • Putting your marketing directly into the hands of the online marketer is now possible thanks to the simplification of the marketing process through the Internet. You now have direct control over how your campaign will be run because there are fewer middlemen to deal with. Unlike with television, wherein you have to pay for competitive time slots and whatnot, online advertising and promotions allows you to compete without having to pay for an arm and a leg and without dealing with the capriciousness of channels or show runners.
    • You’ll also deal with fewer people online when marketing compared to when you’re advertising via newspapers (editors and whatnot), posters and print ads (poster makers, the people running the printing press), banners (you have to deal with your local municipal government to get clearance for the billboard you’re putting up as well as pay ad space from the ones who made those high banners in the first place), and so on and so forth. Online promotions are more direct and in-your-face, in a sense. The amount of control you have over these marketing tools is part of what makes them so special and sought after, aside from the fact that they’re cost-effective to boot.
    • At any rate, the components of Internet marketing are as follows. First, there’s the blog. It’s the part of your campaign that enables you to share information and data to your consumers in a personal level to earn their trust. Blogs are no longer simply a means to give out updates. They can also be used to house interesting articles, tips and guides, and other relevant industry information for business promotion. You can use it to deliver your advertising copy or subtly inform your readers about what’s going on in your site. Meanwhile, the social network serves as your means of spreading your marketing and advertising in a viral manner among a significant user base.
    • To take advantage of your social network marketing, you’ll need to do as the Romans do and fit in with the environment you’re in. If you’re in Twitter, learn to use the hashtag; if you’re in Facebook, regularly comment on Facebook updates or share relevant information among your fan page followers. The reason for this is because it’s the nature of social networks to measure popularity by follower, friends, or circle counts; the more connections you have, the more chances you have of promoting your wares to a given social media site, whether it’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn,  Tumblr, Pinterest, Plurk, Reddit, and so forth.
    • Your website is what you should make use of to bring all these elements of advertising and promotions together. If you have a blog, its main purpose is to essentially bring avid readers and researchers to your website to see if they’re also interested in purchasing your goods or services. If you have a social media account, the bottom line of having one is to make them visit your site or at least be aware of your brand and corporate identity. Every last marketing component are mere extensions of the promotional central hub known as your website.

    About the Author:

    Colin comes from a family of marketing experts so it’s not surprising to see his success in the field of online marketing and advertising. He now runs his own agency. To know more about him visit his blog.


  • Minus 3 for Article Submission and Plus 3 for Social Media Sites in SEO

    Date: 2013.09.13 | Category: seo experts | Response: 0

    The strategy of submitting articles to article directory sites to increase search engine optimization (SEO) has long been used in internet marketing. Many web entrepreneurs use this traditional antic to acquire internet traffic and to promote their sites. However, many individuals and experts have a different opinion.

    Lately, many people criticize the role of article submission in increasing the SEO. It is, they say, a complete waste of time and effort. Many blogs and articles include it in their list of old SEO methods that people need to get over with. It is now an unreliable means of climbing to higher ranks in the organic search.

    Article submission has several “subtractions” because…

    First Minus: Google updates like Panda and Penguin

    The Panda update penalized many websites, including famous article directories like and The Penguin Algorithm update which took effect last May 2013 hit thousands of websites as well.

    Immediately, around two to three percent of websites felt the blows and dropped in the rankings of organic search. They no longer got “visible” for the keywords they used to get searched for. Lesser visibility led to lesser traffic. Lesser traffic led to lesser sales. Also, Google saw getting “forced” backlinks from article directory sites as a manipulative manner of increasing popularity or rank.

    Second Minus: Repetitive Contents

    Search engines are now very keen in gauging high-quality contents. They trash those that offer the same “flavor” with just different “branding”. The problem with articles is that writers rather focus on the keywords that will increase their search visibility instead of delivering fresh and informative contents. There can be various titles in a site but the contents are almost similar. This bores the readers.

    Third Minus: Few Views

    Many writers claim their articles have been viewed 500 times or more and that this is a good statistics. However, if one looks at it closely, facts say otherwise. For instance, Yuliya Miranova had a total of 554 views for the 10 articles she posted at a certain site. This was for a 24-month period.

    If it is mathematically solved, it comes down to like 55 views per article in 2 years. That’s 1 view every 13 days per article! With such viewing frequency, how will then this influence a site’s SEO standing? Also, unless the article is in the site’s homepage, the new page where it is posted has no page rank at all.

    On the other hand, e-traders who have formally employed the tactic tackled above are shifting to social media sites for exposure and promotion. With the millions of people using a certain site every month, it is very good venue of gathering audience. Social media sites have the following advantages in terms of influencing the SEO.

    First Plus: Mentions

    Referrals by actual users and previous customers are the best promotion of a business or trade in and out of the cyber world. When more people mention in sites like Facebook or Twitter a webpage and/or its contact information, this makes the site appear more reputable, trusted, and legitimate.

    Second Plus: Social Indictors

    More known as social signals, these refer to the shares, posts and reposts, tweets and retweets, likes, and pins, etc. Over-all SEO value rises as an account brings more social indictors to a web page.

    Third Plus: “Natural” Backlinks

    A good method of establishing “shortcuts” to the actual website is placing link in the social media profile. It is definitely a natural manner of getting backlinks. No Google red flags on this one.

    Any site would want to be on top of SEO. However, “charity begins at home”. Therefore, working on the main site is as essential as promoting it outside.

    Bio: George has been working in an SEO Dubai company for 6 years. He is one of the co-creators of particular SEO software.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization: 6 Optimization Tips

    Date: 2013.09.09 | Category: seo services | Response: 0

    Every website owner or webmaster should know the following tips when it comes to ensuring that their Search Engine Optimization campaign is an effective one. With that said, Search Engine Optimization is incidentally a method by which you can make your website more visible to search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. SEO is exactly what you require in order to ensure that when you’re customers are searching for your specific website, they’ll assuredly find your website among many others. Search Engine Optimization can be quite tricky in light of the fact that many other companies have their own SEO-related campaigns and measures on hand, so you’re essentially competing for which site has the best optimization when it comes to search engines.

    Major Optimization Tips You Need to Keep in Mind When Establishing Your Website

    • The first major optimization tip you need to follow when it comes to search engines is that it is best done when establishing your website instead of doing so after the fact. The reason for this is simple. You’ll have an easier time adjusting your website in accordance to Google Panda (search algorithm) and Penguin (anti-spam algorithm) changes. In general, your webpage will be more malleable and easy to acclimate in accordance to Search Engine Optimization trends as long as it’s been established as search-engine-optimized from the get go.
    • It’s therefore a cost-effective decision to hire web developers when making sure your burgeoning website is SEO-friendly. Another SEO-friendliness tip that you need to keep in mind is the fact that Search Engine Optimization strategies are more of the white hat hacker variety. In essence, you’re “hacking” your way into making better search signals for search engines to pick up. There’s more than one way to skin a cat as well as go about Search Engine Optimization.
    • It is considered “white hat” (i.e., not black hat or malicious but instead legal, allowable, and constructive) hacking because even Google encourages websites to do some of these methods to better “appeal” to their world-famous website. It’s important to always be aware of current Search Engine Optimization trends in light of the fact that today’s SEO-methodologies may be considered by Google Penguin to be tomorrow’s latest spamming technique.
    • It’s dismaying and annoying, but it is a fact that some of the best SEO-techniques ever developed have rooted from or was subsequently abused by spammers because it’s always in their best interest to appear in search engines and victimize people into coming to their site for whatever reason. This is the reason why Google regularly updates its Panda and Penguin algorithms; so that no one Search Engine Optimization tactic could be abused by spammers at any given time.
    • There has been a significant increase in relevant searches as of late, and it’s no coincidence that this came about around the time that Google started regularly tweaking its algorithms every time. In the past, it’s hard to disambiguate terms plus when searching for something, there are many times when you’re hit with irrelevant results. This is not the case anymore for Google. They’ve improved their search engine by leaps and bounds to the point that irrelevant results are now a thing of the past.
    • In fact, for most people, they can find what they’re searching for on the first search engine results page (SERP). In light of this improvement in search engine technology, Search Engine Optimization experts are now attempting to increase search signals and relevancy of their pages to any given competitive keyword in order to get to that first few SERPs. The better their page rank, the likelier they’ll gain the majority of hits on a certain common search term.

    About the Author:

    Gabriel regards himself as a student of life – always learning, always evolving. He believes that SEO is the same too, which is why it is important to always be updated.


  • Getting Started With An Online Business: Three Things That You Will Need

    Date: 2013.09.05 | Category: business blogs | Response: 0

    One of the most common dreams that people have is opening their own business, and the internet has made it possible for people to do so without many of the costs associated with opening a more traditional operation.  An online business might sound like it is easy to run and it may seem that there is not much to do, but the truth is that running an internet company is just as challenging as a brick and mortar company, and you will need a lot of help to get started on your business.  If you are starting an internet company from scratch, then there are three things that you will need to make everything run more smoothly.

    Web Developer

    The foundation of any web business is the website, and this is the place where you should be prepared to invest most of your money.  The site is the first thing that customers will see when they find your business, and if you do not make a good impression, you are not likely to make the sale.  You should start your site construction by finding a good web developer.  A developer is someone who not only builds and designs the site, but also deals with the back-end support that your site will need to stay running.  Back-end support ensures that customer data is secure and keeps all of the customer information easily accessible for your business.  Customer databases are a target for hackers, and a good web developer can help protect your site from outside threats.  In addition, a web developer will monitor the site to make sure that it is running smoothly, and that the end user has a good experience when they are on the site.

    E-Commerce Support

    Another feature that you will need to have for your site is some kind of e-commerce support so that your customers can pay for their purchases directly on your site, instead of being forced to go through a lengthy payment process.  Paypal is the most common online sales partner, and you should consider adding Paypal functionality to your site, but you can also discuss other payment options and methods with your web developer.  You might find a better deal on fees by going directly through a credit card processing company, so be sure to check out all of your choices.  This is also the time to make certain that your site has stout encryption available, so customers feel like their transactions are protected; when customer data gets leaked or lost, your business may be damaged to the point that you cannot recover.

    Cloud Storage

    The final thing that you need before you get started is cloud storage or backup for your company files.  There are few things in this world that can derail a company faster than lost data, and this is especially true if you are running a company where all of the data is stored electronically.  A computer can go down for any number of reasons, from physical damage to a piece of malware, and you will need to be able to restore your data as seamlessly as possible.  On site storage is good for most situations, but there may come a time, such as a flood or a fire, when your on site storage is compromised.  When you keep all of your backups in the cloud, you can rest assured that your data is well protected and that you will have access to it any time of day, from anywhere in the world.  Cloud storage services are cheap, and there is no excuse for an online company not to use these services for their data.

    When you start an online company there are a lot of things that you need to take care of, and they all seem like they need to be done right away.  Taking care of your site, and protecting your customers’ data must be your priorities, and with these services, you will be able to do so as soon as your site launches.

    I am Daniel Moon, and I have been a web consultant and site security manager for almost a decade.  When it comes to web development Brisbane based Vivo Group ( is the company that I recommend to my clients, and one that I highly recommend for all of your website development needs.