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  • Keywords and backlinks can work hand in hand to develop a strong link building strategy

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    Links and keywords are the pillars of SEO because its importance remains the same since even today.  While links can be external and internal, for the purpose of this article, links refer to external links or backlinks. To understand how powerful backlinks are for SEO you must refer a study that analyzed one million SERPS and revealed that of all the factors that contribute to high rankings in search results, the number of websites or domains linking to a page is most important. When other websites link with yours, Google looks upon it as a vote of confidence in your favor and recognizes the value it conveys through the content. The faith shown by others makes Google happy about the quality of your website and rewards it with higher ranks that should make you happy too.

    Therefore, it becomes imperative to have a strong link building strategy in place to strengthen SEO. However, according to an Rockford SEO expert, you must complement it with stable keyword research that helps to create the action plan for generating backlinks. Using the two techniques of SEO optimization in tandem can give an enormous boost to SEO.

    link building strategy

    The best approach to link building

    There are numerous ways of building links that increase website visibility and improve ranking prospects. However, you must be smart enough to tap known websites that have shown interest in your website earlier because these websites are already familiar with your content quality and would be eager to stay in touch with you. The process begins by making a list of interesting websites that can become potential linkers. For compiling the list, you can take help from some tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer and Google CSE.

    Another smart way to give impetus to your link building campaign is to take out a leaf from the books of your competitors who have created an impressive inventory of backlinks. These are ready resources where you would find quality backlinks and can approach those websites for links without doing all the hard work of research and developing strategies. Indeed, it needs research of a different kind that focuses not on finding websites for linking but for replicating links.

    Backing up link building strategy with keyword research

    Creating link building strategy is must but to enhance its effectiveness, you must support it adequately with keyword research. This will surely put you ahead of many others in the SEO race. Keyword research together with linking strategy results in stronger websites and improved rankings. Traditionally, webmasters thought about creating the web design first, followed by content creation and then take up link building. While this method does work, it does not help to make your website the best.

    A better way is to take up link building together with keyword research before thinking about content creation. By creating strategic content, you can gain mileage in securing links and expanding keyword research. Just as a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, ranking for one versatile keyword is much better than aiming for several others with little or no returns.

    Let us now focus on some of the best practices in keyword research.

    Identify keyword opportunities by analyzing the website

    To identify the best ranking opportunities for your website, performing a website audit is the best way to start. Start with the analysis of existing content to figure out how you can improve it or recycle it as new content. This is a great way for improving overall ranking because the new content is in sync with what is already there. The aim of the audit should be to identify keywords and underlying themes that have the potential for improvement.  Tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush are good for use in keyword research as it shows the performance of relevant keywords by highlighting the search volume and ranking. Once you find out the high performing keywords, build blog posts and other content that relate to the themes and intent.

    Find keywords with ranking potential

    The above exercise helps to list keywords that provide new opportunities. However, there would be many closely resembling and related keywords too that have the potential for ranking, and you must lay your hands on those too. The idea is to go all guns blazing to create a high performing SEO campaign. By using the same tools, you can obtain a list of keywords that you may have missed but has enough potential for ranking. Before choosing the keywords to work upon, consider its difficulty level for ranking and search volume.

    Know what makes competitor sites rank well for the keywords

    You can make good SEO improvement by looking at your competitors and analyzing what works for them and why. Analyze the pages of competitor sites in any SERP that are ranking and for which you intend to compete. This should give you ample hints about the way forward as you can find out the keyword opportunities where you are lagging and then take steps to fix it.  When you examine the pages of competitors, you come to know how they are ranking for keywords that you are also targeting. You can even gather some clue about keywords that work by looking at the snippets that show up un search results.  Moreover, evaluate all high scoring areas of competitors to know exactly where and what to improve.

    Be the best with content

    You simply cannot offer anything less than the best content to viewers,and there cannot be any compromise on this. Keep improving the quality of content because there is always room to make it better even if you are doing your best now. During the process of upgrading content, you can start implementing the link building strategy. Once again you can get a cue from competitor linked pages analysis as well as what your own research and investigations reveal. Simultaneously, keep improving the internal linking strategies as you add new pages to the website and keep refining by adding or removing links.

    All the above are part of the continuous development process, and you must keep doing it consistently throughout the campaign.




  • Brand marketing becomes easy through vehicle wrap advertising that delivers good results

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    Those looking for some low cost high impacting advertising medium would find vehicle wraps most appropriate. Commercial truck wraps by CL Visual has become the benchmark in outdoor advertising because those who have used it once would like to explore more. Since the time billboards turned mobile, the wheels have been the best bet to display advertisements that costs just a fraction of what you might have spent on stationary billboards.

    Brand marketing

    Banking on the high attention-grabbing abilities of vehicle wraps, marketers can leverage their efforts and gain huge mileage in branding. When someone sees the advertisements on vehicle wraps, the eye-catching graphics and the high-quality printing leaves a deep impression in the minds of viewers. And it is very light on pockets too because the cost of wrapping a courtesy van is much lesser than a month’s billboard rental bill.

    No fear of ad blocking or ignoring

    The biggest concern of advertisers is the threat of viewers ignoring the advertisement or blocking it as it happens with internet advertising.  Every day, almost 5000 advertisements get blocked, or viewers receive it with disdain and prefer to skip or ignore it. The competition to gain viewers’ attention was already bad earlier, and now it is getting worse. Whether it is online ads, TV ads or newspaper ads, its visibility depends on the wishes of viewers who if averse to it will stay away from it. However, the story is entirely different from vehicle ads that are among the highly noticed ads and loved ones too.

    All attention on vehicle wraps

    The printing of vehicle wraps is attractive in all respects from design to the choice of color schemes to the bold graphics and letters that grab all attention. The big space of advertising allows display of much elaborate content as advertisers can tell many things in one go and the bold display is something that no one can turn away from. A glimpse of the ad is just enough to generate interest and curiosity about the brand that creates better engagement.

    Always visible

    Visibility of vehicle wrap advertising is always high because whether you like it or not, you have no means of blocking it. Since the vehicle moves around the city or town, it attracts one, and all and the efforts continue without any interference. Even if someone wants to turn away from it, they cannot help but decide about it only after having a brief look.

    Display control is on the advertiser

    The advertiser is in control of the display of vehicle ads because there is no way that anyone else can do something to keep it out of view from others. At best, some individuals can think about not looking at it, but the appeal to the general public remains unaffected.

    Vehicle wrap advertising is highly intuitive and hard to ignore. The natural reflex of passersby and drivers make them have a look at vehicle wraps. It is a kind of voluntary response that happens instinctively and once done, the attraction keeps growing.


  • How is local SEO changing the future of new businesses?

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    When people think about the US, they think about NYC, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Texas, but rarely does Minnesota make it to the top of the must-visit states in that list. Interestingly, in the last few years, Minneapolis has become one of the favorites among millennials for living and business. In 2015, it became the country’s top state for business, and right now, it is the third largest business city for startups in the country.

    How can new enterprises survive the competition?


    If you are a new entrepreneur in the city, you must already know how hard it is to find a place in the market. It is difficult to start a business, but it is more challenging to keep it going successfully. It is not just the taxes that drags the ROI down, but it is the stiff competition among the budding enterprises that take a toll on the health and profit of a business. Making a six-figure salary is not difficult in the Twin Cities, but surviving the fierce competition of entrepreneurship is almost impossible without a little technical help.

    Search engine optimization is the added boost your enterprise needs to outperform the market competition. You must have already invested in digital marketing by now, and that possibly includes social media promotions, paid advertisements and sponsored posts. However, none of the digital campaigns can rake in as much profit as you expect them to unless you have an organic online presence. People don’t want products and services from random, unknown or new companies, who merely pop-up in the paid ads column occasionally. You need to build your brand image and command a presence in the related Google search results to attract relevant revenue.

    Why does your business require expert help?

    When we mention SEO, your thoughts must veer to keyword research and link building. Keyword research and building link profiles are the parts of any working SEO strategy, but the modern plan requires a little more finesse. Simply stuffing keywords and filling your site with random links do not fool Google anymore. You need to strategize the distribution of relevant keywords according to content and verify the links. Sometimes, even these are not enough. Currently, Google considers over 200 ranking signals during the analysis of a website. Monitoring all ranking signals at all times is close to impossible for anyone, and it is somewhat futile as well unless you know how to prioritize them. 

    In short, the web has become a complicated and competitive place for all entrepreneurs of the 21st century. That is the collateral companies have to pay for making their business information more readily accessible online. With hundreds of new enterprises going online from each city every day, Google has turned their focus on improving the user experience above other factors. That has resulted in several alterations including the hyper-localization of search results. If a person from Minnesota searches for plumbing services or construction services in the area, he or she will only see the results closest to his or her immediate location. Thus, if a person is searching for the local services from Saint Paul, he or she will not see the Minneapolis businesses first. To know more about the effects of hyper-localization of search results on the companies, visit the Premier SEO Ninjas Minneapolis SEO Consultant site.

    Why is hyper-localization beneficial for your business?

    Hyperlocalization might sound constraining at first, but it is beneficial for the new businesses. It refers to highly specific results that Google filters in using geo-specific tags. More specifically, the algorithm takes account of your business’ location (using the information from Google My Business, Yelp or Yellow Pages) and decides if your business is relevant enough for the search result. It narrows the competition down to the businesses from the immediate locality only. Therefore, the companies in one area don’t have to compete with those in another district or city. Businesses can converge their resources towards location-based keyword research. That is the beauty of hyper localization of SEO. Your business will always remain visible to the residents, and the passersby. Targeting locals is a sure way of attracting customers, primarily if your company caters to a specific region. On the other hand, if a brand has global exposure, the SEO can surely adopt a global as well as a local optimization strategy.  

    The secrets about optimization no one has told you before

    Once you become visible to the local users, you no longer have to worry about organic traffic. Increasing visibility on the Google SRL attracts organic traffic. Even the newest SEO expert on the block knows that nothing is better than organic traffic for enhancing the conversion rates. It is one of the many quirks of Google SEO – organic visitors bring more visitors, and organic conversions attract more conversions. Conversion rates determine how many visitors go ahead and subscribe to your notifications, receive your emails and buy the products or services you are selling. Conversion does not mean immediate payout. Sometimes, the payment takes time, but in the initial stages, you want people to know your business, understand the services and subscribe to your messages.

    What should new business owners do?

    According to Forbes, the millennials and the Gen Z love Minneapolis. There is no way the business growth is slowing down in the busy city anytime soon. So, you need to stop waiting for new opportunities to drop into your lap. Instead, you should make a move and adopt an active local SEO plan that can boost your online presence. All a new business needs for their first round of success is a high rank on the first page of the Google SERP. The first page commands over 75% of the CTRs. Sometimes, the CTRs are as high as 93%, and no one goes to the second or third pages at all! Unless you want to find your business in the oblivion of the web, you need to reboot your existing search engine optimization plan or get one in place before it is time for the next financial year.

  • How do Google Penalty Removal Services work?

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    Did you notice a sudden fall in your website with regards to rankings and traffic? It is likely due to Google’s algorithm which is getting updated and refined frequently. For any site which violates the guidelines of Google and gets a penalty, the journey to recover the ranking may be arduous yet undoubtedly attainable. The two penalties which your site can get include algorithmic or manual. Today many leading SEO companies have years of tried as well as real experiences when it comes to every form of Google penalty and is adept on ways to navigate after Google penalty recovery successfully for regaining organic trust.

    Google Rankbrain

    Removing Manual Google Penalty

    First and foremost is the manual action penalty. It is simple to identify due to its action reports within the Google Search Console discovered under the search traffic. It is this report that indicates webmasters the moment their site gets non-compliant with the webmaster quality guidelines of Google whose fundamental principle is in creating for the user the finest experience. The manual penalty can be directed towards a site in its entirety or a part of a page as well as generally flag one or above of these practices namely,

    • Affiliate programs
    • Keyword stuffing
    • User-generated spam
    • Unnatural links
    • Deceitful redirects
    • Cloaking
    • Thin pages
    • Creating malicious pages
    • Rich snippets markup abuse
    • Scraped content
    • Hidden links or text
    • Link schemes

    When it comes to removing manual penalties, the process is indeed simple. But in case of harder Google penalties such as content related spam or link related penalties need more experience and higher strategy, so it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional such as NJ SEO Urban SEO Center. They have the needed resources for penalty removal and recovery and can assist with the abovementioned manual actions.

    Removing Algorithmic Google Penalty




    The next is the algorithmic penalty that takes place naturally the moment there is an update in Google algorithm. Such amends can result in an automatic penalty to sites which will lead to their fall in the search results. Identifying such penalties are more difficult compared to manual penalties because they are never accompanied via the Search Console notification and fall in the rankings could be grandiose or slight. The crux of the harshest penalties of Google comes from an update in Google Penguin or Google Panda.

    Google Penguin- Launched in 2012, Google Penguin attempted to drop websites which were involved in backlink manipulation to benefit from Google rankings. Ever since its launch, there have been multiple additional updates to boost up the factor of trust on the site links. To recover from this penalty is frustrating and time taking yet needs a complete analysis of the backlink profile of the site to remove as well as disavow the unnatural links that point to the site.

    Google Panda- Launched in 2011, it aimed to assess the on-site quality and usability of a website. The common triggers here is correct placement of the ad on a page, user-friendly navigation structure, page speed, low-quality content, duplicate content, and thin content. To recover from this penalty needs proper strategy and analysis for addressing suspect issues.

    No matter your site suffers from algorithmic or manual penalty get in touch with a good SEO expert at the earliest for best results.


  • Important Facts About SEO Services And Why They Are Crucial For Your Business

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    With billions of website in existence today, there is a very high competition on the online space. Therefore, businesses must come up with creative ways of ensuring that their websites maintain the topmost positions on the search engine rankings.  This is why search engine optimization services are crucial to your website whether it is a new website or it has been in existence for some time.


    When working with SEO companies, you must ensure that your website takes advantage of new marketing opportunities and all innovations available. In addition, the SEO firm you choose should be flexible enough to fine-tune to the regular search engine algorithm updates. For instance, social media marketing is currently one of the most popular SEO services. Therefore, your SEO firm should ensure that you take advantage of the opportunities presented by major social media platforms.

    Apart from social media marketing, you expect your SEO Company to have the best SEO expert who will help you to come up with convincing, engaging, and informative web pages, articles, and blogs. In addition, the agency should also ensure that all the webpage content is ideal for social sharing. This is because the quality level of the content you publish will determine whether you will get backlinks or not.

    A professional SEO agency like Malligator Mediawill be knowledgeable and experienced with all these processes. In addition, they should be conversant with search engine algorithms that may change over time. When you find the right SEO Company, you will be assured of getting the recognition that you deserve. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose a Search Engine Optimization firm that will cater to your needs.

    • The first step of finding a great SEO company is coming up with a list of your goals. It is important for you to understand the goals of your business before you choose any company to handle your SEO needs. Take time to determine what your ultimate objectives are and understand why these services are crucial to you.


    You need to determine whether you want more traffic or want to boost the sentiments and opinions that people have regarding your brand. You should also determine whether you are looking for new ways of increasing your business revenue. These are some of the crucial things that must be on your goal list before you start your search for an SEO company.


    • With the list of goals that you want to achieve, you should use this list to find the right SEO company. It is best that you focus on companies that have the strategies, tools, and experience to take your business to the next level. However, you must ensure that your business goals are attainable.


    If your business goals include content development, you need to get an SEO agency that has seasoned content development experts. If your objectives involve getting social networking recognition, you need an SEO firm that is experienced in social media marketing.


    • The reputation of the SEO Company is another factor to consider. Outsourcing your SEO services will cost you lots of cash, particularly if you do not get the right company that suits your needs. Therefore, you must always ensure that you work with the best agencies in the market and the reputation that the company holds is important.


    Go for companies that have good recommendations as they may be just what you are looking for. Conversely, a bad reputation or negative comments should be a red flag and you should keep shopping for a company.


    • Experience is an important factor when choosing your SEO firm. Since search engine optimization is a crucial marketing strategy, you do not want to waste your time and money on strategies that do not work. You need a company that has been in the SEO field for many years and they understand the different aspects of SEO. They should deliver the results your desire and ensure that your website is ranked on the first page of Yahoo, Google, or Bing.


    In addition, companies that have more experience in the SEO field will have an in-depth understanding of the search engine algorithms rules. Seasoned SEO experts will make sure that your business gets the best services that will enhance their sales and awareness.


    In a nutshell, your SEO services will largely influence how your website is ranked on the search engines.  This is important because when your website appears on the first three pages of the search engines, you will increase the probabilities of your website getting a significant number of clicks.


  • Top 5 Important Tools That Your SEO Specialist Should Be Using

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    Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in digital marketing today. There are different opinions about your best to go about SEO projects. Even though many businesses have an online presence, most of their websites tend to have poor ROI. This is why many online marketers claim that it is difficult to determine what the search engines really want. In the past, all that you would need to thrive online was a fabulous website to rank for your target keywords.  However, with the ever-changing search algorithm updates, businesses must rethink their SEO strategies.  For instance, the use of SEO tools has become necessary for websites that want to benefit from SEO without breaking the Webmaster guidelines.

    Leveraging SEO for improved ROI

    If you have not invested in SEO, then your business is missing a lot of potential business. With over 74% of users do going beyond the first SERP pages, businesses need to invest in SEO. This is you need to ensure that you have a higher ranking so that your target audience find your business with ease. With a higher ranking on the SERPs, you will have increased website traffic and higher conversion rates.

    If you wish to increase traffic, promote your business brand online, or increase your conversion, you need to hire a qualified SEO expert. These professionals have the resources and skills needed to successfully handle SEO campaigns of any scale. Furthermore, they have an in-depth understanding of the newest SEO developments and you will be confident that your website will always be ahead of your competition.

    With an SEO specialist working on your website, you are assured of minimal technical glitches or downtime. In addition, problems can be diagnosed early and handled through the 24/7 monitoring services. The truth is that SEO is not as easy as it seems given that Google depends on more than 1200 signals when determining the ranking of websites. For you to keep up you must hire a seasoned SEO professional to walk by your side.

    Tools That the Best SEO Experts Always Use

    The Search Engine Optimization industry is fast growing and businesses need the necessary tools to keep up with these trends. When working with an SEO professional, you must ensure that you are leveraging newest tools for enhanced outcomes. When hiring SEO strategists for your website you should confirm whether they will be using some of these highly effective SEO tools. They include the following:

    1. Google Analytics: You must take advantage of customer information if you wish to stay ahead of competitors in your niche. Google Analytics will provide you with an in-depth analysis of different important metrics. Some of these include the number of visitors, the location of visitors, best performing web pages, bounce rates, and many more. Your SEO specialist should be using Google Analytics to understand how visitors are interacting with your business website.


    1. Google Search Console: Unlike other browsers, Google has heavily invested in enhancing user experience on its search engine. This is the major reason why its SEO tools tend to rank highly and the Google Search Console is one of the best. This dashboard helps one to visualize how their website will appear in the searches. You can also get crawling errors and valid suggestions to better your website.


    1. Google Keyword Planner: one of the significant parts of all SEO projects is keyword research. For you to get the best results for your website, you need to use a keyword planner. When you provide your seed word, you will get countless options that will help you to complete your ongoing project.


    1. Moz: this is an essential package of crucial SEO tools that every SEO specialist should use. Moz consists of inbound marketing tools such as Open Site Explorer for link analysis, Moz Local suitable for local SEO and Mozbar, which is a browser toolbar that helps you get to the key features of Moz on a page. All these SEO tools come in handy when evaluating the performance of your website, finding the relevant keywords to use, and understanding your competition.
    2. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool: this is a valuable tool for site evaluation. It is a website crawler that provides you with all the important information on every URL.

    Other important SEO tools that your SEO expert should use include, Bing Webmaster Tools, Übersuggest, Dibz, Google Trends, SEMrush, Woorank, and many more. By using these tools effectively, you will boost your SEO campaigns and yield desired results. An SEO expert will utilize all these tools coupled with their experience and expertise to guarantee the success of your SEO project.



  • Top 5 reasons to consider hiring an external SEO specialist

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    SEO techniques

    For successful online marketing, search engine optimization should always come first in your strategy. According to Google, millions of websites are indexed daily by the search engine, but only 52% of them make real revenue from their websites. Since 93% of internet experiences will start with a search engine, businesses need to optimize their websites if they want to tap into these numbers.  Furthermore, 70% of the link searches that users click are organic and most will ignore paid ads. A search Engine Journal survey shows that approximately 74% of internet users will never research beyond the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs). This means that businesses that want to widen their reach and boost their conversion rates should work to ensure their websites rank on topmost page.

    Investing in SEO is crucial considering that about 81% of consumers will perform online research before they make an actual purchase. Therefore, online marketers should work smart to ensure that their website is visible on the SERPs for the targeted keywords. Investing in SEO provides additional benefits such as higher conversion, increased visibility for your business, establishing your business brand as an authority, improving traffic to your siteand many more.

    To enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits, you need to hire a qualified and experienced SEO expert team like Many businesses prefer to hire an in-house SEO team; however, this may not be the best idea. If you are unsure of the type of SEO consultant to hire, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring an external professional:

    1. Leveraging the newest SEO Tools

    Even though you may have an in-house IT expert, he/she is not equipped to handle all the SEO campaigns and optimization needs of your website. Furthermore, your IT expert has core business roles to attend to and including SEO into their docket may affect their work. Hiring an external SEO specialist is the best bet because such consultants solely focus on Search Engine Optimization and have knowledge of the latest industry trends. Leaving the experts to handle their niche trade will prove more beneficial to your business. Your in-house team may have challenges jangling between their core work and SEO and this may ultimately affect your website SEO in the long run.

    1. Objectivity

    A successful SEO project will always start with an extensive website audit to help determine your strengths and any errors that need quick attention. When your in-house team carries out the audit, they may not be objective and this means that some potentially hazardous errors may be left out. Hiring an external SEO specialist will bring more objectivity to the project and this will result in better outcomes. Every problem that your website has will be noted down and you will be informed in an easy to understand and detailed report before any SEO campaigns commence.

    1. Save Money

    The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) confirms that a significant number of small businesses and startups will fail because of a lack of expertise and skills in their teams. When starting a new business, hiring an in-house SEO team may not be a priority because of the costs involved. However, you can save a noteworthy amount of money if you outsource your SEO projects to an external professional.

    1. Dedicated Consistency

    Having your company IT team handle your website may not guarantee successful SEO projects. This is because SEO is an ongoing job and not a one-off thing and you need a professional who will consistently work on your business website. Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of work such as web audit, maintenance, monitoring, off-page SEO, On-page SEO and many more. Your in-house specialists already have their own job and duties and may not have adequate time to dedicate to SEO. This is why outsourcing your SEO projects makes a lot of sense and allows your IT team to focus on the work they were hired to do.

    1. Evade Search Engine Penalties

    Every year, more than 500 search engine algorithm updates are made. As a result, your SEO expert must always be familiar with all these changes so that he/she can avoid any penalties. You may miss most of these updates if your in-house team is working on your website. To avoid any penalties, you should hire an external SEO professional who is familiar with the industry trends and changes.

    A business that wants to succeed in the online market should outsource its SEO campaigns. This will guarantee project efficiency, reduce the operation costs and ensure that your website is up-to-date with the newest search engine algorithms. This will ensure that you have higher conversion rates and stay ahead of your competitors.




  • There is a lot you can do with WordPress to improve marketing performance

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    Marketers are often too eager to select the appropriate marketing techniques that fit within the online marketing plans but forget to give due attention to the choice of CMS that can impact marketing performance. The choice of CMS is important because it determines how well the marketing plans can unfold which in turn affects performance. The versatility of WordPress makes it the most preferred CMS for hosting any kind of online marketing campaign from SEO and PPC to content marketing, video marketing,etc. WordPress can accommodate users right from the time they create new websites,andit is possible tomigrate websites created on other platforms to WordPress. Flexibility, innumerable features,andSEO functionalities together with plugins that offer endless optimization opportunities, WordPress is truly unmatched in providing everything that marketers expect. WordPress simply surpasses the expectations of any digital SEO company.


    WordPress is as good as users can make it which means that the performance of WordPress websites depends on how well you are able to make use of the features and functionalities to strengthen online marketing. It needs a good understanding of WordPress features to gain advantage from the most popular CMS that supports online marketers to the fullest. What you can do with WordPress will become clear on going through this article.

    Have control on indexing by search engines

    It may sound a little confusing, but you can exercise some control in the way search enginesindex websitesif you are using WordPress.  Whether to index a web page is a call taken by search engines, but WordPress users can influence the decision by directing the spiders to index preferred pages only and left out content they do not want to index. Spiders are continuously scouring the internet,and whenever it encounters any fresh content, it scans it immediately and make it ready for indexing. Since users are unaware about when spiders crawl web pages, they are often caught unaware. In the process, the spiders might crawl some unfinished content which still under creation and indexing such content can dent the ranking prospects of websites. WordPress has a special feature by which users can selectively direct spiders to content that they wish to offer for indexing.

    Exclude duplicate pages from indexing

    The specialty of WordPress is that allows users to interact with search engines so that they can exercise some control on indexing that affects ranking. Being selective in indexing helps users to present the most prospective content for indexing while leaving out the inferior ones. It also helps to avoid duplication during indexing because when titles of blogposts and blog categories are identical, search engines consider it as duplicate content, which it is not.  By using the ‘no-index’ option of WordPress, you can separate less relevant pages so that search engines do not index it.

    Remove poor quality links

    For creating an impressive backlink profile, it is important to have only good quality links in your inventory,and this is a tough task. It is not always possible to ensure that there will beno inferior links in your inventory because a mix of good and bad is what you can expect but you must try to achieve the gold standard in link building by driving away unwanted links.  Even if you are unable to get rid of bad links, you must at least be able to keep it out from the spiders picking it up which is very much possible with WordPress. You can use the ‘no follow’ option for shielding unwanted backlinks from search spiders that pick up good links only. It ensures a clean link profile that enhances the chances of better ranking.

    Add speed to websites

    Everyone loves speedy websites when pages open instantly on clicking. Naturally, the speed of websites impacts user experience and search engines too attach a lot of importance to it by considering it as a factor for ranking.  No matter how fast your web pages open, unless it happens under 2 seconds, you can keep trying to improve the speed. WordPress cachingplugins are just what you need to improve website speed and even reduce the load on the server. By caching static and dynamic content, the caching plugins ensure fast loading of pages against every click. Speedy website improves the ranking prospects because search engines recognize it as an attempt to enhance user experience and rewards the website.

    Image optimization adds to the speed

    In addition to using WordPress caching plugins for increasing website speed, there is one more thing that you can do to improve the page opening time. Images take a longer time to load than text and more images there are on websites, the chance of slowing down is more. However, images are important for creating quality content and to strike a balance so that the speed of website can increase despite having images you must optimize the images to shrink its size without affecting quality so that it occupies less space thereby reducing the loading time. You can optimize existing images by using WordPress plugins and even upload optimized images, depending on the situation.

    Rely on the content delivery network (CDN)

    Having gone through the above steps for enhancing website speed, there is yet another way of adding some more speed to the website. Optimizing codes result in speedier websites,and it is effective for the medium as well as large websites. Also, using a CDN makes websites open faster by using several servers for delivering content. The choice of the server depends on the location of users because for fast delivery of content the server closest to the location is chosen. Since server distance is a factor that affects the speed of delivery of content, this method can drastically improve page opening speed as users can view content as soon as they click. 

    Having knowledge of WordPress plugins should give you an edge in improving website performance that gives more strength to the online marketing campaign. Everyday some new plugin makes its appearance,and the more information you have better are the chances to get the best from WordPress. 




  • Techniques for creating content that generates better viewer engagement

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    Communicating with the targeted audience by bringing them closer to businesses and brands for realizing the business goals is at the heart of any SEO marketing campaign. This leads to the creation of interesting marketing content from which the audience can gather information about businesses, products and services that are relevant and useful for them. The attraction of websites generates from the design and content,and when both work in unison, you get the best results in online marketing. While content is extremely important for communicating with the audience that includes customers, both current and prospective customers, it is equally important to ensure that the content is equally appealing to search engines so that it ranks well in search results. The dual purpose that content must serve enhances its importance for SEO.


    Blogposts are the best means of providing genuine information about your products and services to customers as well as for building brands. When you create quality content in which the audience finds enough value, they would not only consume it but also help to spread the good word so that others also take an interest in it. As the popularity of content keeps spreading, search engines take note of it and consider the web page or website for better ranking. 

    However, creating quality content and popularizing it is not an easy task unless you are aware of the techniques of using it appropriately for marketing. The experts at iMedia Mason, an SEO company, can guide you to get past the competition in the space of content creation and distribution. Their guidance will also help to address the issue of diminishing attention span of the audience because they know the techniques of creating content that creates better viewer engagement. Keep reading to know how you can do it without any trouble.

    Become a storyteller

    When you are creating content for your website, imagine that you are telling a story and structure the content in that fashion.  Stories are always attention-grabbingthatsustains the interest of the audience till the end. Adapt a storytelling style in the blogposts because people would find it very interesting and stay engaged until they have gone through the entire blogpost. This approach would address the issue of the short attention span of the audience and give you the opportunity of gaining their attention so that they listen to what you have to say. You can pick stories of inspiring people or incidents that have inspired you that the audience too would take an interest in. Sharing the experiences of the audience should give you enough ideas about creating engaging stories that become valuable content because of its ability to stir the emotions of readers.  

    Speak in the audience’s language

    Once you have decided on the style of content, you must pay attention to the type of language suitable for it. To get closest to the audience, you must speak in the language that the audience prefer and understand.  Researching about the audience will provide insights about the demographics like age, sex, gender, location etc. so that you can figure out the type of language of communication that would help to connect with them easily. 

    The way of speaking to senior citizens and Gen Y will be completely different,and you should set the tone of the content accordingly. To know what way of speaking would be suitable, something serious or casual, focus on the data you gather about the audience. Doing some keyword research clears your idea about the type of questions they are asking that helps to select the topic of the content.  By knowing the taste of the audience,you should be able to decide on the type of content- flat text-based content or videos and visuals what attracts them most.

    Problem-solving content

    Customers are keen to gather information that helps to solve some problems they are facing. Presenting content that provides solutions to customers’ problems is the easiest way to generate interest and win their hearts. Providing answers to a questionnaire that covers the problems customers generally face is an easy way to create engaging content because they find it very helpful. Even providing some how-to guides and links to some information resources are good for keeping viewers engaged. Remember, that the content must be valuable for customers while being informative at the same time. Stepping into the shoes of customers is the best way to judge what kind of content would be attractive to them.

    Create original content

     It is pointless to create content just for the sake of it because the audience does not take any interest in content that appears repetitive and lacks originality. Create content based on your own experiences so that these are original and interesting and relates in some ways to your business and brand with a personal touch.  It is not at all difficult to create original content if you stay committed to providing value to your customers by knowing what they are looking for.  You can focus on case studies and the results of data analytics that reveals something valuable that customers wouldenjoy as original content. Staying original goes a long way in providing better results in online marketing. Try to find out what is missing from the list that the audience is seeking answers for and it can provide valuable leads for creating original content.

    Stay away from using jargons

    The language of the content must be lucid and viewer friendly so that the audience feels like reading it. The content must appeal to the widest section of the audience for which it must be easy to read and understand. Choose the words with some thought so that the meaning is clear to all and avoid using jargons as much as possible. Acronyms and technical terms can be confusing and even if you use some jargons do not forget to explain it adequately.

     Judge the current trends and create content that goes with it because staying contemporary is an easy way to communicate with the audience effectively. 


  • 4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To SEO

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    SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing which many companies and businesses are constantly trying to utilize. However, in this never-ending race to achieve top ranking in the search engine results, there are certain mistakes that could prove to be very costly for your company both now and in the future. So, if you have been trying to navigate the SEO world without much success, then this is the right article for you. Here are 4 common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid:

    SEO service

    1. Having a poor web design

    Your Google ranking depends on a number of factors. Many people are unaware that poor website design and slow response can cause your Google ranking to fall. Downtime refers to the amount of time when your website servers are not functioning properly hence anyone who tries to access your website gets a notification that there is a problem with the server. Make sure that your website has an attractive design with easy-to-use features and a fast response time. A mobile-enabled website will also help you to rise in search engine rankings. According to, nearly half of all internet access in the United States is through mobile phones and tablets. This shows that a mobile-enabled website will make your company visible to a much wider audience as opposed to having a purely desktop website.

    1. Hiring the wrong SEO company

    If you want to receive the best SEO services, then be sure to get in touch with a reliable and experienced SEO company. Unfortunately, many businesses suffer from serious loses as a result of hiring inexperienced SEO companies which will only take your money with little or no results. Don’t waste any more time or resources on low-quality SEO services. Simply hire Webmetrix Group. This is the number one New York SEO company with a proven track record of excellence. You can fully rely on them to place your company ahead of the competition in the dynamic world of SEO.


    1. Purely focusing on backlinks

    Everyone knows that backlinks are an important aspect of SEO however you shouldn’t assume that this is the only factor which affects your search engine ranking. Whether you are looking to improve in local ranking or national ranking, having countless backlinks doesn’t guarantee that your company’s website will take the first slot. Instead, you should focus on having quality backlinks from reliable sources. Modern search engine algorithms are able to distinguish between the different types of backlinks thereby ensuring that only worthy companies can occupy the top slots. Thus, you should focus on getting quality backlinks through reviews in top online publications and recognized websites.

    1. Using unethical SEO practices

    Human beings have a tendency to desire shortcuts. Unfortunately, the SEO world is full of backdoor methods and unethical practices which promise fast results. Never fall into this trap. Google and other search engines will incur heavy penalties on any website that violates their Search Engine Console Guidelines.