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  • SEO Challenges That You Need to Overcome in Your 2019 Strategy

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    engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms so that they can deliver more relevant and precise results to search queries and it is the task of every SEO practitioner to keep track of these often very small changes and adapt their online promotional strategies. While you may be forgiven for thinking that last year’s strategy needs to be junked, often you will find that many elements still work very effectively while some have become outdated or irrelevant. 2019 will bring its own set of SEO challenges and you need to be able to get on top of the situation before it takes a toll on your rankings. Some tips for facing the future.

    SEO servicesKeyword Research & Optimization

    Keywords exist for a very simple reason, to be able to be discovered by the search engine in response to a search query where it is relevant so that the user can access content that is useful. With an effective SEO and social media strategy from Social Market Way, you can obtain high search rankings for the chosen keywords and the website is able to generate more organic traffic that in turn give momentum to conversions. While earlier, search engines need to have an exact match of the keyword with the search term, they have evolved a lot and today are able to not only take into account synonyms of words used in the query but also the context of the search. However, it is better to keep keywords as contextually relevant as possible.

    Short keywords are not considered by SEO practitioners to be very good for use in optimization as it is very difficult to capture the intent of the query when the number of words is less. The use of long-tail keywords makes search results more relevant as it is easier for the nuances to get picked up. It can be very difficult if not impossible to outrank your competitors for the same set of keywords so you can turn a hopeless situation around and identify other keywords which are just as effective. There are many tools available that can not only generate keyword suggestions but also reveal how your keywords rank when compared to the competition.

    Site Navigation

    It is very important to satisfy the search intent of users with intuitive navigation, as users will abandon your site if they cannot find the information they are looking for. Also, proper navigation ensures that the search engines can scan the site properly and index all the pages so that they are discovered in the searches and ranked. The website should have all its contents categorized and make it possible for the user to go from the home page to the specific category of his choice from where he can access the content pages. This simple tree-like structure can be transformed into a very powerful SEO tool by using anchor texts with specified keywords so that the linked pages can rank better. Ensure no page is an orphan page or a dead-end page, which is a term used for a standalone page with no other page on the site linked to it. Internal links should have no follow tags as it will prevent search engines from crawling and ranking the pages. The navigation bar should have links pointing to each category or important page of the website; typically, it is placed at the top of the page for best visibility. Include a footer bar for all the links that cannot be accommodated in the navigation bar. Make sure the site has a search facility to make life easier for users who do not want to fiddle around with the navigation.

    Voice Search Optimization

    A relatively unknown concept a few years ago, voice search is expected to be the next big thing in internet search and all SEO practitioners need to gear up themselves very quickly or they will lose out on the target audience. According to, by 2020, voice search will account for half the internet searches. Optimize your website with long-tail keywords framed in the same manner that a human being uses to ask a question; typically, these start with words like what, who, why, when, where, and how. Local businesses should include the location of the business in the keywords.

    Local SEO

    If your business has a local presence that needs to be taken advantage of to cater to the requirements of the local audience, then the SEO should be set up in a different way so that real customers can find your business and turn up to buy stuff. Use location-based keywords like the name of a neighborhood or city or even phrases like near me that are automatically translated by Google to show results close to the searcher. Get yourself listed in all the local online directories that you can find; ensure that the information is accurate and consistent across all of them to prevent contradictory search results from confusing users. Try to get as many backlinks from local sites as possible and publish customer reviews that recommend your business to others. Use a local ranking tool to find out how you are ranking for various search terms and work constantly at improving them.

    Mobile Optimization

    The days of desktop search is well and truly past with mobile searches fast becoming the norm. According to a report by, currently, 57% of searches are from mobile devices. For your site to work with mobile users, it is essential that it be optimized for mobile devices using responsive design technology that adjusts the page as per the size of the screen allowing the website to display properly. The mobile site should be laid out more simply with the buttons being made more clickable with fingers. The site has to load very fast to prevent users from abandoning it; so image file sizes need to be slashed drastically. Use fewer elements per page and utilize caching to speed up the loading. Simplify the page structure and minimize the use of codes and host the site on a fast server.


    An SEO strategy for 2019 and beyond is a matter of being alert to the evolving search engine technologies. The changing habits of Internet users should also be analyzed in detail for the impact they have on the structure and contents of the website. Emerging technologies like voice search and mobile search should be taken into account as quickly as possible to get a head start on the competition.

  • Top Proven Methods of Maximizing Your MDF

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    digital marketing1Your Market Development Fund (MDF) is regarded as vital for the success of the third party companies. But, for your perspective, it is an investment where you want maximized ROI (Return on Investment). When return is maximized on the investment, it will become easier for you to focus on wealth generation. To maximize your wealth through the MDF digital marketing funding, you have to follow a few basics. These basic things are discussed in the following section of this article. Knowing these things will help you perfectly in the process of maximization of your MDF.

    Know about the Terms of Your MDF

    Every MDF fund is different, and thus as an investor, you should take time to think about it. You need to check different MDF options before choosing the best fund for the investment. A good investment is a key to get back a good return. So, you need to be careful with your measures. You should not be in a hurry or rush with the investment processes. You should carefully check all the funds and their terms as well as conditions. You need to judge the funds by checking their pros and cons along with various terms or conditions.

    Setup Your Goals

    An investor should have a proper financial goal. No one saves money without any goal. If you start saving money without having any goals, you shall end up being demoralized. You need to keep your moral or motivation high. For that, you need to have proper financial goals. To make sure that you maintain your financial goal, you need to focus on a few things. The first and foremost thing is to set a realistic financial goal. Setting up a goal should be a logical process. It should not be something that you may not achieve anytime soon. Small goals are good to start with, as achieving one goal brings immense pleasure.

    Tracking Mechanism

    MDF marketing fund performance should be tracked properly. Tracking fund performance helps the investors to make crucial decisions. If the fund is doing well, investors gain more confidence in continuing the investment process. If the fund performance is not good, investors will suffer a lot. However, having prior information about the dipping performance of the fund will help the investors to make crucial decisions. It will help the investors to withdraw money from the fund timely so that minimal losses have to be suffered instead of big losses.

    Review Your Investment

    If you had invested in MDF previously, you need to review yourself as an investor. You need to review the things that you had done right. You need to review the things that went wrong. When you understand your strength as well as weaknesses as an investor, it will become simpler for you to achieve the desired financial goals with ease. So, you need to be careful with all these aspects of your fund performance and investment. A good investor always tracks its records and learns from the past. So, never underestimate your past as an investor.

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