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  • Exploring the potential of Fintech – Five Opportunities that can modify the financial industry

    Date: 2019.05.22 | Category: business | Response: 0

    We all use Fintech daily without realizing it. Right from paying for a muffin from our Smartphone to managing complex financial data at office, Fintech is always in use. The exponential expansion of technology has brought about several changes in all ways of life. There have been some fundamental financial transformations as well.

    What is Fintech?

    Simply put, Fintech can be defined as a set of tactics for applying advanced technology to finance and financial services. The conventional financial institutions make use of it primarily for managing back-office and other accounting solutions. In recent times, owing to the enterprising start-up business set-ups, the Fintech applications are modifying the secure financial solutions. Also, it poses a challenge for all the institutions that had adopted this process initially.

    Billions got invested in the international business domain in the past five years. And Fintech happens to be one of the popular technology domains. Global players like PayPal and other start-ups today are re-engineering the financial industry in their way. There is much happening in the area of debt settlement domain as well. You can read more on the debt settlement reviews to learn more.

    However, coming back to the Fintech market, it is not saturated as many think it to be. One of the best industry trends comprises of payments and lending. And still, more scopes can be explored. Discussed below are five areas of Fintech scopes that entrepreneurs and successful businesses can leverage.

    1. Financial inclusion and mobile banking for the underserved

    Do you undermine the prospects of mobile? If yes, you need to take a look at the international crowdfunding campaigns. Today, many companies specialize in mobile-first banking. One of the leading names here is Monzo. Other companies specialize in mobile banking tools for immigrants and expats. These companies provide expats and immigrants with all the essential banking services, irrespective of their credit history and address. The overall transaction value for these companies is increasing exponentially and holds the promise for future expansion as well.

    Hence, it suggests that this can present an enormous scope for mobile banking companies. Also, there are ample opportunities if you want to cater to the underbanked population. According to DeNovo, a strategy consulting platform of PwC, today, about 42% of the international adult population isn’t present in the formal financial system. Hence, even the modest attempts at attaining economic inclusion can allow you to leverage Fintech.

    1. Simplified personal finance management

    With Fintech development, there’s no need for a formal degree in business or finance for managing accounts. You can have access to the best tools in the market that provides automatic finance planning, asset management, and budgeting services. Some tools help companies and individuals to keep track of their credit card transactions, bank accounts, loans, transactions, investments, and many more. And you can get all these done using just one app.

    Amidst all these impressive developments, there’s still scope for smarter, streamlined, and enhanced banking and personal finance management. Today, there are apps for personal finance management that enables the users to connect their accounts in the U.S banks. It also streamlines their finances.

    1. Quick and affordable small business accounting

    It is always better to use an effective and easy tool for automating personal finance management. However, some professional accountants need assistance with bookkeeping. Making use of paper, pen and excel sheets for managing business finance is no more considered a smart solution. It is the era of business digitization. Today, there is QuickBooks that has brought in a significant evolution in the domain of Fintech.

    However, the actual development has just started! With the organic evolution of cloud SaaS technologies, the accounting process has become simpler than before. It is also more affordable and safer. Today, there are accounting tools, which streamline accounting for freelancers and small business firms, at no cost. There are also other advanced solutions that can streamline accounting, invoices, payments as well as the payroll services.

    1. Advanced money transfer processing and payment

    Over the past few years, payment processing has developed significantly. Also, because of the massive development of mobile commerce and eCommerce, it is estimated that more than five billion people will resort to mobile payment by 2020.

    Regardless, of whether there’s a solution for mobile payment, alternative money transfer, or a device that processes credit card payments – every product that caters to the requirement of a faster, easier and cheaper payment processing, has every chance to flourish. Furthermore, the global giants like Google and Apple, today also vouch on mobile payments.

    1. Micro-financing and peer-to-peer lending

    Today, the major peer-to-peer lending organizations can resolve issues that even the banks fail to address and solve. They act by dis-intermediating the credit process and connecting the prospective borrowers with the loan providers, using an ace P2P platform. Hence, business and consumer credits are easily accessible. The entire process becomes easy, fast, and convenient. And there’s immense scope in this domain that can be discovered in the days to come.

    Also, the financial landscape awaits the launch of IFISA, which stands for Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account. It will further boost the growth of the P2P lending domain because of easy tax conditions. Micro-financing is yet another area that provides ample scope for Fintech development, especially in developing countries. In the coming years, it is meant to grow steadily by 15%.

    Also, there are finance-based start-ups, which blends payment and lending services. It also provides an alternative for financing choices. These services can provide users with installment loans, enabling them to purchase goods and make other necessary investments. It is particularly helpful for small business firms and start-up entrepreneurs.

    In its totality, the lending and loan market today promises scopes for immense development. According to the latest researches, it is expected to score approximately 1 trillion by the year 2025. Hence, the Fintech domain is here to grow and benefit the business and the financial sectors.

  • Money Lending And Its Journey To Digital Transformation

    Date: 2019.05.21 | Category: technology | Response: 0

    There have been a lot of changes noticed over the years in the field of money lending with its implementation of technology. The journey to digital transformation has enhanced its management capabilities changing it from good to better, if not the best at present.

    In this specific journey, both the financial institutions as well as its employees are now well prepared for more changes coming up that are essentially not incremental. There is a solid and notable framework built in that has changed the management capability and for this, there are a few things required such as:

    • The employees require to be more engaged onward of a program.
    • It is also required that they are explained about the magnitude and relevance of such changes.
    • There are lots of concerns that also need to be addressed clearly.

    This will ensure that the employees have a very clear overview of these changes as these will provide them with a vision to follow and a roadmap to achieve their goals.

    As far as the company is concerned, they must also bring in some changes in their business operation such as:

    • It is required that the company is agile
    • They must be well prepared to make these extensive changes as these will affect their operations as well as the work culture
    • They must also be ready to adopt a new and right mindset.

    In addition to that, they are also required to make extensive retooling simply because a lot of banks, credit unions, and financial institutions still use a lot of highly outdated models.

    In short, these traditional lending machinery needs to upgrade them up to the mark of those online money lenders in order to stay in the competition.

    Choosing the best financial product

    Nowadays, with the use of technology in the money lending industry, loans and different financial products are easily accessible and available. Moreover, with the rise in demand and provision of better and safer services by the online money lenders, the competition is much fiercer now.

    Borrowers and seekers of loan are now more knowledgeable about the different financial products, their features and visits sites such as and others before they visit a traditional bank for a loan. They compare the services, cost of borrowing and terms of the loans and then take on the most suitable one.

    Create an expanded ecosystem

    Knowledgeable service providers and consumers facilitate building better and stronger partnerships that in turn facilitates a better and more expanded ecosystem. You may have noticed new inclusions in such an ecosystem such as:

    • Introduction of open banking
    • Fintech firms
    • Alliance with the different traditional banks
    • Big technical organizations
    • Firms outside the field of banking and others.

    All these additions will play a crucial role in the new banking and money lending ecosystem.

    As far as the traditional banks are concerned, even if they do not take an active part in such partnerships, they can work together and in a better manner with more agile officialdoms. This will have a very important impact on the operation and servicing of the money lending industry on the whole. In addition to that this type of engagement will also ensure that:

    • Better human resources are provided
    • Use of more and better capital
    • Establishment of proper distribution outlets and
    • A collection of huge data banks.

    This is ideally the future of banking ecosystem which warrants for more and better teamwork of different organizations.

    Creating a better future

    This teamwork and better practice will increase the focus of the lending machinery on creating a far better element for their environment on which they will have more control. It will create a better future for the money lending industry, thanks to the digitization of the services.

    • It is for sure that this way they will be able to create and combine some of the best financial products.
    • This will, in turn, bring in the desired results and benefits for the consumers who can now borrow money at a far lower cost.
    • In addition to the customers, it will also affect the businesses as well as the economy of the nation as a whole in the most positive manner.

    When the companies embrace and adopt a digital transformation, it will be easier for them to communicate and connect their vision and their goals. They will be able to know why their goals need to be achieved and how it will affect their business in the long run.

    Making everyone accountable

    In fact, when the leaders are well informed and these facts are communicated to them, it will also make them accountable for whatever the final outcome is.

    • This will ensure that the services, as well as the financial products, are of the highest order and quality.
    • It will result in an increase in the number of more satisfied customers which will result in more referred and repeat business.

    It will ensure that the financial institutions as well as the traditional banks both keep in mind that there will be a lot of challenges down the road. These technological advancements and its used in the money lending services will help them to overcome these challenges more easily and effectively.

    Therefore, use and implementation of technology in financial services by the modern financial institutions is the right approach to go forward. This will also help them to learn more about the newer technologies and how to put these to its best of uses on the go.

    • They will find new ways to meet the rising demands of their customers as well as far better ways to expedite their business and revenue growth.
    • It will help them to welcome their customers to a better service environment that will have a better work culture followed.

    All these financial institutions, traditional banks, credit unions as well as the alternative money lending sources have to do is simply take their first step towards becoming a part of the digital transformation in the finance industry. This will make them an active part of the money lending revolution providing more satisfaction and better service to the entire nation.

  • Selection of SEO Tools – What Should You Consider?

    Date: 2019.05.20 | Category: expert seo, seo services | Response: 0

    The trend of using SEO tools is increasing rapidly, and there are lots of reasons behind it. You should check all these reasons before getting started. No doubt, there are plenty of tools available that you can use on the basis of your requirements. Choosing the right tool is not a piece of cake so you should pay proper attention to this process. Try to gather details regarding various SEO tools and then pick the one that is suitable for you. You can also ask experts or get advice from your friends to ease up your selection process.

    If you are a beginner, then you should always choose the tools that are easy to use and really beneficial for your website. Always do proper research about different SEO tools to find the best one with ease. It is important to consider the features and other details related to different SEO tools. With this, you can easily make your final decision regarding the selection of the best SEO tool. Never choose in a hurry because it may also create many problems for your site in the future.

    1. A tool to check SEO grade

    If you are looking for the best SEO tool, then it is important to choose the one that will help you to know the overall SEO score. With this tool, you can easily determine where your SEO stands now. On the basis of this information, you can easily take your steps forward and make improvements easily. The tool that helps you to know the overall SEO grade is playing an important role. Beginners should make use of this tool to check the problems that they are facing. It will evaluate all the aspects of your website to determine the problems related to content or links.

    1. SEO crawler

    Everyone may know the importance of technical SEO for a website. It is the main factor that allows Google to find and index everything related to the website. With this tool, the website can be crawled like Google to find various issues. There are various types of issues that can be easily determined with this SEO tool. You can easily check the duplicate content on your website with the use of a specific SEO tool. You can also find the broken pages and links with the use of SEO crawler.

    1. Check mobile optimization

    Beginners should always choose an SEO tool that can easily check whether the website is mobile-friendly or not. Most of the websites are looking for mobile traffic, so it is really important to use a tool to determine how mobile-friendly a website is. This type of tool can also help you to learn what type of improvements you should make your website. Mobile optimization is really important for improving SEO for a website.

    1. A tool to check keyword ranking

    You may all know about the fact that SEO is all about keyword ranking. If you are a beginner, then you should pay more attention to the aspect of keyword ranking. In order to find the best SEO tool, make sure that it helps in tracking and comparing the keyword ranking. With the use of these types of tools, you can easily improve the rank of your website on the search engines. It can also be used to know the search volume and the rank of the site.

    Well, there are many other tools that beginners should use to improve their websites. You may know that some tools are paid whereas others are free so you should make your choices wisely. You shouldn’t invest your money in a useless tool, so make your choices by paying equal attention to several factors.

    Always make your choices wisely

    If you are still confused regarding the selection of the best SEO tool, then you should take a lot of tips into consideration. Never choose any SEO tool on a random basis because every SEO tool is not perfect for your requirements. Let’s check out some considerable things-

    • Consider your requirements

    First of all, you should determine your needs, and then you can take your next steps for the selection process. You should always try to find a tool that is suitable for your needs to get the best outcomes. In order to find the right tool, you should do proper research and check out the various features and functions of the tools. By doing this, it is easy to find a tool that can assist you to boost the rank of your websites.

    • Make comparisons

    If you are unable to make your final choice, then you should make a comparison by using the internet. Look for the top best tools and then check their features. By doing this, you can easily make a comparison among the different tools, and it will help you to find thee effective tool quickly. You can also take assistance from experts to use the best tools for your website. The use of a right SEO tool can help your website to get more visibility on the internet.

    • Cost of the tools

    Before using any SEO tool, you should check whether its cost is suitable for your budget or not. Many SEO tools are out there, but they are charging a different fee from the users. You should check the cost of every software or tool, and then you can make your choices for the best one. Consider your budget and then choose the tool accordingly. In this way, you don’t need to struggle with various complications.

    By considering all these things, you don’t need to do hard work anymore for the selection of the best SEO tool. You can see that some people borrow money from others for numerous reasons. If you are also worried about your credit score or financial situation then choose the option of, with their help, you can eliminate the debt issues and get some additional advantages.