• Hiring Of SEO Friendly Designer By SEO Expert

    Date: 2011.11.22 | Category: ask the seo expert, right seo strategy | Tags: ,,,,

    Without a web designer it is not possible to create a site. Each and every web designer has own thoughts of creating a design for a web portal. Thus web designers can be a real pain whenever SEO is concerned and do not expect that the site of any business will rank well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If SEO expert do SEO for any business on its own then there is a possibility of achieving rankings in search engines. On the other hand it is important for designers to follow SEO rules and this will help SEO expert to attain good results for the business in an online market. The hiring of SEO friendly designer becomes difficult for any company if SEO expert does not have knowledge in SEO. Before selecting a designer it is important for companies to look at SEO tutorial and SEO checklist.

    There is a checklist that will make SEO for a web site a real disaster. Many web designers think that flash is very artistic and gives a better site look. As HTML sites rank well in search engines it is must to use HTML version of flash site. The designers develop very few links for the web portal and this result into less number of back links to the homepage. Other mistake designers make for SEO site is that they do not provide anchor text for links which further impacts the rankings in a negative way. Messy code is not accessed by search engine crawlers and due to this cleanliness of code is an important criterion for SEO. Similar to flash files Google, Yahoo and Bing does not like JavaScript files. The web pages will not be indexed by search engines if these consist of JavaScript files. It has been noticed several times that companies stuff keywords and use other techniques to artificially inflate the rankings of the site but this bans the site from search engines.

    During the development phase of a web portal it becomes necessary for coders not to add dynamic URLs which are not good for SEO. The designers must follow the guidelines of SEO and then design a site or else gain knowledge from SEO experts. If the company wants to achieve its reputation in online market then it is must for it to hire SEO friendly designer.