• Last Blogger Standing

    Date: 2008.10.26 | Category: blogger, last blogger standing | Tags:

    It had finally happened! I am the last blogger alive and this is my story.

    The year was 2012 when the final holocaust hit the world one fateful weekend morning, destroying every living thing on this planet except my notebook, my only other possession left, and me.

    Why was I saved? Maybe to write my last blog post as the final witness to the destruction of the planet, a planet we call Earth. As I sat down to write my last blog, I wondered who would read my blog? There was no other life left on this planet. Did I hope that a future generation would resurrect from the ashes of the past or an intelligent new race would inhabit this planet? Did I hope to pass on a message to this future?

    Or was there no hope, and no future…

    I had witnessed pain, and suffering, death and destruction, wars and desolation. I had seen hungry eyes, tired souls, the young shivering and the old dying. I had seen family and friends wither away like leaves in the autumn.

    I had seen “that day” when judgment was passed against mankind. My tears had all dried up. I was carrying the graves of a million on my sagging shoulders, of people once living, now just bones scattered on ancient grounds. All that was left…was a story to be told…my last blog entry before I would end my life.

    Yes, today was the day I would see my last sunset, eat my last meal, and write my last blog. No more could I bear the loneliness or seek the truth. What had gone so wrong? I was not really sure. Had we not heard the footsteps of deaths angels as they crept upon us, in the silence of the nights, their fiery caress on our souls?

    Were we so busy in out petty preoccupations that we ignored life’s imploring cry for its survival.When had man turned so hostile towards man? Oh why had we not shed tears when life was crying for our help, when fellow species were slaughtered for food and game, when man sold his soul for power and riches? I shed a tear for forgiveness for mankind’s final sin – his own destruction.

    I sat down in silent prayer, my eyelids closed…visions of children playing, laughing, the sun shining in a clear blue sky, and my last breath escaped. No more pain, no more sorrow, my last wish – Hope for a new beginning.

    And my dear friends, a new begining did come, a vision and an idea that is changing my life even as I write.

    Ever hopefully yours,
    Nevil Darukhanawala