• Branding

    Brand Communication

    What is a brand if, it’s not known to everyone? Yes, we help brands connect with consumers over Social Media and create value. Today the power of what social media holds, as a status for brand is much more valuable than print advertisement or television or any other traditional media. The decision is made based on what people say, through word of mouth publicity. We look forward to creating Brand Loyalty with building conversations in the community through various social media channels.

    Social Media Marketing

    We strive to make every conversation worthy and engaging with our audience. Understanding the importance of interacting with fans on a daily basis we look at building meaningful & constructive conversations. We combine our research, technology, design & content to make your brand interactive across various Social Media platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ you can count on us for all your social media presence.

    Social Media Outreach

    Reaching the correct audience is of utmost importance in Social Media marketing. That’s why we say; a million fans and a million consumers are not one and the same thing. By creating appropriate Social Media Outreach strategy and plans, we find ways to engage with their socially influenced people who will create brand value for us, wherein a brand can leverage on it.

    Media Planning

    We go out of our way to create the most relevant ads, ‘search engine friendly’ landing pages for higher quality scores, and get you the lowest cost-per-click with maximum conversions. Our Digital Media Buying & Planning team not only makes your every penny count, but also keeps a track of it.

    We help you run an effective Digital media campaign on Facebook, Google Search / Display network etc.