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    Zen of SEO is your one stop shop for Online Brand Management. Our senior management has years
    of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaigns and
    the recent entrant – Social Media Marketing. Our clients stretch from small entrepreneurs and start-
    ups to giants in the fields of real estate, fashion, jewellery, architecture, politics and the like.

    Unfortunately people are yet to comprehend the importance of online brand reputation for the
    sustenance and well-being of their business. In today’s day and age, where everything from a
    medical symptom to an individual’s professional history is googled, it is no surprise that investing in
    online brand management can do wonders for your business.

    It is vital to understand that a good and clean online brand reputation is the by-product of an on-
    going SEO/SEM/SMM effort. Expecting it to function independently is like expecting the body to be
    at its fittest best sans healthy nutrition and exercise.

    Our SEO, SEM and SMM strategies are highly customised keeping the client’s business, target
    audience and prerogative in mind. Whether you have burned your fingers thanks to mass link
    building (with zero results) or fluttered away thousands of dollars on SEM and almost discarded
    SMM, concluding it won’t do much, Zen of SEO will bust all your myths about Online Brand
    Management. Our holistic approach coupled with genuine strategies will change your mind about
    online brand management for good.

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