• Why to Have Responsive Web Design for Today’s Websites?

    Date: 2013.10.07 | Category: business blogs | Tags: ,

    Responsive web design is a new term to the web design field. It refers to a website working flawlessly and rightly, without any flaws or difficulties in viewing and accessing on any gadgets of any screen size. Before going for responsive web design, one should first understand what exactly the term means. Today, technology is keep moving rapidly and internet plays an important role in the development of technology. Of the many technological developments, website is something that keeps on changing and improving with advanced technology.

    Earlier, websites was considered as something like a written mode of information over the internet but now, websites are the most attractive and indulging piece of art that can effectively involve audiences. From hotel reservation to flight ticket bookings, shopping to information and much more; websites cater to different needs of public. Audiences get pleased when we see an outstanding, attractive as well as user friendly website and those websites become the key holders to build maximum profit for the business.

    With the invention of tablets and smart phones along with easy internet connection, people become enable to access the information they want and browse internet whenever they like to. However, majority of latest websites are normally designed like they were designed particularly for desktops and laptops. Hence, these websites fail to perform their best on a tablet or smart phone devices. Consequently, users leave a website which may be working greatly on their laptops and desktops but fails to please them when it comes to their tablets or smart phone.

    Users need to zoom-in every time they view or access some important information. Moreover, some users find issues in selecting the menu or drop down list of the menu or to navigate to a specific selection of page of the website. Websites that are made for tablets and smart phones are proved to be the perfect solution, but these are the shortened version of the main websites. So, the users may give with limited data or may be with nearly no data. Considering these issues faced by internet users all over the world, responsive web design has been evolved in 2011.

    The concept responsive web design has been implemented in 2012 and quickly become popular all over the world. Moreover, it was listed as #2 in top web design trends for 2012 by .Net Magazine. This website design concept allows designers to create a website that can work flawlessly on all devices; no matter it is desktop, smart phone, laptop or tablet. Responsive web design works on all devices regardless of its screen size or orientation. These web designs automatically adjust the images, fonts, menu structure, website layouts, etc. referring to the size of the gadget.

    Therefore, users can access a website from desktop, smart phone, laptop or tablet and can experience the same comfort and convenience in usage that he/she expects from a normal website. Let’s look at the important benefits of responsive web design;

    • You are given with a solution for a worldwide website which works rightly and flawlessly with not bugs and errors, on all devices including desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet, regardless of the devices’ screen size or orientation.
    • Great and user friendly experience on all devices.
    • Companies don’t need to make separate websites for desktops, tablets or smart phones because one single website can work on all devices. And, a good amount of money is saved on development costs.
    • Unlike the shortened version of mobile websites, users are not given with limited information because he/she can access the complete version of websites with nearly all data on any gadgets.
    • Responsive web design can be developed on any Microsoft or Open Source technology.

    There are many web designers and companies offering responsive web design services at different price rates. Find out the most established and recognized service provider in your area and get a perfect responsive web design for your business.

    Author bio: David is a web designer by profession. He works in a reputed firm in UK and recommends on using a responsive web design for today’s business websites. This is a need of today so that one can get most of the customers without any chances of missing.