• Expert in SEO: Powering external Websites that Power your Website

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    We all know that it’s good to build quality links to your website, including to all the web pages and blog pages under your domain. However this SEO expert strategy is focused on building links to external websites or web pages that are linking back to your website.

    If a popular website or web page links back to your website or web page, it powers up that page (and keyword) on your website. We now take this a step further by building links or link power to that external website or web page that is linking to you.

    Why? Because if the external page that is linking to you gets more links, it will have more power that it can pass on to your website or web page.

    However don’t rush away just yet to start building links to all the websites that are linking to your website as you will end up spending a fortune and lots of time on building links for other websites.

    So a good place to start would be to figure out which external websites are linking to your important keyword pages. And if these external websites or web pages are worthy of time spent building links to them.

    Since link building is time consuming I like to concentrate on a few web communities that are worth the time spent.

    1. Blog review pages – Getting good Page Rank bloggers to write a review about your website, product or service is a well known SEO expert strategy. However, by building additional links to the blog review pages you can power your keyword pages even more. A tip here is to post the external blog link across a few select social bookmarking sites, and get a few users to up vote that content making it a permanent link.

    2. Profile Pages – So you have created your company profile pages in LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, Twitter, YouTube and other such business and social networking/bookmarking communities. In the profile pages, you are allowed to link out to your website and blog. These are good power links. But, by building additional links to your external profile pages you can add the extra boost of link power back to your website.

    3. News publisher websites – Were you covered in the news lately? Or your press release was picked by online news publishers? News publisher sites have a lot of authority, and getting a link back from an authoritative source is definitely a touch cookie to crack. But if you managed to get in the news then go ahead and power up the news page that is linking back to you. A point to note is that most news publishers do not give links in their editorials, in that case don’t bother to build links to them. You could however write a neat blog post about your coverage in the news and link out to the news source, and use that blog post for further syndication, promotion, up voting and campaigning. Some gain is better than none.

    Are there any more such communities which work well with this strategy? Most definitely, but a good place to start are in the ones above and as any expert in SEO would say – don’t take too much time on building links to external web pages – spent that time building links for your own website.

    If you have any suggestions please write in your comment.

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