• Why should you pay more attention to organic SEO this year?

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    Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the only energy drink your website needs to keep pumping the numbers for the quarterly finance reports. Organic refers to all the natural methods one can use to push their website up into the first page of the Google SERP. You might not have the organic SEO strategy in place yet, but we have some good news – you are here! Since you are here, it is safe to assume that you know how much a Brooklyn based business needs an organic SEO plan.

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    Why do most people go to SEO experts for ranking organically?

    Ranking organically has always been a challenge even before the advent of RankBrain. Google rolls out hundreds of small and large updates every year. It is indeed difficult to keep up with these algorithm updates and stay on top of the search trends in the Brooklyn areas. Nonetheless, organic traffic drives about 35% of a website’s visits every year. In 2018, organic searches generated more than 20-times the traffic than paid searches. While we are speaking about organic, let us remind you that your business location and related topics influence your online presence significantly. As long as you are unaware of the different elements that influence your ranking, it is almost impossible to achieve a high rank during a Google search organically.

    Optimizing the content for searches in the niche

    According to the Vigor Seorchers Brooklyn, one of the most important things you must consider is optimizing your website content for these searches. You might have stellar content on your platform at the moment, but as long as it does not answer the critical questions of your target visitors, you will have a difficult time boosting your organic traffic. Your aim should be to decipher the different questions your target audience is asking right now and finding out how to serve them the right answers at the right time. Sometimes, it can be in the form of Google Answer box, while at other times, it can be as metadata of a webpage that ranks on the first SERP.

    Conducting keyword research for optimization of content

    Apart from working on a great content strategy, you need to begin thinking about keyword research. There is no other way to target a bunch of users in Brooklyn. Find your target users and find out what they are searching these days. You will find hundreds of relevant keywords of various types you can use to create your content. You will find high volume keywords as well as low volume keywords. Which keywords you pick will depend upon your geographic location and the type of business. Choosing the right set of keywords will dictate the future of your content marketing and organic SEO.

    Updating the navigation options of your website

    Optimizing your ranking and traffic organically can be a challenge for the newbie website owners. Another critical factor is website navigation. Revisiting your website structure will also help you find out why the search engine spiders do not prefer your site. Today, the goal is to create a user-friendly website that people will love just as much as the spiders. The ease in navigating your website will determine how many people visit your site and remain on it long enough to convert. Conversion does not only mean buying products and paying for services but also signing up for newsletters and subscribing for online offers in the future.

    Boosting the link juice of your site

    Apart from the navigation and content, you need to think about your website’s trustworthiness and authority. According to several Google blogs and posts by SEO experts, without enough inbound links from high ranking and relevant sites, sites cannot garner top ranks on the Google SRL. Even with the latest geo-specific keywords, businesses in Brooklyn might remain invisible to the audience in the area if they do not establish a “relationship” with other related, but non-competing websites. Link farming and linking to low-authority sites do not fool search engine spiders any longer. Google and its contemporaries want to see real effort in the link profile.

    At the same time, you need to nurture internal links that connect one page to another. It will help in the dispersal of relevant information. It is a useful tactic that can keep the audience on your website longer than an isolated article about the utility of a product or service.

    The key to perfecting organic SEO is maintaining multiple ranking factors

    Organic SEO is like an organism, and these factors are the organs that need to be in prime condition for the organism to perform optimally. As you can understand, taking care of every factor that influences a website’s visibility and performance is close to impossible for a novice website developer or website owner. Aside from incorporating new SEO elements to your site, you need to keep an eye on the loading time. It can be challenging for an old website that has numerous pages, large images, and dead links. Therefore, hiring a professional SEO team can not only help with a business’ digital marketing strategy, but they can also help maintain and update the website regularly according to the new Google algorithm updates