• Why does the SEO process take so long? Expert SEO speaks out

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    For the first 6 months, the SEO expert works on identifying the winning keywords, implementing on-page optimization and content strategies, and building diverse quality links back to the important keyword pages on your website.

    Most time consuming is the building of a solid Link Reputation by implementing a focused SEO Strategy which is in alignment with the “New Link Variables” like – Consistency, Relevancy, Diversity, Progression, Participation and Age of links.

    So first ask yourself, is your SEO strategy, the right SEO strategy for
    your website?

    The basic objective of any SEO strategy is to create value and then make that value “visible” across relevant and diverse web, user and social communities. Creating content and building quality links consistently to each page of your website is the most vital part of your SEO strategy ahead.

    By doing so you are sharing great content with your visitors and other online communities, and in return, the sites that you are participating in allow you to build links back to the important keyword pages on your website. These links are highly valued by search engines, so it’s a win-win situation for all parties concerned – the content creator, the sites that accept content, and search engines which preferably rank content.

    The types of content that is useful for SEO includes various articles, how to articles, FAQ’s, case studies, white papers, press releases, testimonials, PowerPoint presentations, photographs, videos etc , and each in turn can be used for further syndication and promotions across select and relevant communities.

    There are 4 link building strategies that you can use in parallel for “value and merit” based link building:

    1. Weekly Syndication and Promotion Strategy: Write content that’s unique, informative and resourceful each week that’s focused around the keywords you are targeting. Make that content visible by syndicating that content across relevant article sites, and then promoting that content across select social bookmarking sites (with up voting of that content to ensure a permanent link). Participation in articles sites and social bookmaking sites each week allows you to create great back links (with relevant anchor text) to the important keyword pages on your website. And since these links are earned on merit of your content, these links are highly valued by search engines.

    2. Monthly Campaign Strategy: In parallel to the weekly syndication and promotion strategy, once a month you can campaign in one select social bookmarking site, and try and get max votes up/ thumbs up/ reviews/comments for your content. The more the number of users who up-vote your content, the better are the chances of the story becoming hot, and hot stories earn more votes, meaning more powerful links back to your keyword pages. Each month you can work with a different social bookmarking site (Digg, Mixx, Delicious, Yahoo Buzz etc), and get the votes up! This is a powerful strategy to boost a keyword.

    3. Progressive Link Building Strategy: While the first 2 strategies are value based and need quality content to implement, there are many other places where one can get quality links. Good sources for links include web directory submissions, PR (Press release) submissions, video submissions, blog commenting, forums posting, yahoo answers, blog reviews, .org and .edu links, three way link building etc.

    4. Social Media Strategy: Focus on a few social media sites like Linked In, FaceBook, Twitter, Squidoo, Hub Pages and build a network of business and personal contacts. Share your content with the communities you are participating in. While the SEO value here may be low as compared to the above link building strategies, networking is a great way to communicate with like minded friends and business associates.

    The Right SEO Strategy Ahead will eventually enhance the website authority, link reputation, author reputation and the social reputation of your website leading to more targeted traffic and conversions on the website.

    While one definitely starts seeing tangible results in the first 6 months of the SEO campaign, it will take another couple of months before the website starts dominating the Page #1 of Google search listings for many of its important keywords.

    It’s around this time when you will start witnessing an increasing stream of quality traffic and a higher rate of conversion to your website, and probably not before that. Of course it’s dependent on the competition for those keywords as well.

    For those who don’t have the patience to wait for around a Year, I advise you check out Adwords, Pay Per Click and other SEM campaigns that can get immediate traffic. SEM campaigns are expensive, and once the money stops, so does the traffic and business – in addition there is no lasting value built, so you should keep that in mind.

    In parallel, start your SEO campaign to create lasting value for your visitors and a stream of steady customers for your website for over the years to come – What are you waiting for?

    Contact an expert seo today!