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I run a successful SEO/SMM Company (SEO Expert India, is a Sole Proprietorship company) with clients from United States, India, Dubai, UAE, Canada, Dominican Republic, Belgium and Australia.

I have highlighted my rankings below as a benchmark of a journey that took two years to accomplish, and the core lessons I learnt.

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Google remains the top most priority for most SEO experts; though neglecting other search engines would be a rookie mistake indeed.

This post however focuses on Google SEO strategies from a different perspective. We SEO’s get so caught up in the search engine ranking games that we often tend to neglect the most important entity – the user.

While most SEO’s scramble to write content, syndicate, promote and runs campaigns that build value and quality links back to appease the search engines for higher rankings, they may not be spending as much time trying to figure out how to please the users.

And that I believe is an important task for any SEO expert.

Do the users like the content you have been posting on your site/blog? Which articles, what article titles worked best? How many users left comments on your posts? What are you doing to ensure the users are encouraged to leave comments and share with friends? Are you writing for users or for the search engines?

While these may look like little things, if often the users who dictate their preferences, and if you are not listening, well … someone else will.

The reason I am introducing the user first is that Google is user friendly. The fact is that Google has just one interest – that the needs of the users are met when they search for something they may need.

Start your SEO strategy with the same objective.

Meet the needs of the user. And you will have started on the right foot.

Watch Sample Videos from the SEO Training Video Series:

Seo Training Videos by Nevil Darukhanawala Link Building 1.0 from Nevil Darukhanawala on Vimeo.



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Watc h a sample video from the SEO Training Video Series:

SEO Training Videos Link Building 2.0 by Nevil Darukhanawala from Nevil Darukhanawala on Vimeo.