• Google SEO Expert Training Video Series Optimization 2.0

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    Welcome to SEO Expert Training Video Series
    By SEO Expert, Nevil Darukhanawala

    In this video I continue to talk about on-page optimization strategies and the importance of creating focused optimized pages.

    Now imagine an optimized page that has the keyword strategically placed in a well written title and description tag on that page. Keep in mind the title and description is also your calling card, and the visitor will choose your website against the other nine competitors on that page based on how inviting the title and description are.

    The keyword tag, though has lost its importance, its best to keep one, at max 2 keywords in the title tag. This is better than confusing the search engines with a page that contains six to seven keywords with the same keywords placed in the Meta tags and body content.

    The other important tag is the headings/ sub heading tag. Each page has a heading and sub headings. Placing your keyword phrase in the heading and sub headings is important not only for good optimization but also for breaking up a long page of content to make it more readable for the visitors.

    Other than the Meta tags on the page, there is the content of the page. The content should be atleast 350 words, and should be written for the user. Many seo experts try and place the keyword many times in the body content for optimization, but forget that the text has to be readable to the visitor as well.

    Note: There are sites with multiple keywords on the homepage that are ranked high, but keep in mind off-page factors like link building that influence rankings as well.

    Google SEO Expert Training Video Series Optimization 2.0

    I will be publishing 1 video each Sunday though the videos will not be in any particular order.

    The SEO Training Video Series (Every Sunday)

    Over 60 SEO Videos – covering various fundamental SEO principles, advanced content and link building strategies and ranking techniques for the best routes for higher rankings for any keyword/ any website.

    The SEO strategies I teach in these videos are what I am currently using to rank for my website, as well as for my clients from around the Globe. I currently rank in Google; No #1 for “seo expert mumbai”, No #4 for keyword “seo expert india” and No # 7 for the global keyword “google seo expert” , and No # 28 for global keyword “expert seo”.