• How do Google Penalty Removal Services work?

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    Did you notice a sudden fall in your website with regards to rankings and traffic? It is likely due to Google’s algorithm which is getting updated and refined frequently. For any site which violates the guidelines of Google and gets a penalty, the journey to recover the ranking may be arduous yet undoubtedly attainable. The two penalties which your site can get include algorithmic or manual. Today many leading SEO companies have years of tried as well as real experiences when it comes to every form of Google penalty and is adept on ways to navigate after Google penalty recovery successfully for regaining organic trust.

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    Removing Manual Google Penalty

    First and foremost is the manual action penalty. It is simple to identify due to its action reports within the Google Search Console discovered under the search traffic. It is this report that indicates webmasters the moment their site gets non-compliant with the webmaster quality guidelines of Google whose fundamental principle is in creating for the user the finest experience. The manual penalty can be directed towards a site in its entirety or a part of a page as well as generally flag one or above of these practices namely,

    • Affiliate programs
    • Keyword stuffing
    • User-generated spam
    • Unnatural links
    • Deceitful redirects
    • Cloaking
    • Thin pages
    • Creating malicious pages
    • Rich snippets markup abuse
    • Scraped content
    • Hidden links or text
    • Link schemes

    When it comes to removing manual penalties, the process is indeed simple. But in case of harder Google penalties such as content related spam or link related penalties need more experience and higher strategy, so it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional such as NJ SEO Urban SEO Center. They have the needed resources for penalty removal and recovery and can assist with the abovementioned manual actions.

    Removing Algorithmic Google Penalty




    The next is the algorithmic penalty that takes place naturally the moment there is an update in Google algorithm. Such amends can result in an automatic penalty to sites which will lead to their fall in the search results. Identifying such penalties are more difficult compared to manual penalties because they are never accompanied via the Search Console notification and fall in the rankings could be grandiose or slight. The crux of the harshest penalties of Google comes from an update in Google Penguin or Google Panda.

    Google Penguin- Launched in 2012, Google Penguin attempted to drop websites which were involved in backlink manipulation to benefit from Google rankings. Ever since its launch, there have been multiple additional updates to boost up the factor of trust on the site links. To recover from this penalty is frustrating and time taking yet needs a complete analysis of the backlink profile of the site to remove as well as disavow the unnatural links that point to the site.

    Google Panda- Launched in 2011, it aimed to assess the on-site quality and usability of a website. The common triggers here is correct placement of the ad on a page, user-friendly navigation structure, page speed, low-quality content, duplicate content, and thin content. To recover from this penalty needs proper strategy and analysis for addressing suspect issues.

    No matter your site suffers from algorithmic or manual penalty get in touch with a good SEO expert at the earliest for best results.