• The tricky way in which SEO spam affect your business – How can you stop it?

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    Every online business owner is aware of the online frauds that take place! In recent times, SEO spam has been a common phenomenon that has been hugely harming businesses. The term used for this is the SEP attacks, which is search engine poisoning attacks. Going by the name it is a ploy done to attack the reputation of a website and also hurt its online name and fame.


    Understanding an SEO spam attack


    Do you want to have a clear understanding of this attack? If yes, then you need to get to the SEO basics. It refers to the initiatives taken for your website to enable your site to get a high ranking when the end users come across your business online. The popular search engines such as Bing and Google make use of advanced software that crawls the web content quickly and decides if a website is relevant or redundant. The moment the keywords get optimized well, you will start having extra visitors that paves the path for more customers and simultaneously, more profits.


    There are many kinds of tactics that companies follow to enhance the SEO ranking! For this, you can reach out to an ace service provider such as the likes of Keyword Fyrebird and others. However, when it comes to the SEP attacks, you need to know of a few details. In this case, you need to deal with a hacker who plans to undertake your site and insert unwanted links on your site randomly. Based on the attack technique deployed, they sometimes inject the Metadata and sometimes the overall content of a site with spam.


    Usually, the hackers make use of HTML anchor elements so that they can link to other web pages. Some of the typical spam injection sites are the footer and the header files as well. Hackers at times also target chosen menus and widgets. However, after an SEO spam attack, we can see even the content body and title of a website affected as well.


    One of the most critical instances of SEP attacks is what can get found in the pharmaceutical ads. You also see these attacks occurring in fashion, casinos and various other industries vertical as well. The hacks add in spam keywords which affects the website rank considerably.


    The harsh impact of SEO spam


    There are several ways in which SEO spam can affect the online business reputation of a firm. It can misleadingly direct the potential customers as well. Incorrect and negative keywords have a chance to make a good website look fraudulent and unprofessional as well.


    For instance, if your site is that of a boutique salon or spa and there’s a spam keyword such as cheap sunglasses, then the overall reputation for your site simply washes off. People don’t give your website the same importance as it used to. It is here that you need the guidance and support of an ace service provider.


    However, to stay away from SEO spam attacks you can deploy the following tactics as follows:


    1. You need to get registered with Google webmaster tool

    It is not a complicated process. Google happens to be the leading search engine. Its software does site crawling constantly. So, when you register to the Google tools, it will help you to know whenever there’s a problem with your website. You will get notifications at least 48 hours ahead and that will help you to take all the necessary actions. It is one of the quick preventive steps that don’t cost you anything.


    1. Go ahead and secure your website proactively

    It’s misleading to think that your site is under attack when it detects one. The truth is websites are always under attack. The moment you execute something in the server, whether it’s a cloud application or on the cloud, it is essential to invest in a protective solution. SEO experts would suggest you to opt-in for a cloud-based firewall which keeps most of the hackers away. It helps to keep all SEO spam attacks away from your website.


    1. Implement a monitoring service

    A monitoring solution helps your website to recognize any red flag proactively and recognize the warning signs early!  If you didn’t have these alerts, chances are you couldn’t see these warning signs just by yourself. You will find this tool as a complementary option to the Google webmaster tool as well.  You have the chance to reach out to a security provider that secures small business owners of the tension that their website would get hacked or compromised without them noticing it.  These service providers are well equipped and have an ace team of professionals who help business owners when something goes wrong with their business website.


    1. You need to monitor the keywords

    Monitoring your keywords is essential. It is one of the best processes to get the cross-functional teams engaged in the work as well. You need to get your existing marketing team manages your entire traffic as well as keyword performance is a proactive way. You can often find them on front lines and can take note of any and every questionable website change. It can come in the form of a keyword spike in those industry segments that is not your niche area.


    The concept of SEO and website security is highly nuanced. It is at a continually changing phase. There are online problems and issues that most businesses deal from time to time. This kind of cyber attack doesn’t get discussed to a great extent, like that of malware attacks or phishing scenarios. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it any importance. It is essential for the website owners to stay aware of SEO spam attacks.


    The best way is to partner with an SEO company and strategizes a security measure. However, you can also start implementing the solutions that are mentioned above for starters and then switch on to expert guidance. It will help you to ensure that your SEO and website is running smoothly.