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  • 5 Differences between Internet Marketing and “Traditional” Marketing

    Date: 2013.09.18 | Category: internet marketing expert mumbai | Response: 0

    The secret to effective Internet marketing is simple. It’s even rooted to traditional marketing principles that have been used for decades. It is all about knowing your audience, targeting them, and making sure that your branding or corporate identity shines through, such that your website serves as the central hub and an extension of your advertising campaign. Online marketing is essentially yet another new medium no different from television marketing, print ad marketing, banner marketing, poster and flyer marketing, and so forth. As with any advertising and promotion medium, you need to adjust and familiarize yourself with the norms and quirks of dealing with online promotional tactics specifically.

    • Putting your marketing directly into the hands of the online marketer is now possible thanks to the simplification of the marketing process through the Internet. You now have direct control over how your campaign will be run because there are fewer middlemen to deal with. Unlike with television, wherein you have to pay for competitive time slots and whatnot, online advertising and promotions allows you to compete without having to pay for an arm and a leg and without dealing with the capriciousness of channels or show runners.
    • You’ll also deal with fewer people online when marketing compared to when you’re advertising via newspapers (editors and whatnot), posters and print ads (poster makers, the people running the printing press), banners (you have to deal with your local municipal government to get clearance for the billboard you’re putting up as well as pay ad space from the ones who made those high banners in the first place), and so on and so forth. Online promotions are more direct and in-your-face, in a sense. The amount of control you have over these marketing tools is part of what makes them so special and sought after, aside from the fact that they’re cost-effective to boot.
    • At any rate, the components of Internet marketing are as follows. First, there’s the blog. It’s the part of your campaign that enables you to share information and data to your consumers in a personal level to earn their trust. Blogs are no longer simply a means to give out updates. They can also be used to house interesting articles, tips and guides, and other relevant industry information for business promotion. You can use it to deliver your advertising copy or subtly inform your readers about what’s going on in your site. Meanwhile, the social network serves as your means of spreading your marketing and advertising in a viral manner among a significant user base.
    • To take advantage of your social network marketing, you’ll need to do as the Romans do and fit in with the environment you’re in. If you’re in Twitter, learn to use the hashtag; if you’re in Facebook, regularly comment on Facebook updates or share relevant information among your fan page followers. The reason for this is because it’s the nature of social networks to measure popularity by follower, friends, or circle counts; the more connections you have, the more chances you have of promoting your wares to a given social media site, whether it’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn,  Tumblr, Pinterest, Plurk, Reddit, and so forth.
    • Your website is what you should make use of to bring all these elements of advertising and promotions together. If you have a blog, its main purpose is to essentially bring avid readers and researchers to your website to see if they’re also interested in purchasing your goods or services. If you have a social media account, the bottom line of having one is to make them visit your site or at least be aware of your brand and corporate identity. Every last marketing component are mere extensions of the promotional central hub known as your website.

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