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  • Top 7 Email Marketing Tips To Help Boost Your SEO Efforts

    Date: 2019.01.15 | Category: Email Marketing | Response: 0

    Email MarketingEmail marketing is a great strategy that can help your business to nurture leads and provide the information that it requires to convert. Furthermore, it can also help to boost your search engine rankings. Read on to know five tips that will help you use email marketing to enhance your SEO.

    Boost content through email

    Email marketing will allow you to boost your content and attract more visitors to your website. When you develop great content, people will want to see it and these are usually people who are really interested in your business, products, and services. When you create your blogs, videos, ebooks, or infographics, you should always share links with your email subscribers.

    Earn backlinks through email

    You can also use email to reach out to authority websites and earn backlinks. Backlinks are basically links from your webpage from other websites. You can share content with authority websites in your niche to earn these links. Backlinks can help to enhance the credibility of your website because search engines trust established authority sites. You need to reach out to these websites directly and invite them to check your content through email.

    Archive the newsletters

    Archiving all your newsletters is an excellent way of repurposing your old content. It also offers more indexable pages on your website for the search engines to crawl. You should write SEO-friendly content so that you can reach out to new audiences who discover these emails through keywords search. Archiving newsletters is an excellent way of building an internal links network and also attracting traffic to your web content.

    Use relevant links

    Most email marketers will include links in their email newsletters. However, by being creative, you can attract more traffic to your website and boost your SEO. Craig Tuttle Marketing NYC expertswill help you in including relevant links in all your marketing emails linking to other content on your website. This way, your readers will get to learn more from your website and this will be good for your SEO.


    Use keyword-rich text

    Emails do not have to be filled with videos and images to capture the attention of your audience. Simple text is enough to get the message across to your subscribers. If you want to repurpose your emails for the web, you should include keyword-rich text. Therefore, you should use visuals in your email messages when they add value and are relevant. However, keep in mind the value of keyword-rich text in optimizing your emails and SEO strategies

    Always use SEO best practices in all emails

    When writing your emails, make sure that you use SEO best practices. This will ensure that they are optimized for the search engines. You can achieve this by using alt tags with keywords for images, optimizing anchor texts for links, using H1 and H2 tags, including keywords in the content body, and also including your target keywords in the subject line.

    Include social media links

    Make sure that you include social media links to your advertising emails. Always include calls-to-action asking your readers to share your content, like your Facebook page, visit your Twitter profile, and more. By encouraging social media engagement, you can help drive other things that are crucial for SEO like encouraging website traffic or link building.

    Email marketing is a strategy that resonates well with most users and has high ROI. This strategy is great for lead generation, encouraging leads to convert, and will also have a positive effect on your website ranking and SEO. By aligning your email marketing with your SEO campaigns, you will not only save time but you will also achieve great results.






  • A SEO Expert that’s right for you!

    Date: 2012.01.13 | Category: ask the seo expert, Uncategorized | Response: 0

    Having been in the business of Internet marketing and SEO in Mumbai for the past few years, I have often been asked if SEO or search optimization is applicable and realistic for small businesses, home businesses and budding entrepreneurs.

    Whether it’s applicable for a garage enterprise, a local business or a large corporate is not the real question to be answered. The real question here is – Can the prospect of targeting billions of Internet users world-wide searching daily for news, entertainment, businesses, products and services be avoided by any smart businessmen.

    Answering this part was easy, but what gets tricky is how to go about choosing a SEO expert and building an Internet marketing strategy that’s right for your business.

    The issue is that even businesses that are aware of the benefits of SEO and Internet marketing are not sure which way is the right way to go. And I don’t blame them. After all there are so many misleading guarantees flying around, seo gurus and experts who claim they have found the secret key to driving traffic and business, and the stories of websites who claim to be generating thousands of hits without raising a finger does not lessen the pressure to get it right.

    So in this confusing marketplace, how is one to go about choosing a SEO professional right for your business?

    There are no shortcuts in life. It’s the same way if you want to hire a SEO expert and come up with a winning SEO strategy that works for you, then its best that you understand whatsoever you can about the ground realties of search engine optimization.

    No I am not asking you to all to become SEO experts and spend your days and (probably) nights identifying the right keywords, optimizing the pages, creating compelling content, building quality links, checking and tweaking for rankings, analyzing analytics reports, analyzing competitors strategies, keeping up with search engine algorithms, and promoting your website across social networking and social bookmarking sites, blogs, RSS feeds and article submission sites. After all then I would be out of business.

    There are many things the SEO expert, or a SEO company will not tell you. It’s not that they are liars; they just don’t feel you will be able to understand if told the naked truth. After all no one wants to be a wet blanket and destroy your dreams of achieving top rankings, and making your millions.

    I hope to shed light on some of the blocks in your mind, before you go ahead and identify a SEO expert that’s right for you.

    • Seo is for technology buffs, I am from marketing and sales
    • I know my business, product and service better than anyone else. Why do I need a SEO
      expert to identify winning keywords?
    • I boast a list of 200 keywords all listed on my home page, how can I miss
    • I have read an article or two about SEO, and I know what works best
    • I have applied the right keywords, and meta tags to all pages, now all I have to do is wait
      for the magic to begin
    • I have built links for 2 months, now I can rest
    • The more links I build the better will be my rankings, quantity is the only factor
    • As long as I apply the best seo strategies, I do not need to create interesting content
    • In two months my site will be optimized, I can then reap the benefits for years to come
    • I have a serious business – social networking and bookmarking sites are for kids
    • I am ranked number one, now I can rest

    Note that each of the above statements is partially false, and if we tell you the whole truth, you will feel we are the liars. So choosing the right SEO expert for your company is not so much about finding a good vendor (all good companies know how to do that), but about clearing the misconceptions about SEO in your mind, so that when the right SEO guy walks in through that door, grab him and don’t let go.

    PS: Incase I have missed out anything in my list above, please add to my comments.

  • SEO Expert Discusses Top SEO Mistakes

    Date: 2012.01.07 | Category: ask the seo expert | Response: 0

    SEO Experts start selecting targeted keywords for sites that require on page and off page optimization activities. Initially some SEO companies do analyze the sites and target wrong keywords. Website Keywords Suggestion tool is recommended to find targeted keywords that are good for any site. It has been observed in many sites that Title tags are left out empty and affects the branding. Keywords must be placed in Title tags as these help SEO experts in optimizing the sites. Flash in a website is very attractive to the visitors but not good for search engine spiders. Thus it is always suggested to have HTML version of Flash which will help spiders to read the flash file. Different companies with sites add JavaScript (not readable by spiders) for navigation purpose and cannot be avoided. Thus SEO experts should consider building a sitemap that will help all the links in a site to be craw able. A person who is optimizing a site of any business must keep an eye on competition and changes in search engines ranking algorithms.

    Most people think that Meta tags and description are only the areas of optimizing a site but this is not true as there are other factors that contribute in SEO. Instead of text, placing images for headings in sites is not good for SEO but recommended by many companies across the globe. If the company feels that text headings look horrible then designers must make changes in the style sheets. SEO companies usually ignore adding keywords in URLs of web pages. If URLs of pages are analyzed by SEO experts then this gives an addition advantage to any company over its competitors. URLs with no targeted keywords have less importance in Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO firms know the importance of back links for sites and thus opt for link farms and forum spam which could lead getting their sites banned. In this case sites need quality back links. The focus of some SEO experts is less on content of web pages in the sites which further results into incomplete SEO.

    If SEO mistakes done by SEO experts are corrected regularly then the pages of any site will rank high in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Companies that are doing SEO for their sites must correct SEO mistakes to get maximum returns from an online market.

  • SEO Expert Explains Bing Optimization

    Date: 2011.12.26 | Category: ask the seo expert | Response: 0

    SEO experts apply search engine optimization activities to a site and achieve results in Google, Yahoo and Bing. The keyword rankings of a site differ in each search engine due to difference in algorithms. Bing is launched by Microsoft and has drawn lot of interest from SEO community. Firms can advertise their websites through Bing Ad center. Many searchers use Bing to find information across the globe and thus it becomes important to know unique steps that are required to rank high in Bing. SEO experts try to test different queries, analyze results and come out with SEO tactics that works for Bing. Some companies are search engine specific and want their sites to rank well in Bing and not in Google or Yahoo.

    Sites must have clean code, unique architecture and sitemap to initiate the process of ranking in Bing. The back links considered to be the back bone of SEO are less relevant for Bing search engine. The top ten sites ranking in Bing for a keyword have less number of back links as compared to the sites ranking on first page of Google. It is inbound anchor text that is relevant for Bing optimization and not the quantity of links. Thus link spamming on a site by experts will be of less importance and not effective. On page activities such as Meta tagging, URLs analysis matter more with Bing. It is bad news for new portals or domains as Bing give preference to older sites with authoritative organizations. Only high page rank websites have more chances to get their listings on first page of Google while Bing gives chance to low page rank sites also. As compared to other search engines, Bing cannot index sites quickly and updating fresh content in the web pages will not help sites to explore more in an online market.

    Bing is flash friendly and SEO experts face lot of challenges while optimizing a flash site to rank it on Google. Whatever results displayed by Bing for any keyword is relevant and SEO experts are curious to know about its algorithm. The algorithm of Bing is precise, quite different and it becomes difficult for webmasters to optimize a site for Bing. SEO professionals can make use of Webmaster Center to monitor the performance of sites in Bing search results. Bing optimization is necessary for companies that are looking for unique visitors.

  • SEO Expert Discusses Google Unbanned Process

    Date: 2011.12.19 | Category: ask the seo expert, seo expert tips | Response: 0

    SEO experts of any company do not violate any SEO rule but then also there are chances of getting sites excluded from index of Google. Being a major search engine, Google keeps a watch on SEO best practices and remove misbehave sites from its index. On getting banned by Google, a company running a website is not allowed to rank its URLs on Google search engine and thus looses traffic. It becomes important for the business of the company to get unbanned from Google which is long and drawn out process. Google bans a site which has lot of keywords or its pages are linked to bad sites. In order to get ideas of practices that should be avoided SEO experts must read articles on over optimization. Also there are necessary steps need to follow in order to get Google reconsideration for getting banned.

    The site is banned by Google if its web pages do not show up in page indexing of Google. In order to include a banned web portal in Google index the company has to put a reconsideration request. While sending a request to Google one must be polite enough to receive a positive feedback. Also inform them about the site background and the proofs of the spam clicks on site which will indicate the seriousness of resolving problem to Google representatives. The company has to do in depth research so that Google firm must come to know the unbanned request. SEO expert in the company has to remove all spam, delete the links to bad sites and make the changes so that the site must meet the requirements for reconsideration. One can simply make use of Google webmaster tool to put a request. Always provide proof of the site changes made by experts and thank Google representatives for time and effort they are taking to solve the problem.

    The company has to be patient after requesting for reconsideration as it can take weeks for representatives to contact and answer the suggestions. It is important for experts to send follow up email periodically to Google in order to know about the situation. This will help company to be in good graces and get a good response from Google to fix situation. The unbanned process information helps any company to include its banned site in Google index and start making business.

  • Google Adwords Boost SEO by SEO Expert

    Date: 2011.12.06 | Category: ask the seo expert, google seo expert | Response: 0

    SEO Expert suggests company about Google Adwords to boost SEO of their business. Adwords can be used for SEO in many ways apart from getting paid traffic on web portal. The important part in starting PPC campaign for a site is to research keywords and competitors related to the business. It is difficult to predict the search terms used by the users in an online market and thus SEO experts always research for most competitive keywords in particular niche. In order to do keywords research Google has provided Adwords tool which provides information of each and every searched keyword in detail. Either one has to enter URL of the site or seed keywords to generate a list of suggested keywords using Google Adwords. For a new domain it is better to rank for less competitive keywords and these can be identified by calculating competition ratio of each keyword phrases.

    After selecting some keywords SEO experts start PPC campaign and SEO activities for the site. Whether the keywords convert and make business for the company needs to be verified by SEO experts. One cannot be sure that the selected keywords will work if not tested in practice. Consider that the company is targeting a highly competitive keyword for its domain name and invested for one year. Even if the site of the company has achieved ranking on first page of search engines for the keyword which has a very high bounce rate then web portal will not achieve expected results. Thus it becomes important for SEO experts to test the bounce rate of competitive keyword using Google Adwords before starting SEO.

    The other factor need to be analyzed while starting PPC campaign for a site is Click Thru Rate (CTR). The site will have lot of traffic for well ranked keyword on search engines and still be unable to monetize traffic due to low CTR. Any website can have a high CTR if its ad has adequate title and description and this can be helpful for organic SEO. Other use of Adwords for SEO is geo targeting where one can bid from different countries and can use Google Analytics to compare the conversions from countries. After comparisons SEO experts can make good conversions for the company by targeting selected countries. Google Adwords can give you valuable insights, save money, time and is really a valuable tool for SEO experts.

  • Hiring Of SEO Friendly Designer By SEO Expert

    Date: 2011.11.22 | Category: ask the seo expert, right seo strategy | Response: 0

    Without a web designer it is not possible to create a site. Each and every web designer has own thoughts of creating a design for a web portal. Thus web designers can be a real pain whenever SEO is concerned and do not expect that the site of any business will rank well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If SEO expert do SEO for any business on its own then there is a possibility of achieving rankings in search engines. On the other hand it is important for designers to follow SEO rules and this will help SEO expert to attain good results for the business in an online market. The hiring of SEO friendly designer becomes difficult for any company if SEO expert does not have knowledge in SEO. Before selecting a designer it is important for companies to look at SEO tutorial and SEO checklist.

    There is a checklist that will make SEO for a web site a real disaster. Many web designers think that flash is very artistic and gives a better site look. As HTML sites rank well in search engines it is must to use HTML version of flash site. The designers develop very few links for the web portal and this result into less number of back links to the homepage. Other mistake designers make for SEO site is that they do not provide anchor text for links which further impacts the rankings in a negative way. Messy code is not accessed by search engine crawlers and due to this cleanliness of code is an important criterion for SEO. Similar to flash files Google, Yahoo and Bing does not like JavaScript files. The web pages will not be indexed by search engines if these consist of JavaScript files. It has been noticed several times that companies stuff keywords and use other techniques to artificially inflate the rankings of the site but this bans the site from search engines.

    During the development phase of a web portal it becomes necessary for coders not to add dynamic URLs which are not good for SEO. The designers must follow the guidelines of SEO and then design a site or else gain knowledge from SEO experts. If the company wants to achieve its reputation in online market then it is must for it to hire SEO friendly designer.

  • Why 80 per cent of the links your have built will disappear in 6 months?

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    However scary this may read, it’s true, and contrary to the feelings that the title of this post may have created, this is actually a blessing in disguise for those who have been involved with “value driven” SEO strategies.

    Let me explain. The days of scrounging the net for links from every website/ community possible is over. And thank God for that! Webmasters and SEO experts who have been following such strategies will find that most of the links they are building are getting removed from search indexes every couple of months. To compensate for those, more links are built, and the deadly cycle continues with no real value being created.

    Are you (or your SEO expert) just wasting your money and time on links that are getting deleted?

    1. If your SEO Strategy is not in alignment with the new link variables like – consistency, relevancy, diversity, participation, progression and “age” of links, then your money is going down the drain and no lasting value is being created.

    2. If your SEO strategy is not creating “consistent value” for the users, its money going down the drain.

    3. If your SEO strategy is not making that value – “highly visible”, its money going down the drain.

    If you answered YES, to the above statements, then you may be one of the 80 per cent who is getting affected because you chose the wrong SEO strategy!

    If you are applying any of the below strategies, you are wasting your hard earned money:

    - Links built from websites that are not relevant to your business – lack of relevancy

    - Links built randomly over period of time – lack of consistency

    - Links built at staggering pace and then stopping, and then start again – lack of progression

    - Links built on sites where you never return – lack of participation

    - Links built across social bookmarking sites with no up votes (single voted links are normally weeded out) – lack of participation

    - Links built from websites that have little link power to pass on – age of links

    - Links built across a few communities only – lack of link diversity

    - Links built with no clear weekly/ monthly strategy ahead – lack of proper SEO strategy

    - Links built over 6 months and then all link building is stopped – lack of consistency

    - Links built by syndicating one article across 100 article sites, or one link across 100 social bookmarking sites – lack of participation

    - Links are built only to the home page of the website

    Why is this so?

    Every couple of months the search engines updates their indexes, and weak links (not in alignment with the new link variables) or links with no power are normally tossed in the dustbin. So do the social bookmarking sites and other sites where you were just a one time visitor.

    How to ensure that 100 per cent of your links are Permanent!

    >> Build a SEO strategy fosuced on creating value and in alignment with the New Link Variables

    1. Consistency

    Ensure you have a SEO strategy in place that is consistent over a period of time. The weekly syndication and promotion strategy is an example of that. Each week you create new content (focused around a keyword you are targeting) for your Blog. Syndicate that content each week across select and relevant article sites. Promote that content across select and relevant social bookmarking sites. Get users to up-vote that content making the story hot. All this continues each week consistently.

    2. Relevancy

    Ensure your SEO strategy is targeting relevant sites, communities, blogs etc. It’s better to get a few good links from relevant sites than to get many links from irrelevant sites. Relevant sites are external sites and communities which are similar/ related in nature to your business, products and services.

    3. Diversity

    Ensure your SEO strategy is targeting a diverse set of web, user and social communities. It’s better to get links spread evenly across a diverse mix of communities – article sites, social bookmarking, social media, blogs, RSS feeds, PR sites, forums, web directories, video sites etc, than to get most of your links from just two or three of these communities.

    4. Participation
    Ensure your SEO strategy is focused around genuine participation in the communities you are building links from. Don’t be a one time visitor. Be selective in the sites you choose, and participate in them to get back link power. Get involved in the communities by participating consistently, and get others to up vote/thumbs up/ comment/ review your content increasing the level of participation. The link power is passed by virtue of participating in a select site over a period of time by creating and sharing content with that site.

    5. Progression
    Ensure you SEO strategy is building links in a progressive manner. This means that search engines prefer a link building profile that is steadily growing over a period of time rather than a link profile using sporadic link building every couple of months. A health graph of link acquisitions shows consistent growth in the number of quality links each month.

    6. Age of Links
    Ensure your SEO strategy is focused on building links that are meant to be in place permanently. This means that the SEO value of a good link is not passed immediately but rather is passed over a period of time which could range from two to three months. So any links that are temporary in nature (refer to any of the wrong link building strategies above in this post) will be weeded off in time. Focus on creating links that will be permanent.

    So ask yourself (and your SEO expert) about the link building strategies you are applying to ensure that all the links that are being built are permanent, and in your SEO strategy is in alignment for success.
  • SEO Expert Discusses Optimization of Flash Sites

    Date: 2011.11.14 | Category: ask the seo expert, expert seo strategies, India seo experts, seo expert consultants | Response: 0

    Flash movies divide SEO experts and Web designers and are real nightmare for SEO experts. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing cannot index the content inside a flash file. Thus it becomes important for SEO experts to insert some text inside flash movies. By adding text it is not necessary that these files will be indexed by search engines and it is very complex for Google, Yahoo and Bing spiders to understand flash movies in the website. Spiders cannot index a flash movie directly as they do with a page with content. Also they are not able to read inside a flash file as these come in propriety binary format (.swf) and always need assistance. The banners as well as other kinds of advertisements in the web portal consume lot of bandwidth and distract lot of users. Thus search engine spiders try to avoid them. If the full site is made of flash movies, then it is difficult for search engine optimization experts to expect high rankings for keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Text links in the web pages are used in SEO to build site navigation and flash movies must not be used to lead users from one page to another. There are several approaches which can make search engines to index flash files in a website. Flash development tools provide sections to add Meta data which is easily read by crawlers. Keywords related to the business of site are added in Meta data to achieve high rankings. SEO expert can suggest site development team to add more html pages so that users visiting web pages are not forced to watch flash related files. It is worth to create html pages but requires more work. Flash search engine SDK is a most advance tool that extracts text and links from flash movies. Once the output is written by the tool, SEO expert can check the content and correct it if necessary. During content check one must notice duplicate sentences and font color.

    One more tool SE Flash visually shows SEO experts about flash files visibility to search engine crawlers. This tool generates results that are totally different from the results produced by SDK. There are many other unclear approaches that can be applied for flash files optimization. On page activities include flash files optimization and is crucial for online businesses with web portals.

  • SEO Expert Training Video Series Link Building 4.0

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    Welcome to SEO Expert Training Video Series
    By SEO Expert, Nevil Darukhanawala

    Previously in the Seo Expert Training Video Series Link Building 3.0 … The New Link Mantra, and the “New Variables” that add power to your link building campaigns – Relevancy, Consistency, Diversity, Participation and Progression. Do you have a SEO strategy that can synergize with these new variables?

    In this video, I talk about

    In this video, I talk about the 1st Link Building Strategy – The weekly Syndication and Promotion Strategy is the heart of the SEO campaign. It includes creation of value for user in form of unique, informative and educative content, and then in syndicating that content to relevant and select article communities, and then promoting that content across social bookmarking communities, ending with up voting i.e. getting 2 other users to vote up/ thumbs up/ review/ comment your content making the link permanent.

    In the next video …

    I will introduce our 2nd Link Building strategy – The Campaign Based Strategy.
    I will be publishing 1 video each Sunday though the videos will not be in any particular order.

    Seo Expert Training Video Series Link Building 4.0

    The SEO Training Video Series (Every Sunday)

    Over 60 SEO Training videos – covering various fundamental SEO principles, advanced content and link building strategies and ranking techniques for the best routes for higher rankings for any keyword/ any website.

    The SEO strategies I teach in these videos are what I am currently using to rank for my website, as well as for my clients from around the Globe. I currently rank in Google; No #1 for “seo expert mumbai”, No #5 for keyword “seo expert india” and No #64 for keyword “seo expert” which competes with hundreds of thousands of seo experts from around the Globe.