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  • Why to Have Responsive Web Design for Today’s Websites?

    Date: 2013.10.07 | Category: business blogs | Response: 0

    Responsive web design is a new term to the web design field. It refers to a website working flawlessly and rightly, without any flaws or difficulties in viewing and accessing on any gadgets of any screen size. Before going for responsive web design, one should first understand what exactly the term means. Today, technology is keep moving rapidly and internet plays an important role in the development of technology. Of the many technological developments, website is something that keeps on changing and improving with advanced technology.

    Earlier, websites was considered as something like a written mode of information over the internet but now, websites are the most attractive and indulging piece of art that can effectively involve audiences. From hotel reservation to flight ticket bookings, shopping to information and much more; websites cater to different needs of public. Audiences get pleased when we see an outstanding, attractive as well as user friendly website and those websites become the key holders to build maximum profit for the business.

    With the invention of tablets and smart phones along with easy internet connection, people become enable to access the information they want and browse internet whenever they like to. However, majority of latest websites are normally designed like they were designed particularly for desktops and laptops. Hence, these websites fail to perform their best on a tablet or smart phone devices. Consequently, users leave a website which may be working greatly on their laptops and desktops but fails to please them when it comes to their tablets or smart phone.

    Users need to zoom-in every time they view or access some important information. Moreover, some users find issues in selecting the menu or drop down list of the menu or to navigate to a specific selection of page of the website. Websites that are made for tablets and smart phones are proved to be the perfect solution, but these are the shortened version of the main websites. So, the users may give with limited data or may be with nearly no data. Considering these issues faced by internet users all over the world, responsive web design has been evolved in 2011.

    The concept responsive web design has been implemented in 2012 and quickly become popular all over the world. Moreover, it was listed as #2 in top web design trends for 2012 by .Net Magazine. This website design concept allows designers to create a website that can work flawlessly on all devices; no matter it is desktop, smart phone, laptop or tablet. Responsive web design works on all devices regardless of its screen size or orientation. These web designs automatically adjust the images, fonts, menu structure, website layouts, etc. referring to the size of the gadget.

    Therefore, users can access a website from desktop, smart phone, laptop or tablet and can experience the same comfort and convenience in usage that he/she expects from a normal website. Let’s look at the important benefits of responsive web design;

    • You are given with a solution for a worldwide website which works rightly and flawlessly with not bugs and errors, on all devices including desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet, regardless of the devices’ screen size or orientation.
    • Great and user friendly experience on all devices.
    • Companies don’t need to make separate websites for desktops, tablets or smart phones because one single website can work on all devices. And, a good amount of money is saved on development costs.
    • Unlike the shortened version of mobile websites, users are not given with limited information because he/she can access the complete version of websites with nearly all data on any gadgets.
    • Responsive web design can be developed on any Microsoft or Open Source technology.

    There are many web designers and companies offering responsive web design services at different price rates. Find out the most established and recognized service provider in your area and get a perfect responsive web design for your business.

    Author bio: David is a web designer by profession. He works in a reputed firm in UK and recommends on using a responsive web design for today’s business websites. This is a need of today so that one can get most of the customers without any chances of missing.


  • Getting Started With An Online Business: Three Things That You Will Need

    Date: 2013.09.05 | Category: business blogs | Response: 0

    One of the most common dreams that people have is opening their own business, and the internet has made it possible for people to do so without many of the costs associated with opening a more traditional operation.  An online business might sound like it is easy to run and it may seem that there is not much to do, but the truth is that running an internet company is just as challenging as a brick and mortar company, and you will need a lot of help to get started on your business.  If you are starting an internet company from scratch, then there are three things that you will need to make everything run more smoothly.

    Web Developer

    The foundation of any web business is the website, and this is the place where you should be prepared to invest most of your money.  The site is the first thing that customers will see when they find your business, and if you do not make a good impression, you are not likely to make the sale.  You should start your site construction by finding a good web developer.  A developer is someone who not only builds and designs the site, but also deals with the back-end support that your site will need to stay running.  Back-end support ensures that customer data is secure and keeps all of the customer information easily accessible for your business.  Customer databases are a target for hackers, and a good web developer can help protect your site from outside threats.  In addition, a web developer will monitor the site to make sure that it is running smoothly, and that the end user has a good experience when they are on the site.

    E-Commerce Support

    Another feature that you will need to have for your site is some kind of e-commerce support so that your customers can pay for their purchases directly on your site, instead of being forced to go through a lengthy payment process.  Paypal is the most common online sales partner, and you should consider adding Paypal functionality to your site, but you can also discuss other payment options and methods with your web developer.  You might find a better deal on fees by going directly through a credit card processing company, so be sure to check out all of your choices.  This is also the time to make certain that your site has stout encryption available, so customers feel like their transactions are protected; when customer data gets leaked or lost, your business may be damaged to the point that you cannot recover.

    Cloud Storage

    The final thing that you need before you get started is cloud storage or backup for your company files.  There are few things in this world that can derail a company faster than lost data, and this is especially true if you are running a company where all of the data is stored electronically.  A computer can go down for any number of reasons, from physical damage to a piece of malware, and you will need to be able to restore your data as seamlessly as possible.  On site storage is good for most situations, but there may come a time, such as a flood or a fire, when your on site storage is compromised.  When you keep all of your backups in the cloud, you can rest assured that your data is well protected and that you will have access to it any time of day, from anywhere in the world.  Cloud storage services are cheap, and there is no excuse for an online company not to use these services for their data.

    When you start an online company there are a lot of things that you need to take care of, and they all seem like they need to be done right away.  Taking care of your site, and protecting your customers’ data must be your priorities, and with these services, you will be able to do so as soon as your site launches.

    I am Daniel Moon, and I have been a web consultant and site security manager for almost a decade.  When it comes to web development Brisbane based Vivo Group ( is the company that I recommend to my clients, and one that I highly recommend for all of your website development needs.

  • Why Blogging for Business is here to Stay!

    Date: 2008.10.25 | Category: blogging for business, business blogs | Response: 0

    You have a website that has a good presence online with lots of targeted traffic. So why would you want to spend time and resources on managing and promoting a business blog?

    In these times of global recession many companies feel that starting a business blog would be too much trouble, and it will not be worth their time and effort. In fact this is partly true since starting, managing and promoting a blog can be a time consuming activity and you need to find a blogger who can write well on the subject, understands SEO and is consistent and dedicated.

    And yet there are so many home businesses, small corporate to Fortune 500 companies that have been successfully using business blogs to create a loyal community of readers (customers and potential customers) by creating articles of interest, introducing new services and products, offering special discounts and promotions, running opinion polls, inviting customer testimonials and feedback, and lots more.

    From a SEO’s perspective, blogs satisfy two main criteria set by the search engines i.e. fresh content and building links. Fresh content on blogs can include business updates and industry news, expert articles and interviews, or simply to introduce new team members, take a survey, or announce special discounts and offers.

    I have already written in detail about link building techniques for your blog that you can apply e.g. cross linking, deep linking, submitting to article submission sites (syndicate your content and get links) and to social bookmarking sites. So Blogging is a very effective SEO tool to get higher rankings as well. You can also read My Love and Hate Relationship with Blogging post to understand how blogs influence search rankings for your corporate website.

    So what is it about blogging that has these companies going that extra mile?

    In the new marketplace it’s become crucial to build long and lasting relationships with your customers. And we all know that any relationship needs healthy communication and trust to succeed.

    There are many ways a company or a brand can communicate with its customers like advertising on television, print, radio and outdoor hoardings, other than on websites, newsletters, banner ads etc but most of these mediums are impersonal and focus on selling something to the viewers and readers.

    Now most customers don’t mind getting news and information about companies and brands they are associated with, but they don’t like having their privacy (and wallets) invaded by smart marketing gimmicks.

    A business blog is a non-intrusive way for building a healthy two-way communication with your customers over a period of time. You do this by creating lots of useful and resourceful content (how to advise, expert views, interviews, trends, statistics, tips, tools and guides) that will keep the customers/ readers coming back for more.

    Customers can go through the blog at their own time and convenience, can subscribe to the RSS of your blog, leave comments and invaluable feedback (that one never finds on websites) and becoming active participants in the growth of your company and brand.

    Companies can use their business blogs to build a community of loyal readers who can then be targeted when introducing a new product or service (done in form of tasteful product/ service reviews, often non- intrusive and with some gratification for the readers). Many large corporations have realized that having a business blog gives them a human face, and gives their customers a comfort factor while interacting with the brand.

    A business blog can help build one-to-one relationships with your customers, something not possible by other mediums of brand communication. A business blog is more about giving and being helpful, rather than selling, and customers find this fact comforting.

    At the end of the day your business blog has to generate buzz and spread awareness about your core business, and yet at the same time being interactive, informative, educational and helpful.

    Can you name another medium that can offer such benefits to your business and customers?

    If not, what are you waiting for, start your business blog today.

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