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  • How to use conversations for conversion?

    Date: 2019.01.06 | Category: expert in seo | Response: 0

    If you have an online website and are a business owner, you how the importance of conversions by now! Simply put, conversions are present at the very core of evaluating all your business aspect. It comprises of marketing, product development as well as customer service. When the conversions, either of the late-sales or sales cycle interest, surpass organization objectives of cater to industry criteria, it denotes that your organization is in the correct track of carrying and is walking on the path of success. Similarly, when the conversions start to either decline or stagnate, it can be a sign that you will have to re-do your conversions so that rates don’t decline any more.


    One of the most potent ways to maximize conversions is by facilitating conversations with your target customers. And to get this done, you might want to take in professional guidance and assistance with an SEO consulting agency. You can also refer to the useful ways discussed below:


    1. Attempt to nurture conversions via conversations

    If you want to get increased conversions, several companies follow the lead nurturing art. When you foster a consumer bond by gently encouraging them to make a purchase, you gain a customer. The entire process needs to get facilitated via conversation. And this method might seem to be intricate and raw to a consumer. However, if the customer can be there at the company contact point within one click right from a landing page, then it’s more likely that the specific customer might walk down the sales funnel quicker than expected.


    1. Increase the supply of interesting content

    One of the ways to count on conversations is to provide rich and informative content. The new age, cyber-savvy customers today are searching for unique content that they can browse through and read. And as they read, they might have queries or talk points that they want to address through Facebook comments and other social media interactions. And this is an excellent point to start conversing with your audience, understand their perspective and offer them the required answer without being promotional and sales-y. It will help the customer to consider a product/service and make a purchase.


    1. Converse with the customer on their terms

    It’s essential to be able to converse with your target customers on their terms. It is necessary to make the users feel counted. If you speak only about your company objective, you might sound pompous and over promotional which might disappoint the customer from encouraging a conversation. However, if you talk to them catering to their mindset and questions, that can help them to make a buying decision.


    1. You can ask for feedback

    The trick to make a potential customer into a loyal one is to give him/her importance. Once you have answered an initial query, check if there’s anything else you can offer to help the customer. You may ask for feedback on the customer service and start another conversation, and that can help you encourage the customer to make a purchase.


    The new age customer is well informed and wants to make an updated purchasing decision. Hence, it has become all the more to encourage brand to customer conversations, to lead to conversions.

  • Simple and Effective SEO Tools – Some Tips and Tricks By SerpAlliance SEO Greenville SC

    Date: 2019.01.06 | Category: expert in seo | Response: 0

    As you know that the SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization becomes an essential part of every single website these days. In order to make your website popular and trending among all, then one must pay more attention to the rakings of SEO. The more and more improvement in your SEO rankings the more your website become the best and usable among all. So, the upcoming year that 2019 is a little more complicated for the website users.

    Well, if people have recently established a fresh website, then they should take proper care of the algorithm. Not only is this, but they have, and they need to update the SERPs regularly after some fixed intervals. If the people want to create the visibility of the name of the brand, then the SEO might be proven the best and most appropriate option for them. In order to get the top-notch or you can say positive results, one need to add up the content marketing and SEO.

    Now, what about SEO? It is linked with whitepapers, blogs, posts, and many other different things. After the same process, People are free to make use of the various cross-channels in marketing to improve the ROI of any official website they want. To get the effective and positive results individuals to need to maintain and provide the intelligent and relevant content that influence the audience.

    SEO techniquesTips, techniques, and tools of SEO

    Here are some brilliant and effective tips and tools of SEO which are more helpful in the coming year for all the website users. The more and more these people make use of these tips, tools, and techniques the more easily they get better and even the best results in improving their SEO. So, it’s time to go through some essential tools, techniques, and tips of SEO -

    • Use Google analytics – It means that there are various users of the website that are facing the problem of Google insight. If people make use of any website, then they will search GA that proves to be the best and helpful feature. The GA records the entire basic information and provides to the user which is related to engagement and insight. And for this, if the people are getting the original traffic or you can say audience to their website, then they easily improve their official website’s visibility.


    • Make more use of fetch tool - Well, the fetch tools are the most logical and the best tool ever which is used. The same tool helps in the index the mentioned content in your website properly and carefully. If the users and individuals need to recrawl their website, then they need to create an account on Google webmaster. After creating the Google webmaster account, users will automatically and immediately promote to property section. If the user has relevant property, then they are free to make the use of fetch tool accordingly and whenever they want. After then if they are providing the appropriate information, then one is applicable to submit the same information in Google’s index.


    • For recrawling force Google – It means that if the users and people created a new website a short time ago, they must upload a single page on the existing domain. The only thing which the developers need is to design the structure and optimize the pages of the official website. The same process looks like a little harder, or you can say complicated, but for this, the developer gets a reward from the Google in the form of ranking. The Google’s crawler indexing lots of pages after some fixed intervals regularly. As a result, if the people want to make their website the best, then they have to follow algorithms of the website.


    • Make an ideal sitemap – Now, if the people want o to change the entire layout of the website or you can say that if they are using a single and only domain, then creating a perfect sitemap is the most appropriate option for them. Making a sitemap is almost similar with fetch tool. It is because in it the users also require to add the sitemap with the help of webmaster console tool. If the individual creates a perfect and most appropriate site map, then he will able to select the fussy domain, which is present on Google. Then the next step for the individuals is to select a crawl and provide appropriate URL in the content. Now from here, it is shown that if people want to create the best website, then they must use sitemap and brilliant content. The professionals at Greenville SEO can help you in developing a proper and accurate sitemap.

    So, these are some effective and classic tips, tools and techniques of SEO about which all users who are having websites must know. These things help the people a lot in improving the ranking of SEO.

    Important factors on backlinks

    As you know that if people want to enhance the rank of their website, then the Search Engine analyzes their website properly. This is the major reason why people updating the backlinks article regularly. SERPs depends on the quality and numbers of the backlinks. If the people require to keep the ranking of their website, then one must concentrate more and more on the things which are mentioned below -

    • Website’s location
    • Encodes
    • Backlinks quality

    In other words, one can say that it is necessary to improve the ranking of a particular website by sharing the best quality links. It is the best and a great way to improve the ranking of your official website easily. So, paying more attention to sharing the process of backlinks provides better and quick results.


    In a nutshell, one must understand and learn all these effective and essential things which are mentioned above in the post. Not only is this, but there are some effective techniques of backlinks also present about which also one must know properly to get success in the same field quickly.


  • Important Steps to Help You Become an SEO Expert

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    Here are effective tips to help you become the best SEO expert:
    Develop the right mindset – In order to achieve anything in your life, you need to have the right mindset. You should have a positive attitude, stay focused, and be ready to learn always. With the dynamic nature of SEO advertising strategy, you need to be passionate about learning if you want to have a lucrative career.

    Obtain the standard SEO guideline from Google – Google is the biggest search engine today and gets over 100 billion searches every month. Google has a good introductory guideline on search engine optimization. Make sure that you get ‘The search engine’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide’ because it offers great tips on SEO, optimizing content, organizing the website, and obtaining incredible results. This guide will be useful all through your career in the SEO field irrespective of whether you are experienced or are just starting out.

    Seek more knowledge – To enjoy a great career in the SEO field, you need to keep learning. You need to consistently learn SEO fats and practice the fundamentals as this will help you build the right set of skills and experience that will make you an SEO expert who is worth the salt. With lots of practice and learning, you will be among the crème Del crème in your industry.

    Some of the basic SEO Golden Search strategies that you need to have knowledge on include competitor analysis, keyword research, page-level optimization, content development, link acquisition, site architecture, and many more. You can learn all these through personal research, following other SEO experts, attending seminars and conferences, and taking classes.

    Find clients –Experience is an important factor for any SEO consultant. Getting clients and working on their websites is the best and fastest way for your develop unmatched skills in your field. Experience is one thing that will help you to grow your SEO career. Learning will come with a lot of practice. Furthermore, the more customers you get, the more money you will earn from this field.

    Stay informed Search engine optimization is ever changing, given the dynamic nature of the search engine algorithms. Although the ground rules never change, you need to stay abreast of all minor and major changes within your industry. There are countless SEO blogs and websites that can help you know the current search engine updates. These websites will also provide different SEO advice, approaches, recommendations, and opinions that will be beneficial to you.

    Apart from browsing various SEO websites, you can also attend conferences. You will learn from other professionals who have been in the industry longer than you. Furthermore, conferences provide an excellent platform for industry professionals to network. Just like other industries, conferences are an excellent way for SEO professionals to network with other experts, so never get tired of these seminars and conferences.

  • How Can You Rank Well on SERP?The Importance of Content and Authority

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    Content is king,and if you are a site owner, it is important to pay attention to website content you post for attracting a targeted audience. When you are focusing on the website content, keep in mind that you are writing for people,not search engines. Many website owners believe that content writing is only targeted for search engine bots. The work you do for the search engine bots are just the basics when it comes to search engine optimization. It is like inviting people to party where you have sent out invitations that inform the people about the time and the place. If you want your guests to enjoy the party, they must show up. The same also applies to search engine optimization. You need to write the correct content to attract the right targeted audience to your website. Your visitors should read the content they enjoy. In case, you have written a paragraph that is not useful to your readers, delete the content.

    Check your content, grammar,and typos before you publish your post
    Remember, Google searches for professional looking content for websites. This is why you must ensure that you check the language of your posts so that there are no errors. At the same time, you should not wander off the topic. Do not fill your content with unnecessary words or phrases. When you are writing content, you need to be honest and objective with your customers. They are crucial for the popularity of your business. In fact, they tell you when a business gets too aggressive when it comes to selling goods and services. Customers do not like it when you become too pushy. If you write content that seems balanced and is objective, customers will recommend the content to their friends and family. Advertising your product in the content is fine however do not go overboard when it comes to selling and marketing online.

    Using hard facts when it comes to selling your products online
    When you resort to selling your product online through content, always use facts. SEO Melbourne Victoriaexperts say that you must point out how your product is different from those of your competitors. You should also list the benefits of your product and point out why it stands out in the market. It is prudent for you to conduct research and add unbiased data to establish your claim. In case you operate a personal site, you should be honest about the products you sell. Inserting a basic comment system in your content section is a good start. This helps you to generate user-content. The moment you generate user content your site becomes a valid and trustworthy site. If you wish to generate user content from other sources, check out online forums and participate in their discussions.

    Make an appeal to casual visitors and mobile users
    If you take a look at mobile users today, you will find that many customers also make use of phones and tablets. If you wish to reach out to this targeted audience, check how your site looks like on tablets and phones. Examine it carefully and see how you can improve the whole experience. When you are focusing on web content, including videos and images so that they can attract more attention. The content you choose must be deep in knowledge and relevant to the needs of your users.

    Attract as many links as you can for your website
    When you are a part of a blogging group or community, you should make as many contacts as you can. You can ask for links from them directly. You should also focus on building content that establishes your web presence online. If you find the task of creating new content very challenging, think of content that no one else has. You can even use an appealing storyline for the task. It is wise for you to write content that organizations and other blogs would find useful. You should think of content that no one has so examined other news sites, blog sites,etc to get an idea on the kind of content that you can write for your audience. However, do not buy backlinks for your site.

    Last but not least, you need to earn authority for your content. It does take time however you will get a spot in search ranks. All of the above steps will help you become an authority in your field. If you really wish to reach out to a larger targeted audience, ensure that you share your content on social media. In case, you are not good at writing the content yourself, hire professional companies to do the task for you. In this way, you effectively are able to make a positive difference to your site and get better search engine ranks with success!

  • On Page and Off Page Optimization in SEO

    Date: 2011.07.18 | Category: expert in seo, seo expert, seo expert strategy | Response: 0

    By Seo Expert India Team

    Search Engine Optimization is used by SEO experts to improve the quality and volume of traffic to the website via organic or natural search results for competitive keywords. SEO targets types of searches including images, global, industry specific and local. When crawling a site, search engines crawlers may look at number of different factors. Experts use off page and on page optimization for SEO program of a site.
    On page optimization is the process of integrating all SEO elements into the website. The on page factors that are considered by SEO experts are title tags, alt tags, description tags, page size, keywords proximity, unique content, navigation code, internal link structure, css, JavaScript and outbound links. Search engines keep on crawling the web pages frequently whenever the content is updated. By improving the rank of pages in results retrieved by search engines, the web portal becomes more visible to the users across the world. Optimization of pages initially require analysis of competitive keywords related to the business of the website. In order to drive huge traffic to the site, keywords with maximum with high search frequency are selected. Further the design, changes in the code and use of correct keywords in fresh content makes the pages to achieve a better listing in search engines. Page rank is the one of the factors that is considered by search engines to determine the rank of the site.
    Off page optimization is focused on link building activities and social media marketing. In order to gain a good ranking for a web portal, it is important to have back links from quality websites. SEO experts apply different off page methods such as directory submissions, social book marking, blog posting, blog hosting, article submissions, forum posting, press release submissions, affiliate marketing, review posting, video submissions, profile creation and social media optimization. These methods must be applied continuously to maintain the ranking of the keywords and increase the visibility of web pages in online market. The social media platforms used for communication are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    If you have a business, it is important to have a strong online presence so that Internet users must have an access to your portal. A proper SEO expert strategic plan will bring in unique visitors to the portal that will further convert into sales. SEO also helps to tackle all negative publicity and build a good brand for the company.
  • Indian SEO/SMM Community Sees Rapid Growth

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    When I wanted information on one of my favorite Indian Networking site “SiliconIndia”, I thought, what best way, than to get the Blog Editor at SiliconIndia to do an interview with me.

    This interview talks about growth of personal and professional networking in India, rise in SEO/SMM experts, and future of the Indian SEO fraternity.

    1. What’s new in SiliconIndia website has added various new sections to the website to cater to the need of its users from various dimensions ranging from students to professionals. All the new section has received overwhelming response from the users. Newly launched sections are:

    • Education for MBA, MCA & Engineering students
    • Online courses to facilitate professional to enhance their professional skills
    • Fresher’s developing resume for fresh college out to land in their dream job
    • Humor to enjoy funny jokes
    • Jobs helping companies in getting the right candidate
    • Events conducting events across India on various platforms

    2. What are SiliconIndia’s online goals for this year

    Currently is under the top 150 websites in India as per Alexa ranking. This year we plan to take our India ranking under 100. And enhance the features of our newly launched sections catering to the requirements of our members.

    3. How many members of SiliconIndia are from SEO/SMM fraternity? Are these number growing from past year? has close to 50000 members from SEO/SMM fraternity as of now, there has been significant increase in it from the past year. Of late members from the SEO/SMM fraternity has started growing at a faster pace looking at the growth prospects.

    4. How important is SEO?

    All sections of are SEO optimized which enable the members to get better visibility among masses. Today awareness among masses regarding SEO is very high in comparison to yester months. Youngsters today are considering taking SEO as a profession looking at the growth prospects it has for them in future.

    5. Is SEO training becoming the next fad?

    SEO training is becoming a trend but there are very few certified institutions catering to the need of the individuals willing to undergo training. This happens as students not clear about what they need to look in an SEO training institute. Some non certified institutions are cheating students in terms offering SEO training to them, which doesn’t meet the standards of the industry. Another form of learning SEO, is by watching seo training videos, that can teach you basic to advanced SEO skills.

    6. Future of SEO

    Concept of SEO is something which has clicked among tech savvy students to develop new career opportunities for them. Companies are also looking forward to rope in people who have SEO knowledge to get better online visibility among their competitors.

    “The future of SEO is nothing to be classified in words
    but it’s for us to witness in the days to come”.

    G. Rajesh is a blog editor at, a professional networking website. As the editor, he is responsible for developing new strategies to promote blogs, selecting and featuring best blogs and bloggers. He also provides guidance to bloggers having trouble posting the blogs online.

  • Expert in SEO: Powering external Websites that Power your Website

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    We all know that it’s good to build quality links to your website, including to all the web pages and blog pages under your domain. However this SEO expert strategy is focused on building links to external websites or web pages that are linking back to your website.

    If a popular website or web page links back to your website or web page, it powers up that page (and keyword) on your website. We now take this a step further by building links or link power to that external website or web page that is linking to you.

    Why? Because if the external page that is linking to you gets more links, it will have more power that it can pass on to your website or web page.

    However don’t rush away just yet to start building links to all the websites that are linking to your website as you will end up spending a fortune and lots of time on building links for other websites.

    So a good place to start would be to figure out which external websites are linking to your important keyword pages. And if these external websites or web pages are worthy of time spent building links to them.

    Since link building is time consuming I like to concentrate on a few web communities that are worth the time spent.

    1. Blog review pages – Getting good Page Rank bloggers to write a review about your website, product or service is a well known SEO expert strategy. However, by building additional links to the blog review pages you can power your keyword pages even more. A tip here is to post the external blog link across a few select social bookmarking sites, and get a few users to up vote that content making it a permanent link.

    2. Profile Pages – So you have created your company profile pages in LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, Twitter, YouTube and other such business and social networking/bookmarking communities. In the profile pages, you are allowed to link out to your website and blog. These are good power links. But, by building additional links to your external profile pages you can add the extra boost of link power back to your website.

    3. News publisher websites – Were you covered in the news lately? Or your press release was picked by online news publishers? News publisher sites have a lot of authority, and getting a link back from an authoritative source is definitely a touch cookie to crack. But if you managed to get in the news then go ahead and power up the news page that is linking back to you. A point to note is that most news publishers do not give links in their editorials, in that case don’t bother to build links to them. You could however write a neat blog post about your coverage in the news and link out to the news source, and use that blog post for further syndication, promotion, up voting and campaigning. Some gain is better than none.

    Are there any more such communities which work well with this strategy? Most definitely, but a good place to start are in the ones above and as any expert in SEO would say – don’t take too much time on building links to external web pages – spent that time building links for your own website.

    If you have any suggestions please write in your comment.

    Till then
    Adios Amigos

  • SEO Expert Nevil Darukhanawala Launches SEO Training Videos

    Date: 2010.03.31 | Category: expert in seo, seo training videos | Response: 0

    Learn SEO for USD 50 Lifetime Membership – is the catch line for this New SEO Training Video Series, which has over 3.5 hours of SEO training – from Keyword Discovery, Optimization, Content Strategies, Link Building Strategies, to Traffic Generation Strategies. Most of all, it will teach you how to make money online.

    The SEO Training Video Series has been launched by SEO Expert, Nevil Darukhanawala who is the CEO of “SEO Expert India”, a SEO Consulting Company managing clients from USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Belgium, India, Dubai and Australia.

    Nevil Darukhanawala also runs SEO Training Workshops in Mumbai, India in partnership with OCI (Open Computing Institute). “The idea was to take The SEO strategies I teach at these 6-day workshops and attempt to share the knowledge taught in these workshops with the rest of the world at an affordable rate of USD 50 for a lifetime membership” says Nevil Darukhanawala.
    The Seo Training Video Series contains 15 videos of 15 to 20 minutes each, which cover step by step fundamental SEO/ SMM principles, advanced strategies and techniques for achieving higher rankings for any keyword/ any website.

    “The strategies taught in these videos are the same that I apply for my website and for my clients from across the globe. These are the same strategies that helped me rank in Google – Position # 1 for keyword “seo expert mumbai”, Position # 4 for keyword “seo expert india”, and Position # 26 for the keyword “seo expert” which is a global keyword with very high competition from SEO experts around the world”, says Nevil Darukhanawala.

    The SEO Training has been specially developed for online businessmen, b-school students and professionals in the fields of advertising, business development, marketing, web development, web design, content, webmasters and SEO enthusiasts.

    The SEO Video Training will help you gain genuine top SEO placement skills within the shortest period of time. After watching the SEO videos you will be able to cultivate a healthy buzz and improve visibility of any brand, product or service.

    So stop wasting time chasing algorithms and discover and experience a different “Value & Strategy” based approach to SEO and SMM skill-building.