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  • On-Page SEO Guide for 2019 that You Just Cannot Overlook

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    SEO and MarketingIn order to sustain the ranking of an official website then the individual has to pay close attention to the on-page and off-page SEO. It is 2019 where one has to use high-end on page techniques. All you need to maintain the health of on the page. You need to lookout an effective 2019 on page techniques that will improve the ranking of your website in the fraction of days. It may seem quite challenging task because you have to learn new techniques. One has to check following things such as-

    ü  Check the on-page content carefully

    ü  Analyze the overall valuation of on-page content

    ü  One must check Googlebot and crawlers

    Crawling has become essential for every website because it will analyze the overall valuations of the page. If they are blocking Googlebot from the crawling, then it will reduce the ranking of your website. If you are looking for the on-page SEO2019 tips, then you have come to the right place because in the forthcoming paragraphs we are going to discuss the latest techniques-

    • Add URL in Sitemap

    To sustain the ranking of the website then it is your responsibility to add URL in the sitemap. Make sure that it is relevant to the website otherwise Google will automatically reduce the ranking of a website. Apart from that, one has to add the relevant schema markup. According to professionals, schema markup is one of the most important things which are known as spoon-feeding. It will give information about your page and content.


    • Use latest internal links with natural anchor text

    In order to sustain the ranking and visibility of the page then you have to add the internal pages links. Make sure that you are inserting a perfect anchor text on the page.  Ranking of the official website totally depends on the latest techniques and quality of content. For better performance, you have to keep HTTPS – SSL secures enough. Make sure that you are reading the algorithm carefully and then build perfect techniques.


    • Accessibility of the web content

    Have you ever check web content accessibility Guidelines? It is one of the great things which are directly linked to the W3C process in cooperation.  All you need to create interesting web content that will meet the requirements of Google. In order to create a perfect web content then you have to add following things on the web page such as-


    ü  Always add natural details like as pictures, sounds, and text

    ü  It is your responsibility to add something great markup which is directly connected to the structure and presentation of the website.


    • What really WCAG is?


    WCAG is really one of the most important things which are primarily intended for-

    ü  Author of the page, web designers and developers.

    ü  Individual needs a particular standard for the accessibility

    Two types of WCAG are available such as WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.  In order to sustain the ranking of an official website then one has to use both techniques carefully. With the help of these techniques, you will able to know how to develop particular web content. All you need to use a standard technique that will easily improve the ranking of an official website.

    ü  Responsive design of the website

    It is your responsibility to improve the performance and create a responsive design of the official website. Make sure that you are creating mobile-First indexing website only. Apart from that, one has to add a clear call to action on the official website. If you are running a perfect online commercial website, then one has to add a link related to the products and services only.


    ü  The speed of the page and use the best hosting

    So you are checking page speed on a regular basis? Thousands of tools are available on the internet that will provide you details related to the speed of the page. So you are using CDNs for the website? If no, then it is your responsibility to download the vital tools that will improve the overall performance of an official website.


    ü  Top-notch quality content

    Most of the people are posting worthless content on the website which is reducing the overall ranking of an official website. An individual has to maintain the value of content. If you want to create the visibility of the website, then you have to add good quality content on the page.


    ü  Optimize SERP and PPC

    For effective results, you should optimize the SERP and PPC for the intent related task. You have to analyze the SERP carefully. If the result is showing thousands of images and videos, then one must incorporate that in the page. It can be a time-consuming task because you have to evaluate the PPC and many more things on a regular basis.  Overall, you have to optimize every page of your website carefully.


    ü  Header Tags

    Most of the people are using worthless tags which aren’t beneficial for the website. All you need to use three important tags on the website such as h1, h2, h3. Make sure that the title of the official website is directly interlinked to the H1. Moreover, you have to use all the tags on the official website. Google will give you ranking according to the performance and rating of the website.


    ü  Share something great and Fresh

    Make sure that that you are sharing up-to-date content on the official website.  According to professionals, Google is analyzing the traffic of the website and if you are attracting traffic genuinely then you can improve the ranking within a few days. Make sure that you are using latest 2019 techniques only otherwise it will create a negative impact on the website. If you want to know more about 2019 0n page techniques, then you should make contact with SEO on the Sunshine Coast and grab high-end techniques.

    Moving further, along with unique or high-quality content, you should post interesting and attractive images on the official website. It will automatically improve the visibility of a website.

  • Top 6 Content Marketing Strategies That Every SEO Expert Should Use

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    Surviving in the online space is quite a challenge for most business owners given the stiff competition and the constantly changing Google algorithms. This is why you need to invest in Search Engine Optimization to boost your ranking on SERPs and boost your conversion rates. This is important because you will only see any ROI if your business is visible on the search engine results pages.

    Content advertising is an important SEO approach to promoting your website. Most internet users want to learn more about the products and services that your business offers and also buy your products and services. Many websites fail because they focus more on increasing their website traffic and conversion rates. You need to also focus on improving customer engagement and retention by creating quality, fresh content to inspire your readers to make purchases.

    Content marketing is important for your business website and this is why your Toronto SEO expert should include it in your SEO project. Here are a few tips that will help you to effectively drive your content management tactics.

    1. Quality Content

    Quality content will make you a market leader in your niche by increasing your ranking on the search engine results pages. In the past, it was easy to get a good ranking by publishing any type of content. However, this is not the case today because internet users need quality and relevant content. With the Google algorithms becoming tighter by the day, your website ranking will suffer immensely if you publish poor quality content. A good SEO expert will help you to publish the best content for your business website and avoid bounce rates.

    1. Leverage Video Content

    Video content has grown immensely over the years because it appeals to many internet users. People love to share helpful and interesting videos with their friends and family. Furthermore, research shows that video content can help boost your conversion rates when marketing your products and services. Furthermore, HubSpot confirms that your click-through rate will increase by 200 to 300% if you include video content on your email. Therefore, to enjoy better engagement with your audience and boost conversion rates, it is important to include videos in your web content.

    1. Personalize web Content

    Personalizing your web content is important for the success of your business. To achieve this, you should take the time to fully understand your audience. You need to know your target audience, their age group, their location, their preferences, and many more. This will enable you to develop content that will suit the needs of your target audiences. By personalizing your content, you will be confident that it reaches the type of shoppers that you want on your website.

    1. Call to Action

    Most webmasters tend to ignore the call to action in their content advertising strategy. However, this is an important aspect that can transform your business because your readers will know what to do after reading your web content. A clear call to action (CTA) is an essential thing irrespective of whether you are publishing written or video content. To improve your conversion rates, you need to direct your readers to share information, purchase your products or services, fill a simple contact form, subscribe to your email updates, or call for further clarification.

    1. Web Responsive Pages

    Today, many consumers access the internet using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, for businesses to leverage on this huge market, they need to have a mobile responsive website. A good SEO expert will work to redesign your business website and ensure that it is fully responsive to mobile users. This way, all users can read your content with ease without any problem.

    1. Long Form Content

    Long-form content is a growing trend that business websites need to consider. Today, Google and other search engines tend to favor websites that have blog posts with 1000 words and over, compared to the traditional 400 words blog posts. Many internet users now want websites that provide them will all the information that they need before they make a purchase.  As a result, Google algorithms tend to favor long-form content and investing in this will help improve your website ranking.

    Hiring an SEO specialist is a big step because it will help to take your website to a whole new level. This is because SEO professionals are highly trained and experience and they will use their expertise to develop fresh and engaging content. You need to discuss in length with your SEO strategist to ensure that the content produced is relevant to your business. With the best content management services, you will be confident that your website ranking will improve and more visitors will come to your website.



  • Why should you pay more attention to organic SEO this year?

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    Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the only energy drink your website needs to keep pumping the numbers for the quarterly finance reports. Organic refers to all the natural methods one can use to push their website up into the first page of the Google SERP. You might not have the organic SEO strategy in place yet, but we have some good news – you are here! Since you are here, it is safe to assume that you know how much a Brooklyn based business needs an organic SEO plan.

    SEO Company

    Why do most people go to SEO experts for ranking organically?

    Ranking organically has always been a challenge even before the advent of RankBrain. Google rolls out hundreds of small and large updates every year. It is indeed difficult to keep up with these algorithm updates and stay on top of the search trends in the Brooklyn areas. Nonetheless, organic traffic drives about 35% of a website’s visits every year. In 2018, organic searches generated more than 20-times the traffic than paid searches. While we are speaking about organic, let us remind you that your business location and related topics influence your online presence significantly. As long as you are unaware of the different elements that influence your ranking, it is almost impossible to achieve a high rank during a Google search organically.

    Optimizing the content for searches in the niche

    According to the Vigor Seorchers Brooklyn, one of the most important things you must consider is optimizing your website content for these searches. You might have stellar content on your platform at the moment, but as long as it does not answer the critical questions of your target visitors, you will have a difficult time boosting your organic traffic. Your aim should be to decipher the different questions your target audience is asking right now and finding out how to serve them the right answers at the right time. Sometimes, it can be in the form of Google Answer box, while at other times, it can be as metadata of a webpage that ranks on the first SERP.

    Conducting keyword research for optimization of content

    Apart from working on a great content strategy, you need to begin thinking about keyword research. There is no other way to target a bunch of users in Brooklyn. Find your target users and find out what they are searching these days. You will find hundreds of relevant keywords of various types you can use to create your content. You will find high volume keywords as well as low volume keywords. Which keywords you pick will depend upon your geographic location and the type of business. Choosing the right set of keywords will dictate the future of your content marketing and organic SEO.

    Updating the navigation options of your website

    Optimizing your ranking and traffic organically can be a challenge for the newbie website owners. Another critical factor is website navigation. Revisiting your website structure will also help you find out why the search engine spiders do not prefer your site. Today, the goal is to create a user-friendly website that people will love just as much as the spiders. The ease in navigating your website will determine how many people visit your site and remain on it long enough to convert. Conversion does not only mean buying products and paying for services but also signing up for newsletters and subscribing for online offers in the future.

    Boosting the link juice of your site

    Apart from the navigation and content, you need to think about your website’s trustworthiness and authority. According to several Google blogs and posts by SEO experts, without enough inbound links from high ranking and relevant sites, sites cannot garner top ranks on the Google SRL. Even with the latest geo-specific keywords, businesses in Brooklyn might remain invisible to the audience in the area if they do not establish a “relationship” with other related, but non-competing websites. Link farming and linking to low-authority sites do not fool search engine spiders any longer. Google and its contemporaries want to see real effort in the link profile.

    At the same time, you need to nurture internal links that connect one page to another. It will help in the dispersal of relevant information. It is a useful tactic that can keep the audience on your website longer than an isolated article about the utility of a product or service.

    The key to perfecting organic SEO is maintaining multiple ranking factors

    Organic SEO is like an organism, and these factors are the organs that need to be in prime condition for the organism to perform optimally. As you can understand, taking care of every factor that influences a website’s visibility and performance is close to impossible for a novice website developer or website owner. Aside from incorporating new SEO elements to your site, you need to keep an eye on the loading time. It can be challenging for an old website that has numerous pages, large images, and dead links. Therefore, hiring a professional SEO team can not only help with a business’ digital marketing strategy, but they can also help maintain and update the website regularly according to the new Google algorithm updates

  • SEO trends that will continue to influence strategies in 2019

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    As the year comes to a close, it is time to take stock by SEO professionals to determine what would be the way ahead in 2019. Using the experience gathered over the year it should be possible to project the path that search engines are likely to tread based on which the experts at HighMark SEO Digital Company can devise strategies and tactics that can help in dominating the SERPs. Here are some important trends that marketers must get familiar with, that should help them to get a cutting edge in competition.

    Please the audience

    From the beginning of SEO, providing better user experience has been the prime objective of both marketers and search engines and it still holds the top spot when developing strategies. Understanding what users like and want remains as important as ever. You must understand what users are looking for when they raise search queries and then present them the appropriate answer in the simplest way possible.  Knowing the audience inside out is critical because their tastes, interests, and preferences change much faster and more frequently than marketers anticipate. Right content for the right audience should be your motto so that it adds value to user experience thereby encouraging search engines to reward you.

    Emphasize on structured data

    SEO trends

    As much it is important to know the audience, it is equally important to understand the ways of Google. Now that Google is considering AI most important it means that marketers must give more emphasis to structured data. It might be possible that Google would move towards an AI first world in which case structured data becomes most important. Since crawling for information must be smooth and fast, it becomes evident that only structured data can support it.  No matter how good your AI might be, if data is not structured, it will never encourage speedy crawling. Topics must have a proper contextual relationship with audience behaviors and duly supported by structured markup.

    Create excellent content

    A close look at Google’s approach in content evaluation shows that it attaches exceptional importance to content quality by doing a threadbare analysis of every piece of content. A study conducted across several websites revealed that websites that carried content with real depth in quality soared in rankings consistently. On the contrary, sites that carried inferior quality content suffered in search rankings. The trend will continue in 2019, and you must have proper resources to generate outstanding content that provides the best value to the audience and earns accolades from search engines that reward it with high rankings.

    Google search and beyond

    Building SEO strategies with Google search in mind has been the norm so far but is set to change because it is time to stretch your vision beyond Google search. You must now expand your audience reach by creating strategies to optimize for the new search engines like Amazon and Apple too. The Google-centric approach in optimization must change. The purpose of SEO is to show up not only in every search engine but also new platforms like Amazon and Apple that behave as search engines. Think beyond websites when creating strategies for ranking because you must now create strategies for ranking in places wherever people place their searches.

    Enhance expertise, trustworthiness, and authority

    Expertise, authority, and reliability are still the virtues that make websites stand apart from the crowd and stand tall, and you must concentrate on improving these with utmost attention. Work towards bolstering your online authority by exerting and expressing your expertise in your niche so that quality becomes evident not only in content but in everything you do. This will naturally make your online identity and existence more trustworthy to search engines that would not hesitate to reward you with better rankings.

    Work hard on technical SEO

    Among various aspects of technical SEO, in 2019 the focus should be on some critical areas like speed, JavaScript and PWAs or Progressive Web Apps.

    • Creating faster websites that are also simple to should be the top agenda for marketers because it is now obvious that faster sites rank higher in Google search rankings. When all other things are equal, the website speed creates the difference in ranking.
    • JavaScript-based websites would keep dominating the web, and it becomes imperative that marketers must be acquainted with JavaScript to the extent possible so that they can figure out how search engines are all game for websites driven by JavaScript.
    • With a forward-looking vision in 2019, you must think about how your website could smoothly transit into a Progressive Web App in the future.

    Although voice search is not going to be at the center stage in 2019, any prudent marketer will do good to stay prepared for it. Including a voice optimization in SEO strategy should be a priority because voice search is very much ready to become a major game changer.



  • SEO Expert Discusses Optimization of Flash Sites

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    Flash movies divide SEO experts and Web designers and are real nightmare for SEO experts. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing cannot index the content inside a flash file. Thus it becomes important for SEO experts to insert some text inside flash movies. By adding text it is not necessary that these files will be indexed by search engines and it is very complex for Google, Yahoo and Bing spiders to understand flash movies in the website. Spiders cannot index a flash movie directly as they do with a page with content. Also they are not able to read inside a flash file as these come in propriety binary format (.swf) and always need assistance. The banners as well as other kinds of advertisements in the web portal consume lot of bandwidth and distract lot of users. Thus search engine spiders try to avoid them. If the full site is made of flash movies, then it is difficult for search engine optimization experts to expect high rankings for keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Text links in the web pages are used in SEO to build site navigation and flash movies must not be used to lead users from one page to another. There are several approaches which can make search engines to index flash files in a website. Flash development tools provide sections to add Meta data which is easily read by crawlers. Keywords related to the business of site are added in Meta data to achieve high rankings. SEO expert can suggest site development team to add more html pages so that users visiting web pages are not forced to watch flash related files. It is worth to create html pages but requires more work. Flash search engine SDK is a most advance tool that extracts text and links from flash movies. Once the output is written by the tool, SEO expert can check the content and correct it if necessary. During content check one must notice duplicate sentences and font color.

    One more tool SE Flash visually shows SEO experts about flash files visibility to search engine crawlers. This tool generates results that are totally different from the results produced by SDK. There are many other unclear approaches that can be applied for flash files optimization. On page activities include flash files optimization and is crucial for online businesses with web portals.

  • Turbo-charge your SEO with “campaign worthy” content

    Date: 2009.07.24 | Category: expert seo strategies, right seo strategy ahead, seo expert india | Response: 3

    Thanks to all the readers who participated by commenting on 5“little known” Keys to Succeed at SEO.

    The strategy outlined below works so well that I have decided to include it in my manifesto, The Right SEO Strategy Ahead. For those who are not familiar with the strategies listed in the manifesto, please read it first as it contains the exact strategies I will use to help you succeed in your online business.

    Coming back to the topic of this post…

    Have you heard the phrase “reference worthy” content? From the SEO perspective, it means creating original, informative and engaging content, and then making that content visible across relevant user, web and social communities with the purpose of attracting traffic and natural links.

    The results of this SEO activity if done consistently week after week can dramatically enhance your web, link and social reputation. This in turn influences the search rankings of your select keywords.

    In many of my previous posts I have highlighted the importance of creating ‘reference worthy” or “link worthy” content. In this post however, I would like to talk about “turbo charging” your content by making it “campaign worthy”.

    So what is “campaign worthy” content?

    It is a blog post, an article story, or a video that has the potential for maximum visibility and popularity across social bookmarking and social media sites. By popularity, I mean getting other users to vote, review or thumbs up your content.

    Earlier I used to suggest promotion of your content in 10 – 15 social bookmarking sites, and then get 3 to 5 thumbs up from other users for a permanent link. Now this is still a very good SEO strategy you should continue to follow, but how about instead of 3 to 5 thumbs up we try and get 25 to 50 users to vote for your content.

    By getting more users to vote for your content, the chances of your story going “hot” in the social communities will increase, and so will the traffic to your website. Search engines rank a page based on the number of quality and relevant links (one of the important metrics) to that page.

    If your story goes hot, then more webmasters will link back to your story, increasing the number of natural links to that story page. Also the more hot stories you syndicate, the better will be your social reputation. This in turn will again influence your search rankings.

    Ideally you should choose 1 blog post/ article/ video (or create one specifically for this purpose)which you feel has maximum potential to become a “hot story” and then run a campaign across 3 to 4 select social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, Digg, YouTube, Mixx for a WEEK.

    This week long campaign can have a tripling effect on the traffic numbers on your site for the duration of the campaign.

    The number of visitors will dwindle down once the campaign ends, which is why you need to repeat the campaign with new exciting content every month.

    The Right SEO Strategy (with Revisions)

    Natural Link Building, Social Media & Reputation Management

    1. Be consistent in creating unique, compelling and resourceful content in the form of articles/ blog posts – 3 to 4 a WEEK.

    2. Be consistent in syndication of the articles to 10 relevant and popular article submissions sites each WEEK.

    3. Be consistent in promotion of the same content links across 10 to 15 relevant and popular social bookmarking sites each WEEK.

    4. Be consistent in attracting 3 to 5 user thumbs up/ reviews for content posted each WEEK.

    5. Be consistent in submitting one blog post/ article/ video to 3 to 4 selected social bookmarking sites and get 25 to 50 votes, reviews or thumbs up for your content. This should be a “week-long” campaign and ideally done ONCE a MONTH.

    6. Be consistent in participating in 3 to 4 relevant blogs, by blog commenting and forum postings each WEEK.

    7. Every MONTH be consistent in building a few industry specific links, relevant web directory links, 1 or 2 PR releases, etc.

    Read more on the Right SEO Strategy Ahead

    Use the expert SEO strategies outlined above and you will be on your way to creating value, building web, link and social reputation, natural links, higher search rankings and traffic.