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  • SEO Expert Discusses Optimization of Flash Sites

    Date: 2011.11.14 | Category: ask the seo expert, expert seo strategies, India seo experts, seo expert consultants | Response: 0

    Flash movies divide SEO experts and Web designers and are real nightmare for SEO experts. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing cannot index the content inside a flash file. Thus it becomes important for SEO experts to insert some text inside flash movies. By adding text it is not necessary that these files will be indexed by search engines and it is very complex for Google, Yahoo and Bing spiders to understand flash movies in the website. Spiders cannot index a flash movie directly as they do with a page with content. Also they are not able to read inside a flash file as these come in propriety binary format (.swf) and always need assistance. The banners as well as other kinds of advertisements in the web portal consume lot of bandwidth and distract lot of users. Thus search engine spiders try to avoid them. If the full site is made of flash movies, then it is difficult for search engine optimization experts to expect high rankings for keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Text links in the web pages are used in SEO to build site navigation and flash movies must not be used to lead users from one page to another. There are several approaches which can make search engines to index flash files in a website. Flash development tools provide sections to add Meta data which is easily read by crawlers. Keywords related to the business of site are added in Meta data to achieve high rankings. SEO expert can suggest site development team to add more html pages so that users visiting web pages are not forced to watch flash related files. It is worth to create html pages but requires more work. Flash search engine SDK is a most advance tool that extracts text and links from flash movies. Once the output is written by the tool, SEO expert can check the content and correct it if necessary. During content check one must notice duplicate sentences and font color.

    One more tool SE Flash visually shows SEO experts about flash files visibility to search engine crawlers. This tool generates results that are totally different from the results produced by SDK. There are many other unclear approaches that can be applied for flash files optimization. On page activities include flash files optimization and is crucial for online businesses with web portals.

  • Relevance of Sitemap in SEO by SEO Expert

    Date: 2011.09.19 | Category: India seo experts, sitemaps | Response: 0

    By Seo Expert India team: 

    The map of the site is determined by sitemap and it has lot of importance in digital space. With the help of sitemap one can easily determine the structure, sections and links of the site. The sitemap of the web portal is regularly updated by SEO experts in order to communicate with search engines in a proper manner. It helps Google, Yahoo and Bing to know the flow of web pages in the website. Along with on page and off page optimization it is important for the site to have an easier navigation as well as better visibility which will help the visitors to understand the business. The search engines are notified immediately by sitemap if any change is made on the site by the company. It is possible that the web portal may have broken links and cannot be reached in any way, then sitemap is considered to be a great help. According to SEO expert sitemap can be vital to the success of the new site with significant number of pages in an online market.

    The business of the company can be easily classified with the help of structure that categorizes pages of the web portal. While adding a new section to the site it is important to edit sitemap so that the pages are indexed faster. The process of having a sitemap is to generate, upload it and then notify Google about the new addition to the site. In order to create a sitemap the generation tool either needs to be installed or used online.

    Whenever the generator is installed or downloaded it has more control over the output. In search engine optimization, SEO experts analyze the website and try to bring business related keywords on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Some companies do not allow SEO experts to add business related keywords in their web portal. In this case experts make use of sitemap where they can easily add most searchable words and help them to achieve their targets.

    Sitemap is crucial for the site with dynamic content, lot of flash or AJAX and has many archived pages that are not linked well. The use of sitemap in SEO is an essential factor as it is a graphical representation of website architecture and helps the crawlers to navigate links and collect information. Thus SEO experts always make use of sitemaps while applying SEO activities.

  • Use of Semantic Web with SEO by SEO Experts

    Date: 2011.08.28 | Category: India seo experts, seo expert consultants | Response: 0

    Along with Search Engine Optimization, Semantic Web concept will organize and structure data in such a manner that search engines will come to know what we are looking for. In order to allow robots to have an easy access to the pages of web portal, SEO experts write clean and semantically correct HTML. The information architects display data in proper manner so that the users visiting the company site must have clear understanding of business. Companies hire SEO experts to apply SEO activities to their sites and get popular in an online market. With the help of on page and off page optimization, websites can rank well in search engines for popular keywords but the use of semantic web with SEO will be rewarding for the companies. For a new business there is lot of competition in an online world and it has become necessary for SEO expert consultants to have a good information architecture along with SEO activities.

    As the semantic web emerges today it has become important for experts to display RDF in every page and publish Ontology. Search engine optimization activities include meta tagging, URL analysis, link building, social bookmarking and more. SEO professionals make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach out more people in a competitive market. Apart from on page, off page and social media activities, a blog is developed for the company in an informative way and linked to the main website. Innovative strategies are applied and the way of marketing is changed by companies to get searched by people across the globe. Big firms get very less time to organize their web ports and thus hire strategic planning agency. If there are lot of authority sites linking to the website of the company, then the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing considers it a good website. The use of semantic web is basically a statistical approach for the web pages of the site and SEO experts can considers large number of words related to the business.

    The steps of semantic web includes building concepts, considering search engine elements, assigning page rank and getting into the mindset of people. It is the web of data through which the information on World Wide Web can be easily understood. Thus SEO experts use semantic web while applying SEO activities.

  • Get your site observed across the world with SEO

    Date: 2011.08.08 | Category: India seo experts, seo consultants | Response: 0

    By SEO Expert India Team- 

    Many companies and individuals have reaped rewards such as promotion and actual sales of goods by establishing online identities of their websites. Every business with a web portal need more traffic and thus they hire an expert to perform SEO activities. Search Engine Optimization services will help businesses to achieve higher rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing and increase their internet presence. As thousands of new sites are created daily, there is a high possibility that a single website will not be noticed by web users across the world. In order to rank websites for particular keywords or expressions, the spider of search engines crawl the web pages. If a web portal has high rankings in search engine land, then it will have more visibility. The techniques that are used for online marketing succeed on the basis of search engine optimization.

    Different skills and tactics are required for the optimization of a website and single change in the homepage or other pages can improve its ranking in search engines. One of the optimization techniques is to reduce the size of the images which will help visitors to immediately access the information in the site. Whenever the crawlers of search engines access the broken links in the website, it has negative impact on the rankings of its pages.
    On page optimization is a great value to every site and ensures that content on each and every web page is efficiently indexed by search engines.

    SEO experts use on page activities such as meta tagging, URL structuring and more. Off page optimization increases the visitors to web portal and also improve the rankings in search land. Optimization experts ensure the standardization of link theme with deep linking, social bookmarking and forum postings. The quality articles and press releases written with a link to the site bring in more traffic and have a positive impact on the rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO experts make sure that the site is SEO friendly by using advanced techniques for CSS and JavaScript files.

    With SEO activities, the site is observed across the world and thus it is must to have descriptive information which will help the site visitors to call the company. The white hat techniques in SEO are always used by experts to rank the web portal in search engines and create awareness for the business in Internet market.

  • Facebook Makes Corporate Heads Turn

    Date: 2011.02.28 | Category: Facebook, India seo experts | Response: 0

    By Manaswini Verekar

    If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd most populated one on the planet. Facebook’s user base has already crossed the 500 million mark and is rapidly growing each day. The social networking site crossed the half-billion user mark, becoming more alluring to marketers that want to reach a broad online audience. Facebook, based in Palo Alto, California, gets a lump sum of its current revenue from advertising. Its customers include big brand names like Coca-Cola Co., JP Morgan Chase & Co., Adidas AG, etc.

    The advantage Facebook has over other advertisers is that it has very well profiled data on each of its user. Since users fill in personal information such as relationship status, birth date, location, etc, companies are able to market their products to the target audience without any hassles. More and more people have started treating Facebook as a legitimate part of their lives. This makes corporate companies with agendas, sure of connecting with real people that have genuine interests. For example, Facebook ads were the main factor in play that provided CM Photographic the ability to target the exact demographic needed, which was engaged women aged 24-30 years.

    Corporates have even set up Facebook Pages. This is a form of free advertising for them through channels that are already present on the site. For example, any user can ‘Like’ a Page. This update will show on his/her friend’s ‘News Updates’ section and the more people ‘like’ the page the more this will circulate. A company can also use the link button to increase hits on the page. Another form of advertising is creating an event for the company in the already provided platform of Facebook Events. Through such mediums any company can propagate its products or services and also keep a check on its popularity with the users. Companies that have a Page on Facebook also have the prospect of showing social endorsements in their advertising campaigns. Showcasing social support allows these companies to appeal to their audience on an individual note.

    A crucial benefit for large companies to advertise on a pavilion such as Facebook is the cost-effectiveness. Being a much cheaper way of advertising, while also reaching the target clientele is obviously a win-win situation for any business. In the current scenario of things, it will come as no surprise if Facebook eventually crosses the one billion users mark and is used not only for personal and social networking, but also as a platform for showcasing talents and career paths for people waiting to be discovered.

    With reports of Facebook seeing more traffic than Google, even SEO experts are strongly recommending this medium to get the job done. All you need to do is pick the company’s page name and vanity URL wisely. Plus no company wants to put all their eggs in one marketing basket. Adding content rich social marketing to the mix is essential in this day and age. All you have to be careful about is not stepping on any toes, as Facebook is aggressively protective of its users. Make sure you thoroughly read ‘permission marketing’ to keep safe from getting your account cancelled.

  • What is your SEO Diet?

    Date: 2009.02.25 | Category: India seo experts, seo expert strategies | Response: 1

    I was recently reading a book on fad diets and why they don’t work. The primary reasons the author gave was that all diets are short term, usually done when your body reaches a desperate situation, and once you stop, you end up in the same soup (sometimes worse). The solution lay in creating a suitable diet that works for you, is fun to do, and can be sustained over a lifetime.

    Clients generally get a wakeup call after having spent thousands of dollars in building a great website with great content only to find no business coming to it. That’s when they decide it’s time to go on a quick SEO diet.

    The SEO recipe goes something like this:

    On-page optimization (10 days) + Link building (2 to 3 months) = Top 10 Spot on
    Search Engines


    Now while the above recipe is not entirely wrong, it’s the shortsightedness of this that bothers me. So what happens after 2 months and 10 days? If I was reciting a fairytale I could have ended this post about now with “And it Ranked No #1 Happily After”, but such is not often the case.

    Search engine optimization is about identifying the right keyword combinations (with traffic potential), optimizing your content around those keywords, and syndicating and promoting the content pages to build quality links across relevant, popular and diverse web, user and social communities. You also have the competition to watch who may be trying their own SEO expert strategies to defeat you.

    And then targeting some new keywords, and building great content around it, and so on … Does this seem like something that should be done for 2 to 3 months?

    So why do clients want to go on a crash SEO diet? I guess it’s more difficult to stick to a diet that works for your business, is fun to do, and can be sustained over the lifetime of your online business with growing returns.

    So what is your SEO diet?