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  • Innovations in Mobile Phone and Gadgets to Hit the Market in 2019

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    Bygone is a year packed with the release of many top-notch mobile phones and technology gadgets. From the Android featured latest Samsung Galaxy series to the iPhone XS, now 2018 draws to a fine close and what next in 2019 to hit the stores? There are a lot of discussions going around with the obvious 5G, and many expected and surprising changes in the technology industry.



    In every possibility, we can expect that the usual gadget leaders will launch their improved and innovative flagship phones again. Some known information goes like:


    • Motorola may come up with selling the 5G models of their top featured phones.
    • Royole FlexPai may be the first of its kind, genuine flexible phones.
    • A notch change can surely be expected from the latest Huawei imaged shared on official social media feeds.
    • Samsung A9 with the quad lens may set records in lens count terms.


    Let’s review explain a few trends in more details.


    Trends in 2019


    1. 5G phones


    As discussed above, Motorola may be the first to come up with the featured 5G mod on its top models on sales. Many may be still struggling for the 4G or LTE speeds at many parts of the world, but 5G is hitting anyways. Even though the network infrastructure for 5G is still at the early stage of establishment, phone makers have already started taking advantage of the USPs of 5G on their flagships of the year 2019.


    Even if it may not be possible to receive signals of 5G over the next year probably, seeing it on the feature list of your next smartphone may become a necessity. Most of the biggest brands in the smartphone industry have already confirmed their plans to introduce 5G ready phones in 2019. Major among them are Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, Huawei among others. Apple as well as Google remains tight-lipped for now, but there is no other go than joining the bandwagon soon.


    What 5G offers when phones and the network are ready for the show is lightning download and upload and also more network capacities. So, it may be highly unlikely that you lose signal when in a crowd or fail to get connectivity when in a stadium or metro station.


    1. Foldable phone technology


    We have seen Royole FlexPai already at a price range of $1500+, which can be called the first genuinely flexible smartphone. They may be chunky and expensive initially, but we can very much expect more of foldable phones coming out in 2019. Samsung already released the prototype of their foldable phone. Huawei also announced during their launch of the latest Mate 20 model that the company is working on foldable models which will be unveiled in 2019. All these points to the fact that there will be a tight race in this sector in the coming year.


    To start with discussing what are archetypes, we may see some models in the CES in January 2019; however, these phones may be focusing on the elite class with too expensive price tags. The major advantage of folding technology is obvious, larger screen based on your needs, tablet or PC style experience when the device is open. Otherwise, the pocket-friendly form factor for your phone purposes.


    Some models like Axon M from ZTE do have these foldable phones, but with a hinge in the middle. However, the future generation flexi-phones are not that, but displays which can genuinely bend without any hinge in between. Android next version will also support screens which can alter in size, but it may take a while before Apple may dip into this pool.


    1. Evolution of notch


    The latest update by Huawei on their social media page suggests that there is a notch change coming. Up to now, front display notch was not something the smartphone manufacturers were not giving much importance before the introduction of iPhone X. However, now it is there everywhere. You can see Samsung, which held off notch until now has also been showcasing their new models in progress with notch ideas, which may be there in their flagship models of 2019.


    The fingerprint sensors may be moved to the back panel or may get replaced with Face ID, however when it comes to the front-facing camera, there is a cut out necessary. Phone models like OnePlus 6T etc. have already reduced notch down to nearly nothing, and Huawei may be soon debuting a model which features circular notch surrounded by a screen. Handset makers may do more innovative experiments too with notch types and various positions over 2019.


    However, next year may be the last hurrah for the notch, even though the spotlight time for this had been brief. Many manufacturers are working on technologies to embed fingerprint sensor also under the front screen, and it won’t take much time for the cameras to be hidden that way, which means there is no need for the notch at all.


    1. Multiple camera lenses


    Samsung A9 is already out with the quad-lens camera, which may be soon overtaken by others in terms of lens count. With some paucity in smartphone features year to year, it can be expected that manufacturers, in 2019, maybe more focusing on the camera lenses in which there is still a lot of room for some big jumps to be made. First, we saw dual lens cameras and then triple, now a quad, next to wait and see.


    We’ve already heard speculations that LG is trying to the patent camera with 16 lenses (hexa-lens), which seems to be that the major players in a smartphone are going to keep on adding lenses to the back panel until they utilize the entire space left.


    So, where an all these lenses get into? They make up for lack of the physical depth on camera technology and adding more features like background smoothing, optical zoom, shake-proof measures, and more quality HDR reproduction by taking inputs from various lenses than relying on just one. Google also is a major holdout in this by using the most advanced image processing technology for their Pixel phones. If the LG hexa-lens camera is coming out in 2019 on a flagship phone, it will be capable of taking a series of shots from different angles, and it will also be able to produce a range of motions effects and 3D impacts too.


    Along with these, we may also expect the introduction of the latest Android Q also by the end of the first quarter of 2019, which will further bring in a host of improvements on the operating system and software side too. We may not be surprised to see some of the most innovative smartphones software versions getting released in 2019 rather than the hardware side.

  • 5 Differences between Internet Marketing and “Traditional” Marketing

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    The secret to effective Internet marketing is simple. It’s even rooted to traditional marketing principles that have been used for decades. It is all about knowing your audience, targeting them, and making sure that your branding or corporate identity shines through, such that your website serves as the central hub and an extension of your advertising campaign. Online marketing is essentially yet another new medium no different from television marketing, print ad marketing, banner marketing, poster and flyer marketing, and so forth. As with any advertising and promotion medium, you need to adjust and familiarize yourself with the norms and quirks of dealing with online promotional tactics specifically.

    • Putting your marketing directly into the hands of the online marketer is now possible thanks to the simplification of the marketing process through the Internet. You now have direct control over how your campaign will be run because there are fewer middlemen to deal with. Unlike with television, wherein you have to pay for competitive time slots and whatnot, online advertising and promotions allows you to compete without having to pay for an arm and a leg and without dealing with the capriciousness of channels or show runners.
    • You’ll also deal with fewer people online when marketing compared to when you’re advertising via newspapers (editors and whatnot), posters and print ads (poster makers, the people running the printing press), banners (you have to deal with your local municipal government to get clearance for the billboard you’re putting up as well as pay ad space from the ones who made those high banners in the first place), and so on and so forth. Online promotions are more direct and in-your-face, in a sense. The amount of control you have over these marketing tools is part of what makes them so special and sought after, aside from the fact that they’re cost-effective to boot.
    • At any rate, the components of Internet marketing are as follows. First, there’s the blog. It’s the part of your campaign that enables you to share information and data to your consumers in a personal level to earn their trust. Blogs are no longer simply a means to give out updates. They can also be used to house interesting articles, tips and guides, and other relevant industry information for business promotion. You can use it to deliver your advertising copy or subtly inform your readers about what’s going on in your site. Meanwhile, the social network serves as your means of spreading your marketing and advertising in a viral manner among a significant user base.
    • To take advantage of your social network marketing, you’ll need to do as the Romans do and fit in with the environment you’re in. If you’re in Twitter, learn to use the hashtag; if you’re in Facebook, regularly comment on Facebook updates or share relevant information among your fan page followers. The reason for this is because it’s the nature of social networks to measure popularity by follower, friends, or circle counts; the more connections you have, the more chances you have of promoting your wares to a given social media site, whether it’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn,  Tumblr, Pinterest, Plurk, Reddit, and so forth.
    • Your website is what you should make use of to bring all these elements of advertising and promotions together. If you have a blog, its main purpose is to essentially bring avid readers and researchers to your website to see if they’re also interested in purchasing your goods or services. If you have a social media account, the bottom line of having one is to make them visit your site or at least be aware of your brand and corporate identity. Every last marketing component are mere extensions of the promotional central hub known as your website.

    About the Author:

    Colin comes from a family of marketing experts so it’s not surprising to see his success in the field of online marketing and advertising. He now runs his own agency. To know more about him visit his blog.


  • Is SEO Dead or Alive After Google Panda and Penguin

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    We are most concerned about the people (or things) we care for. For instance, our car, spouse (perhaps in that order too).
    As an SEO professional, I find it very heartening to see such all round concern for the future of the SEO company. Every time Google so much as sneezes (read makes an algorithm update), there is widespread concern that this is the end of SEO and yet surprisingly SEO bounces back only to be declared ‘dead or dying’ when the next updates are released.

    Is SEO Dead Post Google Panda and Penguin?
    Admittedly, Google Panda and Penguin have had a bigger impact on search rankings than some of the other algorithm changes by Google.
    And they have shaken a few of the firmly established rules of the SEO game. Panda is a more content focused update, while Penguin concentrates more on link spam. This Penguin analysis by Microsite Masters shows the various link building practices to avoid in SEO if you want to be Penguin compliant.
    The bottom line is that SEO game will continue to be played, albeit with changed rules and guidelines.
    So the obvious conclusion – SEO is not dead. It lives and like Darwin said in his seminal work, ‘The origin of Species’, it needs to adapt itself to survive in the changed circumstances.

    Changed SEO Rules in the Post Panda Penguin Era (Which means Now)
    Let us look at some areas where SEO strategies need to be different now as compared to before:
    1. Optimized Press Releases
    Keyword optimized press releases were an easy way to pick up thousands of back links, which would impact your website’s search ranking. But post Penguin, Google is very particular about the relevance and quality of the links and numbers don’t matter much. Also if you are putting same content across various media in the web, the issue of duplicate content comes alive, making you susceptible to the Panda penalty.
    So the take home is you need to have control over where your press releases actually end up and you also need different versions of the content for different media. Work with reputed PR directories like PR Web, Marketwire etc. Click here to learn some more about Penguin and Panda smart SEO press release tactics.

    2. Article Marketing
    Article marketing was a favorite SEO strategy as it could generate unlimited back links, made possible by high tech software programs that ‘shot’ out the articles to thousands of article directories at the push of a button. And the general thinking was that so long links are coming by, content does not matter. Not so any more. The quality of both content and links are paramount now.

    3. Quick Fix SEO
    The holy grail of SEO- link building was till now quite easy to achieve with link buying, link exchange programs and numerous other shady techniques. And considering that Google Penguin is very strict in terms of what is ‘acceptable linking’, quick fix SEO now quickly goes out of the window. Read the views of 13 link building experts on how Penguin has changed this important SEO tool. The point they are making is that link building as SEO still exists, only it has changed.

    The good news is that SEO has not been killed by Panda and Penguin. In a sense SEO is immortal. So long as search engines exist and people use them to search for things online, SEO is the only tool you have to get your website up there at the top. Long live SEO.

    This post was written by Yasir Khan, passionate SEO consultant who genuinely believes that SEO is stronger than Panda and Penguin and any other Google update. Yasir is the founder of Quantum SEO Labs and blogs regularly on SEO and online internet marketing.

  • Infinite Power of Search Marketing

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    We are all searching for something in life, whether it’s true love, fame and fortune, or money and power. A few people that search for meaning, passion and purpose will be the ones that will be able to give something back to this world, and will become leaders of the new economy.

    So The Search plays a pivotal role in human existence, and it’s The Search that drives us, and motivates us to reach newer heights. In the same way Search Marketing can play a pivotal role in the success of your online business.

    Other forms of advertising and marketing are now being seen as intrusive and aggressive by the consumers and this trend will continue. Advertisers end up spending a whole lot of money, and consumers have to unnecessarily suffer in-the-face campaigns that tell them what to do, and what to buy. It’s a no win situation for both parties.

    In Search Marketing you not only sell what your customers wants, but you also sell it while they are actively looking for it. So it’s the customer that chooses you at their own time, convenience and when they actually need you. Now this is a very powerful marketing tool for an online business if they knew how to make themselves easily available to this customer.

    There are billions of consumers who are searching on the Internet. Do you know how many of them are searching for a product or service like yours? Normally once I give the hard numbers to clients, they are often amazed at the number of people that are actually searching for something they are already marketing.

    What’s even more amazing is when I tell the clients what keywords people are using to reach a product or service like the ones they are offering. Once I arm the client’s with statistics, trends and numbers, they like any smart individual recognize the potential business (which they are not getting) out there.

    So what potential customers are out there searching for your Internet business? What keywords are they using to reach you? What is the traffic potential for those keywords? How much is that traffic worth to your business? How much are you willing to spend to get that business? What conversions are you expecting from your marketing efforts? Are you doing what’s necessary to get that business? Have you shortlsited a SEO expert who will help you achieve your goals?

    In finding honest answers to the above questions, you will find solutions to harness the greater power of Internet Search Marketing for your online business. Whether you are a home business, a house wife, an online maverick, a small business, a big brand, or a mega corporate, Search Marketing may be just what you need to get new customers, even in an economy that faces recession.

    The customers are out there and they are searching for you, but are you ensuring they find you easily! If this strikes a chord in you, then SEO or search engine marketing may just be the answer you are searching for.

    Dedicated to The Search (May we all find what we are searching for)