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  • How to create SEO content in a new way? Find out here

    Date: 2019.01.12 | Category: content | Response: 0

    The SEO content is something that should be user-oriented, writing for the right people matters the most like the people who are willing to read the content should be targeted. In today’s generation SEO is very important for every company as the companies need to cop up with the growing technology. Writing the right content to the right people is mandatory in order to take your writing at the premium level. SEO is the process of bringing traffic on the website.

    The following tips will help you to know more about the new way of creating the SEO content:


    1. Writing for the right people

    Writing the content for the right people is very important as you need to focus on the people who would genuinely like to read the content that you would provide. You need to focus on the keywords that the audience will be searching. There are a few key searches that you need to keep in mind while writing the content. Those keywords are:

    • Who is the audience that you need to target?
    • What sort of information are they looking for?
    • With what purpose are they looking for that information?
    • What kind of keywords are they using to find that information?

    This is a bit complex, but once you understand it, it is way too easy. You need to break them into some easy factors.

    Research of the Audience

    You need to identify the audience who you think are looking for the same stuff that you are providing or offering. Finding the right audience is mandatory in order to make your brand more visible.  If you know the audience you can speak in their language and reach out to them.

    Research on the keyword

    Try to figure out the keywords that you think that your audience would search for your product; you should identify some keywords that represent your stuff.

    Research on the topic

    One needs to focus on the topic that the customers will be looking for. One must come up with some targeted keywords and the same.

    1. Focus on the readability

    One needs to focus on the content that he/she is writing as the readers would not want to waste their time on something that doesn’t make any sense. If the content is not based on the targeted keywords then only you can have the right people for reading the content that you will provide.  Design the link such a manner that the user when clicks in the link would want more to read the whole content. There are a few things that the readers are looking on an exact basis:

    • Clarity in the content
    • Logic in the content
    • Simplicity over the things

    If you want the readers to read the whole content,you need to write the content in a proper way that is easily understandable, and once you are able to write with clarity, more people will be reading the content which will help you in Google rankings.

    1. Write some deeper content

    Try to write the content that is deep and easily understandable, if you want your content to be read by various people you should write it with clarity. Deeper content could be created by following the below-mentioned stuff:

    • You can write the words in an extended manner like 2000 or more words.
    • Try to look out for the topics that focus on many all different topics and information.
    • Try to write the guides that are unique and ultimate.


    1. Focus on the speed of your page

    In order to make your user like the content that you are providing, you need to focus on the speed of your page. If the speed of the page is slow, the users may get frustrated and can leave the page at the moment. The page should be loaded with the content, and the speed should be faster so that the users can continue browsing the website. SEO is something that focuses on bringing the traffic on the page.  You can boost up the speed of your page by following the below points:

    • Search that how the speed canboost up on a website.
    • Take help from the SEO professionals or experts.

    5. Invest in the visuals

    In order to make the content more interesting, you should add images as adding the relatable images will make your content look more attractive and readable. Images added anywhere turns into a great perk and is always cherished by the readers as images make the readers follow the website and read all the stuff that is available on the website. Images are like a cherry on the cake if your content is not that good, but you have added the relatable images it will make the readers go through the content.
         6. The research should be original

    SEO content always needs to be followed in a manner that is original and practical. If you come up with something that is creative and is in a different way, you will be able to link more and more people with your website. With the help of Joel House Search engine Optimization in Sydney, you can make the website more visible and understandable at the same time, and it can give you an additional idea about the same.

    Bottom line

    In the above post, new ways and methods to create the SEO are mentioned, SEO is very important for everyone or you can get every company nowadays as with the changing technologies you to bring the change in your business. Hope the post was helpful to you and if you are looking for more information related to the same thing, you can go and check the other posts for more related information. These were some of the tips that will help you create the content in a new and innovative manner. You should use the keywords that define your company so that the users can easily find the stuff that you have on your website.

  • Optimizing your Video Content

    Date: 2009.01.31 | Category: optimizing video content, seo expert india, seo expert mumbai, video higher rankings | Response: 0

    We know that video content has far better prominence in search engine listings, and a couple of good quality videos (with innovative content), if promoted well, can generate traffic and affect your websites ranking for your keywords.

    The main reason for this is the wide popularity of video sites like YouTube, Meta Café and the likes, and search engines showing preference to video content rather than textual content. And yet, there are some important points to consider before you can go ahead and optimize your videos for search engines and promote them.

    Since universal search started favoring video content, many SEO experts started using videos as a strategy to get quicker rankings for keywords (some even with strong competition) that otherwise would have taken months to achieve, not to mention the hard work involved in optimizing the site, and building links. Now this is not an alternative to building your regular content and links, but rather an additional boost to the existing seo efforts.

    A simple method SEO’s use is to publish the video on their client’s websites and then upload it to sites like YouTube. When a search engine would find the same Meta tags in YouTube, as that of a video hosted on the client’s site, it would pass on some link juice immediately, impressing the client to no end to see his video ranked top for his keyword.

    But keep in mind, video content is treated like any other content as far as search engines go, and things like having your keyword in the Meta tags, Title and the Synopsis is equally important. Since the search engines cannot understand the content of the person speaking in the video, they look into the title, the Meta tags, and synopsis of your video to take clues as to what the video is about. One good idea is to create a text transcript of the conversation of the video on that page as well.

    The title of the video needs to be given a lot of prominence! Other than ensuring that your keyword/ keyword phrase is included in the title, you have to create a title that is captivating enough so that users come watch it (and recommend it).

    Now that you have your videos optimized, the next big question is “where to host your videos”? Well that would depend on what do you want to achieve. If you are looking at increasing the traffic to your website, then it’s better to host the video on your website first before submitting to the big video sites. But if your objective is to spread brand awareness and want to create a viral, then you can safely host it on sites like YouTube.

    Once the optimized video is live, then the next step is to build some links to your video content. You must think the video content you have created is very useful to the users, so why not announce this across social bookmarking sites, and even sites like Twitter. The more users like your video, the more traffic will reach your website.

    One word of caution; you could find yourself in a situation where you are battling with your own content. What this means is that if you host a video on your site, and then submit the same video on sites like YouTube with the same title, and Meta tags, you could find yourself competing with YouTube for your keyword. Since YouTube has much more credibility than your site, it could happen that your content gets lost somewhere in search listings. To avoid this you can upload the video with the title and Meta tags around your primary keyword on your site, and then tweak the title and Meta tags of the video around another secondary keyword you want to target before you submit to sites like YouTube.

    A lot of automatic video submission software’s are becoming popular, and sites like Tube Mughal can submit your video to hundreds of video sites instantaneously. This can be very useful in some campaigns where a viral effect is what your desire. The main problem with automatic submissions is that you cannot control the title, and Meta tags of your submissions, and if you are looking at using video as a tool to boost and increase search rankings, then a more careful strategy needs to be adopted.

    Well I hope you have enjoyed this post on optimizing your video content.