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  • How to use Paid Link Building effectively in your SEO campaign?

    Date: 2010.04.23 | Category: expert seo, paid link building | Response: 0

    There has been a lot of debate over the last two years on the pro’s and cons of paid link building. While I strongly believe that there is no short cut to building lasting value and relationships on the web, paid link building somehow found its way into my SEO strategies.

    It all started a couple of months back. I have been a strong advocate against any paid form of link building from the very beginning and for those who have been reading my previous posts (thank you) would have noticed that. That particular day was a crucial day for me. I was scrambling on the net searching for a way to boost a certain keyword for a certain irate client.

    I am sure many SEO experts who read this will be grinning ear to ear – it sounds all too familiar.
    “Over the last couple of months you have been building great content focused around the keywords you have been targeting. You have been diligently syndicating that content across relevant article sites, and promoting the same across social bookmarking sites. You have been steadily getting user votes for all your content making those links permanent.

    You have created a SEO strategy in tune with the new link variables – relevancy, consistency, diversity, progression, participation and age of links.

    You have been varying your content each month – keeping it original, informative and entertaining. From articles, case studies, press releases, white papers, FAQ’s and how to articles, to innovative videos about your vision/ brand/ product/ services.

    You have created the right syndication channels for each type of content you have been posting for optimum visibility and building quality links back to the right pages of the website.

    You were also running campaigns in specific social bookmarking sites each month to boost certain keywords. For these campaigns you have been getting 12 to 15 other users to vote up/ thumbs up/ review / comment on your content making that story hot.

    You have also been promoting your content across relevant social media sites. You ensure you have built a good personal and professional network around the content. And that network is growing daily.

    You have also been consistently building other good links from relevant web directories, .org and .edu sites, press syndication sites, news sites, and other such sites.”

    Wow, that’s sounds like there has been a lot of work that’s been done here.

    So why was I scrambling for additional links and power?

    Welcome to the world of the SEO expert. Even with the best of the efforts and wisest of strategies sometimes we SEO experts fall short of the promises we make. So we scramble for a new strategy, a new technique, a new website that will magically give us that additional power.

    I will Pay for Power

    I used to think that sites that “sold” links would be sites that would not be able to give back any real SEO value. And plus, why the hell should I pay for links when I can build them for free. A good argument indeed!

    Sometimes desperation leads to despair, and sometimes it can lead to a revelation – as it did in my case.

    The 3 links that I purchased did the trick in 15 days. The rankings were up and the client was super excited and filled with renewed vigor.

    Keep in mind “age” of links is an important factor in search rankings, so around 2-3 months should be given to check the value received from that link. Luckily all I needed was a boost, so 15 days did the trick.

    The trick is to use it in the end

    So while I will still not advise clients to pay for their links, every once in a while, I use this strategy to boost certain keyword pages. Most premium links are expensive with monthly payments to maintain those links, so be wise while choosing the links you pay for.

    Two important factors for an expert seo while considering which links to buy other than page rank and cost of link – relevancy and power of local links.

    The trick is to use paid link building only after around 5-6 months of implementing value based SEO strategies.

    So now you can enjoy the best of both worlds!