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  • How selecting the right SEO company can affect your online business?

    Date: 2019.01.09 | Category: right seo strategy | Response: 0

    If you have started a new business and want to promote it, then there are many options available to choose from. You can pay for the advertisement expenses or hire the digital marketing services. The trend of hiring digital marketing services is increasing day by day due to plenty of reasons. You can easily hire SEO services for your business and then it will help you to get the effective results in a short period of time. You can’t make the efforts as like the professionals because they have a great experience and knowledge in this field.


    The experts are well trained, and they know very well that what types of strategies they should use to enhance the ranking of a website. Most of the people are hiring the professionals to reduce the numerous issues that they are facing. The experts have good knowledge, and they can easily make a new website look attractive to the visitors. It can also help the business to increase their customers and also for many other reasons.

    Hire the right SEO Company

    There are thousands of SEO companies present on the internet but choosing the right one is not as easy as you think. Most of the companies are trustworthy, but some service providers are not reputed. It is the reason that you should do a proper investigation on the internet to find a reputed company. If you are still confused about how to pick the right service provider, so you need to follow some quality tips. Check out the tips that have been given in the further post.

    1. Site evaluation guide

    First of all, check whether the company is offering a site evaluation guide or not. It is the important thing that you need to keep in mind in order to make a final decision. With the help of hiring the reputed company, you can get a report about the design, ranking and the other factors related to the site. You can get all these details with the help of the website audit. After getting this report, the experts can make the best efforts to make improvements to the site of their clients. In this way, they can make your site look attractive with good quality design and content.

    1. Tools for keywords

    When you hire a company, then there are many essential details that you need to check out once. You should check which types of tools are used by the company that you are going to hire. It is also important to check the methods or strategies used by the experts for the keyword evaluation. You should check out the tools carefully, and then you can make your choices with ease. Try to pick the company that is using the best tools for the evaluation of the keywords. Do the research properly, and then you can find the right company to hire.

    1. Fee and charges

    It is really important to consider the fee which the SEO Company is charging for their services. You should always check out the cost structure before going to hire SEO services. Some companies are charging high cost, but it doesn’t mean that they are offering the quality services. You need to consider your budget and then check out the rates and charges of the company. If the charges and fees are suitable for your budget, then you don’t need to think anymore to hire the experts. Keep your budget in mind and then hire the services accordingly.

    1. SEO techniques

    The important thing is to check the strategies and techniques used by a company to raise the ranking of a website. Some of the companies are using the wrong methods to improve the ranking of a website. Well, it is not good to hire these types of companies because it can also affect your reputation among the customers. It is important to hire experts who are using effective techniques and methods. You need to check out the experience of the staff before making your final decision for hiring SEO experts or professionals.

    1. Guarantee of the performance

    You shouldn’t hire the experts by choosing them on a random basis. You need to check out the quality of the services before going to hire SEO experts. You should also check whether the experts are providing the guarantee of their performance or not. Increasing the traffic to a website is not a piece of cake, and it is the reason that most of the companies are not offering any guarantee. If you want to secure your investment, then you need to look for a company which is offering the guarantee for the results. It can also help you to gain a good number of customers for your business.

    1. Online reviews

    Reviews are the best method that can help the people to know about the feedbacks of the clients about the services of the company. Before hiring Triple Agent SEO Toronto, you need to check out the reviews carefully. Many people are providing their feedbacks after availing the services of a company. You should check out the feedbacks once to know about the services of the company. With the help of checking the reviews, you can decide whether to hire experts or not. It can also help you to find a reliable service provider.

    In addition to this, there are many other factors which you need to take into account for hiring the SEO services. Check out all the tips mentioned above and follow them to hire the experts to avail the best SEO services.

     Wrapping things up

    Hiring SEO services can help a company to grow faster and also to reach the customers from all around the world. It is also an effective solution that can assist the businessmen to achieve their goals. With the help of the reputed company, you can avail the best services for your business at affordable rates. In this way, you can also effectively promote your business.

  • SEO Expert Explains Optimization of Website for Mobile Search

    Date: 2011.11.29 | Category: right seo strategy, seo expert, seo expert consultants | Response: 0

    Mobile search is increasing rapidly in the market and has its own rules that are totally different from the rules of traditional desktop search. Thus it becomes important for SEO experts to adapt mobile searches requirements and there are many points to be considered while optimizing web portal. Users in any part of the world search for a product in mobile through shorter key phrases or keywords. So SEO experts think of one or two words key phrases if they are optimization a site for mobile search. Whenever users access their mobiles to search for products then they will look out for stores that are close to their places. In other words the searchers on mobile target mainly local places that are they look for things in the neighborhood. Daily news, weather, sports results, latest information are among the popular mobile search categories and these are related to location as well as time. It is mandatory to optimize a website with such categories so that the mobile search visitors are able to find the site.

    SEO expert can also suggest a business company to have separate versions such as desktop and mobile for its site. One has to rank sites in top three positions of search engines page for mobile search optimization. In order to bring in more traffic on a site from mobile search SEO experts has to submit the URL of the site to mobile portals and directories online. Also the directories where site URL is submitted must be related to business of the company. There are some mobile standards that are needed to be followed in order to make the spider crawl site pages. SEO consultants refer W3C guidelines to check the mobile standards and use software to convert sites into mobile format. Meta.txt is a special file which is indexed directly by spiders of search engines even if rest of the site is not accessible. In Meta.txt file one can add keywords and descriptions to have a greater effect in mobile search market.

    Make use of shorter texts as mobile users do not have time to read lengthy pages. Typing efforts can be saved by predictive search which is very popular with mobile searchers. Apart from getting visitors to the site, regularly look your site display on mobile screen and if it is distorted then the visitors will run away.

  • Hiring Of SEO Friendly Designer By SEO Expert

    Date: 2011.11.22 | Category: ask the seo expert, right seo strategy | Response: 0

    Without a web designer it is not possible to create a site. Each and every web designer has own thoughts of creating a design for a web portal. Thus web designers can be a real pain whenever SEO is concerned and do not expect that the site of any business will rank well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If SEO expert do SEO for any business on its own then there is a possibility of achieving rankings in search engines. On the other hand it is important for designers to follow SEO rules and this will help SEO expert to attain good results for the business in an online market. The hiring of SEO friendly designer becomes difficult for any company if SEO expert does not have knowledge in SEO. Before selecting a designer it is important for companies to look at SEO tutorial and SEO checklist.

    There is a checklist that will make SEO for a web site a real disaster. Many web designers think that flash is very artistic and gives a better site look. As HTML sites rank well in search engines it is must to use HTML version of flash site. The designers develop very few links for the web portal and this result into less number of back links to the homepage. Other mistake designers make for SEO site is that they do not provide anchor text for links which further impacts the rankings in a negative way. Messy code is not accessed by search engine crawlers and due to this cleanliness of code is an important criterion for SEO. Similar to flash files Google, Yahoo and Bing does not like JavaScript files. The web pages will not be indexed by search engines if these consist of JavaScript files. It has been noticed several times that companies stuff keywords and use other techniques to artificially inflate the rankings of the site but this bans the site from search engines.

    During the development phase of a web portal it becomes necessary for coders not to add dynamic URLs which are not good for SEO. The designers must follow the guidelines of SEO and then design a site or else gain knowledge from SEO experts. If the company wants to achieve its reputation in online market then it is must for it to hire SEO friendly designer.

  • SEO Games VS SEO Game Plan

    Date: 2009.07.27 | Category: nevil darukhanawala, right seo strategy, seo expert | Response: 0

    We all like playing games, don’t we? Playing games is great when you are young, but even as adults we continue to play games that adversely affect our lives, work and relationships. Like in life, in the SEO world too, we get many chances to stop playing games, and instead create a game plan for success.

    In SEO mistakes can be costly, and yet I see people everyday taking such foolish chances that could drastically affect the future of their online business.
    In SEO, time is money, and yet I see people everyday wasting time chasing a “high”, a “quick fix” or a “quick payout”, rather than working on developing a long term SEO strategy that creates value, builds a strong link, web and social reputation, creates a buzz, and attracts targeted traffic that can lead to conversions.

    We know this, so why do we still continue playing unnecessary games?


    The biggest reason we play games is ignorance. Would you hand over your company, product or service in the hands of a computer geek sitting in a far corner of the world? Then why are the same considerations not given to your online business.

    SEO experts need an understanding of branding, marketing, content generation and technology, including understanding of search engines, best SEO practices and analyzing user behavior patterns from the past amongst other skills. Many clients have the wrong ideas and perceptions about SEO, and these wrong ideas eventually end up proving costly and a waste of time.


    We play games because we expect some ‘payout’ from playing the game. After all it’s about winning, isn’t it? Yes when you are in sports arena, winning is the goal, but wrong expectations from your SEO campaign can lead to frustration and eventual failure.


    We play games because we lack the patience to sow and reap at the right time. A farmer knows he has to sow before he can reap. Only with consistent effort can the fruits of labor be enjoyed. If you are looking for short cuts in SEO, then your online business could get cut short.

    No Vision

    We play games because we don’t take the time to understand the bigger picture. We find comfort in the present, by chasing mindless goals of the future. If your online goals focus on “tripling traffic” without creating any value and a strategic roadmap to reaching there, it’s time to talk to a SEO expert who can assist you in creating a realistic road map to online success. A good seo strategy makes common sense, and business sense, otherwise it’s just nonsense.

    The Games People Play

    1. I know better!

    The search engines have given us guidelines to follow. We have heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, and yet everyday we see website owners, webmasters and even SEO professionals flouting the basic foundation principles of search engine optimization.

    Google SEO Guidelines
    Google Webmaster Guidelines

    2. Chasing traffic instead of “creating value”

    This one is a classic. When you focus on chasing traffic instead of creating real value, whatever you create (even if the rankings and traffic show dramatic increase), like a beautiful dream will fade away when the morning comes. When you focus your energies on creating something of value, that value goes on growing with each passing day.

    3. Buy instead of “Earn”

    Easy right! You have a wallet full of greens, and money can buy anything. True in many instances it can, but when you choose to buy rather than “earn” as the focus of your SEO strategy, be prepared to see the results drop when the money stops. That is not to say that all paid links are bad, but rather that the focus of the SEO should always be towards earning links by creating value. Search engines can identify which links are paid and which have been earned. Natural links are “earned”, and the search engines definitely prefer natural links over paid links.

    4. Compete, instead of plan to Succeed

    Competition brings out the best in people, the worst in people. True! I beg to differ. If your SEO strategy is focused on beating the competitors, a lot of time is focused around what your competitors are doing or not-doing. Is not success based on enhancing your brand, products, services and value offering? Don’t get bogged down with search rankings of your competitors, rather focus on what you can do differently, and enhance the value you provide every single day.

    How to stop playing Games?

    You can stop playing games by creating a SEO game plan. A SEO game plan is founded on principles of creating value with intent of making it visible across relevant web, user and social communities for higher search rankings, traffic and conversions on your website.

    The Right SEO Strategy Ahead covers weekly and monthly strategies you need to be implementing for long term success of your online business. So stop wasting time playing games, and start work on your SEO game plan.

  • 5 “little known” Keys to Succeed at SEO

    Date: 2009.07.20 | Category: right seo strategy, seo expert, suceed at seo | Response: 17

    In knowing and understanding these 5 “little known” Keys, could lie the answer to succeed in your online business.

    1. Patience

    Unlike PPC and SEM where the results are quickly visible, SEO is known to take a long time before you can see any tangible results. We are talking about 4 to 6 months of consistent SEO effort, so “patience” is one of the qualities you must have for long term success of your online business.

    I have seen too many SEO strategies fail simply because the SEO client got frustrated with the process, and deciding to do something about it spoke to another SEO expert who guaranteed results quickly. A new SEO expert wants to promote their own strategies, and normally downplays the efforts of the past SEO to buy extra time.

    Don’t waste your time starting from scratch, choose the right SEO strategy, and stick with it!

    For those in haste to see results or increase sales, please use PPC and other paid forms of advertising. SEO is by no means for the impatient hearted.

    While the results of the PPC and SEM campaigns normally dwindles down as quickly as the campaign reaches its end, the results of proper SEO optimization and natural link building can be seen for a long time even after you have stopped the SEO activity.

    Of course that does not imply that the PPC campaign or the SEO campaign needs to be stopped, as we know that “consistency” is the next key to higher search rankings.

    2. Consistency

    What is consistency? Consistency simply means to take an activity of value, and repeat it again and again at specified time intervals. The reason consistency is so important for SEO is that both the users and search engines eventually know what to expect from you, and when they can expect it. But keep in mind that once you build expectations, its best you stick with it.

    I advise a weekly SEO strategy that forms the heart of the SEO campaign. So each week you can create exciting content, syndicate that content, and then promote that content across relevant web, user and social communities. Compliment this with a relevant link building activity each month and you have a great SEO strategy that focuses on creating valuable content, and making that content visible.

    If this seems like hard work, it is. If creating content is not a task that you wish to undertake, or outsource, then I advise not to focus on SEO only, but on other forms of online marketing as well. But if your intention is on creating value, then content is the way to go.

    There will be times when you feel like giving up, or postponing it to another day. Don’t, for we know now that “persistence” is the next key to online business success.

    3. Persistence

    We have been patient, and consistent in our efforts, yet sometimes the results we seek just evade us. Keep in mind search ranking is not a cause and effect, but rather a correlation of many parameters, so predicting search ranking behavior becomes rather impossible, even for the search engines themselves.

    This brings us to our next key “persistence”. Don’t give up! If you have been creating value consistently, then the results you seek are not far off. Even though search ranking behavior cannot be predicted, by creating value and being persistent, you will achieve your online goals.

    If you are still not getting the results you seek, then perhaps you need to look (re-evaluate) at your content for “creativity”.

    4. Creativity

    We are all part of a larger creative force. Perhaps that’s why we feel inspired by anything creative. While creating content for mortgage broking is more boring than creating content for an entertainment website, all the same, the principle of creativity applies.

    Who says an article about mortgage broking needs to be boring? Don’t think like a dinosaur, we all know what happened to them?

    Look around on Twitter, Social sites, YouTube, YahooBuzz etc. The stories that make headlines (voted by users) are the stories that are unique, have an interesting twist, or just presented in a creative way, and not necessarily the biggest story or best writing.

    So what makes creativity tick? It’s “passion” that’s the next key to everlasting online success.

    5. Passion

    While its creativity that drives your online business and search rankings, its “passion” that will fuel your efforts to leave behind a lasting legacy. No matter what business you are in, if you don’t find the passion in doing it every single day, you will eventually fail.

    They say that “hell” is our own making. Knowing and understanding the 5 “little known” keys will pave the way to online success.

    If you can’t find the “passion” in your existing business, then maybe you need to look within for your reasons to pursue this business. If you have found your passion, then finding a SEO expert who is as passionate about SEO will act as the catalyst to success for your online business.

    6. The Last Key

    I know the title says “5 Keys”, but I could not resist telling you about the final key for your success. The final key will open the doors which you had not imagined possible. This key is by far the most important, and yet this key lies within all of us.

    But I will not give this key out so easily. You will have to work hard to find your passion and creativity, and learn to be patient and consistent. You will have to learn to act now.

    If 10 people leave a comment on this page asking for the last key, I will share the last key, but that’s up to you guys and gals out there.

  • How to Earn Natural Links with SEO?

    Date: 2009.07.18 | Category: right seo strategy, seo expert strategy | Response: 0

    If you read the above title carefully, the answer to building natural links has already been given. In case you still did not get it yet, then you will want to read further.

    First, what are natural links and why have they become so important?

    Search engines want to give the users the best possible experience and the most relevant results. In the early SEO days, link building (number of links to your website) was critical to achieving high search rankings. In the future, link building will be just as important, but the way the links are being valued by search engines has evolved.

    The new metric for “link value” is based on certain qualitative measures that are becoming more and more critical to long term online business success.

    Link Value = [Relevancy + Credibility + Participation + Diversity + Popularity]

    Is the site linking to your website?

    Relevant – Getting a link from a football ecommerce site for a Pets site is not relevant? Getting a link from the website of a Vet doctor is!

    Credible – Getting a link back from a new domain, or a website which offers little or no value, or a website/webpage that just has outbound links or from link farms is of NO value, even if they have decent page rank. Getting links from industry related sites, blogs, local associations or in the communities you participate in (article sites, social sites etc) is considered credible.

    Valuing you – Good websites reward users who participate in their community. The more you participate, the better reputation you have and better the link juice passed. Participating in select 10 to 15 article submission sites, and 10 to 15 social bookmarking/ social media sites, and 2 relevant blogs/forums is good. More is not always better.

    Diverse – Getting 1000 web directory links is NOT as good as getting diverse 200 links from relevant web directories, article sites, social sites, video submissions sites, blogs, industry related sites, forums, PR sites etc.

    Popular – Getting a link from a website that is popular with good traffic is better. This is just common sense. A relevant and popular site = targeted traffic for your site. I am not sure if there is any “link value” worth mention here.

    So the number of credible links from relevant and diverse web, user and social communities is one of the important parameters search engines are evaluating while ranking a website/ webpage.

    For a moment let’s get back to the title of this blog post “How to Earn Natural Links?”

    The operative word in the title is “Earn”. In the new link playground of the future you will have to ‘Earn” the links, and not buy, exchange, barter or trade for them.

    While buying, exchanging, bartering for links worked in the past, and your website is not getting penalized for it, sooner or later these links will become obsolete like the dinosaurs. The top search rankings will eventually be dominated by websites that are getting linked-too based on the merit of their content or value they provide.

    To earn links you have to create “reference worthy links” by creating content of value that the users will find informative, unique and resourceful. Creating 2 to 3 new blog posts a week, and syndicating and promoting that content across relevant social, web and user communities is a good SEO strategy to build natural links based on merit.

    The biggest bonus with creating great content (and making that content visible) is that webmasters around the world like linking to relevant and informative content as it benefits their users.