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  • Techniques for creating content that generates better viewer engagement

    Date: 2018.12.21 | Category: seo content services | Response: 0

    Communicating with the targeted audience by bringing them closer to businesses and brands for realizing the business goals is at the heart of any SEO marketing campaign. This leads to the creation of interesting marketing content from which the audience can gather information about businesses, products and services that are relevant and useful for them. The attraction of websites generates from the design and content,and when both work in unison, you get the best results in online marketing. While content is extremely important for communicating with the audience that includes customers, both current and prospective customers, it is equally important to ensure that the content is equally appealing to search engines so that it ranks well in search results. The dual purpose that content must serve enhances its importance for SEO.


    Blogposts are the best means of providing genuine information about your products and services to customers as well as for building brands. When you create quality content in which the audience finds enough value, they would not only consume it but also help to spread the good word so that others also take an interest in it. As the popularity of content keeps spreading, search engines take note of it and consider the web page or website for better ranking. 

    However, creating quality content and popularizing it is not an easy task unless you are aware of the techniques of using it appropriately for marketing. The experts at iMedia Mason, an SEO company, can guide you to get past the competition in the space of content creation and distribution. Their guidance will also help to address the issue of diminishing attention span of the audience because they know the techniques of creating content that creates better viewer engagement. Keep reading to know how you can do it without any trouble.

    Become a storyteller

    When you are creating content for your website, imagine that you are telling a story and structure the content in that fashion.  Stories are always attention-grabbingthatsustains the interest of the audience till the end. Adapt a storytelling style in the blogposts because people would find it very interesting and stay engaged until they have gone through the entire blogpost. This approach would address the issue of the short attention span of the audience and give you the opportunity of gaining their attention so that they listen to what you have to say. You can pick stories of inspiring people or incidents that have inspired you that the audience too would take an interest in. Sharing the experiences of the audience should give you enough ideas about creating engaging stories that become valuable content because of its ability to stir the emotions of readers.  

    Speak in the audience’s language

    Once you have decided on the style of content, you must pay attention to the type of language suitable for it. To get closest to the audience, you must speak in the language that the audience prefer and understand.  Researching about the audience will provide insights about the demographics like age, sex, gender, location etc. so that you can figure out the type of language of communication that would help to connect with them easily. 

    The way of speaking to senior citizens and Gen Y will be completely different,and you should set the tone of the content accordingly. To know what way of speaking would be suitable, something serious or casual, focus on the data you gather about the audience. Doing some keyword research clears your idea about the type of questions they are asking that helps to select the topic of the content.  By knowing the taste of the audience,you should be able to decide on the type of content- flat text-based content or videos and visuals what attracts them most.

    Problem-solving content

    Customers are keen to gather information that helps to solve some problems they are facing. Presenting content that provides solutions to customers’ problems is the easiest way to generate interest and win their hearts. Providing answers to a questionnaire that covers the problems customers generally face is an easy way to create engaging content because they find it very helpful. Even providing some how-to guides and links to some information resources are good for keeping viewers engaged. Remember, that the content must be valuable for customers while being informative at the same time. Stepping into the shoes of customers is the best way to judge what kind of content would be attractive to them.

    Create original content

     It is pointless to create content just for the sake of it because the audience does not take any interest in content that appears repetitive and lacks originality. Create content based on your own experiences so that these are original and interesting and relates in some ways to your business and brand with a personal touch.  It is not at all difficult to create original content if you stay committed to providing value to your customers by knowing what they are looking for.  You can focus on case studies and the results of data analytics that reveals something valuable that customers wouldenjoy as original content. Staying original goes a long way in providing better results in online marketing. Try to find out what is missing from the list that the audience is seeking answers for and it can provide valuable leads for creating original content.

    Stay away from using jargons

    The language of the content must be lucid and viewer friendly so that the audience feels like reading it. The content must appeal to the widest section of the audience for which it must be easy to read and understand. Choose the words with some thought so that the meaning is clear to all and avoid using jargons as much as possible. Acronyms and technical terms can be confusing and even if you use some jargons do not forget to explain it adequately.

     Judge the current trends and create content that goes with it because staying contemporary is an easy way to communicate with the audience effectively. 


  • 3 Superb SEO Trends In The Market That You Need To Be Aware Of

    Date: 2018.12.21 | Category: seo content services | Response: 0

    Technology is everywhere around you. Most items that are used nowadays integrate technology in one way or the other. This has made people so dependent on technology making it impossible to imagine a world without it. One thing that is undeniable is that technology has greatly improved businesses and the relationships involved. This is by allowing people who implement the right strategies to communicate better, defeat their competitors and earn more revenue. In order for technology to work for you, you need to evaluate which strategies are right for your company and which ones aren’t. However, one strategy that cannot steer you wrong if implemented properly is SEO. In order for you to get the most out of this strategy, you need to know the trends that are forever emerging when it comes to it. People are always looking for ways to make it better and more beneficial to businesses. Therefore, you need to keep up in order to know which trend you want to adopt from Punch SEO, a New York online marketing company depending on the type of business you do. Some of the trends in SEO that you need to be aware of in the current market include:


    1. Voice search growth

    Many mobile phones, tablets and even computers come featuring a voice search tool for example the Google Assistant. Many people have begun adapting the use of this voice search feature. This is because it is very convenient as it allows you to search for what you want even when your hands are occupied and you are unable to type. Voice search is also growing due to the emergence of voice activated devices such as speakers. These smart devices listen for voice commands and give results based on what the user wants. This has made it easier for people to get used to interacting with voice search features.

    1. Mobile friendly websites

    Almost everybody owns a mobile phone or tablet. Thus, most people no longer wait to sit on a computer in order to search for what they want. Instead, they do it on their mobile phones. Most young people are more likely to use their mobile phones on the internet than their desktops. Thus, in order to maintain visibility on websites, an emerging trend is mobile friendly websites. Websites are being created in such a way that they can easily be explored on mobile devices without any hiccups and they can also adapt to any screen size depending on your mobile device.

    1. Video and image search

    Thanks to fast internet speeds, strong signals, social media that is visual friendly and the desire people have to engage with pictures and videos, there has been a rise in visual online interactions. This is according to In order to satisfy this need, companies like Moodstocks have been started in order to increase the recognition of visual features in pictures and videos depending on what the user wants. This is in a bid to improve video and image searches. The growth of this trend is likely to revolutionize SEO because it will greatly and positively impact user interaction with images and videos.



  • Are you leveraging your content?

    Date: 2008.12.07 | Category: seo content services, seo expert | Response: 0

    I once wrote this great book that could have changed the history of the world as we know it today. Unfortunately it was never published so no one read it. Great works of literature and art would have been lost had it not been for someone appreciative who thought “hey everyone should be witness to this”. Well this may just be a pipe dream of a silly writer… but to be successful it’s crucial to get published and that your work is available across multiple locations and communities. The online world is no different. You can be spending hours and days writing and building great content but if it’s not published and promoted correctly across diverse web and user communities, no one would have read it. Don’t let it become your pipe dream! Imagine millions of pages of content shouting out to be visible. What can you do to stand out? Assuming you have done your SEO optimization and keyword analysis well, one is to build original, resourceful and informative content around those keywords, and two is to make that content accessible across multiple web and user communities. Not only will the search engines love you for it, other websites will send you requests to link back to your content, and users/readers will flock to see what new insights you have to offer. Search engines have two main criteria’s while ranking your page, the quality of your content and link backs to your content. If others (popular sites and user communities) deem your content valuable, and are ready to link back to your content, then search engines deem that content valuable. So good content focused around your keywords that is well syndicated and promoted will help you please the users and the search engines. So don’t be in a hurry to get your content published…have your content syndication and promotion strategy in place. So when is the best time to syndicate your content? How can you make each blog post count? Generally once I publish my content, either on blog post, or on my site, I immediately start submitting to article sites (top article sites generally take a few hours to few days to publish the content). Once I am done with article submissions, I use social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Furl, Stumble Upon, Blink List, Yahoo Bookmarks etc to promote my content to the user communities. I make sure I use interesting and catchy headlines to get their attention. I generally follow this cycle for each post or page of content I publish online. So make each page, each blog post, and each article count. Developing content can be handled in-house as at the end of the day you are the experts in your domain and understand your business best. In case in-house resources are not possible you can use the services of a good seo content services company or freelancer copywriters and article writers. Ensure that the person you hire is well versed with writing on various topics (if you can find someone with experience in writing about your domain, its good) and is familiar with SEO editorial guidelines. Quick Tips: 1. Post your content on article submission sites (it’s not treated as duplicate content) 2. Submit your content to social bookmarking sites to target user communities 3. Submit your content to RSS feeds 4. Build links to your content from diverse web and user communities So if you are building great content, and syndicating and promoting your content, then you will find many appreciative webiste owners who will think “hey everyone should be witness to this”. This, my friends is no pipe dream.

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  • SEO Expert Secrets: Going Beyond Keywords

    Date: 2008.11.19 | Category: ask the seo expert, beyond keywords, seo content services, seo expert secrets, seo expert tips | Response: 0

    We all know that keyword and keyword phrases are the foundation of the search engine optimization process, but today we will journey into a world beyond the visible keyword universe.

    Well let’s face it, the search engines are getting better and better at figuring out relevant and the irrelevant pages, and the bad one are slowly getting weaned out. Search engines use complex algorithms and methods like LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) to determine the relevancy and ranking of the page against the keyword typed by the user. Methods like LSI examine the content of the page as a whole, rather than trying to locate specific keywords placed strategically on the page (which has been prone to manipulation).

    This means that search engines do not require an exact match of your keyword phrase to find relevant pages. I am not saying that placing your keyword in the Meta tags, title, description, link text, heading tags and body content is not important for SEO, but rather that SEO experts will soon have to think beyond the standard keyword optimization of pages to achieve desired ranking results.

    What this means for your online business is that search engines will determine the relevancy of your page/keyword based on the content of the page as a whole using semantically close words, related words, similar phrases, and the relationships between the words to determine the relevancy and ranking for the page. At the end of the day, it’s anyone’s guess what the search engines will change or do next, but by following certain basic seo principles and good content practices you can safeguard yourself against.

    So it’s not just your keyword that’s important, it’s the right combination of all the words in your content that will matter eventually. Keep in mind the simple rule that the content of your page should have the right supporting context to support your keyphrase (s).

    While you don’t need to understand in depth the technologies and methodologies used by search engines, you do need to understand what impact they will have on your online business.

    So how does this affect your online business? It forces you to write more relevant and more compelling content. This is good for your business because you’ll have content that generates more traffic and conversions and it’s good for the search engines because it increases the quality of the content in their indexes.

    In your business is visibility in the search engines, targeted traffic and high rankings for your keywords important to you? Then you need to re-evaluate your seo content strategy and its impact on your search marketing goals.

  • Is Content the King?

    Date: 2008.10.23 | Category: seo content services, seo expert mumbai | Response: 0

    From a SEO’s perceptive I would like to start by saying that content is not the King. Its original and compelling content that’s worthy of an in-bound link that’s King. For those who are not getting the difference, one has just to look at all the badly written, unreadable, rehashed and duplicate content that’s available online.

    In the quest to create lots of content and related keywords to rank, online marketers somewhere forgot that content writing is an art to excite, educate, entertain and enable the readers, and not a marketing function.

    Even search engines say that eventually search rankings will be mostly about the quality of the original content on your websites and blogs.

    We all know that having well written content on your website or blog is a must if you are to attract and induce the user to read further, to try out a new service, or buy a product. If the users do not find the content engaging they will not return to your website or blog. So why is there so much bad content being created online?

    Some companies and individuals assume that they will create multiple pages of similar, rehashed or quickly written content to get top ranking for multiple keywords and then somehow convert that traffic into business by giving marketing links, banners, affiliates etc.

    In short their objective is to deceive the search engines and the users into believing that they have valuable content for those keywords and get the clicks.

    Creating content solely for the purposes of making multiple entry pages for keyword ranking may seemingly serve its purpose in the short run (much to my irritation), but search engines are getting better at understanding content and its perceived value, so those pages offering no value other that for the purpose of linking and advertising will be debarred.

    Eventually we will live in a world where instead of finding ways of fooling users and search engines, companies and individuals will be focus on creating real value and content for their users, where each click will lead to informative, well written and resourceful content, but till that day comes (ever hopeful) we will have to make do with some of the crappy pages of content online.

    Is well written content the same as optimized content or seo content?

    No, SEO content or optimized content is written and focused around a specific keyword that you want to rank. You follow all the rules you would normally follow while writing interesting and engaging content for your users, and in addition you also ensure that your keyword (maintaining ideal keyword weight) is evenly spaced across the content, nicely blending into your writing.

    One word of advice, before hiring the services of a writer who claims to have an understanding of SEO, or the services of a SEO content services company, evaluate whether the people who you will be working with are original content creators or online marketers.