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  • SEO Expert Discusses Ways To Promote Your Site

    Date: 2012.01.25 | Category: seo expert consultants | Response: 0

    The most important and inexpensive strategy is to rank web pages high in organic or natural searches for preferred keywords. Initially search engines send spiders to index web pages content and thus it is important to prepare site pages for optimal indexing. Unique Title tags must be assigned to each page in the web portal and this will help the users to know about the information provided in web pages. The title tags of pages in the site should be rich in keywords and are identity on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Description Meta tag is added in each page using the main keywords and key phrases that describes content of a web page. The maximum number of characters of each Meta tag should be about 150 characters with spaces and for title its 70 characters with spaces. The site of any business will be well on your way to better search engine rankings once the title tags and Meta tags added to web pages.

    The webmasters should include the keywords in the page headline and sub heads as these are considered by search engines. In order to target preferred keywords for any site, one has to position the keywords in first paragraph of body text in pages. SEO experts suggest designers to provide descriptive keywords to ALT or TITLE attribute of image tag. The keywords in the hyper links will always help the site to boost its rankings in search engines. SEO experts make navigation system of the site as search engine friendly for crawlers to find pages conveniently. If in case Google, Yahoo and Bing are not indexing any page then SEO experts always consider URL rewriting, sitemap or commercial solutions. HTML, XML sitemaps are created to index the web pages accurately.

    Create free listing for you local business on Google places for business, Yahoo local and Bing local listing center. Promote videos, images, audio content on the internet and create content appropriate to the business. Submit your site to key directories, request for reciprocal links, write articles, issue news releases and create blog to make your site popular in online market. Promote your site through social media communities, online forums, discussion lists, site bookmarking and viral marketing promotion techniques. Companies can try PPC ads which appear top or right of organic search engine results. Promoting a site is important today to get maximum returns from online market.

  • SEO Expert Explains Optimization of Website for Mobile Search

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    Mobile search is increasing rapidly in the market and has its own rules that are totally different from the rules of traditional desktop search. Thus it becomes important for SEO experts to adapt mobile searches requirements and there are many points to be considered while optimizing web portal. Users in any part of the world search for a product in mobile through shorter key phrases or keywords. So SEO experts think of one or two words key phrases if they are optimization a site for mobile search. Whenever users access their mobiles to search for products then they will look out for stores that are close to their places. In other words the searchers on mobile target mainly local places that are they look for things in the neighborhood. Daily news, weather, sports results, latest information are among the popular mobile search categories and these are related to location as well as time. It is mandatory to optimize a website with such categories so that the mobile search visitors are able to find the site.

    SEO expert can also suggest a business company to have separate versions such as desktop and mobile for its site. One has to rank sites in top three positions of search engines page for mobile search optimization. In order to bring in more traffic on a site from mobile search SEO experts has to submit the URL of the site to mobile portals and directories online. Also the directories where site URL is submitted must be related to business of the company. There are some mobile standards that are needed to be followed in order to make the spider crawl site pages. SEO consultants refer W3C guidelines to check the mobile standards and use software to convert sites into mobile format. Meta.txt is a special file which is indexed directly by spiders of search engines even if rest of the site is not accessible. In Meta.txt file one can add keywords and descriptions to have a greater effect in mobile search market.

    Make use of shorter texts as mobile users do not have time to read lengthy pages. Typing efforts can be saved by predictive search which is very popular with mobile searchers. Apart from getting visitors to the site, regularly look your site display on mobile screen and if it is distorted then the visitors will run away.

  • SEO Expert Discusses Optimization of Flash Sites

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    Flash movies divide SEO experts and Web designers and are real nightmare for SEO experts. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing cannot index the content inside a flash file. Thus it becomes important for SEO experts to insert some text inside flash movies. By adding text it is not necessary that these files will be indexed by search engines and it is very complex for Google, Yahoo and Bing spiders to understand flash movies in the website. Spiders cannot index a flash movie directly as they do with a page with content. Also they are not able to read inside a flash file as these come in propriety binary format (.swf) and always need assistance. The banners as well as other kinds of advertisements in the web portal consume lot of bandwidth and distract lot of users. Thus search engine spiders try to avoid them. If the full site is made of flash movies, then it is difficult for search engine optimization experts to expect high rankings for keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Text links in the web pages are used in SEO to build site navigation and flash movies must not be used to lead users from one page to another. There are several approaches which can make search engines to index flash files in a website. Flash development tools provide sections to add Meta data which is easily read by crawlers. Keywords related to the business of site are added in Meta data to achieve high rankings. SEO expert can suggest site development team to add more html pages so that users visiting web pages are not forced to watch flash related files. It is worth to create html pages but requires more work. Flash search engine SDK is a most advance tool that extracts text and links from flash movies. Once the output is written by the tool, SEO expert can check the content and correct it if necessary. During content check one must notice duplicate sentences and font color.

    One more tool SE Flash visually shows SEO experts about flash files visibility to search engine crawlers. This tool generates results that are totally different from the results produced by SDK. There are many other unclear approaches that can be applied for flash files optimization. On page activities include flash files optimization and is crucial for online businesses with web portals.

  • Use of Semantic Web with SEO by SEO Experts

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    Along with Search Engine Optimization, Semantic Web concept will organize and structure data in such a manner that search engines will come to know what we are looking for. In order to allow robots to have an easy access to the pages of web portal, SEO experts write clean and semantically correct HTML. The information architects display data in proper manner so that the users visiting the company site must have clear understanding of business. Companies hire SEO experts to apply SEO activities to their sites and get popular in an online market. With the help of on page and off page optimization, websites can rank well in search engines for popular keywords but the use of semantic web with SEO will be rewarding for the companies. For a new business there is lot of competition in an online world and it has become necessary for SEO expert consultants to have a good information architecture along with SEO activities.

    As the semantic web emerges today it has become important for experts to display RDF in every page and publish Ontology. Search engine optimization activities include meta tagging, URL analysis, link building, social bookmarking and more. SEO professionals make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach out more people in a competitive market. Apart from on page, off page and social media activities, a blog is developed for the company in an informative way and linked to the main website. Innovative strategies are applied and the way of marketing is changed by companies to get searched by people across the globe. Big firms get very less time to organize their web ports and thus hire strategic planning agency. If there are lot of authority sites linking to the website of the company, then the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing considers it a good website. The use of semantic web is basically a statistical approach for the web pages of the site and SEO experts can considers large number of words related to the business.

    The steps of semantic web includes building concepts, considering search engine elements, assigning page rank and getting into the mindset of people. It is the web of data through which the information on World Wide Web can be easily understood. Thus SEO experts use semantic web while applying SEO activities.

  • Success and Failure of Digital Marketing Depends on SEO

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    By SEO Expert India team –

    In order to reach customers across the globe, companies use all forms of digital advertising channels such as television, radio, internet, mobile, social media marketing and others. “Pull” and “Push” are the two forms of digital marketing and each of it has advantages and disadvantages.

    In Pull digital technologies, the users have specific link to view the content and can pull the content via web search. In Push method, the marketer has to use techniques such as Email, RSS and SMS to send the messages to the users. Digital platform supports the servicing and engagement of customers and includes elements such as mobile phones, sms, mms and banner ads. While developing digital strategy for the businesses, companies always consider search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing. The challenges in the businesses are identified
    with competitive and financial analysis.

    Good rankings on the search engine results and presence on the web can be achieved by SEO expert consultants. A person can ask queries through search engines to find important web pages and information on web. SEO is used as strategic competitive tool and changes the outlook of websites from being local to global. SEO enables web pages of a site to be on top of the reults in Google, Yahoo, Bing and create value for the business. Many firms today are reaching potential customers in a cost effective manner by applying search engine optimization activities to their web portals. Page rank of the site is important with respect to expansion in online market and it can be increased with on page and off page activities.

    Digital marketing manager will use direct emailing techniques, press releases, articles and social networks to make the site popular. But digital strategy is not considered a success without SEO. The businesses of the companies can achieve unique and maximum traffic from search engines in online market. Thus SEO is the crucial part of digital marketing process. The perfect SEO site of the business has sufficient link popularity, search friendly content, strong keywords research and other factors. If proper SEO technique is used for the website, then digital strategy is a success otherwise its a failure. To remain successful and competitive in fast pace digital marketing age, it has become necessary to develop SEO in a site.

  • SEO and Social Media for Online Marketing Success

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    By Seo Expert India Team

    The most powerful and cost effective method of marketing and growing business is the internet. The use of online marketing is increasing across the globe and optimization experts apply different strategies to drive sales for the firms. The online presence of any business will attract motivated buyers, traffic to website and gain more return on investment. Online marketing is not expensive, considered to be broad in scope and its study has become the primary method of conducting targeted research in every niche available. For success in a competitive online market, it is necessary for companies to use SEO and Social Media activities.

    In SEO, the experts perform activities such as keyword research, competitive intelligence study, traffic analysis and link building. SEO consultants use web analytics tool to analyze the traffic and performance of the web portal. The factors of the tool help the businesses to get rid of things that do not improve their online presence. Social Media is an online marketing strategy that allows connections, conversations and sense of community among its members. It is the blending of social interaction and technology for branding.

    The intertwining of SEO and Social Media creates more online presence for the business of the companies than they could ever do alone. The use of social media platforms exploded in last year has resulted into the growth of search and referral traffic. SEO experts believe that a major source of ranking for the search engines is social network.

    With the help of Facebook and Twitter, the end users are able to vote for content with their tags, ratings and clicks which are strong signals for search engines. Social networking helps the business of the company to connect with their audience and SEO is to drive targeted traffic to the web portal. Whenever the content related to the business is shared on Twitter, it looks better in the eyes of Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO consultants are making search engines aware of new content by using social sites and building large quantity of links on social sharing websites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and more.

    The cost of learning something new using the internet is much lower than going to a seminar. Thus companies are transforming their way of marketing and making use of online market with innovative strategies. Get found by people who are learning about or shopping in your industry.

  • SEO expert explains the use of SEO for your business

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    SEO is the process of improving the visibility of web page in search engines via natural search results. In this article, an SEO expert Nevil Darukhanawala explains the right SEO strategy for you business. The most vital part of SEO strategy is to create content and build quality links for each page of web portal. In order to give business a web presence, search engine optimization targets image, video, academic and local search.  The industry of consultants provides search engine optimizers to the clients who want to carry out optimization activities for their websites. The right strategy will enhance link as well as social reputation in the market that will result into more targeted traffic and conversions to the website. SEO tactics are incorporated into website development within the framework and guidelines for consistency of keyword rankings in search engines.
    Optimizing each page around a powerful keyword will eventually create hundreds of keywords and enhance the search engine rankings. Initially SEO expert consultants start with keyword analysis and discovery in order to research analytical, forecast and statistical data for keyword usage. For high ranking of selected keywords, services such as on page optimization, off page optimization, blogging and social media updates are carried out on regular basis.
    In on page optimization, a unique title, meta description and meta keywords is given by SEO experts to each page in a web portal. If required, additional keywords are added to the content of the pages to improve the visibility of domain name in Google, Yahoo and Bing. In off page optimization, the website is submitted to web directories and social book marking sites. Press releases and articles related to the business of the company are published on regular basis to achieve popularity and quality back links. Corporate blogs are created using the free hosting platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. Social media platform plays an important role for any business in the world and thus Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are set up for the companies. Along with this, the broken links are fix up by reviewing the pages of the site on weekly basis. The updates on the blog and social communities help the business to grow more in an online market.
    SEO experts also help the company to build its online reputation in a strategic manner. Thus the popularity of the site increases within country and across the globe. SEO is the most powerful tool to market your business.