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  • Mumbai SEO Expert Series – Success with Keywords (Part 2)

    Date: 2012.01.13 | Category: india, mumbai seo expert, seo expert, seo expert in india, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo expert mumbai, seo in india, seo in mumbai, success with keywords | Response: 0

    For those who have not read Success with Keywords – Part 1, I suggest you do that now, and then this article will make a whole lot of more sense to you.

    As I had promised we will continue our keyword discovery journey and try and find additional keywords that could drive business to my website

    A quick recap… My keywords list now includes Seo expert, seo expert mumbai, seo experts in mumbai, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo experts in india, seo expert in india, seo company mumbai, seo firm mumbai, seo company india.

    Now let me list out the seo services I offer:

    1. Keyword research
    2. Optimization services
    3. Content creation
    4. Link building
    5. Directory listing
    6. Consultancy services

    Now how would someone search for seo related content services? You got it, by searching for seo content services mumbai. I have added the location in the keyword, as explained in Part 1, so I won’t get into detail. In this way I can list out all the services I offer and create compelling keywords that the user would type to reach my website. The above list could have been created based on products I offered as well.

    As you can see, by adding the services in my keywords, I have created focused keywords based on services that I can actually offer. There is no point in targeting keywords just for the additional traffic and then having no value to the user on the link. The search engines dislike that, and many websites that capture keywords but have no content are soon being banned from the listings.

    My new list of keywords can now include: seo services mumbai, seo services in mumbai, seo services india, seo services in india, seo content services mumbai, seo content services india, seo link building mumbai, seo link building india, seo directory services mumbai, seo directory services india, seo consulting mumbai, seo consultants india.

    And the more competitive keywords would be seo content services, seo link building services, seo directory services, seo services. Generic keywords have lots of competition, and as in everything else with life, good things come only with time, commitment and patience. So while your local keywords start the ball rolling, always keep targeting the bigger pies of traffic.

    I have seen companies generally tend to start slagging in their seo strategy once they start getting good rankings for a few of the non-competitive keywords.

    There is no better way to say this…so I will say it straight out…forget about seo and your online business, if you plan to stay committed for just 3 months, 6 months, or even a year. Search engine marketing is a marriage and once you commit there is no turning back.

    It only takes a few weeks to undo all the good online business you have been doing for the past year, so make seo part of your integral business strategy.

    Don’t think that you have to focus ONLY on your products or services. What are your USP’s, something you offer and no one else can? What are your customers looking for when they come online? Give them the information they’re looking for, and you’ll be pulling in targeted traffic from keyword areas that you may never have considered before.

    And, most times, those keyword areas are much less competitive than trying to target your individual goods and services. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t target your products — only that you need to look at other avenues from which to pull traffic as well.

    The journey has just begun, and the path ahead is full of surprises and mysteries to harness the true power of your online business.

    In my next post in the Mumbai SEO Expert series I will explore the target audience I hope to attract and see what kind of keywords and keyword combinations come up…. (To be continued in Part 3)

  • Mumbai SEO Expert Series – Success with Keywords (Part 1)

    Date: 2012.01.13 | Category: india, mumbai seo expert, seo expert in india, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo expert mumbai, seo in india, seo in mumbai, success with keywords | Response: 0

    In the beginning, there was a word, and that word was KEYWORD.

    As a SEO Expert in Mumbai, I am often asked why I have “seo expert mumbai” appearing in some form or another in most of my blog posts, articles and my website

    In the two lines above lies the answer to that question. As a Seo Expert, I obviously want to excite any user or a company who is seeking the services of a seo expert or seo company on a search engine like Google to find me easily.

    And I, like any smart businessman want anyone typing seo expert in mumbai to land to my website or my blog post. The reason I have added Mumbai (location) is common sense. Since I am based in Mumbai, it’s highly probable I will more easily attract the users who want to find a seo expert or seo company in close vicinity.

    So seo expert mumbai is primarily a KEYWORD.

    It’s the KEYWORD that will drive potential customers to your website or blog that will translate into traffic, and eventually sales.

    Now I have clients in Middle East and in US as well, but having location in my keyword ensures targeted traffic from my city of business. Also, as any smart SEO expert would know, that targeting a common term like seo expert would be more difficult to achieve, as I will have to compete with thousands of other SEO experts worldwide for that keyword (of course that does not mean that I intend to give up).

    In fact it is one of my personal goals to rank No #1 for seo expert, but in the meanwhile why let good business get away.

    To demonstrate the power of putting location in your keyword when it comes to search engine rankings, type in seo experts in mumbai in Google, and my website appears on Rank #1, but only if you are searching from Mumbai, but would appear Rank #11 if you were searching from, say New Delhi or London.

    If you notice the individual keywords “seo” and “experts” also forms part of my domain name This is a key factor in achieving high rankings for a particular keyword phrase, i.e. get your keyword or individual keywords, into your domain name.

    For those who are cringing about now, thinking they already have a domain and it does not include the keyword, don’t worry, there are ways of getting around, one of them being, you can setup sub domains.

    E.g. is in the business of property development in Dubai. Now the primary keyword company ABCD wants to target is “Property developers in Dubai”. A sub domain can be set up like which would be great to get higher ranking for the keyword “property developers in dubai” in search engines.

    Simply put search engines rank sites higher which contain the keyword the user is searching for in their domain name. There are various other factors like optimizing each page around a keyword, building quality links and fresh content that will influence search engine rankings, but that’s another story.

    Another sub domain e.g. will target keyword “mumbai” which is a part of the keyword I am targeting seo expert mumbai, but not currently part of my domain name.

    Since Mumbai is located in India, it also makes sense for me to target users who are searching for seo experts in India, so we have seo expert in India as another important keyword.

    If I had an office in say London (feels good to say it), I would also have created a sub domain In this way I would have “seo”, “experts” and “london” in my domain…and a user typing in seo expert in London would find my website in search engine results (if I have done my page optimization around that keyword properly that is).

    So you can see how I started with one keyword seo expert mumbai, and additional keywords phrases got created in the process of writing this article.

    So as you can see, my keywords list has gone up a bit, Seo expert, seo expert mumbai, seo experts in mumbai, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo experts in india, seo expert in india, seo company mumbai, seo firm mumbai, seo company india.

    Notice that though the keywords above look similar, the search ranking for each of those keywords is different. You can never be sure what the user will type in to reach you, so identify longer versions of your keywords as well. A user searching for seo expert in mumbai, and if I am optimized for that exact keyword as well, rather than only seo expert mumbai, my page would be found higher in the search listing.

    I have also targeted mis-spelt words like seo exprt mumbai which means that even when a users mis-spells by mistake you ensure your website comes up. This is becoming soon out of date with Google suggest, and their new browser Chrome that suggests possible keywords based on each letter you type.

    This is just the beginning into a wonderful journey of finding the right powerful keywords that will generate business for you, where you start with one keyword, and eventually create hundreds of powerful keywords that become traffic funnels to your website.

    Having hundreds of focused keywords around my business would mean… you do the maths. Like I always say, I am not a SEO expert, I am just a smart businessman.

    In my next post in this series I will explore the services I offer and see what kind of keywords and keyword combinations come up…. (Continued in Part 2)

  • What’s in a Title?

    Date: 2012.01.13 | Category: mumbai seo expert, seo expert, seo expert india, seo expert mumbai | Response: 0

    Any SEO expert worth his salt will tell you that the title tag title (don’t neglect me title) is one of the most important tags for seo, and yet the most neglected.

    While explaining to a client about rich targeted keywords, traffic generating blogs, rss feeds, article submissions, link building and directory building, social networking and social bookmarking, wiki’s, youtube, adwords and other such popular SEO’s big guns, one tends to ignore explaining in detail about the little meta tag called title. So just how important is this title tag?

    Ask a journalist about the title aka headline and he will tell you it’s the most difficult part of writing a story for it can make the difference whether the story one so painfully wrote amidst the hills of Afghanistan, is read by the reader or not. If the headline does not trigger the reader within 2 seconds of reading it, they can choose to skip to a better story. It’s not that the reader would not have found the story itself interesting, it’s just there is an overload of information out there, and just 24 hours in a day, so it’s up to the journalist to captivate the reader with his headline. At the end of the day, no journalist wants to wind up having his mum and close related family as his only audience.

    How does this story translate when it comes to understanding the significance of the title when used in the virtual online world? In an online scenario a visitor enters his keyword phrase in the search engines text box for e.g. the user types in Seo expert in mumbai hoping to find a suitable seo expert in mumbai.

    Let us assume that using brilliant seo techniques, a seo expert, say like me, ensures that my website’s link comes up in the first three listing in a Google search. Now that quite an achievement, but before I can give myself a pat on the back, I have to see if the user is actually clicking on my websites’ link or not? If SEO opens the door, it’s the title tag what invites the visitor to come in to check out the goods.

    What conveniences a visitor to click on a website of a seo expert in mumbai who is listed on the 5 th place rather than a seo expert in mumbai who is listed #2 or #3 place. To understand this you have to understand the visitor’s mind when it comes to choosing a link they feel would satisfy their need of finding a seo expert in mumbai.

    Honestly there is no good way to find out what the visitor is thinking (probably about this bad ratings due to lack of a good seo expert) when they choose a link over another, but we have to do our best to find new and innovative ways to entice the visitor to click on your link, and not your competitors.

    The title tag is what the visitor sees in the search engines results page for e.g.
    When you search for seo content services in india on Google, you will find raked # 1.

    Now what do you see on the search results page.

    SEO content service in India at affordable rates! (This is my title tag)

    SEO content services India, is a team dedicated to delivering high traffic to your Web site? We, at SEO Expert India, offer SEO content writing services which keep both your customers, and search engines happy. (This is the description tag)

    So would the above title and description convenience you to click to my website. I would like to hope so.

    Notice how I mentioned affordable (people always like the price feel good factor) in both the title and description. Like price, time is also a good factor to include in title wherever applicable e.g. SEO content services 24 hour delivery. Asking the visitor a question in the title or description can entice the visitor to action as well, as in the modified example below:

    e.g. Do you need affordable seo content services in India? We, at SEO Expert India, offer SEO content writing services which keep both your customers, and search engines happy.

    I have ensured the keyword “seo content services in India” is present in the front and if possible again somewhere close to the end, in both the title tag and the description tag so that keeps the search engine happy.

    Be creative! A title tag should build curiosity, educate, offer value, put forth a question, or grab your visitor’s attention in any way. After all even the best written titles and descriptions if they don’t entice the visitor to click to your website are of little use. Try and build trigger to action for all keywords, it could include certain USP’s your product or service has, some highlighting benefits, or an offer to hard to resist.

    Once you have a great title and description, keep working on it, check your Google analytics to see which of your titles the users are clicking, and which of them they are not. Don’t be afraid to play around with different titles to see what works and what does not.

    Tips for choosing a title that captivates:

    1. Use copy that triggers certain emotions or call for action on part of the visitor
    2. Build the “what’s in it for me” factor into your title copy
    3. Create honest titles that are related to your sites content
    4. Keep the title around 80 characters and your descriptions around 200 characters.
    5. Spend as much time understanding the title, what will make it more captivating, and what will entice a visitor to click through.
    6. Build important keyword phrases into the title and description ensuring it still reads well

    While the above are a list of things you should be doing, there are a few things one should never be doing like keyword stuffing, where the keyword is repeated unnecessarily in the title and description just for the purpose of fooling a search engine. The search engines are smart enough to figure your little ploys, so unless you want your pages to be labeled spam, don’t stuff the keywords unnecessarily in your meta tags. Make sure you read the tile out aloud to see how it sounds. The visitors do the same thing, they read out your title in their minds, so if it makes sense to you, hopefully it will make sense to them.

    Also avoid using terms like “best”, “top”, “guarantee”, “world class” etc which are generally used in traditional marketing…in the online world there are a lot of useless guarantees floating and no one takes them seriously anymore. Certain words are stop words for search engines … basically they are words that add little or no value to the sentence like where, how, or, not, but etc. List of stop words available at

    In life we take the titles a bit too seriously, marketing manager, father, president of goofy club, great golfer, and many more.

    In seo practice, we need to take the TITLE, A LOT MORE SERIOUSLY.

  • SEO Guide to Article Writing

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    Have you ever though you could write on a subject you love, that many others would find interesting or even better, useful? If your answer is yes, then you could harness the power of article writing to gain reputation and credibility as an expert in your domain, other than gaining those, so hard to get, quality links to your website.

    I am not talking about reciprocal linking, which kind of reminds me of those childhood games, I will show you mine if you will show me yours, but quality links from authoritative sources that vouch for your credibility which would generally take thousands of dollars to accomplish (sorry to my dear friends from PR).

    We know that search engines are known to love content, especially content that many of their users will find useful, informative or just plain entertaining. So every now and then we sit down to write, and then a few hours later it slowly dawns on us that what we wrote is just plain incredible. By the next read we are convinced that the brilliant masterpiece we just wrote, is just what the world has been eagerly waiting for, so we create a new page for our website, or (if you are one of the smarter folks) a new blog entry. My blog entries rank far better than pages that I have personally optimized on my site and blog entries are surprisingly found by search engine spiders in matter of minutes most of the times (I wonder if there is a blog conspiracy behind this…maybe I can explore this in my next blog or article).

    As a general rule, search engines hate duplicate content for obvious reasons. What that means for you is that once you have created one page of content for your website, or a new blog entry, that content is basically useless anywhere else on the web. In fact you could get penalized if the search engines figure you have the same content on different websites. Now if you are like me, and can’t get down to writing every single day, you would want to maximize the exposure of your content across various channels without pissing off the search engines. Welcome to my world of lazy seo practices. The secret is to write one article and get it published in hundreds of article sites that are waiting to give you exposure. Articles are not considered as duplicate content, and the search engines will love you for it. You can also use the article to create fresh content for your own website and get others to link to your website. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

    The benefits of article writing:

    1. Increased visibility with every article published
    2. Increased online reputation as an expert in your domain
    3. Boosting your link popularity and link reputation (link building)
    4. Write once and get published in hundreds of article sites
    5. Reaching a wider market otherwise inaccessible to your website
    6. Appease the mighty search engines
    7. Gain favor with article publishers and their readers
    8. Start syndicating and leveraging your every article
    9. Upload article on your website, and submit link of your article to various article sites
    10. It’s for FREE, it can’t get any better!

    Where to submit your articles:

    1. Go to Google and type – “submit an article” “keyword phrase”
    It will throw up a list of sites that are accepting articles based on your keyword phrase. What is to be kept in mind is, keep the category of your keyword phrase broad so it throws up related sites that have an audience that could be interested in your type of content.

    2. Yahoo Groups, and Google Knoll are great places to publish articles on every imaginable subject under the sun. There are also various other directories that accept article submissions, and sites like ArticleAnnounce ( to get you started.

    3. Go to Creative Commons and complete the form to add a copyright notice on your articles and blogs on your Web site. (Sign up for Creative Commons Search here)

    4. If an article publishing site wants copyright for your article, make sure they pay big bucks for it. You may have written the article over a nice cup of coffee…but still it’s yours, and you would like to share your knowledge with the world (unless ofcourse its made worth your while)

    5. Make sure you submit your name, author bio, and a link to your website with every article you submit.

    But how does that help my company?

    If you are in a seo business like me, then writing articles gain credibility for both me as a seo expert, and also for my company’s website With every article I submit I am allowed to place my name, a little bio (in some sites) and a link to my website. So while I am building a following of readers from across various article sites who are interested in the learning about search engine optimization and search marketing, I am also giving them a link back to my website. This could mean business for my company. In addition a link to my website from a high page ranked article publishers site will do wonders for my websites’ rankings.

    What if I can’t write?

    Well you never know till you start! Otherwise get some good article writer to do the messy work while you enjoy the benefits.

    I can write but don’t have the time to submit it to article sites? 

    You can use the services of a good seo expert who will submit your article to the hundreds of article publishers within your target group.

    So what have I learnt from this article.

    It pays to write, it pays to be lazy, and it pays to become an expert!

    So START writing!

  • Seo Training Videos Link Building Series 9.0

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    Each video takes you a step closer to understanding “value based” link building, and why your SEO Strategy needs to be in alignment with the new link variables – consistency, diversity, relevancy, progression, participation and age of links.

    If you have not seen the previous videos from the Link Building series, I would advise you to do so now.

    Seo Training Videos Link Building Series

    Seo Expert Training Video Series Link Building 1.0
    Seo Expert Training Video Series Link Building 2.0
    Seo Expert Training Video Series Link Building 3.0
    SEO Expert Training Video Series Link Building 4.0
    SEO Expert Training Video Series Link Building 5.0
    SEO Expert Training Video Series Link Building 6.0
    SEO Expert Training Video Series Link Building 7.0
    SEO Expert Training Video Series Link Building 8.0

    Seo Training Videos Link Building Series 9.0

    In this video, I talk in detail about the campaign strategy. In this strategy once a month we take one of the keyword pages we want to power up and run a campaign in one social bookmarking site. The objective of the campaign is to get other user to vote up your content.

    The SEO Training Video Series

    Over 60 SEO Training Videos – covering various fundamental SEO principles, advanced content and link building strategies and ranking techniques for the best routes for higher rankings for any keyword/ any website.

    The SEO strategies I teach in these videos are what I am currently using to rank for my website, as well as for my clients from around the Globe. I currently rank in Google; No #1 for “seo expert mumbai”, No #4 for keyword “seo expert india”, No # 8 for the global keyword “google seo expert” and No # 6 for “Expert in Seo”.

  • SEO Expert India gets Testimonial from Supply Chain Consulting Firm, Belgium

    Date: 2010.06.26 | Category: clear vantage, johan, seo expert india, supply chain consulting | Response: 0

    CLEAR VANTAGE ‘s global team (Europe, USA, Asia) provides clear supply chain and procurement solutions, and trainings, allowing companies to reduce overall costs and to improve process efficiencies in a cross-functional way.

    Here is a testimonial from Johan:

    “Nevil is a true specialist in the niche field of SEO. He recognizes the specific needs of his customers and adapts his strategy accordingly yielding into great Google rankings and conversions. I also admire his pro-active approach and capability to bring his services to the “next level”, securing incremental value for his partners in business. Without any doubt I would certainly recommend this word-class SEO expert to everybody”.

    - Johan van Hamme, CEO, Clear Vantage

    About Clear Vantage:

    CLEAR VANTAGE “The Essence of Purchasing” has been founded by Johan van Hamme in order to meet the increasing demand for cost reductions, higher service levels and process improvements in supply chain consulting and supply chain trainings.

    Johan van Hamme (Belgium), who holds a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering, has 20+ years experience and worked as executive for global leading companies such as the Volkswagen Group, Tenneco Automotive, Rockwell Automation and Accenture before starting up Clear Vantage.

    Johan, who masters six European languages, has in-depth experience in Purchasing, Supply Chain, International Business Culture and Change Management. He is member of ISM (Institute of Supply Management – USA), CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply – UK), Amcham (American Chamber of Commerce) and VMA (Flemish Management Association).

  • SEO Expert India gets Testimonial from Dominican Republic Real Estate Company

    Date: 2010.06.09 | Category: dominican republic real estate, punta cana real estate, seo expert india | Response: 0

    Here is a testimonial from La Costa Destinations International Realty, a full service real estate company located in Bavaro Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, the most popular and fastest growing tourist and investment area in the Caribbean:

    Kudos to you and to your team! You are the best I have found in the many years I
    have been in the SEO internet marketing world. Many other companies out there
    promise, promise, promise, but you and your team DELIVER! In the few months we
    have been working, I can already see the increase in traffic on my site as well
    as the positioning on all the major search engines. Working with you and your
    team is like having an in-house team, which very little supervision is required.
    I was so happy with you and your team that I decided to pay in advance as well
    as asked for many other services that were not originally included. I am looking
    forward to my e-book on Why to Invest in the Dominican Republic. Thank you, to
    Seo Expert India and to Nevil for making my life a lot easier and for all the great
    work you and your team have done for me. Keep up the good work!

    - Scott Medina, Owner La Costa Destinations International Realty

    About La Costa Destinations

    We offer Punta Cana real estate and Punta Cana apartments for sale. La Costa Destinations International Realty is a full service Dominican Republic real estate company located in Bavaro Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, the most popular and fastest growing tourist and investment area in the Caribbean. We offer unique apartments, condos, houses, villas, investment rentals, beachfront, land and land lots for sale on or within walking distance to outdoor activities, the beach, swimming, dining and golf courses. More than anything we offer “A Superior Lifestyle with Higher Quality of Life”. In addition, we have representatives around the world that can provide you one to one customer service. Our network of sales representatives includes USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Russia, Spain, Portugal, UK and France. Find one of our team of professionals facilities near you.

  • SEO Expert India gets a Testimonial from RSA Insurance, UAE

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    I always get super excited when I get a client testimonial. The warm fuzzy feeling inside, of having done a job well, and all the hard work paying off. The renewal of the client’s contract for another year was the icing on the cake.

    Here is one from RSA Insurance, UAE, which is the oldest and most reputed UAE Insurance Company:

    We started working with Nevil on a 6 months project with the sole aim to
    increase in-organic search traffic for our retail insurance website. We
    found him to be extremely capable, diligent and forthcoming with new ideas
    and activities to ensure we reached the desired state. At the end of the
    project, we have successfully optimised our website, creating blog content,
    build quality links and are listed on key search engines for a majority of
    our keywords. We have just renewed our contract with Seo Expert,
    Nevil for a year
    to continue the good work done!

    - Nilanjana Ghosh, Marketing & Communications Manager, RSA

    ABOUT RSA - With an almost 300-year heritage, RSA is one of the world’s leading multinational quoted insurance groups. Focusing on general insurance, RSA has around 22,000 employees with a capability to write business in more than 130 countries including the UK, Scandinavia, Canada, Ireland, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. The company’s personal insurance range is comprehensive with seven products including motor insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, golf insurance, yacht insurance, personal accident and medical insurance.

    Being awarded Middle East Insurer of the Year for three consecutive years is testimony to the progress that we are making and the confidence that our clients and partners have in us. We are straightforward and honest about our beliefs, about the purpose of insurance, and the security and functional benefit we give to our customers. Our brand is about keeping our customers moving – whether in business, or as individuals, and when it matters most. We want to help customers get back on track.

  • Why the “age” of your links is important for SEO

    Date: 2010.03.28 | Category: seo expert india, seo experts | Response: 0

    Quality links is the most sought commodity online – earned, exchanged, traded, bartered, bought and sold.

    Savvy website owners and SEO’s are always on the lookout for the next link opportunity, especially those links that are “earned” and will eventually form the cream of the power links you can build to your website.

    The key for SEO’s is to choose the right link building strategies that is in synergy with the New Link Variables – relevancy, consistency, diversity, participation and progression. I have spoken about these new link variables in various older posts.

    And I would like to add another variable to the Link Mantra today – Age of Links.

    The age of a link is the amount of time the link has been active from the date the search crawlers first found the link. This is important for SEO, as Search engines are giving more and more power to those links that have been “aged”, or been in place for a longer period of time, more than the very recently placed links.

    This means, if you did manage to get a great link from a PR 6 website/ webpage, you don’t get the link power transferred immediately to your website, but rather, the link power is released over a period of time that the link remains active.

    The New Link Variables made many previous link building strategies more or less obsolete as “hollow” links have no place in the new search algorithm. Hollow links are those links that are not powered by the New Link Variables and these links will eventually be weeded out.

    So what does this mean for us SEO Experts?

    It means that SEO experts now need to focus on building links that are primarily earned on merit, are relevant and from diverse communities, built consistently over a period of time by virtue of participation, and are permanent in nature.

    The New Link Mantra – relevancy, consistency, diversity, participation, progression and age of links. Is your long term SEO strategy in synergy with these variables?

  • Turbo-charge your SEO with “campaign worthy” content

    Date: 2009.07.24 | Category: expert seo strategies, right seo strategy ahead, seo expert india | Response: 3

    Thanks to all the readers who participated by commenting on 5“little known” Keys to Succeed at SEO.

    The strategy outlined below works so well that I have decided to include it in my manifesto, The Right SEO Strategy Ahead. For those who are not familiar with the strategies listed in the manifesto, please read it first as it contains the exact strategies I will use to help you succeed in your online business.

    Coming back to the topic of this post…

    Have you heard the phrase “reference worthy” content? From the SEO perspective, it means creating original, informative and engaging content, and then making that content visible across relevant user, web and social communities with the purpose of attracting traffic and natural links.

    The results of this SEO activity if done consistently week after week can dramatically enhance your web, link and social reputation. This in turn influences the search rankings of your select keywords.

    In many of my previous posts I have highlighted the importance of creating ‘reference worthy” or “link worthy” content. In this post however, I would like to talk about “turbo charging” your content by making it “campaign worthy”.

    So what is “campaign worthy” content?

    It is a blog post, an article story, or a video that has the potential for maximum visibility and popularity across social bookmarking and social media sites. By popularity, I mean getting other users to vote, review or thumbs up your content.

    Earlier I used to suggest promotion of your content in 10 – 15 social bookmarking sites, and then get 3 to 5 thumbs up from other users for a permanent link. Now this is still a very good SEO strategy you should continue to follow, but how about instead of 3 to 5 thumbs up we try and get 25 to 50 users to vote for your content.

    By getting more users to vote for your content, the chances of your story going “hot” in the social communities will increase, and so will the traffic to your website. Search engines rank a page based on the number of quality and relevant links (one of the important metrics) to that page.

    If your story goes hot, then more webmasters will link back to your story, increasing the number of natural links to that story page. Also the more hot stories you syndicate, the better will be your social reputation. This in turn will again influence your search rankings.

    Ideally you should choose 1 blog post/ article/ video (or create one specifically for this purpose)which you feel has maximum potential to become a “hot story” and then run a campaign across 3 to 4 select social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, Digg, YouTube, Mixx for a WEEK.

    This week long campaign can have a tripling effect on the traffic numbers on your site for the duration of the campaign.

    The number of visitors will dwindle down once the campaign ends, which is why you need to repeat the campaign with new exciting content every month.

    The Right SEO Strategy (with Revisions)

    Natural Link Building, Social Media & Reputation Management

    1. Be consistent in creating unique, compelling and resourceful content in the form of articles/ blog posts – 3 to 4 a WEEK.

    2. Be consistent in syndication of the articles to 10 relevant and popular article submissions sites each WEEK.

    3. Be consistent in promotion of the same content links across 10 to 15 relevant and popular social bookmarking sites each WEEK.

    4. Be consistent in attracting 3 to 5 user thumbs up/ reviews for content posted each WEEK.

    5. Be consistent in submitting one blog post/ article/ video to 3 to 4 selected social bookmarking sites and get 25 to 50 votes, reviews or thumbs up for your content. This should be a “week-long” campaign and ideally done ONCE a MONTH.

    6. Be consistent in participating in 3 to 4 relevant blogs, by blog commenting and forum postings each WEEK.

    7. Every MONTH be consistent in building a few industry specific links, relevant web directory links, 1 or 2 PR releases, etc.

    Read more on the Right SEO Strategy Ahead

    Use the expert SEO strategies outlined above and you will be on your way to creating value, building web, link and social reputation, natural links, higher search rankings and traffic.