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  • SEO Challenges That You Need to Overcome in Your 2019 Strategy

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    engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms so that they can deliver more relevant and precise results to search queries and it is the task of every SEO practitioner to keep track of these often very small changes and adapt their online promotional strategies. While you may be forgiven for thinking that last year’s strategy needs to be junked, often you will find that many elements still work very effectively while some have become outdated or irrelevant. 2019 will bring its own set of SEO challenges and you need to be able to get on top of the situation before it takes a toll on your rankings. Some tips for facing the future.

    SEO servicesKeyword Research & Optimization

    Keywords exist for a very simple reason, to be able to be discovered by the search engine in response to a search query where it is relevant so that the user can access content that is useful. With an effective SEO and social media strategy from Social Market Way, you can obtain high search rankings for the chosen keywords and the website is able to generate more organic traffic that in turn give momentum to conversions. While earlier, search engines need to have an exact match of the keyword with the search term, they have evolved a lot and today are able to not only take into account synonyms of words used in the query but also the context of the search. However, it is better to keep keywords as contextually relevant as possible.

    Short keywords are not considered by SEO practitioners to be very good for use in optimization as it is very difficult to capture the intent of the query when the number of words is less. The use of long-tail keywords makes search results more relevant as it is easier for the nuances to get picked up. It can be very difficult if not impossible to outrank your competitors for the same set of keywords so you can turn a hopeless situation around and identify other keywords which are just as effective. There are many tools available that can not only generate keyword suggestions but also reveal how your keywords rank when compared to the competition.

    Site Navigation

    It is very important to satisfy the search intent of users with intuitive navigation, as users will abandon your site if they cannot find the information they are looking for. Also, proper navigation ensures that the search engines can scan the site properly and index all the pages so that they are discovered in the searches and ranked. The website should have all its contents categorized and make it possible for the user to go from the home page to the specific category of his choice from where he can access the content pages. This simple tree-like structure can be transformed into a very powerful SEO tool by using anchor texts with specified keywords so that the linked pages can rank better. Ensure no page is an orphan page or a dead-end page, which is a term used for a standalone page with no other page on the site linked to it. Internal links should have no follow tags as it will prevent search engines from crawling and ranking the pages. The navigation bar should have links pointing to each category or important page of the website; typically, it is placed at the top of the page for best visibility. Include a footer bar for all the links that cannot be accommodated in the navigation bar. Make sure the site has a search facility to make life easier for users who do not want to fiddle around with the navigation.

    Voice Search Optimization

    A relatively unknown concept a few years ago, voice search is expected to be the next big thing in internet search and all SEO practitioners need to gear up themselves very quickly or they will lose out on the target audience. According to, by 2020, voice search will account for half the internet searches. Optimize your website with long-tail keywords framed in the same manner that a human being uses to ask a question; typically, these start with words like what, who, why, when, where, and how. Local businesses should include the location of the business in the keywords.

    Local SEO

    If your business has a local presence that needs to be taken advantage of to cater to the requirements of the local audience, then the SEO should be set up in a different way so that real customers can find your business and turn up to buy stuff. Use location-based keywords like the name of a neighborhood or city or even phrases like near me that are automatically translated by Google to show results close to the searcher. Get yourself listed in all the local online directories that you can find; ensure that the information is accurate and consistent across all of them to prevent contradictory search results from confusing users. Try to get as many backlinks from local sites as possible and publish customer reviews that recommend your business to others. Use a local ranking tool to find out how you are ranking for various search terms and work constantly at improving them.

    Mobile Optimization

    The days of desktop search is well and truly past with mobile searches fast becoming the norm. According to a report by, currently, 57% of searches are from mobile devices. For your site to work with mobile users, it is essential that it be optimized for mobile devices using responsive design technology that adjusts the page as per the size of the screen allowing the website to display properly. The mobile site should be laid out more simply with the buttons being made more clickable with fingers. The site has to load very fast to prevent users from abandoning it; so image file sizes need to be slashed drastically. Use fewer elements per page and utilize caching to speed up the loading. Simplify the page structure and minimize the use of codes and host the site on a fast server.


    An SEO strategy for 2019 and beyond is a matter of being alert to the evolving search engine technologies. The changing habits of Internet users should also be analyzed in detail for the impact they have on the structure and contents of the website. Emerging technologies like voice search and mobile search should be taken into account as quickly as possible to get a head start on the competition.

  • Top 5 reasons to consider hiring an external SEO specialist

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    SEO techniques

    For successful online marketing, search engine optimization should always come first in your strategy. According to Google, millions of websites are indexed daily by the search engine, but only 52% of them make real revenue from their websites. Since 93% of internet experiences will start with a search engine, businesses need to optimize their websites if they want to tap into these numbers.  Furthermore, 70% of the link searches that users click are organic and most will ignore paid ads. A search Engine Journal survey shows that approximately 74% of internet users will never research beyond the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs). This means that businesses that want to widen their reach and boost their conversion rates should work to ensure their websites rank on topmost page.

    Investing in SEO is crucial considering that about 81% of consumers will perform online research before they make an actual purchase. Therefore, online marketers should work smart to ensure that their website is visible on the SERPs for the targeted keywords. Investing in SEO provides additional benefits such as higher conversion, increased visibility for your business, establishing your business brand as an authority, improving traffic to your siteand many more.

    To enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits, you need to hire a qualified and experienced SEO expert team like Many businesses prefer to hire an in-house SEO team; however, this may not be the best idea. If you are unsure of the type of SEO consultant to hire, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring an external professional:

    1. Leveraging the newest SEO Tools

    Even though you may have an in-house IT expert, he/she is not equipped to handle all the SEO campaigns and optimization needs of your website. Furthermore, your IT expert has core business roles to attend to and including SEO into their docket may affect their work. Hiring an external SEO specialist is the best bet because such consultants solely focus on Search Engine Optimization and have knowledge of the latest industry trends. Leaving the experts to handle their niche trade will prove more beneficial to your business. Your in-house team may have challenges jangling between their core work and SEO and this may ultimately affect your website SEO in the long run.

    1. Objectivity

    A successful SEO project will always start with an extensive website audit to help determine your strengths and any errors that need quick attention. When your in-house team carries out the audit, they may not be objective and this means that some potentially hazardous errors may be left out. Hiring an external SEO specialist will bring more objectivity to the project and this will result in better outcomes. Every problem that your website has will be noted down and you will be informed in an easy to understand and detailed report before any SEO campaigns commence.

    1. Save Money

    The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) confirms that a significant number of small businesses and startups will fail because of a lack of expertise and skills in their teams. When starting a new business, hiring an in-house SEO team may not be a priority because of the costs involved. However, you can save a noteworthy amount of money if you outsource your SEO projects to an external professional.

    1. Dedicated Consistency

    Having your company IT team handle your website may not guarantee successful SEO projects. This is because SEO is an ongoing job and not a one-off thing and you need a professional who will consistently work on your business website. Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of work such as web audit, maintenance, monitoring, off-page SEO, On-page SEO and many more. Your in-house specialists already have their own job and duties and may not have adequate time to dedicate to SEO. This is why outsourcing your SEO projects makes a lot of sense and allows your IT team to focus on the work they were hired to do.

    1. Evade Search Engine Penalties

    Every year, more than 500 search engine algorithm updates are made. As a result, your SEO expert must always be familiar with all these changes so that he/she can avoid any penalties. You may miss most of these updates if your in-house team is working on your website. To avoid any penalties, you should hire an external SEO professional who is familiar with the industry trends and changes.

    A business that wants to succeed in the online market should outsource its SEO campaigns. This will guarantee project efficiency, reduce the operation costs and ensure that your website is up-to-date with the newest search engine algorithms. This will ensure that you have higher conversion rates and stay ahead of your competitors.




  • Combining blockchain and SEO – How does it work for brands?

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    The term blockchain might be a bit difficult to decipher, but it is not a very complicated concept. In very simple terms it is akin to a digital record book or ledger where transactions with regard to crypto-currency are cataloged in a chronological, visible and public manner.  This presence of this technology has helped in maintaining the authenticity of the currency and also the trade is made with that currency.

    The present condition of the online marketing field

    The online field has grown by leaps and bounds, and most business owners prefer to make their business establishments prominent in the online field. Advertisements can be easily created with the help of free tools in the online arenas, and these advertisements can be posted on different online sites. The digital world has propelled online advertising campaigns and has ensured that all brands are given equal opportunities to shine and forge a connection with their respective target audience.

    However, the online field of advertising has become fraught with fraud issues. There are many fraudulent websites and ad makers that arecreating fake ads which are hampering the position of real and genuine businesses. The percentage of fraudulent ads which are being displayed on the internet is quite high, and for such fake campaigns, online marketers who are genuinely working in this filed have lost a substantial amount of money. The lack of authentic proof of online advertisement is hitting the online business economy in a severe manner and steps have to be taken to eradicate the problems of deceptiveadvertising on the online platform.

     The applicability of Blockchain in the optimization of online ad campaigns

    Optimization is needed for all sites which are present on the internet, and the advertisements also need to be adequately optimized so that the end of effective conversion can be attained. The creation of an advertisement is basically to uphold the brand and attract consumers for business, and with blockchain technology, the ads can be optimized in such a way that will undoubtedly benefit the business of genuine traders. The well-known benefits that can be gained by incorporating blockchain along with SEO techniques are discussed below:

    • The establishment of a direct connection between the consumers and the advertisers:

    Promotional activities that employ digital display willface the most immediate impact of blockchain implementation. It is already known that such type of advertisements occupies a major portion of the marketing activity that is carried out in the online field. In the current working system, the advertiser and the consumer or end user do not meet directly but meet via an intermediary. However, if blockchain is introduced, then these middlemen won’t be necessary, and they hence would lose all their power.

    The successful implementation of blockchain will disable the media controlled buying process because then a company can directly pay consumers for viewing certain promotional content instead of allowing a search engine to select people based on imprints for serving the advertisements. The ledger which is there in a blockchain willprovide an advertiser with greater visibility, and therefore, in a nutshell, it will simplify the business process as it will ensure direct correspondence between advertisers and users.Las Vegas SEOservices can be browsed for making the experience and interaction of users with a business product superior.

    • Formatting effective advertisements which are far less interfering

    Bandwidth and device battery are two major concerns when users are hit with unwanted advertisements that pop out of nowhere. With the application of blockchain, the promotional content will be tailored to the interest of a user. All advertisements are not suitable for all users, and there are specific options that allow a user to choose the icon for viewing specific ads. The content of the advertisements chosento be viewed is taken as an indicator for sorting out the type of advertisements which a person will be likely to view, but while gathering this information, the anonymity of the user is never hampered.

    Thereforeinteraction of people with advertisements will change radically if blockchain is launched and in this way, high-quality promotional content can be provided to the user. This willalso reduce the number of ads that are being displayed by removing the unwanted ads that do not fall in the preferred category of the user. The mobile battery won’t be drained, and the bandwidth will remain intact in the process.

    • Ensure perfect transparency:

    When blockchain was applied for cryptocurrency one of the main aspects was to maintain transparency in the transactions. When the same blockchain technology is appliedto online advertising, then the effect of transparency will be seen in this field too. The visibility offered by blockchain is superior, and the ledger that is maintained is tamper proof so the murkiness of the advertising field will be cleared in an instant by the introduction of the blockchain. Markers for the search engine will be empowered by blockchain because through blockchain the authenticity of each, and every user can be verified.

    blockchain and SEO

    This also implies that each website owner will get good clicks and will be charged for the same. In a model powered by blockchain, the consumer doesn’t have to feel anxious when an advertisement pops up as it is not a trap because the whole process is verified. The product and its entire information will beavailable to the consumer in the form of a public record, and so there are no worries about viral or fake ads. For company owners, building customer profiles become easier as theseare made with information which the consumers have willingly given and are therefore authentic.

    Hence there is no doubt about the fact that blockchain can enhance and improve the condition of present-day advertising to a great degree. The presence of authenticity is highly needed in a field which is used by so many people. The makers of fake advertisements or the middlemen might be offended by such practices, but the relationship between the consumer and the advertiser which is based ona subtle bond of trust will be reinforced.


  • Kickstart your international SEO campaign and go global today

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    When you realize that your business has achieved saturation in domestic digital marketing and requires a broader digital exposure internationally, that is when international SEO comes into the picture.



    International SEO in simple terms is the optimization of your website for a target audience in desired countries of your choice. It means that your website and your digital marketing campaign should be optimized with respect to specific aspects like language and its grammatical constraints, cultural aspects, user experience,and popular user preferences, etc. related to a particular country or countries which you are targeting to explore digitally. But before going digitally global an important question to be addressed is, does your business have the potential for international SEO?

    Determining potential for International SEO

    There are many ways to know whether your business has the potential to go global in digital marketing. One of them and probably the easiest way is to study your own analytical data and determine the quantum of organic traffic from foreign countries your website is currently receiving. For instance, if your business website is operational on Google search engine, then you can open a Google Analytics account and click on the Geo option in the audience menu. The Geo option has a sub-option called location. When you click on a location, you get complete data about the number of impressions your website receives from different countries across the globe.

    Another way to determine your potential of international SEO is by studying various international market researches, trade news and analyzing statistical data available. This can be done with the help of certain international trade organization websites like and government websites like

    Besides, certain private companies also provide market research and statistical data to facilitate the determination of the potential for International SEO such as for,eg. Enovarius.

    Taking strategic decisions related to language and domainto implement International SEO

    Once you are sure about your potential for international SEO, you are now set to follow the process of implementing international SEO.

    The process begins with determining if it is necessary to create a separate website for every target country. The cost can be high,but it is advisable to do so to guarantee the best user interface for all the local users. 

    The next important step is to determine which is the major spoken language of your target country and then optimizing your website accordingly. This involves appropriate use of hreflang tags while creating the website. The Hreflang tags are useful to convey to the relevant search engine which country and language are the websitesbeing createdfor.

    While creating a website you need to determine what shall be the domain name of your website. Different types of Top-Level Domains from which you can choose your domain type are Sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD), Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD), Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), Restricted Generic Top-Level Domain(gTLD), etc. Most of the websites use a generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the form of .Com

    But if you are targeting all countries separately and have created separate websites for each country, then you need to use the CountryCode Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for these websites. This is because ccTLDs have an additional extension aka country code to the website structure which represents the country name. For instance, the websites in the United Kingdom have an extension “.uk or,” while those in China have a country code “.cn.”

    A benefit of using ccTLDs is that any search engine on which your website is operational gets a clear indication about which country your target audience belongs to. This benefit is aka ” Geo-Targeting.”However, at the same time, a drawback of using ccTLDs is that you can only serve one country’s target audience using such websites.

    The significance of Focusing on Certain Countries and their major Search Engines in Implementation of International SEO

    It is very important to know which countries are important as a digital target market. For instance, China has a population of 1.38 Billion as of 2017, which is aroundmore than 20% of the world’s population and the number of Chinese internetusers as high as 0.64 Billion which is close to 90% of entire Europe’s population. This shows how important it is for your business to have an online existence in China. But for that,youneed to understand the operational requirements in China, and the algorithms and features of China’s topmost search engine “Baidu.” The most important operational requirement in China is the Internet Content Provider License (ICPL). Thereare two types in ICPL namely Individual license (for a personal website) and Business license (requires complete business registration in China).

    In the case of Baidu, the most fundamental operational requirement is mobile search compatibility. Your website needs to be compatible with both desktop and mobile search. Thisis because as per recent data, Baidu’s 50% of total revenue is generated from mobile revenue. Baidu has only two algorithms introduced in 2013 namely “Money Plant”&”Pomegranate.” Money plant algorithmaims at eliminating Hyperlink cheating, link spams, cheating trade links, link farms, etc. while the Pomegranate algorithm aims at punishing low-quality content and low-quality user interface. Thus, your website must be in compliancewith these two algorithms if you want SEO success on Baidu search engine.

    Similarly, if your target country is Russia, then your focus must be on the topmost popular Russian search engine “Yandex”and compliance with its algorithms like Macadam 2.0, Nakhoda, Snezhinsk, Konakovo, Obninsk, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, AGS40, Minusinsk, Vladivostok, Palika, Baden-Baden, Korolev, etc.

    Things to avoid in the implementation of international SEO

    • Avoid duplication of your website content in all ccTLDs because it leads to many problems like duplicate outranking the original local version of your website, failure in Geotargeting, Cannibalization, etc.
    • Avoid copying structures of top MNCs to get shortcut success in International SEO.
    • Don’t use hreflang tags to improve the ranking of your website content because the purpose of these tags is to ensure that correct language and country’s website is displayed in the search engine results of the correct country.
    • Avoid using automatic translations of the local version of your website into the languages of different target countries to create the ccTLD websites of those countries. This is because Automatic translations don’t consider the grammatic constraints of certain languages, the cultural aspect of the language, etc.


    Thus, you have now become familiar with analysis of the requirement of international SEO, the relevant procedure and significant aspects to consider in International SEO. All you need to do is assess your potential and follow this procedure to succeed in international digital marketing.




  • Top 4 Reasons Why Businessmen Need to Focus on Search Engine Optimization

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    Entrepreneurs of startup concerns take the necessary steps to create a business website for a reason. For them, it is an instrument to attract a larger online target audience. They realize most people prefer to use the internet for purchases they need to make. It is a convenient way for them to shop. They can get what they want at reasonable prices without having to go outdoors. These businessmen want to exploit this trend when it comes to making their fortune. They believe it is the best way to stand out in the marketplace. However, there is one aspect they need to pay serious attention to. This is search engine optimization. Their sites need to secure high ranks on result pages of popular search engines. Otherwise, all their efforts are in vain. You don’t want to go through such a situation.

    Is it worthwhile for businessmen to focus on search engine optimization?

    Such proprietors don’t need an expert to tell them how important exposure is in the business world. Your customers need to be aware of what you are offering to sell them. Otherwise, it is not prudent on your part to expect them to buy such products. The internet gives you the platform to showcase what you are offering to sell them. However, relevant research shows almost online buyers evaluate all the purchases they make. They want to get what they want at the most reasonable price.

    Moreover, they don’t have a dearth of options to choose from.This is where search engine optimization becomes important for your business. You need to implement the right strategies and techniques. It has the potential to take your organization to the next level.It is a fact which you cannot afford to overlook at any costs.
    Industry experts point out the following4 important reasons why your business needs to have a proper SEO strategy:

    1. Online browsers rarely go to the second result page
    A number of popular research studies show that most online buyers just go through the first result page. Hardly any of them have the time or the patience to move on to the next one. The people who make up your target audience are no different.

    Moreover, they prefer to browse the websites which secure the first 10 ranks.If your business website doesn’t hold such positions, you could be losing out to your rivals. This is something which you don’t want. Only by adopting relevant SEO strategies and implementing relevant white-hat techniques can you ensure this doesn’t happen.

    2. Keywords keep evolving
    Depending on the type of products your business deals in, you use certain keywords. You include in the content members of your target audience love to read. These are phrase your customers use when browsing this enables goods on the internet. Thisenables them to come across your site on the result pages of their searches. However,Adelaide’s best SEO experts say you need to be aware of an important fact. Keywords are constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the game, you need to look up Google AdWords. This helps you to find the ones relevant to your organization. Then you need to incorporate them in the high-quality content you upload on your site.

    3. Search engines have a habit of continuously changing their algorithms
    People who operate popular internet search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. This is necessary to ensure all websites they rank have relevant contents. Such information may be in the form of a blog article or statistical data. These individuals have only one objective in mind. To ensure online users find a convenient, educational and easy to operate place to browse. As an entrepreneur, you need to aware of such changes. Only then can you make the necessary upgradations on your business website. For many businessmen, this can turn out to be a very challenging task.

    4. Visible tool
    At the end of the day, you want your customers to notice your business website when searching the internet. The query phrases they use should match with the keywords you insert in your content. Otherwise, they won’t be able to know you are selling the type of products they are looking for.This is why search engine optimization is relevant to your business. It has the potential to boost the online visibility of your business website.

    If your business website needs to be visible to the members of your target audience. Only then can you expect an increase in sales and bottom-line profits. It also keeps your organization one-step ahead of your competitors. However, if this is not the case, you could be losing out in the marketplace. The above 4 important reasons should be enough to clear all your doubts on this aspect.There is no doubt you may find search engine optimization a very challenging task to handle. After all, you may not have the right skills and expertise. Even then, it is prudent on your part to hire experts specializing in this field. They can give you the results you are looking for.

  • How to Get the High Quality Traffic to your Site That Converts to Business Leads

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    The amount of information and data exchanged between the visitors and the server of any particular web site is what is known as website traffic of that web site. Maximum percentage of Internet traffic comprises of web site traffic only. Greater the number of visitors on a web site, the greater will be the traffic on that site. Thus, the measure of website traffic reflects the level of popularity of a web site.

    Apart from the online methods, you can also resort to some offline methods for increasing the amount of traffic on your web site, like asking people to visit your web site for more information through business cards. Besides these, you can also adopt the methods of Link cloaking and viral traffic for raising the level of traffic on your web site.

    Viral traffic is another manner in which you can have an incremental effect on the traffic of your site. Many advanced tools such as The Trinity Code are there to help you out in your campaign of building high traffic which converts. It is just a technique through which you make use of viral marketing for increasing traffic of your web site. Viral traffic results when a large number of Internet users visit your web site as a consequence of high viral marketing and viral advertising. You can generate heavy viral traffic by connecting to the various forums, blogs, and mainly to Twitter.

    Generation of Heavy Website Traffic by Submitting To Private Blogs that Are Really High Quality

    Writing articles and using them to get traffic and rankings is a proven strategy that works over and over again. It might not be the best strategy around, but it is proven to deliver results with consistency. Many internet marketers are getting into the business of article writing. They submit their articles to the main directories and get paid. If one can submit to multiple mini private blog networks that are really high quality then the search engine can prove out to be far better and have more content.

    If one wants a source of automated one way linking from true and genuine web sites, he/she should consider using multiple blog networks. There are several networks to select from. There are many large networks one can find on the web, with over 15,000 member blogs available to post to. Due to the large number of blogs, it becomes more difficult for the search engines to pick up a single linking pattern.

    Combining traditional article marketing with posting to a blog network has brought lots of top rankings and traffic in the last twelve months, more than one could have dreamt of before. If one has multiple web sites or blogs where one would like to have better rankings for, he/she really must consider submitting to multiple private blog networks that are around and give one a-go.

    These networks are used profitably by some online retailers to make profits. It is the sites like these who give them quality traffic, back-links and classification which can raise their income to six figures a year. The reason these private sites offer much higher performance, is being private, they are not spammed and thus secure a high Page Rank and Domain Authority. All public article directories, including Ezine Articles, Go-Articles and several have been spammed to death. After the Google Panda update, it gives you all the more points to spend less time submitting content to these low quality article directories.

    The other beauty of the blog network is that it comes with built in article spinning functionality. This means that unique versions of one’s articles are published to the member blogs giving me opportunity to rank for several keyword phrases from the one base article.

    Author bio: Elena Brown is an internet marketing specialist who works in a reputed marketing firm in London. She has recently checked out and reviewed about The Trinity Code program which is worth to try out. This is a high quality program that helps in generating high traffic and search engine rankings without any risk of getting penalization. One should definitely check out the system to get the benefits it offers.


  • SEO Vs Content Marketing: Which Should be the Cornerstone of Your Online Marketing Strategy

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    One of the great debates among webmasters is the question of where a business should anchor its online marketing efforts. Obviously search engine optimization (SEO) is important. A site needs to be designed to be picked up by the search bots. But, even Google says content is king. That has given rise to content marketing, an idea couched in the belief that attracting visitors with relevant content is the way to go. Which one should be the cornerstone of your online marketing strategy?

    The case for SEO

    SEO is an absolute bedrock strategy. Even if you aim to focus on content marketing, a certain level of SEO work needs to be done to get a website off the ground. Bringing in visitors by way of search is the simplest way to attract new customers. The majority of new conversions on a website, whether it is a content site, an ecommerce site or a landing page site, are going to originate from search engines, especially Google.

    SEO is about designing your website to ensure it has optimal appeal to the search bots. On-site SEO means integrating all your content with a structure on-page that ensures the bots will scan the site and index it well for certain keywords. Off-site SEO means link building with relevant sites to direct the bots to your site.
    The case for content

    In the last year, Google has been getting fuzzier on what it says about link building. Google has long been wary of its dependency on link structure and PageRank as the base signals that it uses to rank sites for search results. The problem is, from a mathematical standpoint, how do they quantify good content? Google has committed billions of dollars to solving that problem. Increasingly, the signs are that Google believes it has solved it.

    Google has been changing its webmaster guidelines in recent months. It is now strongly emphasizing the idea of “content that users want to share” rather than “content that gets linked to.” Of course, many SEO firms are skeptical that Google is serious, rather than just trying to make the issue a bit foggier. Those SEO workers that take it seriously have been engaged in a small run on content brokerage websites since Google announced this.

    At the end of the day, your content is Google’s product. It behooves Google to provide users the best content available. That means that whether or not Google can ever quite crack the nut of quality content, they are always going to keep trying.

    Likewise, there is a lot more to online marketing now than just search. Social media matters a lot more now. Getting some link love from a couple major Twitter feeds can launch a website into the big time. Facebook likes are important, too. Instagram and Tumblr are rising. Social media is rapidly become a second pillar to support online marketers.


    While this is probably long overdue, it also makes it much harder now to do online marketing. The days of keyword stuffing and link spamming are long over. Likes and retweets matter. Social media signals matter. Even within the old school search marketing and SEO niche, Google is doing its best to steer closer and closer to a system that judges content quality and appropriateness for a search, rather than just crass popularity via PageRank and link anchor tags.

    This means that online marketers must adapt. SEO is far from dead. SEO with and other online marketing firms should be seen as a bedrock layer. On top of that bedrock of SEO is where your site’s foundation of content marketing belongs.

  • Hire An SEO Expert Australia & Experience The Difference

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    Search Engine Optimization, over time, has turned out to be an effective medium of escalating traffic to one’s website.  This helps one increase one’s revenue and that is the ultimate goal of all marketing efforts.  If you are in Australia, you can avail the help of an SEO expert Australia.

    The reason why it is suggested to work with experts in the field is because they come with experience and know everything that has been transpiring in the industry.

    Following are a few things worth knowing about SEO:

    • The Main Changes in SEO

    Over time, SEO changed into a large industry filled by companies, individuals and many others who are skilled. Selecting the appropriate service supplier for your web site requirements might be a great task for you. But, when you are using the right Search engine optimization knowledge, making the decision would become much simpler.

    Examine for results

    • How to inquire for best SEO expert

    While you will go with the method of choosing the right professional, try to avoid asking his/her qualifications and abilities. Although these types of inquiries are important, you should only know that s/he boasts of a result oriented approach to work. Look at what the expert has done in the past and you would be on your way.

    • The abilities

    The truth is that an SEO expert Australia should have the ability to identify the requirements and previous issues of the web site before initiating the SEO process. Eventually, he or she should think about distinct methods to make the web site land to the first resulted web page of any search engine. Different kinds of businesses possess different requirements for their web sites. Customization, hence, is a valuable feature to look for.

    Know what’s going on

    • Things while person hires SEO expert

    Hiring SEO expert Australia for your web site needs does not mean that he or she has the entire authority to go with methods without requesting your viewpoint. Educating yourself of what is actually happening in the industry and generating results will assist you in analyzing the performance of your expert better.

    It is really a fact that some search engine optimization service companies use dishonest ways to create traffic to some website as well as bring the company to the very best rank of Search engines. Search engines like Google do not entertain this particular practice. Search engines, as a whole, penalize web sites which are not doing SEO by ethical ways. Therefore, it is essential that you ensure that only ethical means are being utilized by your SEO expert to help you reach the top.  This wouldn’t be possible by mere conversation; but, it is necessary that you get into a contract with your SEO expert and get this term included in the same.  This would relieve you of any worry of unethical practices being used for the same.

    This Post has been written by Kamal Khetan and also he is listed in Forbes. To know more click here.

  • SEO Expert in India – Gain Popularity for your Webpage

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    SEO or Search engine optimization improves the exposure of a web page on the World Wide Web. The search results are displayed in a sequence where the website, which is more relevant, is displayed first. The paid links that show up before the organic results are known as Sponsored links. On displaying it first in the result, it gets greater number of visitors. SEO also supports different types of searches based on image, video, news, etc. As the use of SEO is increasing many SEO experts in India are available to offer their services.

    There are many companies offering this facility. These companies provide know-how in consultation, management and execution of SEO. Before starting to use SEO, one must understand all the strategies behind it. This is made easy by the experts who can help you with SEO and its implementation.

    Methods used by SEO

    There are three major methods used by SEO expert in India when dealing with search engine results.

    Web crawler is a program that goes through the World Wide Web in a systematic manner. Certain search engines function on a paid submission service where crawling would be set as per a fee or cost per click. While scanning a site, the crawlers of a particular website consider several factors about displaying the link of a particular website. There are cases when certain sites are not to be crawled. On the other hand, a specific web page can be given more prominence by cross-linking the pages of the identical websites. This gives more links to the prominent page, giving it more importance. This method is called Increasing prominence.

    SEO tools:

    SEO expert in India provides several SEO tools one can make use of Some of these tools are:

    The Open Site explorer provides an entree to unparalleled link data.

    Another tool is the keyword difficulty tool, which is used to study the present keyword landscape.

    SEOmoz toolbar is a toolbar, which provides a variety of information while browsing the internet.

    Using the above tool, SEOmoz, one can get access to all tools that are available with it. There are many exciting new Beta tools, which are made available to advance users. This helps in making SEO management easier and less time-consuming.

    An SEO expert in India would be able to help you find keywords that are searched by local consumers. These keywords can then be skillfully integrated into your website so that it appears on search engine result pages.

    There are many online stores, which provide SEO. One can also get a trial of SEO and understand it more. An SEO expert in India provides software for easy implementation of SEO. One can get a large number of SEO tools and resources. There are many tips and tricks available from where one can get better understanding about SEO.


  • What is SEO for the Common People?

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    SEO or Search Engine Optimization rose to fame as quickly as the Internet became a must in every household. It is common for people to find an enterprising opportunity with every update in technology. That’s why it is no longer surprising that the Internet became a busy business district in just a short span of time.


    One of the strongest frameworks of e-commerce is SEO. It is the life and soul of every webpage, seeking to rank high in search pages. But what is SEO, especially to the common people who are not even aware they can take advantage on its potential benefits?


    SEO in Layman’s Term


    We all know what the Google page is. It is what we use to find just about anything we need. We enter a word or phrase on the search bar and millions of results will be brought back to our attention.


    With so many websites operating in the wired world, it is not at all surprising that you get millions of results for a single search keyword. Just like in anything, those that are shown in the early pages (1, 2, 3) will have better chances at getting clicked. The websites that are shown in the early results page will have a better chance at getting that user visit their site.


    That’s what SEO is about. SEO is a way that will help you achieve a rank at the early results page so you get a greater chance at getting clicked, which will then drive your traffic. Visitor volume is where you will draw your revenue from, no matter what kind of Internet business you are into. Whether you are selling goods and services or mediating for a fee, you will not be able to grab a chance at a client if your site has never been visited.


    How SEO Works


    Then again, driving up your site’s rank at the search engine results page is more than just making a drum roll. It is also about working hard to give your site that rightful chance. The key is in the “keywords”. You must use keywords or key phrases that mostly your potential audience would type at the search bar.


    However, this is not just about stuffing your website or web page articles with keywords. You also need to use keywords well enough because search engines “value” the value of your article and the web page in general.


    Aside from strengthening your content, there are also other techniques that will help you raise to SEO royalty.


    For one, it matters if you are a blogger and you consistently make comments on blogs that are relevant to your own content or website.


    For another, you should also keep in mind that images or your visual content also matters. So make sure that you pay attention to your website layout as much as you would to your website content.


    There, those insights should give you a clear perspective of what SEO is all about and how you can take advantage of it in making your Internet business flourish. After learning about the basics, it is up to you to learn more, especially about the technical aspects, including meta tags, XML sitemaps, and whatnot.


    What’s important for now is that you understand what SEO is about and how it can make or break the amount of revenue you can earn for your website.


    Dick is a free lancer writer of