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  • SEO Expert Explains Issues With Duplicate Content

    Date: 2011.09.11 | Category: seo duplicate content, seo experts india | Response: 0

    By Seo Expert India Team: 

    Search engine optimization helps the website to rank well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN for the keywords related to the business. Some SEO companies think that the addition of keywords again and again in the web pages will make the site visible on first page of search engines. Thus they duplicate the content on pages to achieve maximum number of keywords in an online market for the business of the company. But this does not happens as search engines filter out the duplicate content and the site owners suffer rankings and traffic losses. The text that appears on more than one uniform resource locator (URL) in the internet is duplicate content. If there are more than one identical content in the web portal, the search engines has to decide the original content link, and the web pages with duplicate content are rarely shown on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    There are four types of duplicate content such as identical pages, scraped content, product descriptions and articles distribution that are filtered out by search engines. The websites that are identical to another web portal on the world wide web are considered to be spam. The same content of many sites with different look and feel are filtered out by search engines. As the bloggers take content from the website and repack it to look different, the scraping applied to the blogs on the internet are becoming more of a problem for search engines. Many ecommerce websites in the market using the same description of the products is difficult for search engines to spot but still considered as duplicate content.

    SEO experts believe that search engines also filter out the content similar in articles submitted to directories by different companies. When a search engine robot crawls a page of a site, it stores the information in the database and checks relevancy of the page.

    In order to remove duplicate content one has to make internal links consistent and minimize similar content throughout the website. Duplicate content is the complex problem and SEO experts identify as well as get rid of it without damaging SEO efforts. For the company with business across the globe and multiple web portals in different languages, there is a great possibility of content to be duplicated. Thus SEO experts carry out content check while applying SEO activities to the portals.

  • Seo Strategy, Revisit your Content for Link Building

    Date: 2009.02.20 | Category: internal link building, link building strategy, seo experts india | Response: 2

    It’s been said many times before, that creating unique and compelling content in the way of articles, FAQ’s, how to guides, eBooks, user testimonials, blog posts and innovative videos, and taking the time to syndicate that content across relevant user, web and social communities, is the best way to get people to link back to your content. This is also termed as “link baiting”.

    Having said that, if you have been sincere in creating and promoting your content over the last 6 months to a year, and in building quality and diverse links to your website with relevant anchor text, then a neat seo opportunity lies in revisiting your past content archives.

    Sometimes we SEO experts get so caught up in building external links and battling it out with the competition for our clients, we forget to make ideal use of internal link building to get a boost in rankings.

    External links tell a search engine that there are other websites and communities (other than you) that think your website to be of some value, in the same way, internal links tell the search engines which pages you think are most important by counting the number of links pointing to that page.

    While building a link matrix of external links with relevant anchor text is important to search engines, the internal link structure and anchor text also plays a big part in a successful search engine optimization strategy. In addition good internal linking makes it easy for the users and search engines to understand your content better with category and sub category pages that link to the deeper pages of your website.

    Expert SEO TIP: Tweak your Content for Higher Ranking

    They say that the answers we seek lie in the past “going back to the roots”. In revisiting your past and looking at it with a new perspective you can begin to understand the mistakes made, the underlying fears and insecurities developed, lessons learnt, and maybe some answers for the present moment.

    By revisiting your past content, and looking at it with a fresh perspective, you can find innumerous SEO opportunities. I have listed a few of them below:

    1. The Title – Can the title of the content page, article (or blog post) be improved, or better written to incorporate the keywords you are targeting currently?

    2. Internal Linking – Many times when we revisit old content pages we find opportunities to include anchor text links to the important pages (focused around our primary keywords) of our website and internal links to relevant newer content pages. This helps in building relevant internal links and gives users a choice to navigate through your content easily by clicking on the link/topic of interest.

    3. External Linking – Revisiting old content also reveals many opportunities for creating relevant external links. An external can be given if the external link provides some additional value to the topic being discussed. External links should also be given to authoritative sites and to relevant sites in your industry. An external link tells the search engine and your users that you are helpful and not afraid to link out (sometimes even to a competitor’s site). Become a hub for resource links in your industry.

    4. The Tags – Do you need to tweak those tags (or Meta tags) to make them more focused? Are there some keyword variations you want to add to the list? Remember to keep it simple!

    5. Improving the Content – Did you find grammatical errors (hopefully not) that need to be corrected? Do you have some new insights into the content that was originally created? You can always add value to the original articles, and maybe make a new article out of it (the link juice can be passed down to the new article, cross linking possibilities and its new content for search engines). Also revisiting your content is a great place to find new content ideas, and missing gaps in your older content.

    6. Targeting New Keywords – Over the last few months you may have discovered new keyword phrases or long tail phrases you want to target, and maybe move away from some keywords combinations that have not been working so well. This is the time to use your old content to give the new keywords a boost.

    7. Pass on PageRank – If you notice that each individual page of your website has a different page rank. The index page generally has the max page rank (Normally because the index page also has the max inbound links which is one of the criteria of search engines while calculating PageRank). Did you know you can use internal linking to pass the rank juice from well ranked pages to ones that do not have PageRank?

    Find relevant opportunities, and work on adding value to older content, and you should see a significant boost in search rankings.

    A word of warning here, don’t overdo it. At the end of the day, though we may get some answers by “going back to our past roots”, we have to eventually come back to live in the present moment.

  • SEO – A Journalist’s Perspective

    Date: 2009.02.03 | Category: G Rajesh Editor, journalism, seo expert india, seo experts india | Response: 2

    Once upon a time to be a good journalist or a good editor all you needed was two simple qualifications – intense curiosity and a good command over the English language. The computer age has, however, changed all that.

    Today a journalist or an editor needs to make their presence felt online. A good online article has to have great content, crisp language, and SEO friendliness. This is because the article is not only targeting the net user but also the search engines.

    In India SEO is at a nascent stage. Only when a journalist or an editor is writing for a blog or online media the need for better understanding of how SEO works is felt. Journalists / editors working for web media should develop SEO skills. This skill should be developed from both, writing and technology perspective. This is because SEO is the heart of a blog or a website. Companies or organizations having only online presence are totally dependent on SEO to drive traffic or visitors to their site.

    Today most large and medium and even some small companies in India have online presence in some way or the other. This has created new opportunities for journalists / editors to exhibit their skills. At the same time it has also increased the need for these people to acquire or brush up their SEO skills.

    Thanks to recession companies are competing more intensely than ever for better visibility among the internet users. Only those companies which use SEO efficiently and provide unique content and ideas will be able to hold their interest. Only such companies will survive and tide over the recession.

    More and more non-IT professionals are waking up to the potential of online presence. They are also becoming aware of the crucial role of SEO in ensuring visibility of their online assets.
    Both amateur and professional websites and blogs need services of SEO consultants or develop in-house SEO experts.

    The SEO expert has to understand search engine patterns and user behaviors, and search keywords in detail and customize the site or blog content to suit such patterns. Such SEO exercise is not a one-time process but an ongoing process.

    No matter how good your website is in terms of content or features, it is the SEO skills which decide that the world knows and acknowledges what you already know to be true about your website.

    About G. Rajesh

    G. Rajesh is a blog editor at, a professional networking website. As the editor, he is responsible for developing new strategies to promote blogs, selecting and featuring best blogs and bloggers. He also provides guidance to bloggers having trouble posting the blogs online.

  • Interview with G Rajesh, Blog Editor (Silicon India)

    Date: 2009.01.30 | Category: seo expert india, seo experts india, seo in india, siliconindia | Response: 0

    In an exclusive interview with G. Rajesh, Blog Editor of who talks about the state of SEO in India, and the impact of recession on online businesses.

    What is the state of SEO / SEM in India?

    In India, a very few people know about SEO/SEM in comparison to other countries. The reason being is that SEO is still perceived as a technological devise of tweaking some keywords and meta tags, and not like a marketing devise that needs a long term strategy. A seo expert needs to be skilled in online marketing techniques, seo techniques, project management, content management, strategy management, as well as understand the search engines changing algorithms. The emergence of various local e-commerce, social and professional networking sites has helped in the evolution of online business in India. I feel that SEO still has a long way to go in India because its potential is yet to be tapped by people and organizations here.

    2. How is SEO / SEM helping organizations tide over recession?

    Recession has lead to intense competition amongst companies. Only the fittest will be able to emerge out as winners. With the decreasing marketing budgets on traditional media channels (like television, outdoor, radio and print), companies are looking for better and cheaper alternatives like online marketing. In these difficult times, a SEO expert can assist these companies in getting their keywords on the top in search listings, thus driving additional traffic and business.

    3. What is the future of SEO / SEM (in India / globally)?

    SEO’s future is very bright provided it is used appropriately. I personally feel lack of awareness amongst companies about SEO is basic reason as to why it’s limited to few. For the better future of SEO in companies worldwide, employers needs to realise it’s benefit in the long term. Refinement in search to get desired result is one thing which will definitely have an impact on the future of SEO.

    4. What do you look for in an SEO expert / SEO consultancy before hiring?

    Given an opportunity to hire an SEO expert I will look at how well they have done in ranking for their keywords (e.g. if I want to hire a seo expert from mumbai, and I type ‘seo expert mumbai‘ in the search box, the seo expert or seo company I plan to hire should rank in the top 5 in major engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN), and for their clients websites as well. Other things like good knowledge of social bookmarking, article writing, and link building will be an added plus.

    5. What is the core expertise of Silicon India?

    Core expertise of lies in providing its users what they look forward to in a professional networking site. We update professionals with recent happening in technological and professional both in terms of quality and quantity.

    7. What features are available and what new features do you plan to add to the site to improve its USP and provide better values to your userbase ?

    We are India’s largest professional networking website, we aim at giving right direction to power of networking. Popular feature include:

    News ( Latest update of both technological and professional front)
    Blogs ( Enabling professionals to share their expertise for the benefit of the readers)
    Communities ( Linking like minded professionals under one head)
    Q& A ( A platform to get all your queries answered by professionals)
    Training Videos ( Get accessed to collection of video by Industry Experts)
    Education (Giving MBA aspirants a platform to find all relevant information pertaining to MBA)
    Job & Careers (Get the information of Jobs not listed any where else)

  • Only Genuine Sites Top Search Ranking by Vijay Dalwani

    Date: 2009.01.29 | Category: nevil darukhanawala, seo expert, seo expert india, seo experts india, vijay dalwani | Response: 3

    Create your website by keeping your user or customer in mind. Do not create a website by keeping the search engine in mind. Search engine says more keywords give better weightage to your page. However, if you put more keywords and your content is not accurate or not readable then the customer will go away unsatisfied. In this case, even a good ranking by the search engine does not help your business.

    Successful companies mostly rely on SEO experts to increase traffic to their sites. The company’s SEO expert first understand the search engines. They study how successful companies manage their listings. They figure out how search algorithms work by studying the sites listed in top 5 thoroughly.

    SEO / SEM has a single objective. Their purpose is to provide more visibility to your website on the net. This can be achieved by getting higher ranking on the search engines by executing smart SEO activities for a long period of time.

    Blogging can be a very useful SEO tool if used effectively. Blogs help business stake holders talk about their area of interest or areas of interest beneficial to the business. Blogs are a subtle attempt to influence the readers by convincing them about your point of view instead of directly telling them to come and buy your product.

    Social networking too is a formidable SEO device. It helps you rally a group of people around a common idea. Now instead of you talking about your product, you have a large group of people talking about your product and expand the visibility of your product and your organization on the net.

    Affiliate marketing is a pure SEM device. It uses a straight approach of telling the customer to come to your site and buy your product. However, in this case, not only you but all your affiliate partners are selling the product for you and sharing the profit. This is an effective way to increase your online sale.

    Using genuine devices like blogging and social networking to increase traffic to your site helps you beat search algorithm changes in the long run since the basic criteria for top ranking remains the same. Algorithms change not to keep out genuine sites from the top but to filter out sites using unethical means to reach the top.

    About the Author:

    Vijay Dalwani is the Director (Operations) of a UK based healthcare and wellness organization.

    In his previous assignments he has been working as:
    - VP Operations with TVC Sky Shop Ltd
    - Head of Operations with (US Based Internet company)
    - Director Operations with Cyberdyne Solutions IndiaLimited (A software company with a US tie up).

    Vijay has been working on SEO / SEM for the last 7 years. He is a people’s person who likes to develop people as they are the assets of today and tomorrow. Vijay conducts training programs in SEO / SEM and other topics for budding profesionals. Vijay has a passion for learning new things and can go to any extent to get even 5 minutes of new learning.

  • Recession will force innovation in SEO industry by Shashank Sathe

    Date: 2009.01.27 | Category: seo expert, seo expert mumbai, seo experts india, shashank sathe | Response: 0

    It is a well known fact that the entire IT industry including the web / portal business is heavily affected by recession. However, we can take inspiration from industry leaders like Hulu and Veoh which are making a profit inspite of such turbulent times.A closer look at these sites reveals that their content is truly the king. It ensures that their customer come out satisfied in terms of content, quality and freshness. They use cutting edge technology to provide a rich multimedia experience. And of course they weave all this around well designed and intelligent SEO / SEM activities.

    Recession will introduce and many good practices in SEO / SEM business domain and force businesses to aggressively adapt them. Online businesses already realize that occasional SEO / SEM activities do not give immediate or long lasting results. Businesses today are look within themselves in order to develop SEO expertise or are form strategic partnerships with good SEO / SEM firms or consultants. This helps them design and implement prolonged SEO / SEM activities which can be measured.

    To reduce cost organizations today are readily accepting “Do it yourself” SEO toolkits. This trend is making professional software companies look for ways to build more intelligent and efficient automated SEO / SEM solutions.

    Web portals are already integrating SEO friendly logic in their system architecture itself. The moment the content goes online, SEO related information is automatically generated. The SEO specific information gets auto updated every time the content of the page changes. This totally removes the need of SEO / SEM expert and automatically monitors and measures the results in real time.

    New exciting fields are emerging in SEO / SEM domain. They help the business identify and understand its customer, products and services in a better way. They also help the business gain a better insight as to what is the best way to convert the customer visit to sale. The emerging fields includes keyword researching, conversion rate optimization, handling of international and multi-language issues from SEO / SEM perspective, link building social media and identifying emerging traffic sources.

    Innovation in SEO / SEM will not only help organizations and business tide over recession but also help them develop sustained growth for years to come.

    About the Author:

    Shashank Sathe is the VP – IT and CTO of Rajshri and is currently dveloping DAM, Ad Server, Mobile + Web + IPTV + PVR, STB compiant web, API’s to interact seamlessly with all the top video delivery domain leaders. He is known as “Mister Solutions” as he firmly believes in the motto “If you can think it – I can make it”. He also holds patents on face finding, recognition, matching algorithms.

    Shashank has 15+ years of experience in core information technology management. He has been a pioneer in the development and deployment of internet and e-banking applications in India. He possesses extensive specialized knowledge of core e-banking, finance, e-trading, ERP, E-CRM, CAD, CAM and cross platform technology architecture planning and deployment.

    In addition he has hosted corporate workshops and discussion forums on a number of cutting edge technology issues. Shashank holds multiple masters degrees in computer applications, information systems, management, statistics and operations research and business management from IIM – Ahmedabad, Wellingkars, Narsee Monjee Institue of Management Studies and NCC – UK. He also holds a degree in Para-Psychology and Human Psychology.

    He is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Advanced Holographic Storage technologies from LSFB and is a visiting Technology lecturer at a few of India’s renowned education institutes.

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  • Paradox of SEO / SEM in India by Deepak Chauhan (CIO)

    Date: 2009.01.13 | Category: deepak chauhan cio, nevil darukhanawala, sem expert india, sem in india, seo expert india, seo experts india, seo in india | Response: 2

    The Indian SEO /SEM story can be divided into 2 streams. On one end, we have a very mature and talented pool of SEO /SEM experts who have cutting edge expertise but it benefits MNCs and other foreign websites rather than Indian websites. Thanks to the outsourcing boom and then due to recession, Indian SEO / SEM experts are often called upon to device better ways to make foreign websites and business models more efficient and cost effective.

    On the other hand, we have the nascent Indian online industry .We have few E-commerce sites which can be counted on the fingertips. This is mainly because of low internet penetration in India. This is due to lack of proper infrastructure, bandwidth constraints, as well as immature legal system. The people do not have faith in the legal system because there is no way to address issues that can happen if something goes wrong with online purchase or transactions.

    The behavior of Indian customer too is not suited to online business. Even today, a majority of Indian customers buy a product, not a brand. This leads to credibility and quality issue and it is difficult for the customer to know whether the product is genuine and available in correct measured quantity. India needs to transit from product purchase to a brand purchase mentality before its online business and E-commerce matures.

    However, the future of SEO /SEM is bright in India because thanks to maturing retail industry, Indian e-commerce websites, too, are slowly making their presence felt on the global internet scene and thanks to a large pool of IT as well as SEO / SEM experts, people are slowly realizing the benefits of online business and online transactions.

    Thanks to recession, SEO / SEM is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Indian businesses are realizing that there is no way to skip or ignore it. SEO / SEM can even help new upcoming sites or players to feature prominently in search engines and establish global presence and generate more business.

    About the Author
    Deepak Chauhan is the CIO of DMCL, an Essel Group of Company which focuses on Internet and Mobile Entertainment solutions. He has more than 14 years experience in Internet domain, especially related to Entertainment. eCommerce and Online Brand consulting.
    He has worked with B4U Television before joining Essel Group. He is better known for motivating his peers and his team and taking them to productive heights. Deepak is instrumental in the successful implementation of DMCL’s flagship entertainment portal and prestigious