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  • Minus 3 for Article Submission and Plus 3 for Social Media Sites in SEO

    Date: 2013.09.13 | Category: seo experts | Response: 0

    The strategy of submitting articles to article directory sites to increase search engine optimization (SEO) has long been used in internet marketing. Many web entrepreneurs use this traditional antic to acquire internet traffic and to promote their sites. However, many individuals and experts have a different opinion.

    Lately, many people criticize the role of article submission in increasing the SEO. It is, they say, a complete waste of time and effort. Many blogs and articles include it in their list of old SEO methods that people need to get over with. It is now an unreliable means of climbing to higher ranks in the organic search.

    Article submission has several “subtractions” because…

    First Minus: Google updates like Panda and Penguin

    The Panda update penalized many websites, including famous article directories like and The Penguin Algorithm update which took effect last May 2013 hit thousands of websites as well.

    Immediately, around two to three percent of websites felt the blows and dropped in the rankings of organic search. They no longer got “visible” for the keywords they used to get searched for. Lesser visibility led to lesser traffic. Lesser traffic led to lesser sales. Also, Google saw getting “forced” backlinks from article directory sites as a manipulative manner of increasing popularity or rank.

    Second Minus: Repetitive Contents

    Search engines are now very keen in gauging high-quality contents. They trash those that offer the same “flavor” with just different “branding”. The problem with articles is that writers rather focus on the keywords that will increase their search visibility instead of delivering fresh and informative contents. There can be various titles in a site but the contents are almost similar. This bores the readers.

    Third Minus: Few Views

    Many writers claim their articles have been viewed 500 times or more and that this is a good statistics. However, if one looks at it closely, facts say otherwise. For instance, Yuliya Miranova had a total of 554 views for the 10 articles she posted at a certain site. This was for a 24-month period.

    If it is mathematically solved, it comes down to like 55 views per article in 2 years. That’s 1 view every 13 days per article! With such viewing frequency, how will then this influence a site’s SEO standing? Also, unless the article is in the site’s homepage, the new page where it is posted has no page rank at all.

    On the other hand, e-traders who have formally employed the tactic tackled above are shifting to social media sites for exposure and promotion. With the millions of people using a certain site every month, it is very good venue of gathering audience. Social media sites have the following advantages in terms of influencing the SEO.

    First Plus: Mentions

    Referrals by actual users and previous customers are the best promotion of a business or trade in and out of the cyber world. When more people mention in sites like Facebook or Twitter a webpage and/or its contact information, this makes the site appear more reputable, trusted, and legitimate.

    Second Plus: Social Indictors

    More known as social signals, these refer to the shares, posts and reposts, tweets and retweets, likes, and pins, etc. Over-all SEO value rises as an account brings more social indictors to a web page.

    Third Plus: “Natural” Backlinks

    A good method of establishing “shortcuts” to the actual website is placing link in the social media profile. It is definitely a natural manner of getting backlinks. No Google red flags on this one.

    Any site would want to be on top of SEO. However, “charity begins at home”. Therefore, working on the main site is as essential as promoting it outside.

    Bio: George has been working in an SEO Dubai company for 6 years. He is one of the co-creators of particular SEO software.

  • SEO Expert explains the importance of Search Engine Spiders

    Date: 2011.09.03 | Category: india, mumbai, seo experts | Response: 0

    By Seo Expert India team: 

    According to SEO expert, search engine spider crawl and index web pages of a site which are stored in database. The rankings and relevancy of the collected pages are determined by various algorithms used by search engine spiders. As the index pages are more or less uniform while calculating rankings using algorithms, SEO experts apply proper SEO activities knowing the interest of spiders.

    While crawling a web page, the spider does not read Flash and JavaScript as the human does. Frames, Flash and JavaScript in a website are good for the users but are ignored by search engines. The major problem is that the keywords buried in the flash displays are not readable by the spiders. Having an image with text is nothing to a spider and unless an ALT attribute is specified for images in web portal it is difficult for spider to crawl these images. SEO experts do not use many keywords for an image as it will result into keyword stuffing. It is necessary to check the pages showing “403 forbidden” or “404 page not found” whenever the spider crawls the website. This will make other web pages to be easily indexed and improves efficiency of web portal. Initially keywords related to the business are selected for ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. After selection of keywords and manipulation, these are added in the content of each page which helps the crawler to identify the words that are needed to be ranked in search engines for the business.

    Meta keywords and meta description found in the code of web pages are important for search engine spider. SEO experts apply on page and off page optimization such as meta tagging, link building, URL structuring as well as social bookmarking to a web portal. If the quality links to the website increases then the crawler gives more preference to its web pages in Google, Yahoo and Bing. One of the things SEO experts must not forget is sitemap of website which helps the spider to know the web pages with uniform resource locators (URLs). Updating new content makes the crawler active and stay longer on the web pages. Google webmaster tools are used by the experts to identify the performance of the crawler on the web portal. Search engine spiders play a crucial role while ranking a site for selected keywords.

  • SEO for Small Businesses by SEO experts

    Date: 2011.08.22 | Category: seo experts, seo for small businesses | Response: 0

    By Seo Expert Team:-

    With respect to SEO strategy, small businesses of the companies take a thoughtful approach as there is lot of ongoing changes to search engine algorithms. Taking Google Panda update into consideration, small firms need SEO experts to perform proper SEO techniques to their websites. SEO is crucial and growing priority for startup companies across the world. If search engine optimization strategy is strong for business of website, the web pages become visible in Google, Yahoo and MSN. This results into users visiting the web portal which further increases the business.

    Before applying SEO activities SEO experts think about sitemap, HTML readability and folder structure of the website. In other words they ensure that the technical setup of the web portal is search engine friendly. Many web designers spend time on developing a flash site homepage for a company but search engines crawlers look out for text in the page. So it is better for small scale small scale industries to build web pages in the site with descriptions and links. SEO experts check out the keywords for the site to rank it at higher positions in search engines. It is important to know about the competitive terms while picking up top keywords for the site and is must to assume that competitors will try to keep their site ranked high in the search results. One should have three or four keywords at the top of the priority list while planning SEO for the business. The homepage of the site should consist of the words that are related to selected keywords and must be updated with new content. The post of web pages links by the experts in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter helps the customers to get involved in the discussions. The search engines tend to give importance to those sites which have maximum links to it and no back links.

    There are different kind of search such as academic, video, local and image which SEO expert may target for the business of a company. SEO will require changes to the source code and content of the site. SEO consist of on page optimization activites such as meta tagging, URL analysis as well as off page activities such as link building, social bookmarking and more. As SEO can be done at a very low cost, small scale companies always prefer hiring SEO experts to get business.

  • Wink and Grow Rich Online | a SEO perspective

    Date: 2010.05.30 | Category: india, seo experts, wink and grow rich | Response: 0

    There are thousands of online businesses making money, and even fewer online businesses creating wealth. The “difference” could be the reason why wealth seems to elude you no matter how hard you are working on making money.

    The irony is that if you are running after money, you may make some, and lose some. However, if you are focused on creating wealth, you will find that money will find its way to you, and what you build will keep growing in “value” with each passing day.

    Which way looks easier? You decide.

    If you are still reading, it means that you are interested in knowing about creating real lasting wealth, and are ready to explore the steps to creating wealth online.

    This post is inspired by, Roger Hamilton, Asia’s leading wealth consultant, founder of World Wide Wealth.

    So here goes…

    1. Think it, Do it, Review it

    This is a fundamental rule. If you are going to sit besides the lake, you will never learn to swim. If you want to learn to swim, you must jump in the water and find your way back to the shore.
    If you want to succeed in your online business, you have to create a plan, implement it, and then review what worked and what did not – and then repeat. Don’t sit on the fence with great ideas only to find that you waited too long to actually implement them, and someone else just made a cool million using the same idea.

    You need to identify the right SEO strategy for your online business, implement it and then review the results periodically. It’s surprising to see so many online business owners having no idea as to the strategies that are being used on their websites by SEO experts and why those strategies are needed. While there are no wrong SEO experts, there are SEO experts applying the wrong SEO strategies.

    2. What you see is what you get

    If you don’t see it, then you can’t get it. Every great idea starts with a vision that is clear and focused. So if you can learn to see better, you will “get” better.

    If you want to succeed online, start with a vision that others can connect with and participate in. Invest your time in your vision till you have clarity about your focus and goals. You will have to learn how SEO works and invest your time in understanding the right SEO strategy for your business. If your SEO strategy lacks long term perspective and vision, it will probably fail to succeed.

    3. Choose the Level you want to play at

    The next step is to choose the level of your communication. Do you want to exchange, connect, motivate or inspire your users? Is the quality of your product or service exceptional? Have you communicated this value to the users? Is your vision and message reflected in all your communication touch points with the users?

    If you want to succeed online, you have to know how to communicate with your users, engage them, and build their trust in your online business. If you are losing customers, it is because you are not communicating with them at the right level.

    Is your SEO strategy communicating your “vision” and “value” to your online customers, and then sharing that vision and value across diverse and relevant web, user and social communities?

    4. Ask and you shall receive

    It’s surprising how many people don’t ask for things they want. It’s probably because they feel they will be refused.

    If you want to succeed online, you have to learn to build a network of people who support you and your goals. You do this by being helpful to others in achieving their goals. But sometimes it’s as easy as asking someone to help you. You will be pleasantly shocked by the number of people who are ready to help someone with a good, clear vision and innovative ideas.

    You will have to learn how to ask, and how to reciprocate. If you have a vision, and you are focused on creating and sharing value, then it’s easier to ask someone for something you need. Is your SEO strategy innovative and can you ask someone to help you? How do you plan to help them back (And to clarify I am not taking about reciprocal and three way link building, which I prefer to stay away from).

    5. Invest more of your time, spend less of it

    It’s easy to keep yourself busy all day with tasks, but to become wealthy you have to learn to identify which activities involve spending your time, and which ones are an investment of time. When you spend your time, you may get something, but build nothing worthwhile, but if you invest your time, the returns can carry on for a lifetime.

    If you want to succeed in an online business, learn to invest your time in activities that enhance self growth, health, investments, new learnings, creativity, your network; not just professional but also personal.

    For SEO, invest your time in high value activities that give long term returns. There are hundreds of web, user and social communities and you will have to choose the relevant ones you will participate in consistently.

    6. Invest more of your money, spend less of it

    Don’t spend your money on activities with short term focus. Invest your money in activities that will yield long and lasting results. Like most wise sayings, this one too is not followed. What you spend goes down the drain, but what you invest will keep growing bigger.

    If you want to succeed online, you will have to create a plan to invest your money wisely. There are various ways (SEO, SEM, PPC, Banners, Email Alerts, Newsletters, Videos, etc.) to spend your money online, but a few ways to invest your money wisely. Ensure your SEO strategy has a long term vision, and invest your money to turn that vision into a reality.

    7. Wealth is the beginning, not the end

    All wealth starts with a great vision. If you put vision before money, you will never have lack of money, but if you put money before vision, you will always find yourself running after money, without managing to get a hold of it.

    If you want to succeed online, start by creating value and sharing that value. The real wealth starts way before the money starts to come in. If your SEO strategy is focused on value creation, participation and sharing principles then the results you seek will follow – the money will follow. Wealth is the journey itself, and not the destination.

    8. Sow, Nurture, Reap

    Ask a farmer about farming, and he will explain that one has to sow at the right time, nurture with patience, and then reap the benefits at the right time. Business is very much like farming.

    If you want to succeed online, you have to get in tune with your business/industry trends and cycles. Learn to sow at the right time (new products, services, new value), be patient and nurture your relationships/network, and be ready to reap the rewards. You cannot start with reaping the rewards without sowing and nurturing. Is your SEO and keyword strategy in tune with your business cycles? Are you nurturing your networks by providing value and participation? Are you reaping the benefits?

    9. Your passion is your compass

    If you cannot wake up in the morning feeling excited about the day and work ahead, you are in the wrong business. Make passion your compass – wealthy people are often doing something they love doing, and have a natural flair for what they do.

    If you want to succeed online, do something you love doing. You will be amazed at the number of people who have made their niche businesses doing something that no one thought could make so much money. Could it be because they love their work? Either you find a SEO expert who loves his work, or find that love somewhere inside you.

    10. To know and not to do, is not to know it yet

    I know what I am doing. Then why are you not “doing” it yet! How often we wait on good ideas, new plans, waiting for the right circumstances, the right time? But if you plan to be wealthy, you will have to learn to create the right circumstances and the right time.

    If you want to succeed online, knowing something isn’t enough, unless you dive into it, test the waters, and review the results. At times, you may not enjoy the experience and things may not turn out the way you wanted them to, but still unless you do them, how would you know what works, and what does not?

    Be ready to experiment with SEO, what experts say works, may not work for you, and what experts say does not work, may work for you! Be prepared to fall, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving forward.

    11. Value is the river where wealth flows

    The key to wealth is to find the “value”. Unless there is visible value that you can show to your potential customers, there will be no visible wealth coming to you.

    If you want to succeed online, focus your energies on creating value, rather than running behind traffic/ rankings/ customers. If you are creating value and sharing that value each day, you are on your way to creating wealth.

    Is your SEO strategy “value” driven? If you are not creating value (content, videos, tools, surveys, case studies, resources, etc.), your SEO strategy stands a high chance of failing.

    12. Plan to fail

    The number of times you fail is not what’s important; it’s the one time you succeed that’s important in life. If you don’t plan to fail you will be disappointed and that will affect your work, but if you plan to fail, then you will be more careful with the risks you take.

    If you want to succeed online, then you have to learn to accept failure, more importantly learn from your failures. There are many stories of online entrepreneurs who failed at four to five online businesses before they succeeded. If you ask them, they will say that the failures laid the pathway to understanding success and creating wealth.

    13. Opportunities lie in every moment

    Wake up and smell the coffee. There are opportunities that come your way each day – past, present and future. All you have to know is how to “see” them – if you learn to see better, you will get better.

    If you want to succeed online, you have to develop a keen sense for identifying opportunities. The online world if filled with opportunities for creating value, providing a service, selling a product, and making money. And it’s also filled with scammers, fly-by-night operators, and quick money schemes.

    An experienced SEO expert knows intuitively where the opportunities lie, and relies on hard statistical, analytical and forecast data before playing the next move.

    14. The key to leverage is how to use it

    Once you discover leverage, you will be able to create “more” in the same amount of time. You do this by using the help of other people’s time and money. But the key to leverage is knowing how to use it without burning your resources/network out.

    If you want to succeed in an online business, be prepared to reach out to your network for help. Of course you also need to know how to convince your network to help you. If you don’t have a network, you should be building one right now. Your network can help you leverage your money. A good SEO expert has a solid professional and personal network and knows how to leverage the same.

    15. When you resonate, you accumulate

    When you find your vision and clarity, you find your wealth. When you find your wealth, you can focus on how to invest your time. When you invest your time, you create value. When you create value, your wealth begins to flow. When your wealth flows, you can use leverage. And when you leverage correctly, you begin to resonate.

    If you want to succeed online, you will have to create “attraction” – the right people, the best opportunities will come to you easily if you have created attraction. The attraction is the effect of creating unending value, driven by passion, and steered by clear vision. A good SEO expert knows how to create attraction and how to use attraction.

    16. You settle for your standards

    The life we create is not determined by the life we want to live tomorrow, but by the life we settle for today. We settle for our standards.

    If you want to succeed online, then don’t settle for less. Choose the right SEO strategy. Be consistent in creating value for your visitors and customers, and in sharing that value with diverse online communities. Be consistent in improving the quality of your products/ services. Be consistent in improving usability of website. Be consistent in monitoring results of your efforts periodically.

    Since SEO is a long process, it often takes a back burner in management meetings, and you are settling for less. Also watch out for SEO experts who are ready to settle for less.

    17. You are the result of your choices

    Our choices make us! In life we often have to make a choice, and in selecting the right choice, lays the foundation stones of your success.

    If you want to succeed online, make your choices. Do you choose to be wealthy? Or do you choose to keep running after money? Do you choose to create value or do you choose to focus on numbers? Have you chosen the right SEO expert? All these small decisions will pave your path to failure or success.

    18. The Zen Garden

    Imagine your Zen garden. What do you want it to look like? If you don’t know what it looks like then you will possibility have a forest instead of a Zen garden. So your vision becomes the cornerstone of your success. The bigger the vision, the higher are the chances of it coming true.

    If you want to succeed online, see your garden, nurture your garden, and be ready to reap when the time is right. Neither Rome or your Garden will be built in a day; it’s the small steps of today that shape the future ahead.

    So why don’t you share your experiences in creating wealth.

    The world is waiting…


  • Why the “age” of your links is important for SEO

    Date: 2010.03.28 | Category: seo expert india, seo experts | Response: 0

    Quality links is the most sought commodity online – earned, exchanged, traded, bartered, bought and sold.

    Savvy website owners and SEO’s are always on the lookout for the next link opportunity, especially those links that are “earned” and will eventually form the cream of the power links you can build to your website.

    The key for SEO’s is to choose the right link building strategies that is in synergy with the New Link Variables – relevancy, consistency, diversity, participation and progression. I have spoken about these new link variables in various older posts.

    And I would like to add another variable to the Link Mantra today – Age of Links.

    The age of a link is the amount of time the link has been active from the date the search crawlers first found the link. This is important for SEO, as Search engines are giving more and more power to those links that have been “aged”, or been in place for a longer period of time, more than the very recently placed links.

    This means, if you did manage to get a great link from a PR 6 website/ webpage, you don’t get the link power transferred immediately to your website, but rather, the link power is released over a period of time that the link remains active.

    The New Link Variables made many previous link building strategies more or less obsolete as “hollow” links have no place in the new search algorithm. Hollow links are those links that are not powered by the New Link Variables and these links will eventually be weeded out.

    So what does this mean for us SEO Experts?

    It means that SEO experts now need to focus on building links that are primarily earned on merit, are relevant and from diverse communities, built consistently over a period of time by virtue of participation, and are permanent in nature.

    The New Link Mantra – relevancy, consistency, diversity, participation, progression and age of links. Is your long term SEO strategy in synergy with these variables?

  • How much time is SEO time?

    Date: 2009.05.09 | Category: seo expert india, seo experts | Response: 0

    This is one question from the clients that almost makes liars of most of us SEO experts. Why? Because we know that SEO takes time, patience and perseverance, and a client with a wallet full of Greens a business full of Dreams (pardon the poetry here) expects to see his money work for him immediately.

    The pitch “In the next 6 months to a year we will build a strong foundation for your online business using on-page and natural link building strategies, create content and syndicate content that your users will love, cultivate a buzz about your brand, product and services, target keywords that will translate into conversions, and bring in new customers” is loved by most clients except the 6 months part.

    The problem I feel lies in the misconception that SEO is an easy and fast, money making devise. If that were the case, all us SEO experts would be rich – now wouldn’t we? SEO is not about making money online. That is just the after-effect of executing a well planned and researched SEO/SEM strategy over a period of time. Consistency it seems is soon becoming the most valuable ace card up search engines sleeves.

    Many clients come to us when they fail to create a successful online business, or are starting a new website, or want to grow their online business further and don’t know how to do it. SEO and SEM then becomes a beacon of hope for the future of their business. While that is good, it also becomes a cause for higher expectations from the clients in terms of time to deliver.

    Here is how one conversation with an eager client went:

    Client: It all sounds great, except the time you mentioned. I need results in 2 to 3 months. Can you not put in more efforts and reduce the time, or hire another 2 people to help you. I could even pay you more.

    SEO expert: I understand your need for speed. But a successful SEO strategy shows results only after a few months of consistent effort, creating value for your users, and participation in relevant web, user and social communities. It’s the search engines way to deter websites that feel that they can walk right in, and become top dogs by using some secret SEO techniques, or spending a whole lot of money.

    Client: I see what you are saying, but still let’s get the time down to 4 months. Six months is too long a time, and who has seen what happens in six months. I could be out of business by then :)

    SEO expert: That’s the same reason why search engines are valuing consistent effort, quality content, and websites that are going to be around for a long time. We need to build your online reputation, link reputation and social reputation, and not just speed through to the higher rankings bit.

    Client: Ok, I get it. You tell me what all is possible in 4 months, and after that we can evaluate and take things further. I am sure there will some results to show for in 4 months.

    SEO expert: Definitely there will be many measurable results. Let do it for 4 months, and then we can plan ahead…

    Incidentally, this client is still one of my best customers over the years.

    So did I lie about the 6 months in the first place, or did I just give-in to the clients demands for doing it in lesser time? It was neither.

    What I did was start a relationship with the client, teach him about SEO along the way, assist him in creating value for his potential customers, and helped him build a successful ongoing weekly SEO strategy that constantly adds value for his users, increases brand awareness and recall, promotes his products and services, drives in new customers every day, and increases his business profits every quarter.