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  • Fine Tuning SEO for Recession

    Date: 2008.11.04 | Category: seo expert, seo for recession | Response: 5

    Lately all I hear at dinner conversations and office coffee breaks are heated debates about the next big recession, the falling stock prices and the forthcoming unemployment doom. Some say it’s an opportunity, while others are being driven to suicide.

    One thing is certain – the recession is affecting the mind sets of the buyers and sellers alike with the expected drop in consumer purchasing power and companies cutting back on their advertising dollars. Consumers will get smarter when it comes to buying products and services often looking at various options before finalizing any sale, while sellers will have to plan new cost effective strategies to attract and retain consumers.

    Understanding the new mind set of the buyers and their changing buying patterns will become crucial for any business who wants to survive in the current competitive marketplace. The best defense for the recession is a good offensive strategy to make most of the advertising dollars and spending them on more measurable and cost effective platforms like the web.

    We will be soon be witnessing a sudden increase in the advertising dollars being spent on the web, and companies/ websites will be scurrying to find a SEO expert who will be able to maximize their efforts, time and money online.

    The consumers will turn more to the internet to do their research, compare products/ services, find best deals and often buy online, and the smart companies will ensure that their websites are fine tuned to be found at the top of the search results.

    There will primarily be two types of scenario arising in this situation – one of websites (well optimized) that need to be fine tuned for the recession, and second of websites and companies who are suddenly very interested in making their presence felt online.

    Let’s take a closer look at the two scenarios:

    1. I have an optimized website

    For those companies who were smart enough to treat their website as an important marketing arm for generating business would have already optimized their websites for the search engines. These companies would have identified winning keywords, created focused and unique content, and built quality links back to their website. If all went well, these companies would be ranking well in the search engines results for their keywords and attracting targeted customers to their website.

    A consumer searches the web using “keywords” to find information, services or products. What’s important to identify here is – would the changing mind sets of the consumer change the way the consumer seeks the information.

    For example a consumer who wants to buy a flat screen TV

    Keyword used before recession: buy flat screen tv

    Possible keywords used after recession: buy cheapest flat screen tv, special offers flat screen tv, exchange offers flat screen tv

    While the budget may not be the only influencing factor, and the after sales service, warranty and brand name will still play important roles in the final decision, the budget remains topmost factor on the mind of the consumer when he enters his search word.

    It’s not that consumers will stop buying, or quality and service will not be important, rather it’s a mindset where they will expect the same quality for better prices or atleast convince themselves that they are getting a better deal. In the example above the consumer still wants to buy the flat screen TV at the end of the day, but will search for better deals and exchange offers.

    The above is just one example and there are thousands of other possibilities where you may have to tweak those winning keywords to target the new consumer mindsets.

    2. I want to increase my online business and reduce my marketing costs

    With market conditions like the one we are currently in, with cost cutting and layoffs having become the new buzzwords, it’s crucial for companies to realign their online business for future survival. For companies that were not so serious about their online business before, this is a good time to start – every customer and every order will count in the future.

    Keeping in mind the low costs for optimizing a website, and the cost effectiveness with measurable results) in implementing a internet advertising campaign (as compared to the traditional media), can companies really afford not to look seriously into their online business? I think not!

    Your well optimized online business will ensure that you have a steady stream of targeted traffic, new enquires and new customers, even in the bad times. Consumers will never stop buying, they will only be smarter while buying, and companies that will be smart will be easily found.

    While many companies and individuals are busy preparing for the worst case scenario, some like me have little interest in the global economic meltdown which seems to be underway. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I have fool-proofed my business for the recession.