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  • Mumbai SEO Expert Series – Success with Keywords (Part 2)

    Date: 2012.01.13 | Category: india, mumbai seo expert, seo expert, seo expert in india, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo expert mumbai, seo in india, seo in mumbai, success with keywords | Response: 0

    For those who have not read Success with Keywords – Part 1, I suggest you do that now, and then this article will make a whole lot of more sense to you.

    As I had promised we will continue our keyword discovery journey and try and find additional keywords that could drive business to my website

    A quick recap… My keywords list now includes Seo expert, seo expert mumbai, seo experts in mumbai, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo experts in india, seo expert in india, seo company mumbai, seo firm mumbai, seo company india.

    Now let me list out the seo services I offer:

    1. Keyword research
    2. Optimization services
    3. Content creation
    4. Link building
    5. Directory listing
    6. Consultancy services

    Now how would someone search for seo related content services? You got it, by searching for seo content services mumbai. I have added the location in the keyword, as explained in Part 1, so I won’t get into detail. In this way I can list out all the services I offer and create compelling keywords that the user would type to reach my website. The above list could have been created based on products I offered as well.

    As you can see, by adding the services in my keywords, I have created focused keywords based on services that I can actually offer. There is no point in targeting keywords just for the additional traffic and then having no value to the user on the link. The search engines dislike that, and many websites that capture keywords but have no content are soon being banned from the listings.

    My new list of keywords can now include: seo services mumbai, seo services in mumbai, seo services india, seo services in india, seo content services mumbai, seo content services india, seo link building mumbai, seo link building india, seo directory services mumbai, seo directory services india, seo consulting mumbai, seo consultants india.

    And the more competitive keywords would be seo content services, seo link building services, seo directory services, seo services. Generic keywords have lots of competition, and as in everything else with life, good things come only with time, commitment and patience. So while your local keywords start the ball rolling, always keep targeting the bigger pies of traffic.

    I have seen companies generally tend to start slagging in their seo strategy once they start getting good rankings for a few of the non-competitive keywords.

    There is no better way to say this…so I will say it straight out…forget about seo and your online business, if you plan to stay committed for just 3 months, 6 months, or even a year. Search engine marketing is a marriage and once you commit there is no turning back.

    It only takes a few weeks to undo all the good online business you have been doing for the past year, so make seo part of your integral business strategy.

    Don’t think that you have to focus ONLY on your products or services. What are your USP’s, something you offer and no one else can? What are your customers looking for when they come online? Give them the information they’re looking for, and you’ll be pulling in targeted traffic from keyword areas that you may never have considered before.

    And, most times, those keyword areas are much less competitive than trying to target your individual goods and services. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t target your products — only that you need to look at other avenues from which to pull traffic as well.

    The journey has just begun, and the path ahead is full of surprises and mysteries to harness the true power of your online business.

    In my next post in the Mumbai SEO Expert series I will explore the target audience I hope to attract and see what kind of keywords and keyword combinations come up…. (To be continued in Part 3)

  • Mumbai SEO Expert Series – Success with Keywords (Part 1)

    Date: 2012.01.13 | Category: india, mumbai seo expert, seo expert in india, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo expert mumbai, seo in india, seo in mumbai, success with keywords | Response: 0

    In the beginning, there was a word, and that word was KEYWORD.

    As a SEO Expert in Mumbai, I am often asked why I have “seo expert mumbai” appearing in some form or another in most of my blog posts, articles and my website

    In the two lines above lies the answer to that question. As a Seo Expert, I obviously want to excite any user or a company who is seeking the services of a seo expert or seo company on a search engine like Google to find me easily.

    And I, like any smart businessman want anyone typing seo expert in mumbai to land to my website or my blog post. The reason I have added Mumbai (location) is common sense. Since I am based in Mumbai, it’s highly probable I will more easily attract the users who want to find a seo expert or seo company in close vicinity.

    So seo expert mumbai is primarily a KEYWORD.

    It’s the KEYWORD that will drive potential customers to your website or blog that will translate into traffic, and eventually sales.

    Now I have clients in Middle East and in US as well, but having location in my keyword ensures targeted traffic from my city of business. Also, as any smart SEO expert would know, that targeting a common term like seo expert would be more difficult to achieve, as I will have to compete with thousands of other SEO experts worldwide for that keyword (of course that does not mean that I intend to give up).

    In fact it is one of my personal goals to rank No #1 for seo expert, but in the meanwhile why let good business get away.

    To demonstrate the power of putting location in your keyword when it comes to search engine rankings, type in seo experts in mumbai in Google, and my website appears on Rank #1, but only if you are searching from Mumbai, but would appear Rank #11 if you were searching from, say New Delhi or London.

    If you notice the individual keywords “seo” and “experts” also forms part of my domain name This is a key factor in achieving high rankings for a particular keyword phrase, i.e. get your keyword or individual keywords, into your domain name.

    For those who are cringing about now, thinking they already have a domain and it does not include the keyword, don’t worry, there are ways of getting around, one of them being, you can setup sub domains.

    E.g. is in the business of property development in Dubai. Now the primary keyword company ABCD wants to target is “Property developers in Dubai”. A sub domain can be set up like which would be great to get higher ranking for the keyword “property developers in dubai” in search engines.

    Simply put search engines rank sites higher which contain the keyword the user is searching for in their domain name. There are various other factors like optimizing each page around a keyword, building quality links and fresh content that will influence search engine rankings, but that’s another story.

    Another sub domain e.g. will target keyword “mumbai” which is a part of the keyword I am targeting seo expert mumbai, but not currently part of my domain name.

    Since Mumbai is located in India, it also makes sense for me to target users who are searching for seo experts in India, so we have seo expert in India as another important keyword.

    If I had an office in say London (feels good to say it), I would also have created a sub domain In this way I would have “seo”, “experts” and “london” in my domain…and a user typing in seo expert in London would find my website in search engine results (if I have done my page optimization around that keyword properly that is).

    So you can see how I started with one keyword seo expert mumbai, and additional keywords phrases got created in the process of writing this article.

    So as you can see, my keywords list has gone up a bit, Seo expert, seo expert mumbai, seo experts in mumbai, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo experts in india, seo expert in india, seo company mumbai, seo firm mumbai, seo company india.

    Notice that though the keywords above look similar, the search ranking for each of those keywords is different. You can never be sure what the user will type in to reach you, so identify longer versions of your keywords as well. A user searching for seo expert in mumbai, and if I am optimized for that exact keyword as well, rather than only seo expert mumbai, my page would be found higher in the search listing.

    I have also targeted mis-spelt words like seo exprt mumbai which means that even when a users mis-spells by mistake you ensure your website comes up. This is becoming soon out of date with Google suggest, and their new browser Chrome that suggests possible keywords based on each letter you type.

    This is just the beginning into a wonderful journey of finding the right powerful keywords that will generate business for you, where you start with one keyword, and eventually create hundreds of powerful keywords that become traffic funnels to your website.

    Having hundreds of focused keywords around my business would mean… you do the maths. Like I always say, I am not a SEO expert, I am just a smart businessman.

    In my next post in this series I will explore the services I offer and see what kind of keywords and keyword combinations come up…. (Continued in Part 2)

  • Interview with G Rajesh, Blog Editor (Silicon India)

    Date: 2009.01.30 | Category: seo expert india, seo experts india, seo in india, siliconindia | Response: 0

    In an exclusive interview with G. Rajesh, Blog Editor of who talks about the state of SEO in India, and the impact of recession on online businesses.

    What is the state of SEO / SEM in India?

    In India, a very few people know about SEO/SEM in comparison to other countries. The reason being is that SEO is still perceived as a technological devise of tweaking some keywords and meta tags, and not like a marketing devise that needs a long term strategy. A seo expert needs to be skilled in online marketing techniques, seo techniques, project management, content management, strategy management, as well as understand the search engines changing algorithms. The emergence of various local e-commerce, social and professional networking sites has helped in the evolution of online business in India. I feel that SEO still has a long way to go in India because its potential is yet to be tapped by people and organizations here.

    2. How is SEO / SEM helping organizations tide over recession?

    Recession has lead to intense competition amongst companies. Only the fittest will be able to emerge out as winners. With the decreasing marketing budgets on traditional media channels (like television, outdoor, radio and print), companies are looking for better and cheaper alternatives like online marketing. In these difficult times, a SEO expert can assist these companies in getting their keywords on the top in search listings, thus driving additional traffic and business.

    3. What is the future of SEO / SEM (in India / globally)?

    SEO’s future is very bright provided it is used appropriately. I personally feel lack of awareness amongst companies about SEO is basic reason as to why it’s limited to few. For the better future of SEO in companies worldwide, employers needs to realise it’s benefit in the long term. Refinement in search to get desired result is one thing which will definitely have an impact on the future of SEO.

    4. What do you look for in an SEO expert / SEO consultancy before hiring?

    Given an opportunity to hire an SEO expert I will look at how well they have done in ranking for their keywords (e.g. if I want to hire a seo expert from mumbai, and I type ‘seo expert mumbai‘ in the search box, the seo expert or seo company I plan to hire should rank in the top 5 in major engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN), and for their clients websites as well. Other things like good knowledge of social bookmarking, article writing, and link building will be an added plus.

    5. What is the core expertise of Silicon India?

    Core expertise of lies in providing its users what they look forward to in a professional networking site. We update professionals with recent happening in technological and professional both in terms of quality and quantity.

    7. What features are available and what new features do you plan to add to the site to improve its USP and provide better values to your userbase ?

    We are India’s largest professional networking website, we aim at giving right direction to power of networking. Popular feature include:

    News ( Latest update of both technological and professional front)
    Blogs ( Enabling professionals to share their expertise for the benefit of the readers)
    Communities ( Linking like minded professionals under one head)
    Q& A ( A platform to get all your queries answered by professionals)
    Training Videos ( Get accessed to collection of video by Industry Experts)
    Education (Giving MBA aspirants a platform to find all relevant information pertaining to MBA)
    Job & Careers (Get the information of Jobs not listed any where else)

  • SEO/SEM is more Marketing less Technology by Vijay Dalwani

    Date: 2009.01.14 | Category: nevil darukhanawala, sem in india, seo expert, seo in india, vijay dalwani | Response: 2

    SEO / SEM is not really about technology. Of course there is a bit of programming and technology involved because you are creating a website which needs computers, but this is a very small part of the actual SEO / SEM exercise.

    If you look at it from the technology perspective, the person is just selecting a few keywords and putting them in the title, description, meta-tags, starting of the paragraph and in the content. This is because somebody has taught you that this is where the keywords must be present.

    SEO / SEM activity however is a fine art which covers marketing and in-depth understanding of the business, product, services and the target customer. First of all, know the product you are marketing. The next step is to ask yourself why you have created the product and for whom. Set the vision for your business or organization. Now you are ready to look for the right market and the right customer.

    You can now ask your SEO expert whether you have the right keywords. Will it get more people on your website? Can you effectively combine a few keywords to create a more powerful keyword? Keep asking yourself and your SEO / SEM expert team how can you make people come to your website while searching for a keyword? Linking the interest of the customer with the interest of the business and making it a common interest is the heart of any SEO / SEM activity.

    Whether you have in-house SEO / SEM experts or you hire a seo consultant, see if the person is able to understand your business and your customer properly. A proper SEO / SEM expert can tell you accurately what your business is all about, and who your target customer really is. They may even suggest new customer segments that you have missed or never thought of. All that remains is to use the right technology to increase the traffic and reach. This is inevitable if you have already pinpointed what your business product and target customer is all about.

    About the Author:

    Vijay Dalwani is the Director (Operations) of a UK based healthcare and wellness organization.
    In his previous assignments he has been working as:
    - VP Operations with TVC Sky Shop Ltd
    - Head of Operations with (US Based
    Internet company)
    - Director Operations with Cyberdyne Solutions India
    Limited (A software company with a US tie up).
    Vijay has been working on SEO / SEM for the last 7 years. He is a people’s person who likes to develop people as they are the assets of today and tomorrow. Vijay conducts training programs in SEO / SEM and other topics for budding profesionals. Vijay has a passion for learning new things and can go to any extent to get even 5 minutes of new learning.
  • Paradox of SEO / SEM in India by Deepak Chauhan (CIO)

    Date: 2009.01.13 | Category: deepak chauhan cio, nevil darukhanawala, sem expert india, sem in india, seo expert india, seo experts india, seo in india | Response: 2

    The Indian SEO /SEM story can be divided into 2 streams. On one end, we have a very mature and talented pool of SEO /SEM experts who have cutting edge expertise but it benefits MNCs and other foreign websites rather than Indian websites. Thanks to the outsourcing boom and then due to recession, Indian SEO / SEM experts are often called upon to device better ways to make foreign websites and business models more efficient and cost effective.

    On the other hand, we have the nascent Indian online industry .We have few E-commerce sites which can be counted on the fingertips. This is mainly because of low internet penetration in India. This is due to lack of proper infrastructure, bandwidth constraints, as well as immature legal system. The people do not have faith in the legal system because there is no way to address issues that can happen if something goes wrong with online purchase or transactions.

    The behavior of Indian customer too is not suited to online business. Even today, a majority of Indian customers buy a product, not a brand. This leads to credibility and quality issue and it is difficult for the customer to know whether the product is genuine and available in correct measured quantity. India needs to transit from product purchase to a brand purchase mentality before its online business and E-commerce matures.

    However, the future of SEO /SEM is bright in India because thanks to maturing retail industry, Indian e-commerce websites, too, are slowly making their presence felt on the global internet scene and thanks to a large pool of IT as well as SEO / SEM experts, people are slowly realizing the benefits of online business and online transactions.

    Thanks to recession, SEO / SEM is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Indian businesses are realizing that there is no way to skip or ignore it. SEO / SEM can even help new upcoming sites or players to feature prominently in search engines and establish global presence and generate more business.

    About the Author
    Deepak Chauhan is the CIO of DMCL, an Essel Group of Company which focuses on Internet and Mobile Entertainment solutions. He has more than 14 years experience in Internet domain, especially related to Entertainment. eCommerce and Online Brand consulting.
    He has worked with B4U Television before joining Essel Group. He is better known for motivating his peers and his team and taking them to productive heights. Deepak is instrumental in the successful implementation of DMCL’s flagship entertainment portal and prestigious
  • Mumbai SEO Expert Series – Success with Keywords (Part 5)

    Date: 2008.09.26 | Category: india, mumbai, mumbai seo expert, seo expert in india, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo expert mumbai, seo in india, seo in mumbai, success with keywords | Response: 1

    For those who have not read Success with Keywords Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4, I suggest you do that now before you read any further.

    Welcome to the last installment of the Mumbai SEO Expert Series – Success with Keywords. I hope you have had a great journey so far, and as I had promised we will continue our keyword discovery process and try and find additional keywords that could drive business to my website.

    In this article we are going to explore some of the tools and resources available that will assist you in your journey to finding winning keywords.

    Each keyword you target becomes a funnel of traffic to your website, each keyword will have competition, and each keyword targeted is potential business.

    So the KEY to SUCCESS is in the KEYWORDS you select!

    Till so far we have managed to create a list of around 50 great keywords that are focused around my business, my products/services, my target audiences, and my competition.

    A quick recap of keywords identified so far…

    Seo expert, seo expert mumbai, mumbai seo expert, seo experts in mumbai, seo expert in mumbai, seo expert india, seo experts in india, seo expert in india, seo company mumbai, seo firm mumbai, seo company india,

    seo services mumbai, seo services in mumbai, seo services india, seo services in india, seo content services mumbai, seo content services india, seo link building mumbai, seo link building india, seo directory services mumbai, seo directory services india, seo consulting mumbai, seo consulting india,

    seo marketing mumbai, seo marketing india, internet marketing mumbai, internet marketing india, seo jobs mumbai, seo training mumbai, seo training india, seo outsource india, outsource seo india, sem mumbai, sem india, sem services mumbai, sem services india,

    Seo specialist mumbai, seo specialist india, seo firm mumbai, seo firm india, seo mumbai, seo india, web marketing mumbai, web marketing india, mumbai seo, seo in mumbai.

    In the end of Part 4, I had left you with some food for thought …

    From the keywords list I have created so far:

    1.How many users are actually searching for my keywords?

    2.What is the search trend and search volume for my keyword over the past 4 years across top search engines?

    3.What competition am I up against for my keywords?

    How important do you think it is to know the above metrics? How will the above data assist in planning a seo strategy for my website? How will the above data affect my rankings?

    If you are still reading further, you have obviously understood the importance on knowing the metrics of success. So here goes…

    The key to successful search engine optimization begins with a simple keyword phrase. Everything depends on that keyword phrase. You’ll be including those keyword phrases in your META tags, your title and other important tags, as well as in the body content of the page itself.

    I have listed a few tools and links below that I have found very useful in my research:

    (This list is dedicated to my partner in the SEO Company, Rajesh, who will smile when he reads this ——> Enjoy)

    Google Insights:

    Google’s recently launched Google Insights offers search marketers and online businessman a chance to look at the vast amount of user search volumes in Google universe over the past 4 years. With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames for a keyword, and even compare it against other keywords.

    Search by Categories: Narrow data to specific categories, like finance, health, and sports.

    Examples: Entertainment category in India (last 30 days) Seo in India in 2008, 2007… The top vehicle brands in France (last 30 days)

    Search by Seasonality: Anticipate demand for your business so you can budget and plan accordingly.

    Examples: soccer in 2006 vs. 2007 basketball in 2008, 2007,… hotel in 2008, 2007,…

    Search by Geographic distribution: Know where to find your customers. See how search volume is distributed across regions and cities.

    Examples: pizza in Italy vs. the USA ski in Australia vs. Switzerland soccer in Brazil, Italy, Germany, UK


    Wordtracker is a Web-based service is a great tool for anyone who is serious about identifying the right keywords. Be sure to check out WordTracker’s KEI, Keyword Effectiveness Index, which is an index factor built into WordTracker that compares the 24-hour results (the *potential* for traffic) with the number of competing Web pages to help identify which keywords are most effective. The higher the KEI factor, the more effective the phrase will be, based on the phrase being both popular but having low competition.

    Use a thesaurus to discover keywords and phrases you’ve never considered.

    Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture):

    Offers a Search Term Suggestion Tool, which is available through the advertisers’ area. Simply enter your keyword phrase, and you’ll learn how many people actually searched for that term during the previous month. This tool won’t tell you how many people are searching for your keyword phrase at other engines, but give you an idea of how popular the keyword phrase is.


    There are many more tools out there; all you have to do is “ask for it”. The above tools will help you get started.

    In the beginning, there was a word, and that word was KEYWORD.

    For those who have taken the time to journey with me over the last one week, thank you and hope to you again soon.