• Keywords and backlinks can work hand in hand to develop a strong link building strategy

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    Links and keywords are the pillars of SEO because its importance remains the same since even today.  While links can be external and internal, for the purpose of this article, links refer to external links or backlinks. To understand how powerful backlinks are for SEO you must refer a study that analyzed one million SERPS and revealed that of all the factors that contribute to high rankings in search results, the number of websites or domains linking to a page is most important. When other websites link with yours, Google looks upon it as a vote of confidence in your favor and recognizes the value it conveys through the content. The faith shown by others makes Google happy about the quality of your website and rewards it with higher ranks that should make you happy too.

    Therefore, it becomes imperative to have a strong link building strategy in place to strengthen SEO. However, according to an Rockford SEO expert, you must complement it with stable keyword research that helps to create the action plan for generating backlinks. Using the two techniques of SEO optimization in tandem can give an enormous boost to SEO.

    link building strategy

    The best approach to link building

    There are numerous ways of building links that increase website visibility and improve ranking prospects. However, you must be smart enough to tap known websites that have shown interest in your website earlier because these websites are already familiar with your content quality and would be eager to stay in touch with you. The process begins by making a list of interesting websites that can become potential linkers. For compiling the list, you can take help from some tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer and Google CSE.

    Another smart way to give impetus to your link building campaign is to take out a leaf from the books of your competitors who have created an impressive inventory of backlinks. These are ready resources where you would find quality backlinks and can approach those websites for links without doing all the hard work of research and developing strategies. Indeed, it needs research of a different kind that focuses not on finding websites for linking but for replicating links.

    Backing up link building strategy with keyword research

    Creating link building strategy is must but to enhance its effectiveness, you must support it adequately with keyword research. This will surely put you ahead of many others in the SEO race. Keyword research together with linking strategy results in stronger websites and improved rankings. Traditionally, webmasters thought about creating the web design first, followed by content creation and then take up link building. While this method does work, it does not help to make your website the best.

    A better way is to take up link building together with keyword research before thinking about content creation. By creating strategic content, you can gain mileage in securing links and expanding keyword research. Just as a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, ranking for one versatile keyword is much better than aiming for several others with little or no returns.

    Let us now focus on some of the best practices in keyword research.

    Identify keyword opportunities by analyzing the website

    To identify the best ranking opportunities for your website, performing a website audit is the best way to start. Start with the analysis of existing content to figure out how you can improve it or recycle it as new content. This is a great way for improving overall ranking because the new content is in sync with what is already there. The aim of the audit should be to identify keywords and underlying themes that have the potential for improvement.  Tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush are good for use in keyword research as it shows the performance of relevant keywords by highlighting the search volume and ranking. Once you find out the high performing keywords, build blog posts and other content that relate to the themes and intent.

    Find keywords with ranking potential

    The above exercise helps to list keywords that provide new opportunities. However, there would be many closely resembling and related keywords too that have the potential for ranking, and you must lay your hands on those too. The idea is to go all guns blazing to create a high performing SEO campaign. By using the same tools, you can obtain a list of keywords that you may have missed but has enough potential for ranking. Before choosing the keywords to work upon, consider its difficulty level for ranking and search volume.

    Know what makes competitor sites rank well for the keywords

    You can make good SEO improvement by looking at your competitors and analyzing what works for them and why. Analyze the pages of competitor sites in any SERP that are ranking and for which you intend to compete. This should give you ample hints about the way forward as you can find out the keyword opportunities where you are lagging and then take steps to fix it.  When you examine the pages of competitors, you come to know how they are ranking for keywords that you are also targeting. You can even gather some clue about keywords that work by looking at the snippets that show up un search results.  Moreover, evaluate all high scoring areas of competitors to know exactly where and what to improve.

    Be the best with content

    You simply cannot offer anything less than the best content to viewers,and there cannot be any compromise on this. Keep improving the quality of content because there is always room to make it better even if you are doing your best now. During the process of upgrading content, you can start implementing the link building strategy. Once again you can get a cue from competitor linked pages analysis as well as what your own research and investigations reveal. Simultaneously, keep improving the internal linking strategies as you add new pages to the website and keep refining by adding or removing links.

    All the above are part of the continuous development process, and you must keep doing it consistently throughout the campaign.