• SEM Services

    Search Engine Marketing

    There is a lot of misinformation out there as far as SEM is concerned. Just how hoax SEO companies
    make the SEO process sound almost nonsensical by focussing only on jamming thousands of links
    in web directories, there is more to SEM than spending thousands and millions of dollars on paid

    The success of your PPC/CPC/SEM campaign will depend on a lot of factors. The way the SEM
    campaign is designed and strategized goes a long way in determining how much you will end up
    spending on your campaign and how beneficial it will be. Unlike SEO, SEM progress can be fast
    tracked and the strategy can be altered every now and then to analyse response.

    The landing page design and optimization forms the backbone of any SEM campaign. A poorly
    designed landing page without any optimization will only mean running on a treadmill without
    power; in short it won’t take you anywhere.

    Understanding the motive of a SEM campaign and studying the target market is extremely crucial
    for the success of any SEM strategy. A successful SEM strategy has to be without a doubt highly
    customizable. The ideology of one size fits all is redundant in Search Engine Marketing.

    Progressive SEM/PPC campaigns should ideally include:

    1. Ad extensions
    2. Dayparting based on the target market and industry
    3. Videos in Ads
    4. Spot-on banners

    Is your current SEM/PPC expert looking into:

    • Designing an ideal campaign within your budget
    • Identifying potentially strong keywords and designing and optimizing the best landing page
    • Generating a high score for your keywords for adwords
    • Constantly monitoring conversions and response to alter the campaign accordingly
    • Being transparent with you and giving you regular updates in the form of details analysis of
      the campaign

    If your current SEM expert is not doing any of the above mentioned tasks, it is safe to say that he is
    not doing his job, which in turn is costing you every minute!