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    SEO Expert India are a team of professional SEO Consultants managed by SEO Expert Nevil Darukhanawala (over a decade of experience in website branding, SEO/ SMM, traffic generation and building businesses on the web).

    Our SEO Consultants will assist your company in developing a long term brand strategy and SEO strategy to ensure your winning keywords are always listed on Page #1 of top search engines.

    What to expect from your Seo Consultant?

    • Exclusivity and Confidentiality
    • Commitment
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    What you need to know before contacting me:

    Have you read the Right SEO Strategy Ahead, if not do so now!

    I work with select clients in India, US, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Canada and Australia on a “monthly retainershipcontract” which ranges from 6 months to 1 year. These clients, all pay me in advance for each month. 


    SEO Expert India

    Nevil Darukhanawala, CEO

    51 Delta Apartments, MM Chhotani Marg, Mahim W, Mumbai 400016. India. ,
    Mobile:  +91 9041753525
    Skype: nevilrohinton