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    SEO content writing is the technique of writing content that pleases both the search engines and the visitors to your website. SEO Expert India specialises in SEO Content Services from its office in Mumbai. Our SEO Content Services suite will ensure that the content on your website will appeal to the human reader, and will be written around the “keyword phrase” for that page.

    How does normal content differ from SEO content?

    SEO content is similar in many ways to normal content, the difference being that SEO content is created around a specific keyword and keyword phrases, and are evenly balanced throughout the body of the text. So its content especially created to bring in targeted traffic to that keyword. Our SEO content writing experts have wide experience in creating seo content creation for the web, and in using compelling content to pull in targeted visitors. Our SEO content services suite includes creation of new pages (gateway/ information pages) with content written around a particular theme (keyword phrase).

    These new pages are content rich pages especially designed to cover other important keywords which could not be covered under existing content of the site. These new content pages are then optimized to focus around specific keywords we want to target.

    Our SEO content services are specially designed to get you those additional keywords that would mean additional traffic to your website. These new content rich pages are valuable to both your users and the search engines. It’s important to note to create the content for the users pleasure and not for the search engines, as the user is ultimately the target audience for the content.

    Updating your site with fresh copy is extremely beneficial for continued and improved indexing, and our SEO content services will ensure that any changes done on your site will only improve your listings, and we’ll help you avoid making changes that will do the opposite.

    Writing effective copy for title and description tags on each page of the website is another service SEO Expert India offers. A captivating title and description can go a long was in inducing the user to click through if they feel that that link will contain information they are looking for. It’s important to understand the users mind while choosing a website link he/she feels will be relevant to what they are searching for.

    In the example below Top Property is a property developer in Mumbai, India. The first title seems good at first glance but it has many flaws when it comes to search engine ranking. The keyword for the page is “Residential properties in Mumbai”

    In the first example the keywords has not been incorporated into the title and description tag. Also the copy is not captivating enough; it does not excite the user to act. Study the second example and you will get an idea of what we are talking about.

    <title>Top Property – Good Homes in Mumbai

    <desc>Top Property has been in existence since the last 35 years in India. Top Property is a property developer in India focused on delivering quality living to investers and home owners

    <title>Residential projects in Mumbai for genuine home seekers and investors

    <desc>Residential projects in Mumbai to suit all needs and budgets. Do you want to own a home in Mumbai? Choose today from many residential projects for sale at attractive prices.

    Tips for effective SEO Content Writing

    • Write for the human reader. Its true search engines have some guidelines to be followed, but primarily ensure that the reader enjoys reading it
    • Find out what interests the readers
    • Find out what the readers are actually searching for
    • Explore human interests, emotion, insecurities etc… be personal!!
    • Write in a language that speaks to the target reader.

    SEO Content Services – Setting up a Blog

    Another way to increase traffic to your website is by adding a blog. From a search engine standpoint, you could use the blog to post information about your site, talk about new products and services, events, even job related postings. One can even ask their customers to give testimonials in the blog.

    Blogs can be used to manage many types of content on a site like a press archives room, archive of newsletters, growing FAQ’s, and to provide regular product updates.

    Blogs can definitely help in boosting link popularity and increase the traffic to your website. As a rule search engine love fresh content and links. So fill the blog with content and links and make sure you link to-from your Web site itself.

    Our SEO Content Services suite can assist you in managing and promoting your company’s blog, call now.

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    SEO Content Services – Setting up a RSS Feed

    RSS is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary”. It utilises XML technology for distributing your news headlines. RSS feeds can get your content ‘out there’, but it’s important to remember to invest in creating interesting and updated content. After all a feed is meant to be used to send updated data to a user, and the challenge is to have that data updated regularly enough that it is attractive to the readers.  Also by placing a related RSS feed on your company’s website can be of added attraction to your customers, and to the search engines who always like new updated content.

    Want to publish an RSS feed, or include an RSS feed on your website, Call now.

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