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    I run a successful SEO/SMM Consultancy (SEO Expert India, is a Sole Proprietorship company) with clients from Dubai, UAE, India, US, Canada, Dominican Republic, Belgium, Belgium and Australia.

    I mentor and share my experiences with SEO and Internet marketing strategies in the Zen of SEO Blog, and assist individuals to big companies run successful online businesses.

    I have highlighted my rankings below, not as an example of what a top notch SEO guy I am, but rather, as a benchmark of a journey that took two years to accomplish, and the core lessons I learnt.

    My website ranks in Google.com:

    # 1 for the keyword seo expert mumbai (No #1 spot for past 1 Year)
    # 3 for the keyword seo expert india
    # 47 for the keyword seo expert (In Top 50 List for Seo Expert – Worldwide Rank)
    # 6 for keyword google seo expert (Global Keyword)
    # 8 for the keyword expert in seo (Global Rank)

    Meet some of our Esteemed Clients

    All client SEO contracts are “confidential” in nature and never shared without the client’s prior permission. However a few of our clients have graciously agreed to give their testimonial by allowing us to showcase their brand and website on Seo Expert India website.

    RSA InsuranceInsurance Company, UAE “We started working with Nevil on a 6 months project with the sole aim to increase in-organic search traffic for our retail insurance website. We found him to be extremely capable, diligent and forthcoming with new ideas and activities to ensure we reached the desired state. At the end of the project, we have successfully optimised our website, creating blog content, build quality links and are listed on key search engines for a majority of our keywords.”- Nilanjana Ghosh, Marketing & Communications Manager, RSA


    Some other clients:


    Clear Vantage - Supply Chain Consultant


    Supply Chain Consultants

    Supply Chain Expert, Belgium

    Punta Cana Real Estate

    Real Estate Agent, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    No # 1 for “Mens Rings” in Google Supply Chain Consultants

    Supply Chain Expert, BelgiumPunta Cana Real Estate

    Real Estate Agent, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


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    Watch Sample Videos from the SEO Training Video Series:

    Seo Training Videos by Nevil Darukhanawala Link Building 1.0 from Nevil Darukhanawala on Vimeo.


    SEO is fast becoming popular in Dubai and UAE as businesses now comprehend the importance of visibility in the online world. There are thousands of people looking for the services offered by you, but couldn’t find you. What if your site ranked on the first page for the keywords pertaining to your business, services, products in Dubai? Can you imagine the growth of your business? Do the Math!

    SEO Expert Dubai can assist your company get ranked on Page #1 for selected winning keywords.

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    SEO Expert Dubai has assisted many mid-sized to large clients get their website pages on Page #1 and Rank #1 for many competitive keywords across major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you are looking for a Search Engine Optimization Expert in Dubai then you have landed on the correct page.

    Watch a sample video from the SEO Training Video Series:

    SEO Training Videos Link Building 2.0 by Nevil Darukhanawala from Nevil Darukhanawala on Vimeo.


    Call me on +9122 9967779360 for a personal consultation.