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    SEO / SEM plays the role of a bread winner for portals and websites. It is even more crucial for organizations that do not have brick and mortar presence in the real world. The performance and visibility of your site is totally dependent on the hard work done on the SEO front.

    A good SEO / SEM professional has an in-depth knowledge of both, marketing and technology. On technology front, one has to understand how to make friends with the search engine crawlers. The crawler is the heart of the search engine. It is always on the lookout for good quality content. It identifies and isolates such content and then ranks it for accuracy and readability. It also identifies the context or USP of a particular portal at page level and also determines the repute of the source of the content as well as its freshness. A good SEO activity helps the crawler get positive information from all your web pages.

    An SEO expert is well conversant with at least one programming language not because he is expected to code, but because it helps him understand how the search engine handles programming code and logic. Knowledge of SEO /SEM industry is also a must.

    Helping the webcrawlers takes care of more than 80 percent of your SEO activity. The remaining tasks like SEM, blogging, social networking and other activities can be undertaken at alongside to make your site 100 percent SEO friendly.

    Do not forget to submit your website to prominent directories because it guarantees sure links to those directories. It is always prudent to submit your website to niche directories as they carry more weightage and help you get better ranking on the basis of content relevancy.

    Increase the number of back links to your competitor websites and also try to get your link on their site. This, too, helps improve the ranking on search engines.

    From marketing perspective, the SEO expert is expected to have the ability to draft search friendly and creative website content which appeals to both the user and the webcrawler. It is preferable if a SEO person develops advertising or mass communication skill sets. He also needs to understand where the customer is coming from and what he will be looking for on the website.
    In troubled times, an SEO expert is the person most equipped to justify the work he’s doing by providing measurable results that may make all the difference between running a successful business and bankruptcy.

    About the Author:

    He is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Advanced Holographic Storage technologies from LSFB and is a visiting Technology lecturer at a few of India’s renowned education institutes.